Officials Charged in Cannabis Bribery Scheme In Calexico City, California

Federal charges were filed against Calexico City, California Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem David Romero and Commissioner Bruno Suarez-Soto for their alleged part in a cannabis bribery scheme, in which they accepted cash bribes in exchange for granting favors to cannabis businesses from the city. 

This took place via video teleconference, and although the two were charged, they were released on $10,000 personal appearance bonds. However, they will have to go before the court again on July 2 to receive sentencing. 

The Cannabis Bribery Scheme

According to the official charges, the FBI alleges that Romero and Suarez-Soto accepted $35,000 in bribes from undercover FBI agents who were trying to fight back against the city’s corruption. In exchange for this money, Romero and Suarez-Soto apparently guaranteed that the city would quickly and definitely insure a permit for a dispensary, even if that meant revoking other permits or getting in the way of other applicants. Both of them also admitted to taking other bribes in the past, claiming, “This isn’t our first rodeo.” 

This is no small scandal, considering that Councilman Romero

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