GTI RiSE Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Mundelein, Il

1325 Armour Blvd
Mundelein, Il 60060

Hours of Operation:

9am – 7pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – RiSE, formally The Clinic Mundelein, is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1325 Armour Blvd in Mundelein, IL, 60060.

RiSE dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor. 

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

RiSE Products

Mundelein Recreational Menu

What People Are Saying

Steve Libby
Steve L.
13:48 15 Feb 20
The people here are great. Super nice. Bonus star for that. Two complaints: even without tax it is very expensive and you can't see the product before you buy. So when you get home and open it to find minuscule eighth with huge piece of lumber running through it, what do you do? Lack of supply also an issue. No choice. I guess it's like the old days, you get what you get, but one has to believe the demand was way under estimated. I don't have a scale--I am not a dealer--but there is NO way this is one eighth, especially after cleaning it up. Previous eighth had a dozen seeds. Unacceptable. If you got a guy, stick with him.read more
Meghan Ahlgrim
Meghan A.
01:59 15 Feb 20
I go there, and it’s high volume. There are benefits to being a medical patient there, and the staff is friendly. I recently went there and had well informed, helpful staff. I can’t have many, many different strains because they just don’t agree with me. Today, when I made my order there was not what I was hoping for BUT the staff was able to make recommendations based off of what I like and know works well for me. And that is valuable to me, and I appreciate it when my bud tender is well informed and knowledgeable. I show my gratitude with a tip if I can. They also lowered the prices, which was phenomenal! Thank you very much Rise for going above and beyond my expectations today! I was considering switching dispensaries, but now I just don’t have a reason to. They’re friendly, competitive, and holy cow guys... I forgot to mention... they have an express pick up window if you’re in a hurry! Thank you very much everyone!read more
Shawn Gregory
Shawn G.
18:08 08 Feb 20
I stood in line for an hour for an 1/8 of flower. The price was high but the product was excellent. What really bothered me is just about everyone in line seemed to be from Wisconsin. Out of state buyers should be banned until supply is better, so Illinois residents can enjoy first.read more
Christian miller
Christian M.
21:19 19 Jan 20
Definitely needs a lot of work concerning the products/pricing. I don't see myself returning much at all until prices drop and more products are stocked up and I don't see how there's half gram (.5) cartridges selling for $84 and up that's just craziness. I have to say staff was polite towards me and made me feel welcomed that's probably the only positive thing I've experienced.read more
Carrie Delich
Carrie D.
02:23 16 Jan 20
I've been going there since they opened. Although the staff has changed some over the years, their customer service has always been excellent. They've worked very hard to meet the changes of the community. They've remodeled the inside and added a second parking lot. I usually can't get there until almost closing so I don't know being able to pre-order is great. My order is ready and waiting when I get there. The products are fresh and I've never been disappointed. They are definitely one of the best.read more
Dave Perdue
Dave P.
04:49 14 Jan 20
No sour grapes about pricing, taxes or waiting in line. But if you are listing product on your website how come when I get there I am told that you have completely ended recreational sales for the day? Put it on the website, that is just good basic customer service, would have saved me a couple hours out of my day/way.read more
16:14 13 Jan 20
Always love my visits and everyone there is extremely helpful.Edit 1/13/20. Not happy that I have to change my rating. I loved this place and the people are still great, but the manager, he needs some customer service training. He really needs to understand what made this place was the patients. Now he treats us like we should be blessed to be able to walk in the door. I'm sure I'm not the only patient saying I'm done with this place. My advice for patients...go somewhere else.read more
Matt Walsh
Matt W.
22:47 12 Jan 20
They have an airtight process. Obviously low selection but they are set up to crush it once they get the inventory they need. I am happy to pay the early premium in price as this is to be expected at the start. As more competition comes prices will fall but the lines move quick here! Medical patients always to front of line from what I saw!read more
Galina Yune
Galina Y.
22:19 07 Jan 20
Very pleasant experience today. Great crew and informative. Too bad the state has flower shortage and no flower today. Hopefully this will improve with the time. However love my vape pens.read more
Danielle Baruffi
Danielle B.
15:03 07 Jan 20
The facility is very efficient with helpful staff and a decent rec inventory (depending on when you arrive because I’m pretty sure they have x amount of rec choices/quantities and it’s 1st come 1st serve). They were thinking ahead by supplying heaters for people to wait in line which shows they do care about their customers and want to serve as many people as possible. The rec prices are absolutely through the roof but I must say you can tell the products are potent. I would recommend waiting for more harvests and competition so price goes down and variety increases. Though it is pretty sweet being able to legally purchase marijuana in a town that would harass its citizens over it.read more
Eli Manny Sosa
Eli Manny S.
00:26 05 Jan 20
Amazing place! Had the privilege of stepping foot in there today! Amazing staff and products! As soon as you walk in you can smell the vibes!read more
Joseph Moreau
Joseph M.
15:17 03 Jan 20
I arrived at 6:15 am today and was on my way at 7:30. The ordering process was smooth, the checkout was quick, and the product is top notch. Very friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere.read more
Deadaim0713 .
Deadaim0713 .
01:09 02 Jan 20
Great place with great staff. Came here day 1 at 4:45am and had to wait 2 hours to get inside, but this place managed the crowds perfectly. Unfortunately, they were limiting people to ⅛ per and had a very limited selection, but hey least it's available now! Definitely will be back in the future, hopefully when things are a bit cheaper and I can get a bit more.read more
Edward Smith
Edward S.
13:38 01 Jan 20
Bud tenders and all the staff are great!!!!But the owners are all about the $$$$Don’t waste your time going here. They are always out of dope.Also, highly priced compared to others.Bud tenders and staff are greatFILE COMPLAINTS WOTH THE STATE AND SWITCH DISPENSARIESread more
EatLiftGame .
EatLiftGame .
15:23 28 Dec 19
Find a dispensary that will only service medical patients. 2020 hasn't hit and they already ran out of everything decent supplies wise. Been selling mid grade for $60 an 1/8. Anything that is any good is already out by the time you place your pre order before the doors open. Only reason it's not a 1 is it used to have great supply, and its around the corner.read more
Carrie Delich
Carrie D.
01:03 23 Dec 19
I've been going there since they opened. Although the staff has changed some over the years, they're customer service has always been excellent. They've worked very hard to meet the changes of the community. They've remodeled the inside and added a second parking lot. I usually can't get there until almost closing so I don't know what I'd do without being able to pre order. My order is ready and waiting when I get there and if I have any questions, there's always someone there with the knowledge to answer it. The products I've gotten have always been fresh and have never disappointed. They are definitely one of the best.read more
Mark Filwett
Mark F.
14:14 21 Dec 19
At one time a five-star dispensary. Today, it is all about profits. Sad, but true. The bud tenders are great, ownership not so much.read more
Pyeisha Mack
Pyeisha M.
12:05 21 Nov 19
I've been going here for about 7 months now. Always a positive experience. The employees are very knowledgeable and friendly. The wait isn't too bad either.read more
Donna Ferguson
Donna F.
23:29 14 Nov 19
First of all what a disappointment, second the place is a dump and third the staff does not have a clue what they're talking about!!!I've been dealing with shops in Denver Colorado and in comparison Denver's are like high-end department stores. I've seen better-looking tattoo parlors.Once I was called in by a staff member I was very surprised to walk into this small room with no privacy and just a few chairs next to each other, you can barely hear what you're saying let alone what the staff member was saying.All of these positive postings and 5 Star reviews have got to be fake!!!!!read more
Kristi Griffith
Kristi G.
22:17 12 Nov 19
Really nice experience for our first visit. Staff was super friendly and very helpful and informative. My dad is looking forward to trying their recommendations as he starts his medicinal journey as a cancer patient.read more
Dave Lowman
Dave L.
00:06 25 Oct 19
I really look forward to going here. Nice, people and atmosphere. If you're considering going here, just do it, you won't be disappointed.read more
Sammy D.
Sammy D.
13:17 08 Oct 19
They have a great selection! Out of the three dispensary’s I’ve been to, this one is my favorite! The bud tenders are very sweet and helpful when selecting the right strain. Love this place!read more
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