NYC Police Brags About Confiscating Cannabis, Finds Out It’s Hemp

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has a troubled relationship with cannabis. Historically—and continuing through to the present—much of that relationship has played out in the form of racially discriminate anti-cannabis policing.

For example, even though the city has taken steps to decriminalize weed, NYPD cops continue to harrass and arrest people of color for weed-related offenses.

This pattern has been confirmed as recently as July 2018. That month, NYPD watchdog group Police Reform Organization Project released a study on NYPD policing practices. One of the most alarming findings showed that 93 percent of weed arrests involved people of color.

Now, it looks like NYPD’s relationship with weed has once again taken a strange turn. Over the weekend, the department turned to social media to brag about a weed bust. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t weed. It was hemp, federally legal hemp.

NYPD Mistakenly Brags About Weed Bust

Over the weekend, NYPD’s 75th Precinct posted a photo to its Facebook page. In it, two officers are shown holding what appear to be big bags of weed. Further, the cops are standing in a room filled with tons of these same bags.

Beneath the photo, the precinct posted the following caption:

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