Rise Dispensary in Lake In The Hills, IL

270 West Randall Rd.
Lake In The Hills, IL 61520

Hours of Operation:

Mon –  Fri: 9am – 8pm
Sun: 9am – 7pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Rise is a marijuana dispensary location open at 270 N Randall Rd, Lake In The Hills, Illinois 60156.

Rise menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Zach Schaefer
Zach S.
16:43 04 Jan 22
This place is horrible. They don’t care about their customers at all. Just their money. I received a cartridge that was 3/4 full, and when I brought in photos and videos, I was told that “it is barely touching the top, but it IS touching the top, so that’s a good product to sell” and “if it was just a little bit lower, then I would reimburse you” so 3/4 full isn’t a bad product to them. Remember it’s $70 for a half gram cart, but 3/4 full is “good enough” if they really cared about their customers at all it’s simple. Instead of insisting that you’re right and customer is wrong, just help them out and give a refund if you sold them 3/4 of the product they agreed to purchasing. Instead the “managers” took about 15 minutes to insist that I’m wrong and repeatedly tell me I can’t have a refund. Please do yourself a favor and NEVER purchase any products for yourself here. Otherwise, you might be stuck with 3/4 of what you paid for…read more
Robert Foehring
Robert F.
18:57 10 Dec 21
I started coming here in April, unironicly, and met Dakota, I cant say thank you enough to him and everyone else here. I came in with zero knowledge and was kind of skeptical to be honest. But they were 100% welcoming and willing to teach me about the differences, the uses, how to use it. I have a bad leg and busted back and am always in pain..until I came here. Cannabis has been able to give me some of my freedom from pain back. I can live my live better. And the knowledge of them is amazing. Dakota is my guy, and has never recommended a bad product. Thank you guysread more
Hannah Bass
Hannah B.
17:41 19 Nov 21
Jimbo helped me picked the perfect joint for chilling and relaxing at home! He was insanely knowledgeable about brands, strains, and overall really nice to talk to. My only complaint is I wish you had better selections of infused products: tarantulas or fuzzies, cooking oils, bath bombs, etc.read more
kyle barton
kyle B.
22:23 13 Nov 21
I have never had a bad experience here... until today. Whoever the lady with the purple hair is, needs an attitude adjustment. She was rude as hell. She got mad that I asked how many points I had, but didn’t want to use them. Like it was an issue just asking. Other than that I absolutely love Rise and everyone else.read more
Kathryn Patton
Kathryn P.
22:50 10 Nov 21
Today was my second time visiting here. I placed my order online both times and my orders were filled almost instantaneously. When I went inside to pickup, they have been SUPER friendly each time. And my actual total both times has been less than the online estimated total when placing my order (which is always a nice surprise).Today, it came up in conversation with the worker that I have a dog waiting in the car. He asked if he could give me a dog treat to give her and said next time, to bring her inside if I want! So it sounds like they are dog friendly (however, I have not tested this). The same guy also let me know that they will start taking debit cards soon which is information that I definitely appreciated considering I almost always have to stop by an ATM beforehand. I wish I remembered this guy’s name because he was super helpful and nice!read more
Daniel Dobson
Daniel D.
19:15 11 Oct 21
Andrew is definitely my favorite person there! Super nice super chill! Helped with recommendations for my knee pain gave me the best options and his wise opinion and I greatly appreciate it and how nice he was! Definitely a great place to go!read more
Les 'Geddon
Les '.
22:49 24 Sep 21
Service is great here, and I usually leave with a good amount that lasts me a month or more because prices don't hurt my wallet. My only complaint is that the items I've tried and really like, or wanted to try, seem to never get restocked when they run out. I can understand if it's an issue with the suppliers, but if I can get my favorite items elsewhere then I guess I'll be coming here less.read more
Scott Brown (TheMule)
Scott Brown (.
19:02 21 Sep 21
The way the cashiers hustle for tips at this location is just shameful and unprofessional of the staff. Being greeted first by a tip jar full of money wanting me to contribute should be against company policy if it isn't already. Are these employees really paid so bad that they need to the tips to make a living? You should be making enough money to pay them properly, you sell cannabis. Being in a store listening to the employees talk to each other right behind the counter about how their last customer didn't tip and how they need more tips is a serious problem. Unless management wants this vibe. For now I'll try a different location that's a little farther away.read more
Bryan Frain
Bryan F.
19:29 14 Sep 21
Placed a order online for the orange pie x2 so at 40 should be 80. I get to store they switch the price to 60$ for each. Now I love this store but I have asked many times for at least store credit and they have no done anything. And orange pie is 40$ at all the other rises. But again I love this store. I have called and emailed. But to this day no word. I hope this can be resolved. Or they just stole 40$ from me. For 60 I would have gotten something better.read more
Ryan Lee
Ryan L.
02:37 19 Aug 21
First off, let me say that this place is dope. I was welcomed in like I was VIP. (Nice touch) I really didn’t know what to buy (flower wise) so when I was approached by Andrew, he literally figured me out and recommended me on the right strain. You guys have a fantastic establishment and a wonderful and extremely caring employee in Andrew! I’m coming back soon!read more
Joanna Gallegos
Joanna G.
14:02 17 Aug 21
Great experience! Friendly and helpful clerks! Very good selection and quick!My new spot.
Brian Spillner
Brian S.
19:28 15 Aug 21
Their flower isn’t badly priced. No discounts for new customers no deals. Staff was great, helpful and friendly and not pushy at all. Taxes should be illegal there, theirs like 7-8 of them. And the vape carts are nothing special and way over priced for$110. Support your local small business....read more
Mrs. Magoo
Mrs. M.
14:17 04 Aug 21
First time I'd ever been to a dispensary and a perfectly enjoyable experience! Hadn't indulged in 3 decades but now it's legal, why not? So I went and everyone from the security people to the customer service people were sooo friendly and helpful! They helped me to get exactly what I was looking for and with a smile.Just a great place to go to!read more
Kayla O
Kayla O
19:15 23 Jul 21
Every single person that works here is kind, helpful, and happy! I always leave in a better mood than I went in with and not because of my purchase! 😉 They're also very welcoming to my dog, giving her lots of love and treats and making it a fun adventure for her too 🥰read more
Ashley Buckhalter
Ashley B.
12:28 19 Jul 21
I always have such a wonderful experience at this location. Everyone there including hired security are extremely welcoming and friendly. There is never a line so I'm able to get in and out in 5 min thanks to ordering online ahead of time. I used to go to the Mundelein location but after visiting here, this is my go-to!read more
Cheryl Stone
Cheryl S.
18:43 17 Jul 21
Been there twice and on both occasions, I was given great direction into what strain and what product would work best. When you get to the kiosk, don't be afraid to ask for their help. Plus, they give senior discounts!!!read more
lucas schneider
lucas S.
17:35 17 Jul 21
Security is friendly and the entire shop staff is friendly. All genuine and kind people here. Process is easygoing especially ordering online. They consistently have a line of orders throughout the day but you never wait for more than 2-3 minutes in line based on the times I've been here.read more
justin gunnip
justin G.
22:10 15 Jul 21
What a wonderful dispensary! The staff is super nice and helpful! The place is clean and very welcoming. I totally recommend Rise ✌️read more
Tyler A
Tyler A
00:19 06 Jul 21
Very friendly customer service from start to finish! They made sure you were aware that it was cash only at the door and were very helpful too.read more
Kathleen Marshall
Kathleen M.
21:53 03 Jul 21
The staff at the Lake in the hills dispensary is AMAZING!!! From their knowledge of products, making sure you are getting the best products for your needs, to making sure you get the best bang for your buck. They have some pretty amazing bundle deals and their loyalty program is great!!! I will not go anywhere else!!! Did I mention that their staff is AMAZING!!! I've had some very minor hiccups but it was dealt with swiftly!!!read more
01:18 28 Jun 21
This place is my one and only dispensary now. The people are awesome, the selection of product is abundant and amazing, and the prices are good. My favorite thing about Rise, is their loyalty points program. I feel like they truly appreciate my business when I shop here.✌🏻read more
Jessica Klish
Jessica K.
16:54 27 Jun 21
I've always placed an online order & I'm in and out within 10 minutes. Any questions I've had , they've been able to answer in a heartbeat. I've had items suggested to try and NEVER been disappointed.read more
Anika S
Anika S
14:55 25 Jun 21
This has to be one of my favorite stores in the area! and I usually have good things to say about this dispensary, but the last two times I’ve gone in I was assisted with a young lady with reddish hair, I think her name is Megan or something- once on the floor, once on the register and was not satisfied, to say the least. I knew the products I was going in for, heavy research before hand for some gummies. I felt completely disregarded with what I had to say! she was too pushy and kept insisting items that I’ve either had before or ones out of my desires. Gave passive comments anytime I would disagree, very rude. A five minute trip turned into twenty. I’ve been assisted from others there before, they were very easy to communicate, and helped dilate the perfect product for me, and made me actually feel welcomed! Just recently went in and this time to the register, again, said red headed girl assisted me- this time for I to stand at the cashier for two minutes while she was distracted, looked up and said, “sorry about that, I was looking at houses I’ll never afford” and asked for my ID, little to no verbal service, and I needed to remind her to apply my points because she seemed so rushed to get back to whatever she was doing. I’m normally assisted by the girl that always has pretty eye makeup and the lower register at the end or the older lady out on the floor and they are both perfect examples of how customers should be treated!read more
02:46 01 Jun 21
Everyone there is so welcoming with hello's and smile's, which is wonderful in my opinion, the layout is great with social distancing and hand washing stations, also the people who work there are all very knowledgeable on Product's they carry!! If I could, I'd give many more⭐'s if I could!! Thank you everyone for all of your help!! I'll see you all soon!!read more
Colleen Gaynor
Colleen G.
11:02 16 May 21
Each experience at RISE Lake in the Hills has been extremely pleasant. Clearly, the staff LOVE their jobs and treat the customers with actual JOY. Andrew took care of me on one of my trips recently, and he was delightful, helpful and very respectful. Other dispensaries I've visited were too regimented and almost military in their process, making me nervous. I'll only go to RISE now.read more
mr vetteum
mr V.
19:05 13 May 21
Ive never had a bad experience at this place.Staff is great . Guest Specialist ( great employee who filled my "order" ) went the extra mile to make sure i got my stuff. Tip jars really a great idea ! They could use a bigger selection of edibles though . Veteran's discount is appreciated too !read more
20:06 12 May 21
Amazing people, amazing products. The employees know product to product, they even know how to put a smile on your face. I highly recommend them, and I'm very happy they are close to where I live!!! Definitely going more often!!read more
Seth Williamson
Seth W.
07:46 07 May 21
Really nice, bright, open store. Can't see any of the products, but the packaging is out on display. Accessories like papers, vaporizers, dab mats and tools and a decent selection of glass for flower or extracts. The staff seem knowledgeable (haven't really needed help) and are ridiculously nice and helpful and bright. The people are the best thing about this place, always a friendly face to assist however you need. You either pre order online from the website or browse tablets/computers in the store to pick your selections, then wait in line for pick-up. Really simple and efficient process. You must bring an ID and you must have cash, they have ATMs on-site. You'll be buzzed in by security and have to show ID to get in the door, don't be timid it's the law and better to be safe. Prices and taxes are super high, but that's the fault of the state and not the store. Overall it was a very pleasant and simple experience. I've stopped by multiple times now and each trip could be described as such. As far as quality of the products, so far everything I've purchased has met or far exceeded my lofty expectations. Obviously, your results may vary depending on your own personal choices. For me, personally, this place has been awesome and I'm happy it's literally in my neighborhood now. I just hope the state gets its act together issuing licenses, so competition increases, so prices come down.read more
Maddy Zell
Maddy Z.
18:33 15 Apr 21
The staff is AMAZING! Super friendly, very helpful and just all around awesome. The product has been fire and they have awesome glass too. Honestly the best dispensary I have been to. I highly recommend going.read more
Gary Bank
Gary B.
00:37 11 Apr 21
This was the best experience I've had going to a dispensary in Illinois. I live in McHenry county and it's about time there is a place I can go for my medicine that's not almost an hour drive! Ordering online was fast and painless. Once I got there, no problem with parking, no lines inside or outside. Got my stuff and left within 5 minutes. I WILL BE BACK! Just wish the prices were more reasonable, like the west coast. Hopefully we'll get there soon....read more
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