Nature's Treatment Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Nature's Treatment Marijuana Dispensary in Milan, IL

973 Tech Drive
Milan, IL 61264

Hours of Operation:

Mon/Tues 10am-5pm
Wed/Thurs 10am-7pm
Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 10am-4pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Nature’s Treatment is a marijuana dispensary location open at 973 Tech Drive in Milan, IL 61264.

Nature’s Treatment dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Nature's Treatment Dispensary Products

Nature’s Treatment medical and recreational menu products have not been uploaded. Please contact us to add your menu and update your page.

What People Are Saying

Jordan Henry
Jordan H.
03:55 25 Jan 20
I'd love to give this place 5 stars but currently they only have edibles for the time being once they start getting a regular supply of other recreational products I'm sure this place will be the hottest spot in the quad cities. That aside the customer service is amazing and they are super friendly once they get a steady supply i will gladly change my rating!read more
Barnaby Collins
Barnaby C.
23:56 23 Jan 20
Bought some edibles because it's all they had. Had to eat supposedly 40mg+ to feel a little something. They've already jacked up the price on edibles another $5-$10 since then.(1week later)When they have them, cartridges are twice the price for only half as much you'd get on the street w/ potency being listed as much lower in THC. So the one in Milan doesn't have what most would expect, and their solution is to open another place out of town to cut their already insufficient supply in half.You guys earned this more
Chloe KOHL
Chloe K.
22:43 23 Jan 20
The experience itself was quite nice. Everyone was friendly and informative. They had a limited menu when I was there, which is to be expected. No flower was available.I ordered 100mg gummies with 5 in the jar, instead I got 10mg gummies with 10 in the jar. Being from out of state, I couldn't very well return the product. I think there was a 10 dollar difference, so before they staple your bag make sure you got what you more
Amir Arbisser
Amir A.
11:53 19 Jan 20
Adequate provider with limited stock compared to well developed markets. Competition would definitely benefit the more
Matt Miller
Matt M.
09:45 19 Jan 20
This went down hill quick. I transferred out of Quincy to Milan and quickly off to canton now. I don't understand why other dispensary have no problem getting plenty of product. I only had 3 items to choose from on the rec side. The Canton not only has lower prices, but easily and hands down has a steady flow of product in both rec and med. I will say the building looks nice... I told my wife I wondered if all the startup money got spent on facilities and licenses and the money for inventory was gone or if they just burnt bridges with growers, but there were so many new growers I never heard of after I transferred out. It always was quite amusing listening to the new story why they didn't have product then drove 2 hours to canton to hear a different story. Good luck to you guys!read more
harleylova .
harleylova .
16:33 10 Jan 20
I knew they were out a flower but I went anyway thinking I could find something I would like. I did! Chelsea is awesome ask for her! She knows her stuff! Thanks Chelsea! The wait wasn't too more
Elijah Rosenbaum
Elijah R.
15:19 10 Jan 20
Great dispensary and great staff! I came in for recreational products so I didn't get to look at their section of flower, but the dispensary itself was great. One of the staff even took the time to joke with me about concentrate potency in spite of how busy they were. Highly more
01:58 09 Jan 20
Lady said try to be here around 7:30 to get in on time and they close at 8pm. We got there 7:36 and no one else was even there so no wait and they locked the door on us when we called before and she acted like we would be okay and drove from hour away. Would never go again or recommend to anyone!!!read more
Mark Anderson
Mark A.
16:49 07 Jan 20
Experience would have been a little better if they were more prepared
Becca B
Becca B
07:54 05 Jan 20
If it weren't for all of Dalton and Shannon's hard work I may have strayed to another dispensary. There are also a couple others on staff that have been there for awhile, and really know their stuff. I cannot say enough good things about Dalton, he seems to care about his patients and their well-being. You can tell he is very passionate about what he does.In my opinion, the medical side has a lot of work that needs to be done. It seems to have gone rapidly downhill in the last several months. I am not referring to the lack of product or pricing as I think most of that is out of their control. They are doing the best their can in that aspect. I am referring to the service and knowledge of the people working there.There has been a lot of new hires recently and I have had issues with my orders. One time I reminded the girl helping me I should have an ounce discount. Not only did I not get my discount, I also didn't get one of the products that I ordered. When I questioned my total she told me that it was right. She did not show me what she was putting in the bag before she stapled it shut. They usually do this so you know that your order is correct before leaving.I also asked her about the difference between two CBD cartridges. One of which was $40, the other was $60. They had approximately the same milligrams of CBD and THC. She told me that the more expensive one must be more "medicinal" because it cost more. They really need to get these people on board or they need to move them over to the rec side. I feel bad for new patients coming in if they are relying on people like this for their information.This is a medical facility and it needs to be treated as such. Please don't make false statements or promises to patients. If you don't know the answer, find someone else there that does. Thankfully most of the more seasoned employees are still on the medical side.It would be nice if the online menu was updated more for medical patients like it used to be. Many of us have ailments that make it difficult for us to leave our homes at times.More designated parking for medical is desperately needed since rec started. A good majority of us are unable to walk long distances. I realize with rec there are going to be a lot of growing pains. I look forward to things getting better in the months to more
Crystal Senger
Crystal S.
00:04 05 Jan 20
They lied about the fact that they can't sell 500 MG pens to out of state residents. Bought some at a different dispensary no problem. Will only sell edibles to out of state. Don't waste your time in lineread more
Brad Loveless
Brad L.
21:56 04 Jan 20
Fantastic custom service, clean happy staff/ employees! Great experience overall.
Derek Gosselink
Derek G.
10:49 04 Jan 20
Very friendly staff...easy to find...could have a lil more selection for non illinois residents...but its early
Mandy Adams
Mandy A.
02:38 03 Jan 20
Not a bad place for what it is. They don’t have any recreational flower right now so you have to get edibles or cartridges. They’re prices are high but that is to be expected. 100mg edible is 25-30 and cartridges are 70+. They pretty much have a monopoly on recreational marijuana in the qc so everyone is SOL until competition and more suppliers get up and more
19:43 02 Jan 20
Limited selections and insanely overpriced! You'd be better off flying to Colorado.
Tyara Lynn
Tyara L.
21:25 01 Jan 20
Very organized! Went smoothly! Wide variety menu. Very pleased!
lyndsey crummy
lyndsey C.
22:55 14 Nov 19
Great staff. Super helpful and very informative.
Iam Murphy
Iam M.
21:13 29 Oct 19
The stars are only for the staff as they are super kind and helpful. The prices and quality of product is seriously sub par and the online order feature is completely useless because they wont hold your order for more
srhkmk22 .
srhkmk22 .
12:51 10 Sep 19
So after some time of going there I have decided to change my review (as I have tried a lot of products and not just basing it off initial visit). The flower is very pricey compared to the quality it is. They do have some good concentrates and cartridges. Staff is extremely friendly. Overall not a bad place just prices are up there..this place is quickly following the big pharma way..profit over patientread more
YuNg_LeAn Barber Life
YuNg_LeAn Barber L.
18:48 31 Aug 19
they are always helpful. customer service is 1000% would recommend anyone to this facility, my review has changed based off of a few different reason. 1 is constant raising of prices from cultivators which are passed on to patients. 2 there are some who should stay as a greeter the inability to listen with orders. 3 non uniformity with employees understanding policy and selectively enforcing said policy. sad day it is when this stuff happensread more
19:14 08 Aug 19
Once again I visited your pharmacy and for a new patient, OG smoker, or someone looking to try different forms of ways to enjoy your products, I would recommend your to anyone. I'm so pleased with the professional and friendly staff and the way they've answered, without equivocation, my questions to a T. Thanks to Steph, Tammy, Kay Aaron, Dog and anyone I missed for making my experiences memorable. You've made an old man happy!!read more
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