Rise Marijuana Dispensary in Naperville, IL

1700 Quincy Avenue - Suite 103
Naperville, IL 60540

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Wed: 9am – 7pm
Thurs – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sun: 9am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Rise is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1700 Quincy Avenue in Naperville, IL 60540.

Rise dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Allison Motel
Allison M.
13:48 07 Jan 22
Very helpful staff, clean, and open space with a good vibe. Nick W. was an incredibly knowledgeable (and patient!) guide to helping me better understand all the different products and what would work for ME. Will return!read more
Joe Lichner
Joe L.
20:13 09 Nov 21
This place is great and the staff is top notch. Go see Joe P. he's super knowledgeable and is always a pleasure to deal with. Absolutely 5 out if 5 stars.read more
20:08 09 Nov 21
Joe was extremely knowledgeable about the various options I had for purchase and consumption. I wasn't familiar with the different types of flower along with the differences between hybrids, saliva, and indica. I was also informed of my various options for consumption... flower, pens, edibles, pre rolls... He was great to work with and the customer service was amazing! I will make sure to keep coming back to rise! I am very happy with my purchase!read more
Danielle Jones
Danielle J.
00:11 28 Oct 21
In store experience is amazing as well as the products but the Online customer service is terrible. I filled out a form to be contacted about a medical card last Thursday. I contacted the store today and spoke with a customer service rep and he sounded like he was orbiting another planet, put me on hold for 3 minutes then came back and told me someone would contact me. I was expecting a phone call or atleast an email but still nothing. If you guys are going to be a medical dispensary you need better customer service reps. Some people don't have the luxury of instantly getting a card from their doctor and really need the assistance to get themselves feeling better as soon as possible.read more
Kitsuen suru jikan
Kitsuen suru J.
18:23 19 Oct 21
Very friendly staff always come here on for there medical Monday’s. I was helped by Al he was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. Got the mindys black cherry for my muscle pains. 10/10 will be coming againread more
16:18 10 Oct 21
5 stars! ...Except for the lady on a bike who pulled between my car and the curb to talk to the guys outside and almost took my mirror off with her baby seat--which had a baby in it. You ma'am, need some manners and to pay attention but I still give you 2 stars for your emissions free family trip to the weed storeread more
gregg swanson
gregg S.
01:25 08 Oct 21
They got some good deals going on here sometimes but other than that pricing is the same as anywhere else nothing special. They do have their own brand called & shine that is cheaper. I can't say anything about their flower but the shake is super cheap but for a reason. It is super shady and steamy and leafy and darker in color. The shake is whack idk about the flower everything else is the same as anywhere else.read more
Dk V
Dk V
14:55 08 Sep 21
Awesome dispensary. Lots of parking. The med and Rec lines are the same but the service is so fast that it doesn’t really feel like you wait long at all. Everyone of the workers are always cool and knowledgeable.read more
Ryan Phelps
Ryan P.
16:35 05 Jul 21
A decent selection, but could be better. Prices a bit high, but not terrible. Great customer service though.
Jessica Osif
Jessica O.
07:41 29 May 21
I always love these dispensaries ! They have amazing and helpful staff!This is my regular dispensary and they always remember me and we have good conversation! Best deals and line always goes really fast. I'm usually in and out and I've never waited more than 15 min.read more
Wisdom Amegashie
Wisdom A.
14:54 04 May 21
The staff is so friendly and personable. They are very knowledgeable of products in which they carry. The Manager Squirrel is phenomenal!! I'm sure she is not being paid enough! I love this place! Thank you for you! 💓read more
Jason Mangini
Jason M.
17:59 14 Apr 21
Switched over after two years of my dispensary in Addison. and I was pretty impressed when I walked inside they had a giant bong😭. and they had cool decorations, the staff were cool and they gave me the $20 off discount. and it's pretty cool how you order on kiosk. and you go up to the counter and they have your stuff ready. so overall great experience.read more
16:05 01 Apr 21
Cheapest prices we’ve found in Illinois. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. The “sales person” on the floor was super honest about what he had tried or had heard about. All around great experience.read more
Taylor Clark
Taylor C.
17:36 31 Mar 21
Cheapest prices we’ve found in Illinois. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. The “sales person” on the floor was super honest about what he had tried or had heard about. All around great experience.read more
Kent Sears
Kent S.
22:47 14 Mar 21
I feel like they CAN'T get my discounts correct. I have SAVED so much more RECREATIONAL rather than MEDICAL. There is NO LOGIC in that EXCEPT trying to get MORE MONEY and NOT give ALL the FULL discounts I AM ENTITLED TO ACCORDING TO THEIR POLICIES. LOVE that they offer "Medical Mondays" with 15% off everything for Medical patients.read more
Natalie Moore
Natalie M.
23:43 07 Mar 21
By far my favorite dispensary in the area. Being able to choose curbside checkout is amazing! It definitely suits my lifestyle well and I'm so appreciative! Inside or out, the staff are friendly, helpful and fast!! They also offer discounts for medical patients on Mondays which is such a help!read more
Catherine McPherson
Catherine M.
00:20 28 Jan 21
Love this place. Most importantly I am very impressed by both this store's and its employees ability to be the best of the best. Welcoming vibe. Knowledgeable staff with great personalities.read more
Armin Alam
Armin A.
16:33 17 Jan 21
The staff was nice and I didn't really have to wait much, but I have only been here once. Prices seems to be similar to other dispensaries. There are special discount days that I wished I knew about. The rewards program is minimal, but it's better than nothing.read more
00:56 14 Jan 21
Verilife offers a box of about $300 worth of product when I registered. However, switched to here because of the competitive prices and variety of products. Can't forget to say that Ryan is super awesome and it's always great to see him move quickly through the line to keep it a quick trip.read more
Quanesia Brown
Quanesia B.
22:00 06 Jan 21
Ryan aka RJ is an amazing associate! Saved me some money & GREAT customer service!! You cannot beat that!
Debbie Honn
Debbie H.
21:50 30 Dec 20
The staff is great and always helpful. They even do drive up pickup for us medical customers. Check out their website site before you go so you know what products are available. I order on line then go pickup my order.read more
Sara Bustamante
Sara B.
20:07 20 Dec 20
Super friendly staff!! Better prices compared to other dispensaries. Will definitely come back!
Andrew L
Andrew L
19:27 14 Dec 20
Thanks for providing curbside pickup for medical cardholders. Occasional sales and decent selection. Glad they kept curbside after rec was allowed in Naperville. Top medical dispensary in dupage county in my opinion.read more
Karen Lampl
Karen L.
19:18 22 Nov 20
Great place👍😁, staff super helpful. However, no signage, mabey a village thing, but look for blue and white construction company sign on left. Happy trails🥳read more
JD Gallegos
23:28 20 Nov 20
After the remodel, the waiting and service area are laid out nicely with the space available.The staff is great and is educated on the product available and provide valuable information.Online ordering is also available, as well as kiosk ordering.Steps are taken to mitigate covid spread and Security is also on site.Overall a great place to satisfy your needs for medical and recreational purposes.read more
Debra Wolcott
Debra W.
16:23 20 Nov 20
I really love the staff. I've only been to this dispensary, three times. I received an incorrect product I don't even know how to use. The phone staff was unhelpful and actually rude. Honestly the four stars are based completely by my awesome in-store experiences. Expensive lesson to learn.read more
Justin K
Justin K
00:03 13 Nov 20
I’ve had nothing but great experiences at Rise Naperville. They were absolutely slammed today but still they focus on their medical patients and treat as a priority. Jaime @ Rise really went the extra today and turned an unfortunate situation into a great experience. While other places lack the patient focus, Jaime and the crew at Rise still provide outstanding customer support! I’ll be back again soon. Thanks!read more
Casey “Big Lee” Lilek
Casey “Big Lee” L.
20:00 11 Nov 20
Its a great experience. The large inside will surprise you. They decorate with cool accessories and the Flower is Best in State consistently have many varieties to choose from with THC levels between 28% - 35% and the workers are just great.read more
Kyndal Keener
Kyndal K.
22:44 07 Nov 20
I love this place! Clean and open environment. Plenty of parking. AWESOME EMPLOYEES. Quick and Easy.
18:00 01 Nov 20
This place is nothing compared to what it use to be. 3c was better. It's not the staff just the company itself. Since they went rec ive felt a change and don't feel comfortable going in anymore. Idk maybe its just me but products are still good and seem to be more stocked now that they are rec. Definitely miss 3c.read more
22:42 15 Oct 20
Checked the newly recreational Rise out. To my surprise, there was no wait on a 2 pm weekday. The staff was very friendly, especially my budtender. There are markers on the floor for social distancing. The self use kiosks are simple and kept clean. I would absolutely recommend this dispensary.read more
Susan Jones
Susan J.
17:59 13 Oct 20
Please streamline your ordering procedures for people who do not have the current O/S on their smartphones. This is not the case with other dispensaries BTW. Also, your web site needs updating, as there was no mention that one could order on-line and in store at your NP location. Finally, I should not have to wait for 3 texts to shop in store.Nothing like losing customers to your competitors.read more
16:11 11 Oct 20
Great experience - quick and easy. Social distancing was enforced, which I appreciated. It looks nice on the inside.The only problem was with the online waitlist which, when I called, I was told to join. I was stuck in 49th place for like 5 hours so I just drove to the store. When I walked up, there was only a short wait and I was in and out in 10 minutes.read more
Tim Marcus
Tim M.
23:56 09 Oct 20
Great experience! Very friendly staff! I do recommend!
A Seeley
A S.
19:01 08 Oct 20
Folks here are courteous and knowledgeable, and the setup is safe and super efficient without making you feel rushed like cattle. Great products, great selection, and pricing too: rec taxes here seem noticeably lower than what north aurora or st Charles charge (that, or RISE Naperville just has far better pre-tax pricing). Either way, great experience here, def recommending this place to fam & friends! 👍😁👍read more
Emily koster
Emily K.
14:08 29 Sep 20
My happy place! Every single person that works here is amazing. The medical weed is outstanding. Curbside pick up is always smooth regardless if they get busy. The security guard is friendly and even if the lines are full it does not take 30 minutes. Anyone that gives this place a bad review just disregard because this is the only dispensary I would want to come too.read more
Me Myself
Me M.
15:49 28 Sep 20
Always helpful crew here. You may need to ask for help sometimes because of the extremely heavy traffic in and out of 3C. But they always help out whenever needed. They’re respectful, honest and most definitely customer friendly.read more
Jeremy Maxwell
Jeremy M.
18:09 27 Sep 20
They haven't adjusted to doing business during COVID with any sense of efficiency. Their budtenders are usually high, and the customer service is unsatisfactory. They lost my medical records. They've outsourced their phone number to a call center. When I questioned this, the budtenders said they weren't responsible for corporate's decisions. That's not helpful at all. They're owned by GTI Laboratories who makes the Mary's Medicinal transdermal patches. I use these patches to help with my spinal stenosis; however, they're often out of stock at 3C. When I asked if they could put more on order for me, they told me they have no control over their inventory despite being owned by GTI Laboratories. They waste your time while waiting in line. They will continuously bring other people their orders first despite the fact that you arrived well before other patients. They frequently make errors on your order and still don't allow patients indoors. There are so many better dispensaries in Illinois, and I'll be moving my medical card to Zen Leaf in Aurora once they finally open.read more
16:44 09 Sep 20
The service is awesome and the selection is really good. Most shops don't carry 14g/28g size consistently but 3c does, and at realistic prices.read more
Aiden Ocun
Aiden O.
18:35 05 Sep 20
Long lines expect to be there 30min for a a box of prerolls😭😭
Coiled Vapor
Coiled V.
16:45 29 Aug 20
Great dispensarie
Dave Epert
Dave E.
17:21 11 Aug 20
Never even got my first order. Luckily I called before going in to be sure they had my change of dispensary, because they didn’t. Then gave me number to state of Illinois cannabis program to verify. So I called them long story short 3c were not using up to date software. unbelievable that a medical only dispensary would allow this to happen. Even after I jumped through hoops waited on hold I got no apology for THEIR mistake. And when I called back to find out how to use veterans discount online because that’s all they do I was put on hold so long that I was able to change dispensaries online again before they picked up. 3C stands for Can’t Consume Cannabis here!read more
Paul Pratapas
Paul P.
04:56 09 Aug 20
Went here to pick an online order up. I have autism and PTSD related to police and security with guns which 3c knew about this based on my conversations with staff in the past and it was added to the notes in my account. An alternative pick up process was established.Today upon picking up my order and following the predetermined and approved process the gun toting security guard approached and followed me making rude and disrespectful comments and directing me to do things which are not his concern. At the time he had both a chair and a company vehicle, but was working outside the scope of his role as security. I was 150 ft from the door on my way to check in with the people I signed access to my private medical information to when he began harassing me. After explaining my plans and the situation to him and that he was triggering me, I made several requests for him to stand back, he refused and continued verbally disrespecting me and triggering my condition despite many attempts to end the interaction.After I walked away I requested a manager, but then requested to close my ready order and leave. I was more or less detained and made to stay and talk to the manager who was off site, but once back equally inept and insulting. The security guard went and talked to him before me and made false statements regarding what happened and what I said.I was then subjected to further disrespect by Manager Greg who was extremely narcissistic dangling not handing me my order and being banned from the dispensary in front of me in an attempt to cover up for what was happening. Again I had asked three people around a thousand times for them to close my order and let me be on my way.I highly discourage hiring former law enforcement as security as they have absolutely no verbal intervention or de-escalation skills. They have a tendency to think disrespect is ok because as a police officer they never had accountability.According to 3c rules and procedures, gun toting security guards are allowed to control and disrespect medical patients. And if you cuss in response, they will ban you from you having access to your medicine in your own town.Manager Greg and the security guard should be fired and replaced with someone who can do more than count money. I plan on reporting Greg's abuse of power and attempts to manipulate me via restricting my access to medication on the basis of covering his failures of staff to the IDPH. The security guard who lied as well. As a resident of Naperville for 36 years, 3C can make like a tree and get the heck outta here. As a former substance abuse counselor who also worked and was injured at the psych hospital at least one 3C staff member was a patient at and who is put the note in for me. I am blown away by the narcissism and level of disrespect by a business who operates in violation of Federal, on a special circumstance outdoor exemption and sells medicine at above black market prices. I am going encourage The State of Illinois to provide the permit to an adult organization with the ability to do more than be a drug dealer with a tax bill.One star is too high for this place. They deserve a black hole because they suck. Go anywhere else and good day sir.read more
Erin Ware
Erin W.
12:15 24 Jul 20
This facility and it's employees deserve all the stars! Beth, Kourtnee, and Michelle were very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. They made the process less overwhelming for me. Thanks for your compassionate care.read more
Best place ever They take care of you Always fresh new items Follow me for all reviews medicine man patient 1 on Instagramread more
space tdk
space T.
19:13 22 May 20
Drive tru is a hot mess. No line order. .wait till you pick up a order.
David Fremouw
David F.
22:56 11 May 20
The best customer service through the covid19 pandemic. I know it’s been rough for all of us but the team of people that work here, they always are friendly respectful helpful.... even in the rain during pickups there all so positive. Keep up the great work!God bless you all and be safe.read more
laurel moss
laurel M.
18:22 19 Apr 20
What an amazing community dedicated to my health/well being with their invaluable knowledge! I miss being able to chat with them one on one but hey! Thanks for being open❤️I would suggest that 3C management review the space in Naperville and the amount of traffic that's coming through the door. MORE space for customers but also the BACK room. You have employees literally on top of one another. Money shouldn't be an obstacle since your prices are outrageous compared to other states where pots legit! Thanks, Laurelread more
Kathy Hirsch
Kathy H.
04:55 09 Apr 20
A wonderful group of young people who are dedicated to their craft and their patients with over the top knowledge of all products and procedures. Thank you not only for continuing to work under these conditions, but for continuing your legacy of compassion and kindness. God Bless 💗🌈read more
12:14 07 Feb 20
The customer service is amazing, everyone’s very helpful and caring. Shout out to Beth for being so nice and helping.
MandieMayhem 420
MandieMayhem 4.
23:01 05 Feb 20
EDIT: There's a whole lotta Guys & Dolls who are claiming to be former patients of 3C Naperville that are making noise about shortages in product. The Dispensary isn't at fault. IL Producers, Cultivators, and Distributors (which I would now just say are One Big Buisness) are making it rough for most Dispensaries. IL admitted publicly; they had no infrastructure ready for 01/01/20. This strange division that is currently taking place between the Cultivators/Distributors and Dispensaries in all of IL is glaringly obvious evidence of this. Uproar & be angry at me, but I did my research. These Buisnesses that sell canabbis have NO legal ramifications around anything they do , their company practices are self monitored, and most painfully IL did no research in order to create an MSRP or even a Price Cap by law. Businesses can charge whatever they want, for all products, and flux it up or down for whomever THEY see fit. I'm sure a lot of us from Illinois can see WHICH CULTIVATORS are now much BIGGER BUSINESSES. Businesses work for MONEY. All about that final dollar; the bottom line. Please don't get me wrong! I am not saying that all Distributors are this way, but what I am saying is there are a few VERY LARGE Companies in Illinois, (I'm sure most people know at least a couple of them. I'm not going to be name dropping here) but beside the few that are HUGE, less & less that are smaller and next to none of the very small businesses actually survive start up in Illinois. These Big Businesses lost their LOVE/PASSION of OUR GREEN to lust over a brand NEW GREEN. Most humans who come upon money like that, especially so quickly, make more as fast as they can, at all costs, out of fear of failure. Nothing personal against them. Honest to Bob, it's a natural human behavior. I would hate to become quickly rich because I honestly don't know who I would be and neither do you. For example it's why MANY Lottery Winners have such bad/hard lives AFTER they win. Enough people to where it's widely known to be a "curse" to win Lotto. The saying "Money is the Root of All Evil" exists for a reason. These now Big Companies, were once small upstart Production & Distribution Companies. IL Dispensaries were getting most to all of their Medicinal Products for the last 6 YEARS from these new little IL operations, some turned major supplier & are monopolizing the IL market. If the supplier's are gouging us into a Shark Market (whoever pays the most is GONNA GET the product). I think most little dispensaries, like 3C Naperville (which opted out of Rec due to it's small size well before it was a municipality thing) are having problems with their supply. It is NOT only 3c, but all over. The patients who go for MEDICATION they need, not to buy shtick to get high, will not leave 3C unless they stop operating. IF they are out of your choice in meds; they always have a product to introduce you to. That is near exact, if not better than, the product you were choosing yourself. Once the dust settles and IL starts to regulate (just like EVERY other legal state) all will calm down. Price wise, availablity wise, and a multitude of new Canabbis products to fall in love with.OK.. NOW ABOUT THE 3C ITSELF:I effing love the PEOPLE who work here. Like... come on... the same products (or lack there of) can be found in a WHOLE LOTTA of places in IL.. all at about the same prices. ☆With the obvious tax differences for Recreational.☆ So then you work it down to the PEOPLE who you will be working with, to decide where to go and what to do, yeah? Yea. The people here are INCREDIBLE. In their knowledge, in their kindness, just as people... they are fantastic. You will never leave 3c without a smile on your face and a little paper goodie bag of "yippie skippie!" I promise you.MEDICAL ONLY. N0 EXCEPTIONS.read more
goodnight goon
goodnight G.
18:59 31 Jan 20
Went here today when they opened 1/31/19 around 10am. It was my first time and a bud tender (or maybe manager he was very professional) named Daniel Corral helped me out. He brought me back to the room where patients purchase the medication and gave me a run down of how everything worked. He oversaw my order an was very patient and friendly. All the other patients seemed to love him and he had a great attitude. The dispensary itself was very clean and I left feeling very satisfied with my purchase (vape carts and a pre roll) and Will definitely be back. 5 star experience for sure felt very comfortableread more
Neil Cordes
Neil C.
20:24 29 Jan 20
The staff here is amazing they make good suggestions for what you are looking for. They are all friendly and knowledgeable.read more
Rob Reuss
Rob R.
01:35 25 Jan 20
Exceptional patient/client service. Will coordinate with your needs quickly and kindly.
MandieMayhem 420
MandieMayhem 4.
17:28 23 Jan 20
I absolutely love the PEOPLE who work here. Like... come on... the product can be found in ALOT of places in IL.. all about the same prices. So then you work it down to the people who you will be working with, to decide where to go, yeah? Yea. The people here are INCREDIBLE. In their knowledge, in their kindness, just as people... they are fantastic. You will never leave 3c without a smile on your face. I promise you. MEDICAL ONLY. N0 EXCEPTIONS.read more
Christopher TheCarpenter
Christopher T.
18:53 07 Jan 20
I just actually switched over to the Naperville dispensary because the former dispensary is recreational and I cant find parking, and the wait is very long. So upon coming to Naperville I was impressed, the selection and quality was fantastic. I knew I made the right choice, the staff was very knowledgeable and polite, the facility was clean and well kept. I would recommend this dispensary as a first choice for many different reasons, your expectations will be exceeded here at Naperville. 😁read more
17:07 07 Jan 20
Just a terrible experience all together. In colorado I was buying 4g jars of diamonds and sauce for $80. Over here its $68 for a half gram. And when I do spend the $100+ on 1g half of the gram was on the lid of the container. It's common practice to keep these types of products in a cool dark area right side up. How inexperienced can you guys be? These people aren't on our side they dont care about the patients all that matters is the profit... On top of that the selection sucks RIP 3Cread more
MandieMayhem 420
MandieMayhem 4.
18:47 05 Jan 20
I absolutely love the PEOPLE who work here. Like... come on... the product can be found in ALOT of places in IL.. all about the same prices. So then you work it down to the people who you will be working with, to decide where to go, yeah? Yea. The people here are INCREDIBLE. In their knowledge, in their kindness, just as people... they are fantastic. You will never leave 3c without a smile on your face. I promise you. Ps....medical only.read more
Susan Janousek
Susan J.
02:12 28 Dec 19
Everyone is very helpful and polite. They are knowable with their products and helpful when I first start going there and are clueless about cannabisread more
Taylor Leskovar
Taylor L.
18:51 26 Dec 19
My boyfriend and I went for the first time today. I have bad ptsd, insomnia, etc. Nick helped us talk through what would be the best for me and told us his thoughts on different products. He was super helpful and kind.read more
Edie Billich
Edie B.
19:27 21 Dec 19
I am a 60-year-old woman who has not smoked weed in over 20 years. Now that I have several medical conditions and the prescription pills they gave me don’t work I have found that I can finally sleep at night taking edibles and smoking a Vape I sleep so good I don’t want to get up in the morning. As far as the staff there they are on a scale from 1 to 10 they are 20. Just a wonderful group of people That makes you feel comfortableread more
K Mains
K M.
19:06 17 Dec 19
3C engages in predatory business practices. For over a MONTH they would make patents wait in a waiting room for a 1/2 hour or more only to tell them that they were out of flower. While this shortage is taking place, they sent out daily texts to customers advertising the strains “available”. Instead of sending a notice in the daily text or putting a sign on the entrance, 3C intentionally made customers wait for long periods of time only to inform them that the dispensary is out of the one item they should always have. This psychological tactic is simple, make patients wait in a waiting room for an extended period of time, get them in front of the menu, then let them know they can only buy concentrates, edibles, vape carts/pens, ect. This makes purchase of unwanted goods appealing to the customer who wouldn’t have waited otherwise. The intentionally predatory business practices 3C engages in take advantage of terminally ill patients who no longer have time to waste. I went back to my former local supplier and am never looking back.read more
Tony C
Tony C
21:09 07 Nov 19
I've worked in the cannabis industry for some time in Oregon. I was excited to check out my first dispensary as a new medical patient, until I walked into the showroom of 3C. They try to pull off the whole "sitting in a doctor's office" vibe, but fail to impress experienced buyers. Their menu is pretty bad, they don't have any half ounce or ounce prices, when I asked those questions the bud-tender seemed like that was an odd question? I was very off put that they didn't let you smell or inspect any of the buds. That's a big selling point for most people. They have an embarrassing stock of actual flower buds(Quality is fine). I wasted an hour and a half (including driving) to wait 25 mins in their waiting room only to be brought in and told they were completely out of pot. I would've like to know things like that before I wasted 25 mins waiting to be seen. The hours of operation are, how do you say interesting. I'm trying to keep in perspective I worked for the biggest dispensary company in the country. I guess I was just spoiled and holding other dispensaries to a high standard. It seems that 3c is still learning how to sell weed... I'm eagerly waiting for my actual card so I can switch to another dispensaryread more
04:05 07 Nov 19
This place has no flower the last few weeks literally only have three options isn’t a dispensary supposed to have product? They keep saying there is shortage yet all other dispensaries in area are stocked. Thankfully it is easy to switch online to new dispensary and takes only 24 hrs to get confirmation and you can be in your new place I am heading over to North Aurora.read more
Kyle Jungkans
Kyle J.
18:31 06 Nov 19
Was going good first couple of years now it has gone down hill. They open an express lane and never obied by the express lane still sit in there for at least 20 min. And mind you I let them know I have kids that are in the car waiting and still look right by you going to be switching despensarys terrible service now and never have stock and when you order threw express they have what you need when looking at menu then you make order and I want to say about 60% of the time you get text back that they dont have what you need terrible.read more
Matt Heffler
Matt H.
02:57 01 Aug 19
Ridiculous Illinois law aside this place is pretty solid. Their prices are high if you're comparing to a recreational state like CO or WA, but for IL it is about market rate. I'm leaving a five star review because the people that work there are courteous, the location works for me, and the hours are reasonable. If you're used to dispensaries on the west coast, this may be a bit of a culture shock. Hopefully things get better in January when the market opens up a bit. Only time will tell. Keep up the good work 3C!read more
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