NuMed Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

NuMed East Peoria Marijuana Dispensary in East Peoria, IL

504 Riverside Dr
East Peoria, IL 61611

Hours of Operation:

Tues-Fri 11am-6pm
Sat-Sun 12pm-5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – East Peoria is a marijuana dispensary location open at 504 Riverside Dr East Peoria, IL 61611 .

East Peoria dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

NuMed Peoria Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

biggie4202000 .
biggie4202000 .
20:08 03 Jul 20
nice place will have to order on line before you stand in line.line wasn't real long didn't take long.alittle pricey but over all was more
Jordan Applegren
Jordan A.
19:04 02 Jul 20
Best dispensary in the Peoria area. Everyone inside is extremely friendly and helpful, and the location is spotlessly clean. I like the guy that runs security too, he's always been super friendly with me. My only complaint is there needs to be a better system for when there is a line/wait. It's not very fun to wait outside in the rain, in 90 degree heat, etc. But even with that said, they do the best they can getting people in and out quickly. Maybe they could just install an awning or something for shade?read more
Harley Henderson
Harley H.
00:57 21 Jun 20
Quick question, is it normal for dispensaries to sell shattered carts for $85+ ? Good product but half leaked out after the first hit so definitely left more to be desired. Not worth the half hour drive, next time I’ll shop local and risk pesticides. 👌🏻read more
Jessica King
Jessica K.
14:41 29 Apr 20
As a medical patient I love this place. My only issue, the tall lanky guy that lets people in and out and deals with the lines. He always seems quite annoyed when medical patients like myself show up and get to go inside before the recreational users. Without medical patients dude wouldn’t even have a job and I have a condition and paid good money for the right to be able to get first dibs. Just do your job more
Kalissa Armstrong
Kalissa A.
18:00 25 Apr 20
I absolutely love it here everyone is very nice but what's the point of having people order online and doing a pick up orders because of cov19 and social distancing if I still have to stand in the same exact long line and wait with the exact same people I'm suppose to be distancing myself from. I understand itits to reserve products but I've come and half an hour before closing and still got everything I wanted. No benefit of online ordering just don't see more
Taylor Ward
Taylor W.
18:00 16 Apr 20
Had a good first experience here. Excited to try their products. They gave me a free gift for my first time. I’m a medical patient so they got me right in when there was a long rec line. Will deft returnread more
hdgliderider2001 .
hdgliderider2001 .
13:05 15 Apr 20
This has been an awesome bunch of people here. Always a Great transaction. Until yesterday, (When I walked out.) The menu has been super low for long months, you finally get in what I’ve been looking for. I called To make sure it’s still available ( I’m A medical disabled patient) can’t drive and have to get a ride, Only to Find in less than 2 hrs You added to your menu and upped the PRICE on the Items I came for that I took the picture of at the First price before the $15.00 price hike on each item.... (Disappointed 66 yr old Medical Patient)read more
17:40 30 Mar 20
have been to many dispensaries and as far as cartridges go they seem to have the most consistent stock of high THC% cartridges i’ve found and always have a good and consistent selection. staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. have spent lots of money here and will continue too!read more
Andrew Hoerle
Andrew H.
21:31 06 Mar 20
Great staff. Unfortunately Illinois artificially restricts supply so don't go looking for bud. Their gummies and cartridges are just decent for the more
Andrew Thompson
Andrew T.
21:01 29 Feb 20
Staff was very nice, respectful, and prompt. My only issue is that we Had to wait outside in a line for maybe 10 to 12 minutes, it wasn't terrible but on a chilly day it can be an annoyance, other than that the experience there was top notch and very professional. The oil cartridges they provide are the highest potency ive seen for recreational sale and the quality seems to match. They will be seeing more of my business in the more
Jonah Bloom
Jonah B.
16:42 21 Feb 20
I would not recommend going here, the line is constant, there isn't much selection, and everything is overpriced. In fact I used to go here to buy RSO but after it became popular, they upped the price then gouge their customers more. I recommend going to RISE in Canton. It's a little bit more of a drive, but definitely worth it. The employees are very knowledgeable, the selection is great, the prices are better than NuMed and they even have a rewards program for returning customers. Also, unlike NuMed, they don't just treat you like a number, they make you feel like a valued customer. It's just an all around better more
Penny Marie
Penny M.
03:48 12 Feb 20
NuMed: Great staff. Excellent vape selection and edibles! Nice crowd. Nice range of products. Right this second, I recommend Strawberry Cough Sativa, Superglue Hybrid, and Tangie Sativa! Also, anything with CBD. 🙂read more
Matthew Murphy
Matthew M.
21:11 24 Jan 20
Since Illinois just legalized recreational cannabis there's a bit of a learning curve going on. Staff is friendly and efficient however still short on some supplies and it takes a while to get in since they only allow five at a more
Shane Crandall
Shane C.
02:06 10 Jan 20
The staff, best part of the NuMed experience. Friendly, professional and very courteous. Good people helping people. Very knowledgable about the products and very engaging when discussing your personal medical more
edit name
edit N.
09:11 02 Jan 20
Amazing experience on day 1. So much choices, prices are quite high, but to be part of the experience on the first day was worth it. I was in and out in hour and a halfread more
Trudy Mummert
Trudy M.
22:38 01 Jan 20
Love it. Employees are great and very helpful and seem to care about there patients.
Curtis Kirby
Curtis K.
19:29 01 Jan 20
Everyone was nice but my opinion is that all disabled people should come first i have a trachiotmy and i seen people with the card go right it i was number 321 i would have a card and qualify for a card but can't afford it i think all people that have visual disability should be treated the same i mean thats why the place started am i right to help the disabled thats how u get people to return but very nice peopleread more
Steven Polhemus
Steven P.
17:57 31 Dec 19
Pretty disappointed with rec weed coming to IL . The day before rec goes legal the medical menu is empty the day before . Say good by to hassle free medical marijuana . Look at parking lot there is 10 parking spots this will be a chaos after Jan 1st. No online ordering either .very disappointed the all mighty dollar wins again .read more
Robert Shue
Robert S.
10:43 19 Dec 19
From the time I walked in through the whole process everyone was really nice and helpful. I like that you can pick up some info so to learn more about the product and benefits. The store itself looks more
Amy Tucker
Amy T.
01:49 15 Dec 19
Nicest most down to earth dispensary I've been to! Employees def seem to care. Didn't have small enough free t shirt but girl was nice enough to put note ony account to get me on 1 next visit. Very more
William Block
William B.
19:23 13 Dec 19
Very good from top to bottom all employees very polite helpful and considerate
KP Sydney
03:10 07 Dec 19
I have nothing but good to say about these people. They all treat me like at home with family (actually much better). Always pleasant, helpful and listening to your needs. But I was treated just as well when I lived in Pennsylvania over a year ago and had the medical card. I'm convinced it's the atmosphere. The soul purpose we all go there. The answer to most of the world's problems. Chill and relax. Peace and Loveread more
dem_ skeelz
dem_ S.
22:09 09 Nov 19
Very knowledgeable people to help you select whats best for you. Great place.
Cree Wags
Cree W.
14:57 25 Jun 19
Always a smooth process when it comes to getting what you need in a timely and orderly fashion ! Great staff as well .
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