Presidential Hopeful Elizabeth Warren Outlines Plan to Reform Federal Marijuana Laws

As the competition between Democratic presidential hopefuls heats up, Senator Elizabeth Warren has published her plan for the cannabis policy that she would enact should she make it to the White House. 

Her plan — light on details compared to some of her opponents’ cannabis platforms — puts fixing the prejudice and bias of the Drug War at the center of legalization. “Legalizing marijuana gives us an opportunity to begin to repair the damage caused by our current criminal justice system,” begins the policy statement on the candidate’s campaign website, which is entitled “A Just and Equitable Cannabis Industry.” 

Many of the presidential nominees have proclaimed their support for legalizing marijuana on a federal level, with the notable exceptions of the top two centrist candidates Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg, who have softened decidedly anti stances during their campaigns to include some support for marijuana decriminalization. 

A November survey conducted by Pew Research found that two-thirds of United States residents now support cannabis legalization. Among Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents, that number rises to 78 percent. 

“The criminalization of marijuana wasn’t necessary or effective,” states Warren’s plan. In it, she says she would work with Congress to pass former nominee hopeful Kamala Harris’

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