GTI RiSE Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Mundelein, Il

1325 Armour Blvd
Mundelein, Il 60060

Hours of Operation:

6:00am – 8:00pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Rise, formally The Clinic Mundelein, is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1325 Armour Blvd in Mundelein, IL, 60060.

RiSE dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor. 

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Live Life
Live L.
15:12 31 Oct 21
Fast in and out, pretty low on selections, for now, they said. Extremely expensive!!!!UPDATE: Prices have balanced out, much better selections. The staff has become well oiled and friendlier. My only local stop ☮read more
Matthew Lee
Matthew L.
17:19 22 Oct 21
Place order. Drive all the way to Mundelein and then told my “on hold” item is sold out. Wanted that specific item but I’m not unreasonable. Asked to be shown similar items. I was showed something not on sale now and no offer to make it right. WHATS THE POINT OF PLACING AN ORDER? Customer service people at counters were nice and pleasant though. Very poor experience otherwiseread more
Laura Wiedel
Laura W.
07:12 25 Sep 21
This place is great. The staff is AMAZING and their product is awesome. I hear the prices are high, but I don't mind for the convenience and the great staff. Since the hours changed, there is hardly any wait time. I cannot recommend this place enough!read more
Lindsay Emanuel
Lindsay E.
21:33 03 May 21
Great customer service and selection/supply has greatly improved, but the ordering process is still much slower than the Niles location. It takes way too long to get a confirmation, and a few times I've had to cancel my order due to not knowing if it will be ready by the time I drive down. The building is also not suitable for social distancing, and there are often clumps of people by the screens and ATM. I'm not sure what the solutions for these issues are given that the demand is so high in this area, hopefully when more dispensaries are able to open in illinois this will feel less like a cattle auction.read more
Plus Vexatious
Plus V.
00:46 25 Apr 21
Absolutely a joy to go here. The staff is super SUPER friendly and ready to help you. HIGHLY SUGGESTED that you queue up the menu before going in, as they're usually busy and pushing through customers as quickly as possible. Inside is smaller, but they stay safe and actively social distance all customers! I'll be back each time I'm in Illinois!read more
Galina Yune
Galina Y.
18:45 03 Mar 21
Thank you guys at Rise Mundelein for taking care of my issue today. You were professional, patient and friendly. Errors happen, but how you resolve them is very important. And you have proven yourselves top Customer Service! I will definitely be back. And today the flower is simply amazing.They did follow up later on today letting me know that next time I stop by they will issue full credit.I went shopping and my RSO package that I purchased was empty. The package had no product inside. I contacted Rise Mundelein and received no response. I am your long time customer. And I would like this issue resolved. Thank you.read more
bryan david
bryan D.
17:04 27 Feb 21
Nice place... safe area ... unless it's super cold when there's a line the wait is/has been reasonable, of course when it's freezing the walk to the door without a line seems unreasonable... staff is friendly, helpful & knowledgeable yet confidently professional I manner... plus it's like right close to me...read more
Monica Motyka
Monica M.
19:00 14 Feb 21
If I could give more than 5 stars to supervisor/employee, Savanna, I would. Her customer service skills are superior and today, the way I witnessed her expertly attempt to smooth over an irate customer really impressed me. She makes me feel comfortable and well taken care of each time I visit this dispensary.Everyone who works here is great. Knowledgeable and friendly. They run a tight ship. It was my experience today with Savanna that prompted this review.read more
Brittany McVicker
Brittany M.
14:09 03 Jan 21
My first visit was AWESOME! Was a little nervous but from the 1st employee to the last that I spoke with was AMAZING! VERY helpful! Was completely comfortable asking all my questions and I am more then satisfied with my purchase!HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!AMAZING PEOPLE WITH AMAZING BUD!read more
Rafael Valencia
Rafael V.
13:08 29 Dec 20
UPDATE: The customer service here is getting way better. Rise took care of the issue I was having with a disposable. Thanks Again Rise team! Now lets try and shoot for 5 stars! These prices for product are outrageous! 3 stars for now but getting better.read more
Emily Thomas-Bonham
Emily T.
20:22 19 Dec 20
Full team of friendly staff members who were able to help get everyone in and out as quickly as possible. They were very confident and helpful and it was extremely busy. They had social distancing well done and had a separate exit from the entrance. Medical patience line was much shorter so I'm sure it was even better for them. Also they were extremely helpful when I nearly lost my phone there and they found it and returned it to me. I appreciated the way they were on top of customer service.read more
Eric Mendoza
Eric M.
00:14 12 Dec 20
The staff and customers are always polite and helpful. Even though there is usually a long line outside, it moves at a decent pace and you can usually order ahead to quickly get in and out. Parking could use some work and the building is a bit small, but those are minor issues.read more
17:41 26 Nov 20
Incredibly disappointing. Placed an order at 7:52 am. Waited patiently for the text saying the order is ready. 6 hrs goes by and it closes at 4 so I call to check. I'm told not to worry about the text and to just come down and pick up my order. So I drove the 50 min there to find a 3hr wait. Not happening. I wouldn't stand in a line for 3 hrs for a life saving blood transfusion. Called my guy and had what I needed a half hr later and at a fraction of the price. It is wrong to give that state any tax dollars anyway. It doesn't go anywhere good. Truly awful thing they have turned it intoread more
Tyler Haines
Tyler H.
20:21 24 Nov 20
Pros: They're kind of conveniently located for me and occasionally have some nice offering. Rhythm flower is good stuff.Cons: Their prices are higher than every other recreational dispensary, even the Rise in Niles. They also practically never have extract available for rec customers, and their online ordering system rarely works correctly. I do give their staff credit of doing a nice job of getting people through the lineread more
Sarah Rubin
Sarah R.
15:39 10 Nov 20
Went in the morning on a weekday. Highly recommend that if you can swing it. I was in and out in no time. Paid less than my estimate. Everyone was polite, like going to the bank. It was weirdly mundane, in the best way. Security complimented my tattoo on the way out. Just an overall pleasant experience.read more
Tyler Misla
Tyler M.
23:58 31 Oct 20
Excellent place to buy cannabis! Helpful staff, you can tell that no one working there hates their job. I don’t know the CSR’s name that helped me but they had short dark red hair and tattoos on their hands. Most helpful person ever! Love the red pipe they chose for me, and Rise just recently added the Military discount for recreational users! Thanks Rise, I will only go there from now on.read more
17:49 17 Oct 20
Overall fine establishment. Special message to the HOWE security officer of today and yesterday. Please speak to people like they are not a heard of animals. Be polite eland respectful with people. There are respectful people that come to your dispensary too. Make sure your security staff are just as nice as your inside staff.read more
Natalie Holbrook
Natalie H.
20:23 16 Oct 20
Rise has a great selection of products and the staff is always super friendly and helpful!They're always backed the line across the street and super busy so be ready to wait in line for rec. They literally can't make enough parking spaces quick enough so parking is a little bit of a mess.As a med patient, you just walk up and right in and it's a super quick process though. They also have parking up front for med patients. Great place, highly recommend!read more
Guy Gardner
Guy G.
03:21 07 Oct 20
Always quick an easy.. staff is great just wish the prices would go down... still buying from street dealers an only go to rise when I can afford itread more
B money
B M.
17:53 06 Oct 20
Pre order whut u want and go get it simple and very friendly I have no issues those crying about no flower ..pre order and u wont have that issueread more
Chris richter
Chris R.
16:05 05 Oct 20
The absolute nicest people in the business. Everyone there is so friendly and welcoming. This was my first time here, and this is my only place going forward.read more
Donald Hampton
Donald H.
23:55 01 Oct 20
they cut the line of people of people off 15 minutes before closing. I'm from Washington where there's actually dispensaries that care about customers especially BEFORE they close and have offered to stayed open to allow customers inside. nothing online from their website said they would close early also prices are extremely expensive. definitely not going back and advising my friends and family to do the sameread more
Michael Norkus
Michael N.
03:44 27 Sep 20
Plenty of supply and helpful staff. Security guard was pretty rude for no reason other than me being confused on which direction to go. Organization could be a little better.read more
Debbi Hunley
Debbi H.
15:03 20 Sep 20
Great family of employees there. Ran very efficiently and responsibly. Just way , way over priced.
22:42 17 Sep 20
Definitely Amazing
Phil Wennerstrom
Phil W.
13:47 15 Sep 20
Here, just take all my money.
Mike LaCosse
Mike L.
16:20 13 Sep 20
excellent employees, all very friendly
B money
B M.
04:29 12 Sep 20
Pre order whut u want and go get it simple and very friendly I have no issues those crying about no flower ..pre order and u wont have that issuseread more
Kyndel Trejo
Kyndel T.
01:44 09 Sep 20
I really like their products, a little pricier than other places, but for the most part, staff is very knowledgeable about what they sell and helpful with any questions you may have.read more
Genevieve Petruzzelli
Genevieve P.
20:45 08 Sep 20
As a medical patient who orders online Rise Mundelein has been excellent. They have handicap parking, direct msgs when my order is ready. Ease of in store purchase /payments & very personable staff. Gratefulread more
Simon Gorelik
Simon G.
06:03 07 Sep 20
first dispensary Ive been too, enjoyed the store and loved the products i bought and i plan on coming back!
Wondertucky Tony
Wondertucky T.
15:03 04 Sep 20
Omg its so easy!!! Drive in, order on your phone and boom its in your hand!! These guys understand you don't want to sit and wait in the parking lot and they take care of you quick! Can't wait to go back!!!read more
Corey Umbarger
Corey U.
14:34 04 Sep 20
Every time I go here I have a fantastic experience. The last time I went, am employee, I think named Terry, was just the best ever!read more
Kyng Paco
Kyng P.
07:01 25 Aug 20
There’s never any flower. Good quality when there is. Much like others, prices are a bit steep but staff are friendly & they are good with being as quick as possible. Just wish they had more inventory for Rec users, it sucks.read more
Jason Graham
Jason G.
11:32 23 Aug 20
The Bud from RISE put me in the ER twice. I now have a panic disorder and can never smoke weed again . Mean while I have a full container of there flower. Just be careful. I’m as healthy as they come . Young , athletic. And there flower put me down . I thought I was going to die. Now I’m fighting back to regain control of my body . Your warned .read more
Tamara Mays
Tamara M.
14:23 22 Aug 20
Friendly knowledgeable staff, easy to use online wait-list and online pre order. Social distancing and cleanliness are definitely practiced. Best of all are the wonderful smells and multitude of products. Check the website before you go so you know what's available. The place is THAT popular.read more
Nick C
Nick C
04:49 22 Aug 20
I'd rather take the ride to Joliet and save 15 bucks for an edible bar or 10 an 1/8... if this location even has flower available. Always crowded due to the people coming from Wisconsin.read more
Jimmy Fassbinder
Jimmy F.
05:05 19 Aug 20
It takes a lot to impress me; and I tell you what Rise dispensaries in Mundelein made a lasting impression. Thank you for making my day🕉️🙏💜read more
Brendan Petersen
Brendan P.
18:01 15 Aug 20
Stephanie is always quick and efficient for me. Always happy and a pleasure to be around! Larry does a great job facilitating the drive thru. Super nice guy and I definitely feel safe. In general always a great experience here.read more
Rodrigo Diaz
Rodrigo D.
15:39 05 Aug 20
Wonderful staff, but the inventory is awful compared to other dispensaries in the area, cant even get rosin or other concentrates here (checked on numerous occasions). At the moment of writing this they only have 2 varieties of flower? They seem to mostly focus on keeping edibles and cartridges stocked. Lastly the prices are a bit on the high side. I don't expect to be paying local dealer prices but these prices are 10-20% higher than other dispensaries I've been to in Illinois, for the same brand of product. I go here because of the staff, and it is the closest one to me, that is it.read more
Mic Espinos
Mic E.
19:48 04 Aug 20
Great staff, selection, and prices. Don't let the line discourage you, it rarely takes long.
Ryan Parrish
Ryan P.
04:03 04 Aug 20
Insightful and attentive staff. Prices are probably more than 'your guy' but the difference of quality, safety and security make the difference entirely worth it. Sometimes flower sale is limited due to demand, but that is only another glowing review for the quality of what is on offer.read more
Susan Fabian
Susan F.
16:54 03 Aug 20
Everyone there is so kind and fun and very knowledgeable. I never have a problem when I go in finding exactly what I need, There is always someone there to lend a hand and help me out.read more
Dan Gavin
Dan G.
16:52 31 Jul 20
Never again after today. Never said anything about you can't even wait in line without registering online and I waited through their line 2 times and never got a confirmation even tho I ordered everything long before I arrived. Selection is extremely limited and mediocre at best. Ill just keep going to my local guy paying half for better stuff.read more
Matthew Falkum
Matthew F.
21:39 24 Jul 20
Ordering ahead online makes it a tiny bit faster. I just with Lake and the surrounding counties would allow rec so everyone wasn't forced to the same dispensary. It gets VERY busy on Fridays and weekendsread more
Gwendolyn Nichols
Gwendolyn N.
12:42 16 Jul 20
Every time I go it’s in and out, I never wait more than 15 minutes. EVERYONE is very nice and helpful. They all make the experience great. The managers are very very compassionate about their jobs and very considerate. This is my go to dispensary. They now even offer online ordering which speeds the process up. I went the 2nd day it was opened and waited 4 hours BUT they adjusted and learned how to operate it so smoothly.read more
Lau Labrado
Lau L.
19:19 14 Jul 20
Points system is awesome!!! Staff is always super friendly and ready to help! Huge Shout out to CJ always so easy to talk to and ask questions to!read more
Oscar Lopez
Oscar L.
01:52 13 Jul 20
I really like this dispensary. They abide to social distancing yet they get a lot of customers through dispensary as fast and safe as possible. I was in and out of the dispensary in about 15 minutes with at least 20 people in the queue.read more
josh fauser
josh F.
20:19 09 Jul 20
I drove about 40 minutes and realized I forgot my mask. I was bugging.Spoke to a staff member & he said not to worry about it and hooked me up with a disposable mask. This place is amazing. I don't know where to start how about with the line. They have a great system in place where you text before you show up and then they text you when it's time to get in line. The lines seem daunting at first but the rise members are quick and efficient. A staff member or two will be walking around the line with iPads taking your order answering your questions and they're super nice about answering questions very knowledgeable. I think I've been in and out of there on average 40 to 45 minutes, including the line and the payment process. CASH ONLY! They do have ATM's, don't worry, but I would have avoided the processing fee.read more
Stephen Bezouska
Stephen B.
23:47 07 Jul 20
Was in the reward system since beginning of January. After being told different info with how it worked by each employee, I began saving all of my points to avoid as much tax as possible (was told points subtract pretax so you can double save in a way). Today I went in & was told it is the last day I can use points because they were switching rewards systems. Why would the points not transfer and why was I not told about this besides going in today? Then, when I go to use them, I was told I had $2 available when about 2 weeks before I was told I had about $55 saved up. What is wrong with this place? They have overpriced products & then basically steal my saved up rewards & countless other people’s that don’t know about this switch. I’m not returning; I’d rather drive farther. Also this is the first time I’ve ever left an angry review of a business, but this is just thievery to me. Every employee says it’s not their fault or they don’t know which is fine but none offer any help or accountability. Absolute BS! I implore you to go somewhere elseread more
Norm Letofsky
Norm L.
20:08 25 Jun 20
This is the first time I've ever visited a marijuana dipensary.I was quite surprised. I don't have a medical card yet, so I had to stand in the recreational line. The total wait time was about 5 minutes.When I got in, I needed some help understanding which products to get. Within a couple minutes a person came up to me to discuss my needs. He also warned me to take is slow.I placed my order and was out within 10 minutes.I have very limited experience so I can't discuss price, but the folks were friendly and helpful.Overall, I had a great experience.read more
Not Sure
Not S.
00:53 22 Jun 20
Have been a customer since they opened and today Aaron was helping me out. He had informed me of the rewards loyalty program. Aaron is a fantastic salesman and a true attribute to their company. His customer service and sales skills are fantastic! Please look into full gram cartridge .Thank you again to Aaron for the awesome service.read more
John Propst
John P.
11:47 18 Jun 20
The most professional run operation I've ever seen. Great first time experience. "Highly" recommend. Great friendly staff.read more
Shereen Hammad
Shereen H.
23:25 10 Jun 20
I went in a few months back. The doorman was nice and helpful by guiding me inside and answering any questions I had. The long lines were handled with organization and good communication ensuring all of the patrons had a smooth process. At the desk, Alex helped me. He was very professional and addressed my questions without making me feel like I was taking too much of his time. He went above and beyond assisting during my first time at a dispensary. Great crew!read more
05:15 08 Jun 20
Crazy busy! Staff is very friendly, very knowledgeable and works hard to maintain a safe, clean atmosphere. Wish prices in IL were more reasonable. Wish it wasn't so noisy. Hard to actually hear staff. Especially with masks.read more
Jack Hauber
Jack H.
21:36 28 May 20
Overall an okay dispensary but is being held back by the companies refusal to get a better variety. Every once in awhile they will have flower or concentrates but they usually only have cartridges and edibles. If you look on the website of any of rises other locations their variety is always monumental compared to Mundelein. All this tells me is that they have the product to sell they just won’t in this location for whatever reason. Prices are also super high but I expected that being in Illinois. Besides that the employees are really nice and when they have products in they are quality.read more
amanda rader
amanda R.
01:07 19 May 20
Visited for my first time today. Everyone was great. It was probably less than 10 minutes from the time I parked to the time I got back into my car. The employees were great! I maybe got lucky and came on a slow day, but they seem to have a great system! I’ll be back for sure.read more
keith schubert
keith S.
20:48 17 May 20
I'm a new medical patient but I've been to other dispensaries when I was just a recreational user...and I must say rise is the best in illinois that I've stepped into. I'm very glad to have them as my home dispensary. Good people..good products.read more
Robert Hance
Robert H.
20:50 15 May 20
Have been on the waiting list since 10:12am... It's now 3:47pm, still 409 people in front of me. They will definitely be closed before they get to my name.Rise: Please get it together. Not for me, I will never bother with this location again. But for others, figure something out!!!!Why even let people get on a waiting list if you can't serve them? There's still like 200+ people behind me on the list... No way will they get service and will have to get in line again tomorrow... What gives?read more
Vincent Rimbaud
Vincent R.
14:06 10 May 20
Could not be much worse. Staff not friendly or helpful. Unless you have a medical card stay away from Rise Mundelein. Difficult to join waitlist (when it is working) and you can not order in advance so you never know what product will be available when you arrive at store. Also, you will not know the exact price since the 30% taxes need to be added. Not worth the aggravation. No flower unless medical most of the time, and flower is mediocre and VERY over-priced.read more
Lisa Fleener
Lisa F.
00:36 20 Apr 20
This is my shop! I've been twice so far and always a pleasant experience. The staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and organized. They obviously work very hard to serve as many folks as possible and to provide enough opportunity for everyone to get what they want. Yes, there are crowds and lines at the moment but if you plan ahead and watch the website for guidance the experience is very efficient. I've really been quite impressed with how well the staff and security have dealt with what can be a very challenging situation. Great place, I definitely recommend!read more
Benny Rags
Benny R.
15:18 12 Apr 20
Overall this place is decent. Prices are a bit inflated even with 10% off they give med customers. But they are usually very friendly and you get in and out extremely quick due to there being about 8-10 cashiers. Their inventory is hit or miss but they don't have limits on products like other places.read more
Kaila Cotner Prof. Acct
Kaila Cotner Prof. A.
17:43 28 Mar 20
Been coming here occasionally over the past few weeks for adult use, only disposable vape pens since the flower is way overpriced. It’s all overpriced but that’s Illinois for you. That being said, they have done a wonderful job of getting people through and answering questions. We have been once a week for three weeks at different times and we never wait more than twenty minutes. I’m grateful for their courage to remain open during these times as cannabis is surely helping many people, as much as myself, get through these odd times. Health and good highs to all✌🏻read more
Vito Fiore
Vito F.
06:54 09 Mar 20
My experience here was awesome. when I first arrived I thought that it was going to take forever since there was a line coming out the door and they actually had a canopy for the people. But when you get inside they give you an iPad to make all of your choices and then you're just wait to go up to the register. The only problem that I had was that when I got up to the register I was told I could not add on to my order. Otherwise it was an awesome experience staff was great and very clean place.read more
Steve Libby
Steve L.
13:48 15 Feb 20
The people here are great. Super nice. Bonus star for that. Two complaints: even without tax it is very expensive and you can't see the product before you buy. So when you get home and open it to find minuscule eighth with huge piece of lumber running through it, what do you do? Lack of supply also an issue. No choice. I guess it's like the old days, you get what you get, but one has to believe the demand was way under estimated. I don't have a scale--I am not a dealer--but there is NO way this is one eighth, especially after cleaning it up. Previous eighth had a dozen seeds. Unacceptable. If you got a guy, stick with him.read more
Meghan Ahlgrim
Meghan A.
01:59 15 Feb 20
I go there, and it’s high volume. There are benefits to being a medical patient there, and the staff is friendly. I recently went there and had well informed, helpful staff. I can’t have many, many different strains because they just don’t agree with me. Today, when I made my order there was not what I was hoping for BUT the staff was able to make recommendations based off of what I like and know works well for me. And that is valuable to me, and I appreciate it when my bud tender is well informed and knowledgeable. I show my gratitude with a tip if I can. They also lowered the prices, which was phenomenal! Thank you very much Rise for going above and beyond my expectations today! I was considering switching dispensaries, but now I just don’t have a reason to. They’re friendly, competitive, and holy cow guys... I forgot to mention... they have an express pick up window if you’re in a hurry! Thank you very much everyone!read more
Shawn Gregory
Shawn G.
18:08 08 Feb 20
I stood in line for an hour for an 1/8 of flower. The price was high but the product was excellent. What really bothered me is just about everyone in line seemed to be from Wisconsin. Out of state buyers should be banned until supply is better, so Illinois residents can enjoy first.read more
Leo Jerman
Leo J.
03:42 27 Jan 20
Edit 1/26/2020: Sadly they no longer have the propane heaters, which is a bummer. Often there isn't as many people helping outside as there was a couple weeks ago and they are regularly out of buds for Rec. So I took a star away for that. Nice bright and open place. They are nice enough to have propane heaters for people waiting in line outside. Waited about an hour altogether got in line just before 6 and they moved the line quick. Tablets allow you to order before you get to the counter. VERY LIMITED selection. One kind of buds and only a few edibles. No pre rolls in stock. Several types of vape carts though. All employees were super nice and helpful. It's new people be patient, baby steps.read more
Mark Colletti
Mark C.
02:35 27 Jan 20
On the 1st day of January the staff were attentive to the customers by keeping the heat lamps filled with propane. Overall fun day with no problems with any patrons as everyone waited patiently to enter, the energy was positive and had a great time in Mundelein.read more
Christian miller
Christian M.
21:19 19 Jan 20
Definitely needs a lot of work concerning the products/pricing. I don't see myself returning much at all until prices drop and more products are stocked up and I don't see how there's half gram (.5) cartridges selling for $84 and up that's just craziness. I have to say staff was polite towards me and made me feel welcomed that's probably the only positive thing I've experienced.read more
Carrie Delich
Carrie D.
02:23 16 Jan 20
I've been going there since they opened. Although the staff has changed some over the years, their customer service has always been excellent. They've worked very hard to meet the changes of the community. They've remodeled the inside and added a second parking lot. I usually can't get there until almost closing so I don't know being able to pre-order is great. My order is ready and waiting when I get there. The products are fresh and I've never been disappointed. They are definitely one of the best.read more
Dave Perdue
Dave P.
04:49 14 Jan 20
No sour grapes about pricing, taxes or waiting in line. But if you are listing product on your website how come when I get there I am told that you have completely ended recreational sales for the day? Put it on the website, that is just good basic customer service, would have saved me a couple hours out of my day/way.read more
16:14 13 Jan 20
Always love my visits and everyone there is extremely helpful.Edit 1/13/20. Not happy that I have to change my rating. I loved this place and the people are still great, but the manager, he needs some customer service training. He really needs to understand what made this place was the patients. Now he treats us like we should be blessed to be able to walk in the door. I'm sure I'm not the only patient saying I'm done with this place. My advice for patients...go somewhere else.read more
Matt Walsh
Matt W.
22:47 12 Jan 20
They have an airtight process. Obviously low selection but they are set up to crush it once they get the inventory they need. I am happy to pay the early premium in price as this is to be expected at the start. As more competition comes prices will fall but the lines move quick here! Medical patients always to front of line from what I saw!read more
Galina Yune
Galina Y.
22:19 07 Jan 20
Very pleasant experience today. Great crew and informative. Too bad the state has flower shortage and no flower today. Hopefully this will improve with the time. However love my vape pens.read more
Danielle Baruffi
Danielle B.
15:03 07 Jan 20
The facility is very efficient with helpful staff and a decent rec inventory (depending on when you arrive because I’m pretty sure they have x amount of rec choices/quantities and it’s 1st come 1st serve). They were thinking ahead by supplying heaters for people to wait in line which shows they do care about their customers and want to serve as many people as possible. The rec prices are absolutely through the roof but I must say you can tell the products are potent. I would recommend waiting for more harvests and competition so price goes down and variety increases. Though it is pretty sweet being able to legally purchase marijuana in a town that would harass its citizens over it.read more
Eli Manny Sosa
Eli Manny S.
00:26 05 Jan 20
Amazing place! Had the privilege of stepping foot in there today! Amazing staff and products! As soon as you walk in you can smell the vibes!read more
Joseph Moreau
Joseph M.
15:17 03 Jan 20
I arrived at 6:15 am today and was on my way at 7:30. The ordering process was smooth, the checkout was quick, and the product is top notch. Very friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere.read more
Deadaim0713 .
Deadaim0713 .
01:09 02 Jan 20
Great place with great staff. Came here day 1 at 4:45am and had to wait 2 hours to get inside, but this place managed the crowds perfectly. Unfortunately, they were limiting people to ⅛ per and had a very limited selection, but hey least it's available now! Definitely will be back in the future, hopefully when things are a bit cheaper and I can get a bit more.read more
Edward Smith
Edward S.
13:38 01 Jan 20
Bud tenders and all the staff are great!!!!But the owners are all about the $$$$Don’t waste your time going here. They are always out of dope.Also, highly priced compared to others.Bud tenders and staff are greatFILE COMPLAINTS WOTH THE STATE AND SWITCH DISPENSARIESread more
EatLiftGame .
EatLiftGame .
15:23 28 Dec 19
Find a dispensary that will only service medical patients. 2020 hasn't hit and they already ran out of everything decent supplies wise. Been selling mid grade for $60 an 1/8. Anything that is any good is already out by the time you place your pre order before the doors open. Only reason it's not a 1 is it used to have great supply, and its around the corner.read more
Carrie Delich
Carrie D.
01:03 23 Dec 19
I've been going there since they opened. Although the staff has changed some over the years, they're customer service has always been excellent. They've worked very hard to meet the changes of the community. They've remodeled the inside and added a second parking lot. I usually can't get there until almost closing so I don't know what I'd do without being able to pre order. My order is ready and waiting when I get there and if I have any questions, there's always someone there with the knowledge to answer it. The products I've gotten have always been fresh and have never disappointed. They are definitely one of the best.read more
Mark Filwett
Mark F.
14:14 21 Dec 19
At one time a five-star dispensary. Today, it is all about profits. Sad, but true. The bud tenders are great, ownership not so much.read more
Pyeisha Mack
Pyeisha M.
12:05 21 Nov 19
I've been going here for about 7 months now. Always a positive experience. The employees are very knowledgeable and friendly. The wait isn't too bad either.read more
Donna Ferguson
Donna F.
23:29 14 Nov 19
First of all what a disappointment, second the place is a dump and third the staff does not have a clue what they're talking about!!!I've been dealing with shops in Denver Colorado and in comparison Denver's are like high-end department stores. I've seen better-looking tattoo parlors.Once I was called in by a staff member I was very surprised to walk into this small room with no privacy and just a few chairs next to each other, you can barely hear what you're saying let alone what the staff member was saying.All of these positive postings and 5 Star reviews have got to be fake!!!!!read more
Kristi Griffith
Kristi G.
22:17 12 Nov 19
Really nice experience for our first visit. Staff was super friendly and very helpful and informative. My dad is looking forward to trying their recommendations as he starts his medicinal journey as a cancer patient.read more
Dave Lowman
Dave L.
00:06 25 Oct 19
I really look forward to going here. Nice, people and atmosphere. If you're considering going here, just do it, you won't be disappointed.read more
Sammy D.
Sammy D.
13:17 08 Oct 19
They have a great selection! Out of the three dispensary’s I’ve been to, this one is my favorite! The bud tenders are very sweet and helpful when selecting the right strain. Love this place!read more
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