GTI RiSE Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Effingham, IL

1101 Ford Ave - Suite C
Effingham IL, 62401

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Wed: 9am – 6pm
Thurs – Sat: 19am – 7pm
Sun: 9am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – RiSE, formally The Clinic Effingham, is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1101 Ford Ave in Effingham
IL, 62401.

RiSE dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Justin Emmert
Justin E.
18:28 22 May 21
This was the first dispensary I ever went to so it will hold a special place for me. (I have not gone to another one since) The people outside took my order I went inside for a quick chat and they gave me my products. Al we're very good qualityread more
Fawn Lewis
Fawn L.
17:16 26 Apr 21
The staff are awesome I am difficult too because I have an allergy to a certain terrapin. My favorite is willy he has been extremely helpful, kind, and a great since of humor. The prices are high but it is illinois.....I will continue to go and experiment with different strains...thank you rise for helping me with my severe pain.read more
Jayson Graves
Jayson G.
14:53 23 Apr 21
The people working here are very professional and squared away. They are also knowledgeable regarding strains and different forms of uses of the plant. 10/10 would recommend this establishment for all ganja related needs.read more
Frank DeLaCerda II
Frank DeLaCerda I.
21:53 05 Apr 21
Place is nice and the customer service is good very clean and well lit. The prices are high and selection is minimal. The bud is good. Only game in area so can't be to picky lol.read more
Cliff Clifford
Cliff C.
19:54 06 Mar 21
Update: They did eventually fix the price posted online for the item and I never got around to update this review. Thanks for all the effort!I was a lot happier with this dispensary before yesterday. I want to pick up my order but had forgotten my medical card. So today oh, when we look at the menu they have increased the price of what I wanted to purchase 25%. It went from $160 yesterday to $200 today for a half crescp high Supply.read more
Kelley Burnett
Kelley B.
01:54 06 Mar 21
From the security guard to the person that took my order to the cashier it was smooth as silk. Great selection. Most excellent knowledgeable polite staff. Large parking area. Amazeballs product. 5 stars all the way. ✨ 💚read more
Aric Mills
Aric M.
16:19 27 Feb 21
Excellent place. If you get the right peeps they are full of knowledge and always ready to help. Everyone is always ready to help. Thanks you are all a blessing.read more
Queen B
Queen B
23:09 09 Feb 21
I had the most amazing time today at rise. The staff was so friendly and ready to help. Over all I definitely will be going backread more
16:58 01 Feb 21
Best place in central illinois! Staff are always friendly, welcoming environment, great products and even a rewards program and discounts! I have never had a bad experience here.I would recommend Rise in Effingham for your cannabis needs!read more
Ross Parmerlee
Ross P.
00:40 01 Feb 21
Everything here is real expensive and I could spend all my money and time here. The staff was awesome and the product was even more awesome. They had quite a large selection as well as the aroma of heaven, And a helpful staff. They were very good at recommending things I wanted as well as where I could get products locally to use their goods. I will be back!read more
Amanda Myers
Amanda M.
06:24 07 Jan 21
They were super helpful. We were just passing through with an out of state medical card and they do sell recreational so I was still able to get some good flour for the trip home!read more
Val Marschke
Val M.
19:01 06 Jan 21
They really care here! They are all about helping the patient. What a truly wonderful staff! I can't say enough good about the staff at Effingham Rise.read more
12:01 01 Jan 21
Awesome place and people. Great customer service. I left happy And am still happy.
Sami Vicious
Sami V.
22:37 31 Dec 20
Good selection being the only bright side to this place. Terrible wait times especially on online orders. By the time the online order was even confirmed at least 50 recreational patients had been in and out of the building. Almost 3 hours of waiting on an online order that was submitted an hour prior to showing up to rise. Absolutely ridiculous. Online ordering system is almost as useless as the baked employees.read more
walle grant
walle G.
23:56 30 Dec 20
High quality products and the customer service is amazing. Very reasonable prices. They need better signage at explaining what you have to do when you get inside. You have to order first from a kiosk or human and then go up to the window and get your order. That was really confusing the first time. Over all I loved it. I'll definitely be back.read more
Rebecca stewart
Rebecca S.
21:54 26 Dec 20
Nice facility. Well kept and clean. The staff was all friendly and very helpful.
Yvette Ballinger
Yvette B.
15:40 26 Dec 20
The people who work there are amazing!! Very nice, clean dispensary. Highly recommend!@
Eric Villarreal
Eric V.
20:06 23 Dec 20
AMAZING selection, friendly staff, whenever I'm down that way im always sure to stop in and say hi!
Emily Leighty
Emily L.
15:45 21 Dec 20
Everyone is so invested in finding a product that works for whatever your needs are. Every time I've been in, all the staff is super friendly and cheerful. Sometimes product consistency is a little lacking but since recreational use is so new in Illinois, that's just not having enough supply all around. The only place I've been to since the pandemic started that demands 100% mask compliance. Very thankful to have this place locally.read more
Richard Miles
Richard M.
18:58 23 Nov 20
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!! COMPLETE JOKE!!!!While on our way to Denver we stopped here to specifically get something for the drive,, upon arriving, I Stood in line for 30 min watching 9 employees behind the counter with only 2 of them serving customers. There were multiple people behind me as well, yet no sense of customer service or urgency was being portrayed!! Therefore we left and will not be back...read more
Brandon Westbrook
Brandon W.
09:33 18 Nov 20
I would recommend this business and location to anyone who wants quality products. Great staff as well.
Anthony Martin
Anthony M.
19:08 16 Nov 20
Great place food people. Came the day after veterans day, they still hooked me up. Always nice and fast.
17:25 13 Oct 20
Get educated and grow your own. stop paying these high prices. one wormy looking bud tender needs walking papers so he can paint some pictures. there are much better dispensary's if you have the time to drive all day.read more
Jessica Purdon
Jessica P.
21:36 23 Sep 20
Great place! The people are ridiculously helpful especially for first time customers like me! HIGHly recommend ❤️read more
Renee Hennessy
Renee H.
01:48 20 Sep 20
Have great experiences with helpful staff, great products, and relative ease of pre-ordering. Will return
M. C.
M. C.
15:37 17 Sep 20
Seems to be well run. Clean and professional. Product is usually very limited and pricing is a bit high. But it is mostly due to being located in Illinois. Will be back.read more
Jamie Isbell
Jamie I.
19:27 12 Sep 20
Very nice people! Great customer service! Geoff the security guard was awesome!
Tammy Butler
Tammy B.
16:06 12 Sep 20
Great place for medical cannabis. Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable about what each items helps with.
Cheyenne TwoHawks
Cheyenne T.
16:01 08 Sep 20
I would like to thank the female security guard who helped me walking through the crowd and door. I don't know her name unfortunately she has blond hair ponytail. Blue eyes....She is a Godsend to me, please please thank her for helping me, she will never know how much she helped this old woman!!!!! Creator God bless this beautiful, kind, young lady !! Again, THANK YOU🙏🦋read more
Catherine Hastings
Catherine H.
12:59 02 Sep 20
Thank goodness for this place! Became perfect timing on a cross country road trip. The prices aren’t ideal, $20 for 1g pre-roll, usually get them for around $10 or less😬😬 but location and ease of making the online order, just what I needed. The line outside is a little awkward, but times are weird I know. Derek, such a bright and friendly budtender! He was very thorough, picking and triple checking that each preroll was present and in the bag. Sales tax hurt 😱🥴🙄 BUT my est. total online was $14 more than what I paid!! Not a huge selection here but the bud tenders have great energy and they seem very well organized. Thanks for helpin a girl out in a pinch!! May stop through again 😎😎🔥🔥read more
Jacqueline Sutton
Jacqueline S.
22:56 30 Aug 20
My mother loves this place she said it helps her not be in pain
CannaFlow Radio
CannaFlow R.
12:11 29 Aug 20
If you are looking for high prices and rude people, this is the place to shop!
Blue Sage
Blue S.
12:07 29 Aug 20
Very disappointed in customer service and product selection.
Jesse Suttles
Jesse S.
12:01 29 Aug 20
I drive my daughter to this place when she needs medicine. There is always a very long wait. They have mistreated her repeatedly and we have changed dispensaries as a result. Seems they are only interested in money, not helping patients.read more
fc kerr
fc K.
11:53 29 Aug 20
Sold me seedy weed at top shelf prices and refused to make it right. They admitted that they are aware of the seed problem. Had MANY complaints, and their solution is to give you an eighth to make up for the seeds! REALLY?? I paid $420 for an ounce, got 8-12 seeds per eighth and too many seed pods to count, and you want to compensate me with an eighth!! I took my complaint all the way to Green Thumb Industries, to NO AVAIL! Never heard from the district manager of Rise Effingham, as promised. Then Rise changed the loyalty program and robbed me of all the points I saved. The people that service the customers are awesome. Upper management of this business are crooked as the day is long. If given the chance to rip you off THEY WILL!read more
Erin Bembeneck
Erin B.
16:58 10 Aug 20
First time here, everyone was pleasant, knowledgeable, and thorough! Greatly appreciated! Lena was a doll!
Brandon Taylor
Brandon T.
21:38 06 Aug 20
This has been the single worst despinsary i have ever experienced. Terrible on every level words do not describe how bad it is here. I as a medical patient have nothing else to say except the drive to Litchfield is well worth it or anywhere you can.read more
Tara Geiger
Tara G.
21:27 06 Aug 20
This place should offer a flash pass like six flags or something. Very rude service but they do not discriminate they treat all people equally bad from what i have seen. Disgusting would travel farther and pay more for better service.read more
Kris Perkins
Kris P.
05:19 09 Jul 20
Everyone there is extremely friendly n makes you feel welcome , but it’s a huge disappointment that they can’t seem to hang on to Flower . I’m an old 62 year hippie girl n I’m not into all these new Vapes n Waxes n so on . I just wanna smoke a joint 😊read more
Jhamer Wat up
Jhamer Wat U.
16:02 07 Jul 20
$55 for vape pen jumps to $73.92 after tax this place only fuels the Black market!!
Lena Harvey
Lena H.
20:08 03 Jul 20
Just go somewhere else if you can. They like to make customers wait an hour or more in line to pick up PRE-ORDERS. Why require us to choose a pick-up time, then send a "ready" text if we have to wait an extra hour when we get there? It feels purposefully inconvenient. They rarely have flower, claiming a lack of availability, however it comes across as discrimination against recreational customers as opposed to medical. They need to get it together. They only have customers at all at the moment because the market hasn't had a chance to become saturated. Once more stores open up, RISE will fall.read more
Ryan Jones
Ryan J.
22:34 01 Jul 20
Had a terrible experience from security up front to the wellness advisor being rude and abusive. I don't care how busy you have been, being rude is not acceptable. As medical patients we have options and this place is doing a great job of running us off.Edit: Manager made it right when I returned, still some bad attitudes with some of the newer faces. I work in cannabis as well and would never treat a customer the way this guy did me.read more
pavel tabac
pavel T.
21:44 28 Jun 20
This place is one of the best honestly the clerks show interest to make sure you’re getting the product you’re looking for. Everyone nitpicking needs to stop they have great products for medical and recreational product at different prices and preferences if you can’t find a a product to suffice your needs you’re not informed and need to stay buying street marijuana.read more
Byron Hendershot
Byron H.
11:37 21 Jun 20
This being the third stop at rise, I was happy to see some new product and merchandise. Grinders etc. Although it would be nice to have a bit nicer time waiting as truckers drive by and honk at us sweating in line like kids at the amusement park, im overall impressed with the face to face help I received from Cavin. She asked the right questions and guided me along for an easy purchase. The facility is spotless and everyone is always friendly, including security. I recommended.read more
Dave Ballinger
Dave B.
16:38 20 Jun 20
I was a lot happier with this dispensary before yesterday. I want to pick up my order but had forgotten my medical card. So today oh, when we look at the menu they have increased the price of what I wanted to purchase 25%. It went from $160 yesterday to $200 today for a half crescp high Supply.read more
Karen Davis
Karen D.
18:59 10 Jun 20
There has been almost no flower for months on recreational side! My husband will only buy flower so we have had to take our business elsewhere for now! Rise used to be better, never really had much selection when it comes to flower but at least they had something worth driving an hour for! Sad! I’m sure they have lost a lot of recreational business.read more
10:54 03 Jun 20
This place has been out of recreational marijuana (flower) for months. It's a waste of time and money. People that work there act like they are doing you a favor and treat everyone like they are above them. I have probably gone here 10 X since Feb because it's closest and it is getting worse and worse. Very unorganized and no regard for people waiting. The workers take their sweet time. Other places have a lot more staff and are actually respectful and fast. I've gone to other dispensaries during this time and they have ALL had flower ALL this time! You're Not trying your hardest Rise! Your comment is a lie. You just want to get rid of your overpriced Vapes and edibles before they expire. The disposable Vapes I've bought from you have run out of battery before product was gone. Some half full! Your service is horrible. I can't wait until more dispensaries open and put you out of business. Done with RISE aka marijuana dispensary with no marijuana!!read more
Amy Jaworsky
Amy J.
13:20 25 May 20
This chain will NOT honor their own ads. I showed them their ad in the store and they just said “i don’t know, corporate sets the rules”. FALSE ADVERTISING! I called corporate to at least let them know that they should change their ad and the guy i spoke to said “well if you want to call about something we can help with, then call back” and then HUNG UP ON ME. This place is a joke. Never coming back. This kills me because this last time i was in, i was even hyping the place up to they guy behind me in line because it was his first time there. Now I regret saying anything good about this place. I’ll change this review if Rise makes this right. I try to give everyone a chance to right their wrongs.read more
Led Catcher
Led C.
17:31 26 Apr 20
Very discriminatory towards recreational users. I understand prioritizing medical supplies and reserving stock for those with medical need, BUT they don't even offer the same choices to recreational users. In my opinion that is exclusory behavior and they are opening themselves up to lawsuits for discrimination.The staff is Awesome and the facility is nice. They just need to offer the same products to all even if they have to ration the amounts available to recreational users.read more
Jessica Dawn
Jessica D.
14:32 13 Apr 20
Order was ready before pickup time; Was in and out within 10 minutes. Just wish there were more options for flower for rec users (I understand its not something anyone has say over) But more than 2 choices would be nice. A couple of times, the one I selected would get removed, only to be put up again later. Not sure if its a website issue or not thoughread more
zac juggalozac420
zac J.
17:37 15 Mar 20
I've only been to a couple shops, but this one blew the others away! Excellent customer service and a great buying experience! I will definitely visit this place again next time I'm in the area.read more
Savage Sean
Savage S.
00:14 05 Mar 20
If I could give Rise In Effingham Illinois 10 stars I would! Very friendly experience! Simple! Was in & out within 20 mins! Had what I wanted! And I must say Amy went out of her way to make my experience the greatest! I Really appreciate it Amy! I would recommend this place over any place in central Illinois!!!!! Amy you were superb! Keep doing your thing!read more
Aaron Parks
Aaron P.
03:20 02 Mar 20
I transferred here from a dispensary in Chicago. It is a 2-1/2 hour drive for me to get here.... but it is Beyond worth the trip!!! The staff is very, very helpful and knowledgeable. The wait time is very minimum. The stock and selection are big. The menus are very easy to navigate, well organized. The place is very clean and comfortable as well. Very well set up. I wish I would have come here months ago! I will be back. Thank you!read more
Mike Ford
Mike F.
01:27 29 Feb 20
The Clinic. Great experience from recent. Best selection ever. I hope this is the "new" trend. It was a positive visit today. Every thing was flowing smoothe. I have no idea why my recent visits were negative. I have to acknowledge the positive. Hope they keep it up.read more
Sally Shelton
Sally S.
14:11 28 Feb 20
These people do a great job considering they are always on camara and are at the mercy of the growers.Plus the patients are pretty rude and demanding.They always treat me right.read more
13:22 28 Feb 20
Stock in Flower keeps getting smaller. one wormy looking bud tender needs walking papers so he can paint some pictures. there are much better dispensary's if you have the time to drive all day.read more
Mike Ford
Mike F.
10:41 25 Feb 20
Five star staff. One star options. Significantly overpriced.
12:25 17 Feb 20
Stock in Flower keeps getting smaller. one smart alec bud tender who needs to go. there are much better dispensary's if you have the time to drive all day. edit: seen you had FOUR choices of flower yesterday (2.4.2020)read more
Randal Armstrong
Randal A.
06:39 08 Feb 20
Personally I am a huge fan of The Clinic Effingham.
15:59 05 Feb 20
Stock in Flower keeps getting smaller. there's one smart alec bud tender who needs to be sent on his way. there are much better dispensary's if you have the time to drive all day. edit: seen you had FOUR choices of flower yesterday (2.4.2020)read more
Randal Armstrong
Randal A.
04:38 03 Feb 20
Personally I am a huge fan of The Clinic Effingham. I started doing business with them due to the reputation from Oregon to Colorado, after meetings with Mr. Ross I providing game changing genetics which will be only at few dispensaries at first, one is The Clinic. Mr. Scott Thorn these folks don't follow the standard sit by your family I'd recommend a fresh start in Effingham, 6 of the current employees meet the stndard or above. The rest are just costing the company moneyread more
Randal Armstrong
Randal A.
01:04 31 Jan 20
Personally I am a huge fan of The Clinic Effingham. I started doing business with them due to the reputation from Oregon to Colorado, after meetings with Mr. Ross I knew the company was focused on quality and patient care. The manager Josh in Effingham is a totally awesome guy and the reason I will stay a committed customer. As the industry grows my profession will change to working for dispensaries. Scott Reach of Rare Dankness and Veritas will be providing game changing genetics which will be only at few dispensaries at first, one is The Clinic. No matter where you go in Illinois the pricing is insanity but that will change rapidly. The only issue I had was the state didn't have me in the system correctly and yes I had wasted trips and wasted money but I can't fault the dispensary. It was frustrating and a major disappointment but I choose to stay positive and not switch companies or blast negative comments.read more
Jeffery Jones
Jeffery J.
00:55 16 Jan 20
Discovered this location on WeedMaps and it forward me to iHeartJane which had a menu of their current items. Was pretty impressed with what they had to offer, but it was pretty far from where I Live. As a Veteran who will rather medicate with THC/CBD then any other treatment as I tried them all. The need for good flower and knowledge on other products is pretty crucial to me. I called first thing in the morning after I changed my Dispensary through IDHS. The gentleman who answered the phone was very friendly and knowledgeable. After I told him I changed my dispensary he had no problem with placing a few items on the side for me that will be awaiting me I once I arrived. After a lengthy trip I arrived at the location which was pretty easy to get to even with heavy traffic flow. Once through the doors I can honestly feel like I was at home. They spoke with excitement and everyone said welcomed to the family and they meant it. Spoke with two gentlemen at the window briefly explained my situation and they immediately began to in process me. Welcomed me to a lounge area that was really nice and I finished my paper work there. Even the Gentleman who I spoke with over the phone came and spoke with me and said he has my order and a lengthy stock and a full house of knowledgeable Bud Tenders. After I finished my paper work a Very kind Lady check it seen I was a Veteran and insured it was on my file and she Welcomed me to the back. It’s was unlike any experience I’ve ever had at a medical dispensary or even at a hospital or clinic. Each station was like a personal booth set up and they even had chairs which makes the experience even more comfortable. The Bud Tender said welcome and even called me by my name like he knew me, which in these customers service days is very rare. His knowledge on everything was extremely impressive and gave me a very detailed description on each product I was interested in. I was very comfortable to explain to him my struggles with PTSD and lack of sleep which is no sleep. He then began to educate me on strains and even alternative methods consuming other then flower consumption. I had my order ready and order 2 other items from the consultation with the BudTender. The prices were extremely fair and the ATM fee is only 2.50$ which is another advantage compared to others. Everyone spoke to me when I left, the energy was extremely good which would make me come back regardless of the experience after consuming. Once I arrived home, I tried a uplifting focus strain (Green Crack) that had me at home washing laundry cleaning up and just living. At night I tried the rest strain (White 99) and when I say I went straight to sleep after maybe 5 puffs I couldn’t believe the accuracy of the statins as I just learned about them the same day. The Clinic Effingham is exactly what it stands for, it’s not your typical dispensary or even clinic it’s Home to anyone who medicates with THC/CBD, you leave there feeling proud about your journey and struggles through life knowing there’s medication in the same category as fruits and vegetables that’s grown specifically for you. Thank you to everyone at The Clinic Effingham for the awesome experience and the medicated relief I finally don’t have to stress or worry about anymore. This will be my home dispensary. Thanks for reading.read more
Jim Doud
Jim D.
18:15 07 Jan 20
Green Thumb Inc. gets 1 Star. Almost no flower at this store. The 1 item they have is watered down. But 40 kinds of flower at one of its sister stores in Chicago. Check out the Canton IL store or any of the Rise “GTI” owned stores up in the Chicago area. Effingham is the only dispensary around this area and it’s an hour to get there. The staff is very nice and sadly becoming great at apologizing for lack of products. Staff gets 5 stars. Just sad GTI you should be ashamed.read more
Jim Doud
Jim D.
14:04 07 Jan 20
Almost no flower at this store. The 1 item they have is watered down. But 40 kinds of flower at one of its sister stores in Chicago. Check out the Canton IL store or any of the Rise “GTI” owned stores up in the Chicago area. Effingham is the only dispensary around this area and it’s an hour to get there and buddy they know it. The staff is very nice and great at apologizing for lack of products. So sad.....read more
Sadie Beabout
Sadie B.
13:39 04 Jan 20
I think the staff as a whole is pretty awesome!! Very well trained and chill ! Love going to such a happy place!
Jeremiah Mcelwee
Jeremiah M.
14:19 24 Dec 19
They run out of sativa flower way to quick last two times i was there they was out an prices need to come down get dam near same quality from the street at half the priceread more
15:22 19 Dec 19
Stock in Flower keeps getting smaller. there's one smart alec bud tender who gets on my last nerve. there are better choices if you have the time to drive all day. asta la vista effy_freggin_ham.read more
Cheryl Jackson
Cheryl J.
14:38 20 Nov 19
The Effy clinic is fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. I drive over 50 miles to go to this specific clinic!☺
Trella Hart
Trella H.
14:59 14 Nov 19
The people who work there are 5+star quality workers!! Friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help you... I just wish you still had flower. When I first started going, you were always well stocked, now you're lucky to see one Indica flower on the menu. 😔read more
Troy Baker
Troy B.
05:09 01 Nov 19
Really like most of staff here. Alex is great and very informative. Seems people come and go alot. They have gave me product i was clearly not wanting (new people that didn't know much)and I have got two different products that was defective and I'm new. Idk if this is normal because this it the only dispensary ive been to but seriously considering switching. Longer drive but yeah. Way to expensive to get defective product. I have a sixty dollar cartridge that don't even work and a spray that leaked out everywhere. Good luck.read more
Roxanne Myer
Roxanne M.
15:08 05 Oct 19
First time going and all went well until I arrived home to find my sealed container empty! We are expressly told not to open our packages until we arrive safely back at our residence so you are not afforded the chance to check your order. After calling I was assured it would be made right, however this is a 90 minute round trip out of my way. Will update this review once / if the situation is rectified. UPDATE: The problem is resolved. The staff quickly fixed the situation when I arrived for my next visit. Although the situation could have been prevented by weighing the sealed containers, the staff did everything they could to make it better after the fact. Very happy with the Clinic and will definitely be a customer for the future.read more
Maverick A. Young
Maverick A. Y.
21:34 17 Jun 19
By far the most compassionate dispensary I have ever been to in my 7 years of using medical marijuana. Their management, and the rest of the staff will make you feel comfortable as if you're in you're own home, even on your darkest days.I can't say enough great things about The Clinic of Effingham.read more
Angela Jennings
Angela J.
23:28 16 Feb 18
Amazing and always professional
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