NuEra East Peoria Marijuana Dispensary in East Peoria, IL

504 Riverside Dr
East Peoria, IL 61611

Hours of Operation:

Sunday – Wednesday:
10am – 7pm
Thursday – Saturday

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – NuEra – East Peoria is a marijuana dispensary location open at 504 Riverside Dr East Peoria, IL 61611 .

NuEra – East Peoria dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

NuEra Peoria Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Jolene Bauman
Jolene B.
23:17 26 Nov 21
Super nice bud tenders. Helpful and suggestive if your not sure what you want. Rewards pts for medical.
Jan Norwood
Jan N.
00:40 09 Nov 21
The staff., including the manager, are very friendly and knowledgeable. They talked me through my first time experience and answered all the questions I had. Dillon was extremely helpful and told me if I had any questions to call and he would be happy to help me . I would give this dispensary an A+! I enjoyed the whole process. The manager Lana was absolutely delightful. She put me at ease the minute I walked through the door!!! I rate this business a solid 5 stars!read more
Dave Pearson
Dave P.
20:53 22 Sep 21
I chose nNuEra over every single dispensary in the area for the good customer service the quality products and the good locations from my house. However the ID scanner gentleman who was very nice informed me Hey it's your birthday tell them inside. I'm not trying to get anything for a discount or free seriously I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday they told me to tell them it's my birthday. Why?I would rather have been told nothing at all then. Hey tell him it's your birthday for nothing seriously get it together why do I gotta be disappointed on my birthday like that. I have spent thousands of dollars at new era I just don't understand more
William West
William W.
08:36 16 Sep 21
Staff is great and upbeat. The guy that always greets me behind the window is super helpful. Always a pleasant experience when I more
Mark Blanquart
Mark B.
19:31 04 Sep 21
The workers definitely make the place what it is. From the security up front to the people working in the back they all have been genuine and always seem to have the customers best interests in mind. The place does get very busy at times and I have had to deal with a few issues but, always been corrected as soon as I brought it their attention. I do wish that all locations were both medical and more
Mike Stone
Mike S.
00:01 25 Aug 21
Awful customer service. Lazy, unhelpful, terribly disinterested workers. The deals on their website don’t line up with what is in store. Prices are simply outrageous. $40.00 for a 1g cartridge in Colorado: $105.00 for a 1g cartridge in Illinois. Avoid these guys like the plague. They don’t care and neither should you!read more
Dave Huisman
Dave H.
14:32 20 Aug 21
The staff are fantastic! Friendly and informed about their products and how they work. Extremely helpful to everyone who walks in the door. They've helped countless people, who have never experienced the helpful/ healing properties of cannabis. The products offered are all exceptional in quality. Thanks nuEra!read more
Shelly Flowers
Shelly F.
17:16 08 Aug 21
This was my first time coming here. It is the best experience with a dispensary I have had yet. My bud tender Matt was fantastic and knowledgeable . He listen to my health needs and set me up right! I will definitely go back!read more
17:55 22 Jul 21
They need a more prompt way to serve medical patients. Saw another medical patient get asked to move to the back of the public line. Another employee realized who they were so they must spend a lot of money because they came over and more
Kenzie Hawkins
Kenzie H.
19:57 21 Jul 21
Staff at this location is so wonderful! I always feel welcomed and I know anybody there is willing to help should I need it. Keep up the good work!read more
Richard Nauman
Richard N.
19:11 20 Jul 21
Do not go here if you are not a medical card holder. They have no respect for the recreational customers. You'll wait there half an hour just to have 5 medical card patients cut in front. I would not recommend going there if you are not a medical card holder. I will never go back to this more
Cristian Heredia
Cristian H.
22:59 03 Jul 21
The best place with the best customer service hands down. Really friendly. I would definitely recommend this place.
Infernal Despot
Infernal D.
17:24 03 Jul 21
Everyone there is super friendly and knowledgeable. It's really fast if you pre order online, and you can still pay cash if you do. Just make sure you have an i.d. when you more
Joshua Ellis
Joshua E.
23:07 24 Jun 21
Good customer service employees know there products. There website is good I like the price includes taxes.
Virago Jay Girten
Virago Jay G.
17:53 13 Jun 21
The staff is incredibly nice. They are happy to educate on different strains and what is best for which ailments. I bring my dog and he gets the celebrity treatment. 10/ more
Kylie Trenkle
Kylie T.
16:38 03 Jun 21
I’ve been coming to this location for a year now. Never had a problem and everyone is nice and helpful. With that being said I’m very disappointed that you continue to sell bogus carts from Verano. They are NOT filled correctly. I will not be more
Roger Parker
Roger P.
19:20 27 May 21
Big shout out to J.P. on recommending different strains of flower and different kinds of products.. J.P. is on point in his more
Mindi Clark
Mindi C.
14:03 20 May 21
They know what they're doing. Very friendly efficient clean and safe. I'll be back!!
Rachel Snyder
Rachel S.
00:12 17 May 21
I had Tom and let him know that it was my first time buying and he was so helpful! Thank you so much Tom, you did such a good job!read more
20:00 15 May 21
Super friendly staff, always willing to help you with any questions or concerns, and they always give great suggestions. I also LOVE the security staff in here, they are so sweet. Be sure to place your order ahead of time on their website, if possible, to make things easier for them during covid precautions!read more
Ronald Flack
Ronald F.
00:01 26 Apr 21
Had a great experience here. Was doing a home brake job and they had everything I needed and were very helpful with making sure I had the right parts and more
Danny Blast
Danny B.
19:12 02 Apr 21
Mega friendly staff. Good 👍 products.Shown prices on menu include tax...I like that.I would definitely go more
Bill Agney (PANDA TIMER)
Bill Agney (PANDA T.
02:37 19 Mar 21
Great products for the most part ... I just disagree with the use of stock photos with a online business ordering .... most pictures “DO NOT” represent the product purchased. Pictures should be updated regularly with each bach. They make enough money in this type of business that actual quality control and stock should be a priority to ensure you get what you pay more
Joe Phillips
Joe P.
03:53 17 Mar 21
Great location and staff with a wide selection of products. Open 7 days a week! Heck, I don’t get that from Chic-Fil-A! Quick timing to fill orders and be on my more
22:45 30 Jan 21
Great location and facility. The staff here is excellent! Very friendly and knowledgeable.Laura answered all of my questions and gave me spot on recommendations ! Highly recommendread more
Paul Niles
Paul N.
22:09 28 Jan 21
My entire experience with NuEra has been extremely positive. I was able to request an application for medical cannabis, I was explained the process and I was treated respectfully. The associates were courteous, knowledgeable and accepting and I felt at ease making my first purchase. I will certainly recommend NuEra my all friends - medical and recreational consumers, more
April Biswell
April B.
22:58 24 Jan 21
FREE SAMPLES. LAURA IS THE BEST. i recived a free bottle of pills that help promote sleep with my purchase. Totally awesome!!I have been there three times and have been helped by Laura each time. They have a great selection and good prices compared to other places ive been and currently u can get free samples with your purchase. And no more
Thomas Radford
Thomas R.
19:53 23 Jan 21
Visited on 22 January between 4:45 and 5pm for the first time to help my wife get her medical card. We are new to all this and had our kid with us. The lady at the front instead of being kind and courteous was rude and got loud with us. I will be taking my wife's medical needs to the other Peoria location. Educate your staff on being more
Jason Spore
Jason S.
22:44 16 Jan 21
Extremely friendly staff. Great selection and always has something good in stock. THANK YOU Laura, great recommend and helped me save some money!read more
Sharon Peters
Sharon P.
19:26 12 Jan 21
Nice place. Decent selection. Great service!
Denis Ronzani
Denis R.
21:04 11 Jan 21
I had a few small issues in the store, between the management in Urbana and East Peoria (Laura) it was resolved quickly and professionally. We were impressed with the personal experience and the understanding that products can be defective and people make mistakes. Also good employees fix mistakes and make customers keep coming back. Thanks to Laura and the team!read more
Roger Parker
Roger P.
00:59 09 Jan 21
Love this place... Friendly , knowledgeable , very helpful.... Big shout out to J.P.
Ray Wyatt
Ray W.
02:56 10 Dec 20
A friendly commercial and professional atmosphere. High quality in beautiful containers. Highly recommend
Kyle Platt
Kyle P.
16:03 28 Nov 20
The staff are always absolutely friendly and helpful if you have any questions about something. You can tell they love and enjoy their job and always have a great conversation as well. Love yall✌❤😁read more
01:29 15 Nov 20
I've never had a bad experience. Staff is always friendly. My orders are always right. I like that they don't have tip jars all over the more
15:13 15 Oct 20
Friendly staff, knowledgeable staff, even security is cool. Lol. Selections can be a little limited for medical patients compared to other dispensaries in the area, but overall a pretty good place to do business. Defiantly worth checking more
becrazed !
becrazed !
02:31 04 Oct 20
Friendly staff who are doing what they can for safety during corona virus, pretty great altogether shout out to Patrick in particular really cool dude!read more
Dawn Lively
Dawn L.
18:51 20 Sep 20
Always a great visit when i go!! The staff &security are all wonderful,friendly&helpful everytime i am there!! It is a place i look forward to going back repeatedly because they are so nice!!!😉read more
maxine gray
maxine G.
17:56 15 Sep 20
This place is so amazing! The customer service is everything, and the weed is great! I highly recommend their hybrid Lemon Tag, it's so good! I work all week at night shift and this stuff really helps me relax after work in the morning. Thank you. read more
Vivian Aguilar
Vivian A.
00:17 15 Sep 20
Rude lady that works there, Rushes you doesn't like u to ask questions as if its so much for her to answer. Acts likes like it such a big problem for you to ask a question! Need to hire nicer employee!read more
Michael Galvin
Michael G.
20:29 13 Sep 20
First time here fast easy ordering online friendly staff clean enviroment
14:08 09 Sep 20
Very courteous, quick, and discreet.
Cutbait Catfishin'
Cutbait C.
17:10 01 Sep 20
Great place before 2020, now you pay an arm and a leg, combat vet here who can't get relief because someone else wants to get rich off it, not the businesses fault but haven't been back since the tax hikeread more
Teresa Toungett
Teresa T.
01:14 31 Aug 20
So organized.. Ok i just paid 105.00for this little bit of stuff and those tiny joints really get me
Angel Bottone
Angel B.
17:57 28 Aug 20
The people are nicer than the Peoria place but the dispensaries are gouging the people. As usual, it's only for the more
Barry Davis
Barry D.
12:43 28 Aug 20
With Illinois prices no way I can give 5 stars.G6 shatter and SSH wax are my personal favorites so far.I am a patient and realize the greed is everywhere so nothing against you personally...Thanks everybody @ NuEra for being friendly and having me ; ).read more
Kelly Fuller
Kelly F.
17:52 27 Aug 20
It's a nice place but it cost way too much money for thing's I can get cheaper
Julie Bowers
Julie B.
20:38 22 Aug 20
If your security thinks it's too hot to stand outside. It's too hot to stand there at your appt time and let every medical patient come in first. I stood there being asked questions by everyone who came up because security thought it was too hot to stand outside. Watched 5 medical patients go on first and they have their own time in the morning where they are the only ones allowed there. Manager told me I was unreasonable because that 5th patient had cancer. Well, in my opinion, we're all patients and should be treated equally. Time to find a new more
Michael Hindman
Michael H.
04:00 21 Aug 20
Super friendly and knowledgeable staff had me in and out ...I would recommend to anyone especially medical patients
Matt W
Matt W
17:44 18 Aug 20
Great experience. The employees are wonderful and very helpful. I will definitely be back and highly recommend.
biggie4202000 .
biggie4202000 .
20:08 03 Jul 20
nice place will have to order on line before you stand in line.line wasn't real long didn't take long.alittle pricey but over all was more
Jordan Applegren
Jordan A.
19:04 02 Jul 20
Best dispensary in the Peoria area. Everyone inside is extremely friendly and helpful, and the location is spotlessly clean. I like the guy that runs security too, he's always been super friendly with me. My only complaint is there needs to be a better system for when there is a line/wait. It's not very fun to wait outside in the rain, in 90 degree heat, etc. But even with that said, they do the best they can getting people in and out quickly. Maybe they could just install an awning or something for shade?read more
Harley Henderson
Harley H.
00:57 21 Jun 20
Quick question, is it normal for dispensaries to sell shattered carts for $85+ ? Good product but half leaked out after the first hit so definitely left more to be desired. Not worth the half hour drive, next time I’ll shop local and risk pesticides. 👌🏻read more
Jessica King
Jessica K.
14:41 29 Apr 20
As a medical patient I love this place. My only issue, the tall lanky guy that lets people in and out and deals with the lines. He always seems quite annoyed when medical patients like myself show up and get to go inside before the recreational users. Without medical patients dude wouldn’t even have a job and I have a condition and paid good money for the right to be able to get first dibs. Just do your job more
Kalissa Armstrong
Kalissa A.
18:00 25 Apr 20
I absolutely love it here everyone is very nice but what's the point of having people order online and doing a pick up orders because of cov19 and social distancing if I still have to stand in the same exact long line and wait with the exact same people I'm suppose to be distancing myself from. I understand itits to reserve products but I've come and half an hour before closing and still got everything I wanted. No benefit of online ordering just don't see more
Taylor Ward
Taylor W.
18:00 16 Apr 20
Had a good first experience here. Excited to try their products. They gave me a free gift for my first time. I’m a medical patient so they got me right in when there was a long rec line. Will deft returnread more
hdgliderider2001 .
hdgliderider2001 .
13:05 15 Apr 20
This has been an awesome bunch of people here. Always a Great transaction. Until yesterday, (When I walked out.) The menu has been super low for long months, you finally get in what I’ve been looking for. I called To make sure it’s still available ( I’m A medical disabled patient) can’t drive and have to get a ride, Only to Find in less than 2 hrs You added to your menu and upped the PRICE on the Items I came for that I took the picture of at the First price before the $15.00 price hike on each item.... (Disappointed 66 yr old Medical Patient)read more
17:40 30 Mar 20
have been to many dispensaries and as far as cartridges go they seem to have the most consistent stock of high THC% cartridges i’ve found and always have a good and consistent selection. staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. have spent lots of money here and will continue too!read more
Christi Marshall
Christi M.
17:37 29 Mar 20
The line was quick. I was given good information about the products that would benefit me. I purchased GUMMIES which come in a container of 10. However when I got home and opened the jar, I was short 3 gummies. I called and reported this. I then sent pictures via email and the manager is supposed to get back to me. I was told that I was not the first person to have this type of issue. So if I purchase them again I will check before I exit to verify quantity. Hopefully they will make this right and give me a discount at least on my next more
Andrew Hoerle
Andrew H.
21:31 06 Mar 20
Great staff. Unfortunately Illinois artificially restricts supply so don't go looking for bud. Their gummies and cartridges are just decent for the more
Andrew Thompson
Andrew T.
21:01 29 Feb 20
Staff was very nice, respectful, and prompt. My only issue is that we Had to wait outside in a line for maybe 10 to 12 minutes, it wasn't terrible but on a chilly day it can be an annoyance, other than that the experience there was top notch and very professional. The oil cartridges they provide are the highest potency ive seen for recreational sale and the quality seems to match. They will be seeing more of my business in the more
Jonah Bloom
Jonah B.
16:42 21 Feb 20
I would not recommend going here, the line is constant, there isn't much selection, and everything is overpriced. In fact I used to go here to buy RSO but after it became popular, they upped the price then gouge their customers more. I recommend going to RISE in Canton. It's a little bit more of a drive, but definitely worth it. The employees are very knowledgeable, the selection is great, the prices are better than NuMed and they even have a rewards program for returning customers. Also, unlike NuMed, they don't just treat you like a number, they make you feel like a valued customer. It's just an all around better more
Penny Marie
Penny M.
03:48 12 Feb 20
NuMed: Great staff. Excellent vape selection and edibles! Nice crowd. Nice range of products. Right this second, I recommend Strawberry Cough Sativa, Superglue Hybrid, and Tangie Sativa! Also, anything with CBD. 🙂read more
Matthew Murphy
Matthew M.
21:11 24 Jan 20
Since Illinois just legalized recreational cannabis there's a bit of a learning curve going on. Staff is friendly and efficient however still short on some supplies and it takes a while to get in since they only allow five at a more
Shane Crandall
Shane C.
02:06 10 Jan 20
The staff, best part of the NuMed experience. Friendly, professional and very courteous. Good people helping people. Very knowledgable about the products and very engaging when discussing your personal medical more
edit name
edit N.
09:11 02 Jan 20
Amazing experience on day 1. So much choices, prices are quite high, but to be part of the experience on the first day was worth it. I was in and out in hour and a halfread more
Trudy Mummert
Trudy M.
22:38 01 Jan 20
Love it. Employees are great and very helpful and seem to care about there patients.
Curtis Kirby
Curtis K.
19:29 01 Jan 20
Everyone was nice but my opinion is that all disabled people should come first i have a trachiotmy and i seen people with the card go right it i was number 321 i would have a card and qualify for a card but can't afford it i think all people that have visual disability should be treated the same i mean thats why the place started am i right to help the disabled thats how u get people to return but very nice peopleread more
Steven Polhemus
Steven P.
17:57 31 Dec 19
Pretty disappointed with rec weed coming to IL . The day before rec goes legal the medical menu is empty the day before . Say good by to hassle free medical marijuana . Look at parking lot there is 10 parking spots this will be a chaos after Jan 1st. No online ordering either .very disappointed the all mighty dollar wins again .read more
Robert Shue
Robert S.
10:43 19 Dec 19
From the time I walked in through the whole process everyone was really nice and helpful. I like that you can pick up some info so to learn more about the product and benefits. The store itself looks more
Amy Tucker
Amy T.
01:49 15 Dec 19
Nicest most down to earth dispensary I've been to! Employees def seem to care. Didn't have small enough free t shirt but girl was nice enough to put note ony account to get me on 1 next visit. Very more
William Block
William B.
19:23 13 Dec 19
Very good from top to bottom all employees very polite helpful and considerate
KP Sydney
03:10 07 Dec 19
I have nothing but good to say about these people. They all treat me like at home with family (actually much better). Always pleasant, helpful and listening to your needs. But I was treated just as well when I lived in Pennsylvania over a year ago and had the medical card. I'm convinced it's the atmosphere. The soul purpose we all go there. The answer to most of the world's problems. Chill and relax. Peace and Loveread more
dem_ skeelz
dem_ S.
22:09 09 Nov 19
Very knowledgeable people to help you select whats best for you. Great place.
Cree Wags
Cree W.
14:57 25 Jun 19
Always a smooth process when it comes to getting what you need in a timely and orderly fashion ! Great staff as well .
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