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In lieu of a stupid gift, such as socks, the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission, (formerly the Oregon Liquor Control Commission), is gifting Oregonians, and visitors to Oregon, with changes to the rules involving cannabis and hemp products.  

Those rules—the majority going into effect between January 1 and July 1—involve what goes into products, their potency and other modifications that seem to be positive for both producers and consumers. (If you feel differently, please share in the comments.)   

click to enlarge Unsplash Some see the changes as for the better. Do You Want More ?!!!??! – On Jan. 1, 2022, Adult Use (aka Recreational) consumers saw their daily purchase limit double, from 1 ounce per day to 2 ounces. Because Oregonians are not down with lightweight, scant packed bowls or pinner joints.  

An informal poll amongst my canna-friendly friends revealed that, although illegal, none had issues when previously purchasing an ounce at one dispensary, then visiting another for a second ounce within the same day.  

Yet for those without easy access to a dispensary, due to distance or mobility issues, a reduced number of trips to buy flowers is a major

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