NuEraChicago Marijuana Dispensary in Chicago, IL

1308 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60642

Hours of Operation:

Sunday – Wednesday:
Thursday – Saturday

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – NuEra Chicago is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1308 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60642 .

NuEra Chicago dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

NuEra Chicago Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Ryan Harris
Ryan H.
19:40 16 Jun 21
Favorite spot in the Chi! Whenever I’m in town I always stop by. Ridiculously friendly staff, very knowledgeable and attentive. Can’t remember ol girls name, I think it was Jenna or something, but she is the absolute sweetest, always takes care of me and the crew!read more
J Bag
J B.
02:28 16 Jun 21
I like this store because it is always efficient with no long wait times. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Kennedy is great to work with and so helpful!read more
Lisa Hill
Lisa H.
16:31 11 Jun 21
Very clean and professional establishment. Jenna is very knowledgeable and patient with clients. I recommend seeing her!
Rick Bronson
Rick B.
16:14 11 Jun 21
Had my first dispensary experience here and it was great thanks to my bud tender Jenna. I went in there feeling nervous because I don’t know much of anything when it comes to this, but she was very welcoming and knowledgeable and didn’t make me feel as if I were annoying with all the questions I had. Can’t wait to come back soon. Thank you Jenna!read more
Hannah Byrne
Hannah B.
15:49 06 Jun 21
This was my very first time at a dispensary, so I didn't have any experiences to compare. I hail from PA where only medical is legal.Everybody who worked there was soooo friendly and helpful! Recreational customers, like myself, can preorder online or are directed to a room with some tablets from which you can select what you want to order, then you walk back into the lobby and the security guy directs you into the room where you pay for and receive your items in a nondescript brown paper bag.The woman who served me was so nice! And when I told her I was from out of town she suggested some neat places to go, which was much appreciated.FYI, since I didn't realize before I went here, cash or debit only, no credit!read more
angela vanoppens
angela V.
09:27 14 May 21
Please get more variety. Please get smaller weight sizes to sample and try. I love the people here, and the transactions are always easy and fast, and I never have to wait outside. But they lack a larger menu or variety on weights and more
Keonta Neal
Keonta N.
05:49 02 May 21
You have to know what you want. Was my first experience and was told "ok here is the kiosk after you place your order let me know". If someone says first experience at least more
Nick Dyrcz
Nick D.
03:39 12 Mar 21
Nice clean dispensary. Great friendly staff. Looking forward to going back. Just wish that they had a rewards or loyalty more
Joey R
Joey R
00:11 16 Feb 21
The “rosin” they are selling is some low grade flower rosin brown ish black color with extreme stem flower flavor. Don’t waste your time with it u less you like the way dirt and stems more
Bob S
Bob S
02:42 21 Jan 21
Solid. Ample parking on Throop. Quick and friendly check in. I didn’t feel like I was being escorted to my prison cell like other dispensaries. Have been and will continue to come back here. Laid back vibe and nice, relaxing retail more
00:46 21 Jan 21
I always enjoy stopping in! The store itself is so inviting, and every employee is sweet and welcoming. I was helped by a nice man named Chris who gave me all the details about cartridges! Can’t wait to try my Pineapple Express disposable cart!Thanks, will be back of course ~read more
Marti Rosen
Marti R.
15:35 02 Dec 20
I came here yesterday and I had a wonderful experience!!! I reserved a disposable cartridge online and ended up leaving with a tincture as well. Check in was swift and easy, there wasn’t even a line! I was helped by Tammi, she is AMAZING! Helped me find the right product best suited to my needs! I thought the tincture was going to be super expensive but it was only $40 ☺️ Highly recommend this place for quick, helpful service and great affordable products!read more
Arthur Valentin
Arthur V.
21:42 29 Nov 20
One of the best customer service experiences I’ve seen in a long time. Nicole is a stellar rep and really delivered. She not only was helpful and knowledgeable about my past orders but really represents what I think the cannabis community is about. Just because it’s a store doesn’t mean that it has to be cold or mechanical and Nicole demonstrated that in flying colors. I will be a life long more
Harrison Wojcik
Harrison W.
20:14 17 Nov 20
I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I called ahead and had a great experience from start to finish. The doorman was polite and courteous, and the grower who sold me a few edibles was knowledgeable and friendly. An easy 5/ more
Bob S
Bob S
17:48 02 Nov 20
Solid. Ample parking on Throop. Quick and friendly check in. I didn’t feel like I was being escorted to my prison cell like other dispensaries, in Logan square. Have been and will continue to come back here. Laid back vibe and nice, relaxing retail more
David Kennedy
David K.
14:41 27 Oct 20
No way these prices should exist though - 100 $ for an eighth of bud or 70$ w/o tax for half a gram of shatter I don’t understand how these prices are made up I was going to check them out! Can’t they be 10$ cheaper ? That’s still expensive but profitableread more
Matt Troja
Matt T.
17:33 18 Oct 20
Love this Place!!! Ian’s my boy and always gives me the Scoop on best their the best product. Loved the Florida Orange by Rev, so tasty and the orange comes through in a big way. My only shop I’ll go to.. no lines more
Master E
Master E
20:35 17 Oct 20
Place is top notch! Great staff, prices and plenty to choose from. Brandon was awesome helping me picking out what to get!!read more
Kristin Ogle
Kristin O.
01:22 17 Oct 20
This place is the best when it comes to rewards points and their endless supply of options. The staff is awesome. I had a great experience working with Ian at the register. Looking forward to my next visit!read more
Michael Erickson
Michael E.
23:01 16 Oct 20
Been going there basically since they opened and love the staff, selection, location, etc. Just a great overall vibe inside.However, unfortunately, I went today and virtually none of the staff were properly wearing masks. I was only there for a few minutes, grabbed my online order and left, but it was definitely a bummer. We are in a weird time and for a medical facility, I wish they would follow the guidelines much more closely. I'll likely switch permanently to MOCA where they've been really on top of their game when it comes to the safety of the staff and their patients and more
Matthew Kersten
Matthew K.
14:21 16 Oct 20
I come from the burbs to go to NuEra Chicago. Their menus are endless and the staff is very nice. I had Ian as a bud tender, he was so informative and answered all my questions. 5-Stars all day!read more
Jobe Martin
Jobe M.
03:09 24 Sep 20
This was my first time going into any dispensary. I did call first, and was told to go the website and browse the menu. That was fine. I wish there were a clearer understanding about the difference between Shake and Flower. Also, I wish there was a illustration describing the sizes of the the weight withe the prices. I found that uncomfortable. I purchased 7 gems of SBS, I was pleased with the amount, but wish I had understood Shake was considered the spoils of the Flower. I am pleased with the overall more
22:38 21 Sep 20
Best recreational shop in the city. Great customer service. They stand behind the products they sell, and will go out of the way to help you if you have an issue. Pre-order process is easy and I've never had to wait in line. Pandemic procedures are in place and done correctly. Thank you NuEra!read more
Alicia Solis
Alicia S.
22:12 15 Sep 20
First time at a despensery .Everyone but one lady very knowledgable and friendly
April Ralston
April R.
21:37 14 Sep 20
Staff was really helpful and nice.
Ethan Cotton
Ethan C.
21:58 04 Sep 20
Super convenient, super easy & fast if you pre-order online
Stephen McCreary
Stephen M.
22:41 28 Aug 20
Excellent experience simple rules, stay in your 30 minute window....(only bad thing that can happen) other than that.. 💯💯💯💯. I was visiting this weekend from out of town, called scheduled my appointment, got my text had my I.D. , my money and got everything I wanted and needed. A+read more
Megan Kline
Megan K.
13:15 19 Aug 20
Love the online buying option. Quick and easy. Be warned you have a 30 min window to get your goods. They usually confirm your order is ready 15 mins before your scheduled pickup more
rick certa
rick C.
09:08 19 Aug 20
Very good staff ....helpful polite informative pleasant.....made me feel was a pleasure to go there
Aamir Babul
Aamir B.
20:47 29 Jul 20
Awesome dispensary. If I am rating on service alone this is the best dispensary in Chicago. The only reason I go other places is for the specials. The staff here is awesome and the managers are really nice. The prices are still good without specials, I find concentrates here listed for 60 that are 75 at almost every other dispensary around here. I’d rate this the best dispensary in Chicago and I’ve been to atleast 20 Illinois dispensaries.Oh ya and I forgot to mention they have a great rewards programread more
Joaquin Serna
Joaquin S.
00:03 29 Jul 20
First time medical patient, everything went great. ATM is by multiple of 50s not 20s so just a heads up. Everyone is so friendly. Prices are good. Pre rolls are more
Anais Maljan
Anais M.
16:52 17 Jul 20
Great spot. No lines. Near work and my usual routine. Always friendly. Rewards program Yas!!!! (And there's a tall, cutie here, too 🙂) All in all its my fave spot and there's parking nearby, which isn't necessarily a thing with a lot of other more
Tameka Bowman
Tameka B.
11:40 16 Jul 20
No long wait or papers to fill out. Staff was super friendly. Wish it was closer to my house, I would totally be a regular!!read more
22:06 05 Jul 20
Customer service is fantastic. Very patient enthusiastic staff.I pretty sure i am high now cause i never used that many great, specific adjectives to describe people.Menus are getting much more
Daley Ripley
Daley R.
00:44 03 Jul 20
Very relaxed environment with some VERY friendly and polite staff, including their security! I loved the Blue Dream I got and it is some of the best flower I've smoked in IL. First free pre-roll for med patients was also a nice surprise, which I didn't even know they did, but the associate who helped me hooked it up! I'll for sure be going back again for some more Blue more
ABN Circle
17:16 02 Jul 20
I went to this place for the first time, and Jenna was super helpful. She was super knowledgeable and was able to explain all the different strains to me. I definitely recommend this place. Do ask for more
Lisa Clifton
Lisa C.
16:04 24 Jun 20
With all these much appreciated great reviews I am looking forward to visiting and purchasing quality herb. Thanks to all the reviewers for taking the time to help out ppl like me! I’m planning to visit tomorrow June 25th 2020. With no medical card or appointment. Just me and my fat cash heavy wallet. I hope that won’t be a problemread more
Ryan McCarthy
Ryan M.
15:52 10 Jun 20
Been here a handful of times now since the beginning of the year as a recreational user. When it first opened there were some growing pains like keeping up with demand and ordering windows, but I think they’ve smoothed out pretty well. Employees are really nice but it seems not everyone is knowledgeable of the products they sell. Not that I expect them to know everything but it would be nice to have answers to questions like “since x strain is out of stock, which would be the closest to get the same feeling”? The last time I asked that I was told to just check Leafly.Prices are mostly matched with every other dispensary in Chicago. Sometimes cheaper, sometimes more expensive but never more than like $2. It’s not their fault that the taxes suck, so it’s not the cheapest by any means.Hopefully we’ll get some more variety in stock but otherwise I’m a happy customer and will keep coming more
Loretta Yurek
Loretta Y.
23:06 23 May 20
Super efficient. Their website is straightforward and going in to get the product was quicker than most places. There was no long line. I was in and out in five more
David L. Morin
David L. M.
19:08 13 May 20
Very helpful to a newbie like me! I preordered on the net what I didn't want as I didn't know what I was doing. Not to worry. The dispenser was very patient with me and explained everything very clearly. I left totally satisfied and tipped her generously: she truly earned it!read more
Jenn Richter
Jenn R.
01:38 24 Apr 20
I absolutely love it at NuMed. I've been to almost all the dispensaries in the city — this one is by far the most kind, informative and smoothest experience. Always good vibes which is important to me. I was impressed on my first visit in Jan when the budtender was able to articulate her knowledge on why one particular hybrid was better for sleep effects than another strain, and I really appreciate that even w/o a card. The intake/ordering process is pleasant, easy and quick and security doesn't act like a-hole club bouncers either, so that's also a comparative bonus.I do wish they updated their online menu more in real time w rec flower and more/new products avail but I appreciate their smooth process. Every single experience here as been a positive one! Highly recommended 😉read more
Tuscany O'Rilley
Tuscany O.
02:41 19 Apr 20
Great set up for Adult Use. Super nice staff.
Tuscany O'Rilley
Tuscany O.
02:41 19 Apr 20
Great set up for Adult Use. Super nice staff.
Richard Kirsch
Richard K.
20:33 07 Apr 20
I had been going here for the last 8 months and was very satisfied with the staff mostly and the products. Last time I had an order one of my vape cartridges had a larger than normal bubble but I just chalked it up to a bad batch and moved on with my day. Today I went in to get 1 cartridge a d when I got to my car I opened it and noticed that there was a large bubble again. This was a Cresco cartridge and the oil was almost down to the O in Cresco. So at least 20% empty. I brought it back in and asked for a new one. I was repeatedly told it was just headspace and it was normal. I said I had bought over 50 cartridges and this was far and away the most headspace I had seen and I would like a new one. They said no so I said if that's the case then you just lost a 8 month customer. They didn't flinch and here we are I need a new dispensary and they lost a loyal customer. If you value customer service and full cartridges this place should be avoided. There are plenty of dispensaries in the city with better selection and customer service. Do yourself a favor and check those out more
Kelly Michael
Kelly M.
05:16 20 Mar 20
I am so glad I chose numed as my dispensary. They have a great menu (I am medical), and the staff was so helpful, kind, and definitely went above & beyond. I also noticed that they were doing a really nice job of getting rec customers in/out (without rushing them or anything). Some of the staff even knew customers by name which I thought was cool. Looking forward to going more
Black00XJ .
Black00XJ .
01:55 15 Mar 20
While here for a training class, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to legally buy weed for my first time ever. After doing some looking at dispenseries around the side of town I was on,it was the closest and had the best rating. The overall experiencewas way over what I ever could have imagined. The service, the atmosphere were top more
Dan Sharp
Dan S.
23:33 27 Feb 20
Only place of 4 I've been to that didn't randomly have medical only today posted on the front window. They do have recreational only days, which were Tuesday Thursday and Saturday from 12-6pm I believe. The prices are crazy expensive but that's to be blamed on Chicago politics not NuMed. People working we're friendly and professional. I was helped by John who was great. Also note CASH ONLY. They have an ATM on site though with a $3.50 withdrawal fee which isn't more
Drew M
Drew M
19:25 09 Feb 20
NuMed Chicago sells defective product.I waited two hours in line, bought a verano vape cartridge, opened it at home to discover the container was empty. They have no accountability and will not help me outside of telling me to contact the distributor directly.Don't literally waste your money here. If you do shop here, check and make sure everything is there before you leave the more
Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo G.
16:41 04 Feb 20
“Recreational sales only on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s.” First experience was awful, and it’s 100% due to the customer service I experienced as soon as I walked in the door. The guy at the window didn’t bother looking up at me when I asked a question.Edit: once I finally got into NuMed (after an hour+ wait on a Saturday), it was an easy, clean, and fluid experience. My only complaint was that the employee assisting me asked for a tip as soon as I sat down. Updated from 1 to 3 more
Stephanie Blatt
Stephanie B.
01:57 10 Jan 20
Amazing place! Super cool people. Al was extremely helpful in explaining all offerings, have me some newbie gifts. I will be back soon!read more
Chandan Rastogi
Chandan R.
23:41 08 Jan 20
Busy but great
Dan Aylesworth
Dan A.
21:33 04 Jan 20
Just want to say the staff went out of their way to make the medical patients feel a priority even after several days of what I heard was full days of lines and news customers. Despite this big work load, the staff maintained a friendly patient attitude and made me feel important and cared for. I can’t guarantee everyone would feel this way, but their efforts have made me more interested in being a reliable trusted more
Scott Silverman
Scott S.
17:15 02 Jan 20
I am a Numed Chicago Medical Patient and I can highly recommend them for both medical and recreational. They have extremely friendly and knowledgeable Budtenders and Management! I always feel welcome and find exactly what I am looking for every time!read more
Jeff Lundquist
Jeff L.
22:59 01 Jan 20
If you have check in stipulations or if you cannot take any customers post it . I waisted 3 hours driving for nothing because you all don’t know how to properly run a business. I guess that’s what happens when people who know nothing of running a business get licenses for such a major industry. Pitiful customer service and pitiful job of keeping potential customers aware. If I could give 0 stars I would.... at least other places that sold out kept us informed. You should be embarrssedread more
Alexander Baxter-Wilms
Alexander B.
18:53 01 Jan 20
Went here Jan 1, line was long but was moving efficiently given the number of people and the shops size (it’s relatively small). Once inside the service was very polite and professional, prices are reasonable as well. I will certainly be returning here in the more
Bijan Maleki
Bijan M.
16:43 04 Oct 19
Knowledgeable and friendly staff. They really take their time to understand what you need and give great recommendations. I’m so pleased with the service I get every time, always feel welcomed. Can’t imagine going anywhere elseread more
Clare Tom
Clare T.
18:03 03 Oct 19
The location and the staff are what keep me coming back! All of the members on staff here are patient, nonjudgmental, empathetic and knowledgeable. Wait time...what wait time!?! This place is unlike any other dispensaries, and will get you in and out with a smile in minutes. Sadly, they do not have a rewards system in place but I’ve noticed they are hosting more sales which is fantastic for those whom are on a budget. If it is your lucky day, you might even leave with a complimentary treat to add more joy to your day! Thank you to everyone at NuMed for all of your kindness, understanding and most importantly your patients!read more
Kind Bud
Kind B.
15:46 29 Sep 19
I joined Numed Chicago shortly after they opened. The bud tenders are knowledgeable and suggest great options for patients on all budgets. To date, I've had only positive experience with all of the staff. Also, it's convenient they offer bottled water in their comfortable lounge. My only suggestion is to offer a program for SSDI patients. Thank you NuMed!read more
Joshua Danowitz
Joshua D.
01:38 27 Sep 19
NuMed is great! Helpful consultants, short lines, quality products and easy to get to. The store-specific parking is convenient and spaces are almost always availableread more
Don Stewart
Don S.
20:43 26 Sep 19
The staff here is great and the dispensary is located in a easy to get to spot. I've found some of my new favorite strains since going here. Really no complaints, would like to see a updated website and rewards program in the future!read more
Tommy Corts
Tommy C.
20:42 26 Sep 19
It's the only dispensary I've been to, but the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The products are always high quality, and the menu is broad. Some of the prices can get high, but the quality is always excellent, so nothing seems more
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