Rise Dispensary in Joliet, IL

2903 Colorado Ave
Joliet IL, 60431

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 8pm
Sun: 9am – 7pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Rise is a marijuana dispensary location open at 2903 Colorado Ave in
Joliet IL, 60431.

Rise menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

RiSE Joliet Products

What People Are Saying

Joliet's only large recreational store by RISE is outstanding. The employees and the overall atmosphere in there makes for a very pleasant experience. They always honor my medical card w the 15% discount on everything - everyday. Keep up the great work 😉read more
Stephanie Kayser
Stephanie K.
08:01 05 Oct 21
This place was totally awesome. Everybody here was incredibly friendly. I was very impressed when I walked in here I felt like I was shopping for clothes except I'm shopping for herb. It's such a cool feeling to finally get to a place in life where you can actually walk and do a cannabis shop and shop around without feeling like you're doing something wrong. And I could have sworn I saw my kindergarten teacher at this place I always knew she smelled funny😂😳😶read more
Keep It Classy Chicago
Keep It Classy C.
12:16 06 Sep 21
I JUST OPENED A DOG WALKERS PRE ROLL TIN AND IT WAS EMPTY! Unbelievable! I’m in shock. $30 wasted- bought it yesterday and just opened it this morning and broke the seals and nothing is Inside! Empty! Unbelievable!!!! And how do you even prove that? So mad!!!!read more
♡♡ALWAYS the best staff. ALWAYS great product. Medical patients are treated as such. Patients... and with a lot of understanding and patience of the bud tenders♡♡We also have found seeds NUMEROUS times in our orders. Picture below is of our most recent grow from their seeds in our purchase. Time for curing.read more
Devlin Boyd
Devlin B.
17:50 30 May 21
Great dispensary! Staff is very kind and helpful with any questions and service. Shout-out to Kathy/Cathy who was very kind and helped me with a product issue that was incorrectly priced online. I would recommend any Rise location and don't forget to join their loyalty program for discounts!read more
Richard J Camacho
Richard J C.
17:36 28 Apr 21
Just left from shopping. First time shopper. the staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. and close to the house. Will definitely come back frequently. You guys are awesome. and funny thing I've seen the Rise sign and thought it was a clothing store for the past couple of months lol.read more
Mark Russell
Mark R.
00:11 28 Apr 21
Came from Indiana. WELLLLLL worth the drive! For my first dispensary experience, I was very pleased. Clean space, knowledgeable staff, quick check out. Everything I could've wanted. Definitely making RISE a regular stop. Thanks againread more
Tron T.
23:11 16 Mar 21
Rise is hands down one of the best dispensaries in Illinois. The selection is vast here and the staff is truly wonderful. Staff Kathy and Eric are true gems and always bring a light sunny energy whenever they interact! I am one happy customer, thank you Rise!read more
Teag & Dec 3022
Teag & Dec 3.
03:10 13 Mar 21
Great staff. Awesome selections and products. Very clean. Best dispensary around! I always leave in a better mood then when I came in!read more
Cesar Gallardo
Cesar G.
02:10 02 Mar 21
The entire buying process from start to finish is very streamlined. You will be in and out fast. All employees are friendly and ready to help first time customers.read more
Jim Gehrke
Jim G.
16:24 10 Feb 21
I am a regular at this dispensary. I had a concern about a product and they totally stepped up to address this concern. They took care of me immediately and made sure I was happy with my purchase. I cant thank you enough for showing me that I matter to you. This is my permanent dispensary now.read more
Rachel Gunther Piske
Rachel Gunther P.
08:52 14 Jan 21
Easy check in.Easy ordering - they have counter ordering and kiosk ordering.I helped a family member select the perfect CBD pain relief option with just a few taps on the screen.Their staff is very knowledgeable and super helpful.Their website is informative and easy to navigate.Parking lot could be a bit bigger.read more
Diana C
Diana C
17:43 10 Jan 21
Great service with kind employees. They have an every changing menu but definitely have something for everyone. Would recommend ordering online and picking up to make it even more efficient.read more
Leler Stokes
Leler S.
11:03 07 Jan 21
This dispensary is nice. It's an easy process. They're very friendly and informative. Definitely no judgment zone here and the products are GREAT!read more
Cysa Damercen
Cysa D.
17:45 06 Jan 21
This place is always clean and well maintained. The staff is polite and helpful for anyone with questions or concerns. I always enjoy my visitsread more
Adrie R
Adrie R
23:26 26 Dec 20
Unlike windy city, no lines. Very clean, process was quick, decent inventory. I'm very happy with Rise and will be frequenting this location.read more
Josh Hantosh
Josh H.
06:12 12 Dec 20
Now a great selection of product and brands and the parking lot got fixed. For sure the best in the area. Lines move smooth and the staff is excellent and helpful.read more
Tom DeLeon
Tom D.
21:27 10 Dec 20
I adore the staff here. They really are phenomenal from the moment you walk in.. The service is great and rarely do I wait more then a couple minutes to get inside, even with the COVID precautions. I could not recommend this dispensary more.read more
Lady Jane
Lady J.
19:30 08 Dec 20
Best place to buy quality products! Line moves quick even if it curbs around the building. The staff is super nice and the vibezzz are on point. Love this place! Been coming in since they first opened. They have a points system that really comes in handy as well. Def check out the website! ✌💚💨read more
Joe Flynn
Joe F.
17:03 16 Nov 20
Prices are higher than other RISE locations in the area, constant supply issues, mediocre product, long wait times. One staff member in particular was very rude my last visit. I'd recommend RISE Naperville or even better, a non RISE dispensary.read more
Mary E. Bauer
Mary E. B.
20:36 08 Nov 20
This is a very clean and well serviced store. Yes the taxes are high but that’s the same everywhere. The people who work there are very knowledgeable and super nice and patient. I would definitely recommend this place.read more
Emily Tracy
Emily T.
12:53 19 Oct 20
Everyone who works there is smart about the products they sell. They are all really nice and helpful. If I'm not sure what I want, they know just how to help me narrow it down. And its awesome that they have all kinds of CBD products too that give me relief😌💚 Don't forget your 😷 to get in!read more
Crystal Marie
Crystal M.
18:43 10 Oct 20
This was my first time using this dispensary & it was a great experience! Placed my order online & got to pick it up later that day! The staff is also very respectful, kind & helpful!read more
Know your Rights
Know your R.
18:11 10 Oct 20
Always prompt and correct on orders, nice to have a dispensary so close and if not government mandated punishing taxes would be a great place to be a consistent customerread more
Alexander DeFalco Jr.
Alexander DeFalco J.
14:33 08 Oct 20
everyone deserves a second chance. they goofed up but i think it was a pc glitch they said on their end. other than that issue i had i usually have a 5 star experience , the staff is always helpful.read more
Wade Stofko
Wade S.
23:24 04 Oct 20
First dispo experience in illinois and it was excellent. Although the menu is limited, I was still able to find a product I could enjoy and not break the bank. Staff was professional (not stoned) and the interior design was above par. Can't wait to come back and be able to browse around and ask questions about their products when covid clears up. Right now, it's a pre-order based pick up. I got a free pin though!read more
Marvin Greer
Marvin G.
15:31 22 Sep 20
Good quality of weed but extremely overrated and overpriced 7 grams is $200 there yikes! It’s like they add their on sales tax on the products Chicago taxes not nowhere near that. I won’t recommend it just been honest.read more
Mitch gurra
Mitch G.
21:50 18 Sep 20
Very courteous. Ordered online for wife. No appointment needed.
Shawn Mc evoy
Shawn Mc E.
21:59 13 Sep 20
Great love the place great service
JTown Mike
JTown M.
19:58 07 Sep 20
Free Beer 🍻 and Pizza 🍕 tomorrow
shawn ingraham
shawn I.
21:38 02 Sep 20
Way to expensive but great place the people who work there are the best
Rich Bell
Rich B.
18:17 30 Aug 20
Extremely friendly people work here! They helped to navigate the extensive menu of products. Only debit cards are accepted here.read more
Smitt Jagger
Smitt J.
17:25 25 Aug 20
Way overpriced but they have the good stuff
Josh Johnson
Josh J.
23:11 24 Aug 20
Straight to the magic with these guys.
Nova pruznak
Nova P.
21:38 23 Aug 20
I drive an hour and 50 minutes just for this place everything is so clean state-of-the-art and everyone is so helpful More than what they have to be I also love 30 minutes from Michigan where I get go there but it's worth the drive to come to rise 40 bucks for theseread more
15:57 20 Aug 20
Rise dispensary in Joliet is my number one loyal dispensary. From the very extremely helpful and nice customer service from the front door all the way through the entire dispensary and for the selection on the menu they always have something a little bit every person no from pre-rolls to large quantities Vape edibles and price ranges are just the same you know they have the little stuff all the way to the big stuff though the customer service always go above and beyond to be extremely helpful the store always looks nice even through the rise and fall of the pandemic they were very loyal to me as I was them and my highs and lows of the pandemic and that that's priceless so five stars definitely.read more
Greg Rourke
Greg R.
23:27 16 Aug 20
After legalization in Illinois I found weed was not what I remembered from the 70s. Too strong, I didn't like it. I talked to the folks at RISE, they knew exactly what I wanted and sold me an edible. This is what I remember. I hope at some point someone sells flower with lower strength, it was fun rolling one in papers or breaking out the bong but for now this is just what I'm looking for.read more
Peter Schaeflein
Peter S.
16:33 14 Aug 20
Since this business has established itself, management and staff in this building have demonstrated time and again, professionalism and kindness to their patrons. Taking the time to explain products to each guest upon request, offering a rewards program for repeat customers and having a menu with evolving products are key indicators of a long-term successful business.Price point versus product quality is a manner of opinion, In my personal opinion while the guy on the street can most likely get it to you cheaper, there is no 🙅‍♂️ contest for quality. Rise delivers quality.read more
David Lendabarker
David L.
10:35 07 Aug 20
By far, the best set up around. Location is easy to find and access. In and out very quick. Always satisfied with the selection and final purchases. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.read more
Alicia Ruth
Alicia R.
19:59 06 Aug 20
This place is nice, and very well staffed. I gave it four stars in comparison to dispensaries in other states, not Illinois specifically. It's very clean and modern. You order through a kiosk which can also be done at home ahead of time and picked up. Selection was ok. Employees were VERY nice and helpful. I would go here again.read more
jessica wilson
jessica W.
20:48 31 Jul 20
Great place fast in and out couldn't be happier
j m
j m
20:21 30 Jul 20
Staff are always super friendly and very knowledgeable. The only problems are the price, it's about 3x as expensive as it should be (blame the state and county taxes), and the lines can be incredibly long when they have more premium products (like moon rocks). All in all, one of the better dispensaries in the area if you don't have your medical card.read more
Nick Blish
Nick B.
17:04 25 Jul 20
Super friendly staff and very helpful. And it's a pretty quick process, I think they worked out the kinks. I don't have any kind of reference as to how other places run but I'm super satisfiedread more
Hanslik Julie
Hanslik J.
20:33 21 Jul 20
Great help. Was in and out. Good quality of flowers. The online website could show more of what they carry. Loved the sour cherry gummies.read more
16:05 21 Jul 20
I really used to like this place. Then the pandemic happened and now it's just kind of a show. People from out of town take up most of the inventory, which they never have enough of, and the pickup windows used to be nice and narrow so there were shorter lines as long as you went in at the time of your pickup. Now they have all day windows. I assume this is because of complaining out of towners who really should petition their own localities for dispensaries. The customers always have such an attitude, never know what they want, and while the employees are helpful they can't do anything about the entitled attitude of the people who shop here. I do not like the police presence here, they make me extremely uncomfortable.In short, nice people, nice place, terrible stock and terrible prices with terrible clientele. I want to find a new dispensary so I don't have to go here anymore, even though it is blocks from where I live. I loved this place so it sucks. It isn't a good experience anymore. It's a chore.read more
Karen Lampl
Karen L.
17:45 19 Jul 20
Always have a good experience here. Staff helpful and nice. Rewards program is great, worth setting up👍
11:56 16 Jul 20
Amazing dispensary with the highest quality of customer service I have seen at ANY other store in the immediate area. Product selection is okay but considering recreational cannabis is only half a year old in Illinois I can understand that. The product selection they do have is awesome, especially the verano disposables. Prices are fair until tax hits you. Be prepared to spend $$$$. Three .3 disposables and Two .75g joints cost me $198 with taxes. Yikes! But the quality is well worth it!read more
Allen Thomas
Allen T.
03:41 16 Jul 20
Rise is my preferred dispensary. It's local, wait times are never a problem and while covid has been going on the spot reservation is the easiest of the depsensaries to use, simply text from the website. None of that calling in and listening for open spots. I understand that they have to reserve some and that there is a high demand (no pun intended) but I would like to see more flower options and maybe price to be lowered a little. Facility is large so it's never crowded and the staff is just the coolest kindest people you can meet.read more
Danielle Norbut
Danielle N.
01:29 10 Jul 20
This business is ran so well for just being new. I had the most pleasant encounter with management. She resolved issue. To the point I felt guilty to even complain. Bought a vape cart 1 st time reimbursed with new cart did the same thing. Didn't work. She said keep past issue cart. I felt so weird. But I agreed next cart didn't work so she gracefully tried their vape pen and it worked. No charge totally resolved easily. Great people. Thanks again! See you in 2 days.😜Its ran so customer friendly. Its so nice to feel their love.read more
Tyler Cicci
Tyler C.
21:31 07 Jul 20
Great service and I love the online ordering. The prices are crazy though. I blame Illinois for that one.
Mike M
Mike M
16:56 06 Jul 20
Good place. Had some issues before but they resolved it in a professional manner. Fast and convenient.
Julio Suarez
Julio S.
17:40 01 Jul 20
I honestly LOVE this place. The staff is super friendly, the variety is wide, and they have new products coming in frequently. Prices are fair and a great flow to the store.I have chatted with quite a few individuals there and they are all very nice. I even got a free Rythm Pride cartridge battery once. Love the points system.Honesty probably one of the best dispensaries I have been to from multiple states. Thanks for always being so friendly!read more
Matt M
Matt M
21:43 30 Jun 20
I placed an order at 11 a.m. this morning with a pickup time of 2 p.m. At 2 p.m. I checked my order status as I had not received a text letting me know it was ready and it still said processing. So I waited until 2:40 p.m. to call the store and see what was up. When I reached someone, they told me they would call back in 10/15 minutes with an update. At 3:08 p.m. I got a call back telling me everything was ready, almost 40 minutes after but whatever. Go to the store right after I hang up and was told by the front desk staff they have to remake my account for I think the 4th time (apparently they are getting a new system, hopefully it helps). Next I got up to the counter to get my stuff. The cashier then proceeds to try and find my order with some difficulty, then asks when my pickup time was. I start to explain my story when he tells me the call center who I talked to doesn't talk to the store (why doesn't the number route to the actual store then if its an issue?) and I shouldn't listen to their advice (great, next time I'll send certified mail with my questions...). After this he then proceeds to chastise me about the time because I was picking it up late. What time did my receipt say I completed my order at you ask? 4:01:37 p.m. They stop doing pickup at 4:00 p.m. Needless to say, it appears quite a few things went wrong but after being open almost 7 months now, I had hoped the kinks would've been worked out. Hopefully, management can work on getting their system streamlined, the calls routed to the actual store, and maybe some more customer service training or even a "Sorry you had issues". The store and staff are normally fantastic, however, today was not so.read more
13:15 26 Jun 20
Decent except the part that they let people who didn’t join the online que in first when they line up outside the store? Doesn’t seem fair to reward people who don’t follow rules and inconvenience the people that do follow rulesread more
16:27 23 Jun 20
I ordered cooking oil [to make brownies or fudge with] and I was given soup/taco seasoning. The manager argued with me about the transaction and refused my $50 refund. Be careful about what the people behind the register give you!read more
22:55 04 Jun 20
Awesome service, great products. Limited choices, but always fresh. Decent prices and fast services, this is my go to place.read more
Kathy G.
Kathy G.
02:56 02 Jun 20
My 1st visit to Rise today.Everyone from the Security Officer to the inside staff were so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.Great product selection too. Thank you Rise!read more
23:29 26 May 20
Awesome dispensary. They’ve worked out most of their flaws with their waitlist/online ordering with the recent social distancing regulations. I’m usually in&out within 10 minutes. The staff is friendly. Various choices in different menu categories. I had a defective product just once (manufacturer’s fault not Rise), which the dispensary immediately fixed, even adding in a bonus for the screw up. I also like the fact that there’s really good parking here. Keep it up!!!read more
Jim Gehrke
Jim G.
15:39 15 May 20
I am a regular at this dispensary. I had a concern about a product and they totally steeped up to address this concern. They took care of me immediately and made sure I was happy with my purchase. I cant thank you enough for showing me that I matter to you. This is my permanent dispensary now.read more
Laura Suarez
Laura S.
13:59 11 May 20
My favorite dispensary. Online ordering makes it so much easier than waiting on that wait list. They always have what I need and some new products to try, which I always end up loving. Never had an issue with the employees, except once with the SECURITY guard who thought it was okay to put his hands on me without permission(haven’t seen him there since that incident). But other than that I always recommend this dispensary to friends and family.read more
Ronald Morgan
Ronald M.
15:57 21 Apr 20
Clean & organized. Most staff friendly & helpful....a few shouldn't be doing customer service. Flower is superb....from what I've tried. Citradelic Cookies was the best 'legal' flower I've ever purchased.read more
Janet Kosson
Janet K.
02:56 17 Apr 20
I really like this place. Pretty decent variety. Extracts the best to buy. Nice set up online compared to others. Thanks Rise!read more
James Smith
James S.
17:57 09 Apr 20
Well 1st visit at the store was actually very refreshing but then when I call in To the answering service that they have the man's name was Michael he was extremely disrespectful and difficult to speak with and when I asked to speak with someone else he told me I should hang up and call back because hes not transferring me to anyone and then asked me my name. So all in all the issue was their online inventory does not always catch up with what is actually in the store The man tried to tell me that I was wrong well sir I worked Internet a retail for 12 years so I'm pretty sure I understand the concept of M and Tory and how it doesn't get posted on your online market So basically you just lost out on $500 instead of taking your time with the customer and giving me the answer that I requested Thank you Michael for being the face of rise and letting me know my money is best bet somewhere else.read more
Alternative Hue
Alternative H.
19:57 05 Apr 20
I’ve been here many many times, 99% of the time everyone is super nice and good vibes. I had the opposite experience initially today when the girl running the line gave me an issue. The security guard (maybe manager?) Curt stepped right in, recognized me from my previous visits, calmed the situation, and provided wonderful customer service. He is always really friendly too. Curt is the reason I will be back.read more
Fuzzy Nutz
Fuzzy N.
18:59 19 Mar 20
First time here today and it was a good experience. Thank you to the staff! Keep up the good work! Definitely gotta check out this facility top line flower! 👍🏻👍🏻read more
Dan Barnett
Dan B.
04:02 17 Mar 20
Great Smoke, but wow $77(65 + 12 Ill tax) for an 1/8th of top shelf flower is brutal. But hey if you need something for your head, it's recreational. If your a resident get your card, you'll be much better if on the long runread more
Chad Danajka, CEC
Chad Danajka, C.
14:23 12 Mar 20
There is no line and I was in and out in 15 minutes. Is very clean and spacious in there. I wish they had items on display. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I'm sure I will be back.read more
Vault Girl420
Vault G.
19:53 07 Feb 20
Best dispensary in the local area. Wonderful service, kind employees. Personally enjoy it more than verilife romeoville which is much closer to home. Also glad I signed up for the rewards program. Great deals.read more
Vault Girl420
Vault G.
19:53 07 Feb 20
Best dispensary in the local area. Wonderful service, kind employees. Personally enjoy it more than verilife romeoville which is much closer to home. Also glad I signed up for the rewards program. Great deals.read more
Jennifer Morrison
Jennifer M.
15:52 15 Jan 20
I was really disappointed in the whole process. The vestibule where they scan your id when you first come in is very crowded. Yet there is tons of space throughout the rest of the building. Guy that took my order on his tablet had to check that I could buy 5 packs. I had already looked into it and knew i could. Why didn't the employee know? There were tip bags at the counter when I checked out. Id love to know what I'm tipping for. The only thing the woman did was recommend more of their products. Not like this is someone I sat down with and had a convo with. The parking lot is poorly lit at night and parking behind the building seems sketchy. Overall I'll go here if they have edibles I want. Otherwise i won't be bothering. Id prefer my money support real small businesses.read more
gilberto aguilar
gilberto A.
18:22 07 Jan 20
Finally!!! This is a stone throw away from my place. 1st day was a wait if 3hrs as expected, I’ve been there 3 times already and have expected nothing but a line, the selection is small considering it’s the first month I know it’ll change in the future. But the quality and professionalism is outstanding. Expecting things to get better hereread more
Jason Rozell
Jason R.
20:34 31 Dec 19
Legal weed. What else can you say?
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