Rise Dispensary in Niles, IL

9621 N Milwaukee Ave
Niles, IL 60714

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10am – 8pm
Sun: 10am – 7pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Rise is a marijuana dispensary location open at 9621 N Milwaukee Ave in Niles, IL 60714.

Rise menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age. This Rise dispensary is adult use only.

For Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor, the closest Rise for medical use is in Mundelein.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

RiSE Niles Products

What People Are Saying

Chris Killion
Chris K.
23:18 26 Nov 21
⬆️ (Base rating for the site)⬇️ (My rating)Store: 10/10 starsStaff: 10/10 starsExperience: I absolutely love coming to the store! Not only for the products but for the staff as well!! They are some of the nicest, genuine, most accommodating people I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with!! I’D giveread more
Lymari Quintana
Lymari Q.
13:15 21 Nov 21
We ventured into this dispensary for the very first time ever last night. From the moment we walked in, everyone was very kind, welcoming and helpful. From the person checking IDs to the person that checked me out. I almost left w the best feeling/experience until “purple hair” from behind the plexiglass chose to yell at us, while assisting another customer because I was showing a friend what items I purchased. Let me preface this by saying I’m from out of state and my friends are from Germany visiting a recent graduate so we were unaware of the expectation/law that all items must stay in the bag until we leave the dispensary. Makes sense and I immediately apologized and we quickly scurried out of there. We were certainly not there to fight the system or challenge any laws in place so to be yelled at like we were not fully developed adults with the ability to respond to directions simply, was startling, unprofessional and unnecessary. We only hope “purple hair” had a better evening and managed to treat everyone else walking in respectfully. I’d give every other employee we interacted with a 5.read more
Drake Dietrick
Drake D.
22:44 11 Nov 21
Outstanding staff…and service is excellent. I cannot confirm or deny that their product line…is ‘noteworthy’.
Delmino Palermo
Delmino P.
22:32 08 Nov 21
We came from out of state to the Niles location. Every product we left with was top class. Scotty, the manager took good care of us.read more
katherine irving
katherine I.
23:11 07 Nov 21
Wow… I am just sitting in the parking lot in awe. I ran to write this review for you Zach. He is one of the assistant managers, and he is ab-so-lutely amazing. We had been having a couple issues with the carts we were buying, and when my fiancé came in to explain- it was not a good experience and my fiancé left very upset. The security team treated him poorly, and for that I am upset. He is a plumber/manual laborer works long hours, with blood sweat and tears. When the third cart leaked, he felt like $70 of his money just flushed down the toilet. And he buys them for me because I am suffering from horrible postpartum depression.So I went in. Upset, and showed them the pictures ( when I called the support team they said show video. so I was confused ) but when they saw the actual pictures of the oil leaked, Zach knew it was real.Not only that but he treated me with such kindness and respectfulness, that made meburst into tears. ( thank you PPD 🤦‍♀️) but he deserves everything that’s good in this world! Seriously, he was that amazing. Thank you for the reimbursement and your loyal customer will be back in a few days.Security- be mindful that not everyone with tattoos needs to be escorted out. Do not be discriminatory, don’t ever accuse a loyal customer of scamming you when we’ve spent thousands of dollars there. Totally inexcusable!!But Zach, you’re the best. Honestly anyone who goes there just know if you’re dealing with Zach you’ll be a very happy customer. But he’s higher up, because he d*mn well deserves it!!!!!read more
Johnny Wolf
Johnny W.
23:24 28 Oct 21
There's really nothing to dislike about Rise Niles. I've never had to wait here, good selection and good specials. Very chill and welcoming environment which is great but I'm never in the building for more than a few minutes until I'm back on my way out the door smiling.read more
Sandra Jacobs
Sandra J.
15:38 23 Oct 21
Nice dispensary. Very friendly staff. Shout out to Maddie who was helpful and pleasant and made my experience extra special.read more
17:15 07 Oct 21
Really excellent service, good selection of products. Pretty wide variety of flower, which is great for me. Thanks!
Russell Rowe
Russell R.
17:10 03 Oct 21
Honest and fast service!!!U get every gram you pay for. Very nice people and service!
la' LOR
la' L.
19:10 01 Oct 21
Bunch of Karen’s and Kyle’s over there; you’ll never get another one of my dollars again! Enjoy your faceDiapers - slaves.read more
Kathleen Weiss
Kathleen W.
03:12 17 Sep 21
Super friendly staff and a good selection. They only take cash and debit cards. No credit cards.
Chris Baylaender
Chris B.
00:34 03 Sep 21
Efficient service and well-managed. Easy to get in and out. Not a dispensary that’s like the DMV, or one that makes you jump through hoops to buy a plant , or looks pretty yet is still poorly managed. Nice job riseread more
00:09 20 Aug 21
Friendly atmosphere, great selection of edibles and flower. They take cash only. Was in and out less than 5 min.
Samuel Velazquez
Samuel V.
04:59 10 Aug 21
My go to dispensary! Always great and friendly workers, they are always ready to answer your questions. Highly recommend coming here.read more
William Baloney
William B.
17:28 03 Aug 21
The staff was very friendly and helpful. Ordering was quick and easy. Would definitely go back again
Elmer Velasquez
Elmer V.
14:19 17 Jun 21
I’m sorry but the prices here tend to be the highest and for some reason some of their in-house brands are really dry. Perhaps because they don’t seal their products?.... Also they are not big on specials, still a cool place to get something if you need it.read more
Angels of Death Airsoft
Angels of Death A.
21:53 08 Jun 21
Received 7g Shine shake with the seal TAPED TO THE CAP. Called and was told to take a picture and video and bring it to the dispensary. Came to the dispensary and was told that Shine manufactures them with tape on the seal. Guess I'll go home and hope nobody tampered with my cannabis. I won't be back anytime soon, and will hold this one star review until someone proves to me that all Shine product is received with clear tape on the seal. I've wasted my time and money.read more
peter Birica
peter B.
17:24 16 May 21
What a bunch of unprofessional kids they don’t know how to work the registers. I wanted to purchase $300 worth of product I come here all the time ..be my last time coming in. I asked him nice if I could use some of my points and they were saying that I don’t have any points finally I have to ask to three managers to come and verified finally they found me.... I asked for my money back it took them 15 minutes to give me my money back they have to go to three for managers ...Bunch of criminals 40% on Texas...read more
m. h. p. mke (EM)
m. h. p. mke (.
06:34 10 Apr 21
I've been going somewhere else - A different rise. Until I went here today. The other place isn't bad... kinda, but this place was so, so far better. So much so I almost don't want to leave too good of a review because this is my special spot now. I'm kidding. Employees are consistently phenomenal, and truly work hard to help their customers. All of them. If all employees cared about their jobs and their customers like Niles, the world would be a much different place. Much respect to all of you who keep that place a pleasure to do business with. 10 out of 5 stars. That sh*t really matters, and in a society with a bar set so beyond low it's amazing to see such a great team. Thanks, and thanks x1000000 on behalf of everyone who takes you all for granted.read more
Hvac Company
Hvac C.
16:26 21 Feb 21
This place is amazing, Andre is the man. He is a great person and help me all the time. Love to see you as a manger, I come here cause Andre gives me good service and Love. Rise Go Team Andre your the man. Thanks for a Great Serviceread more
01:43 15 Jan 21
I love this place. Never any lines, quick in and out. The employees are super nice and HIGHLY helpful too! (Pun intended! LOL)Easy and great location as well, right on the corner of Golf and Milwaukee. Even if it is a little out of the way, it's worth it in the long run. Happy High Times!!🤪😜😆🤑read more
Alexander McGinn
Alexander M.
20:13 07 Jan 21
Was there last Sunday , bought some pre-rolls and my car radiator hose clamp fell off when I was leaving. The security guard at the time (forgot his name) helped me out trying to find a fix and (Ryan) the store worker/mechanic fixed her right up. Great place and awesome workers who go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need.read more
Matt Alban
Matt A.
23:31 30 Dec 20
Great place with friendly and knowledgeable staff! They will answer any question you have and if they don't know they find someone that does. Highly recommend this place! (Every pun intended). 😉☮️read more
Richard Theilen
Richard T.
18:35 22 Dec 20
Lots of cars parked in lot , I expected to wait forever, but to my surprise it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I shopped at their competition before I discovered this location and they now have me for life as a customer. The team member who helped me was fantastic, just wished I remembered his name. Extremely helpful advice and willing to explain what I asked about. Please do yourself a favor and visit this location, you won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!read more
My first experience at the Niles store is amazing. The store is clean, interesting and friendly customer service. Product is high quality too. I love all Rise stores so far.read more
Steve Kim
Steve K.
23:09 15 Nov 20
Very good customer service Always can trust rise with high quality products. The Recreational menu is always up to date with the best marijuana products manufactured on the market and will never be dry.read more
Mike Rivera
Mike R.
18:16 06 Nov 20
Poor customer service, lack of quality products pictures speak for them selves...Update: was given a replacement, better customer service and support. For reference I’d ask to speak to the 1 up for resolution. Thanks againread more
Chris Meyer
Chris M.
16:52 18 Oct 20
Super friendly, convenient, efficient and good selection. I have many dispensary’s closer to me, but I prefer the drive to rise for hospitality and customer service. A+read more
Karl Rouse
Karl R.
19:32 06 Oct 20
I liked the experience and everyone was helpful and friendly. It was my first visit to a dispensary and the only thing I didn't like, is that they scan your drivers license. To me, that's a violation of privacy. Sure, check my age, but who has access to my information? I'm not sure if it's a requirement by law or not, but it's bogus! I'd give 5 stars if not for that.read more
Sharon I
Sharon I
15:49 01 Oct 20
I can't rate on products because I walked out after I saw the set up. I know probably not a useful review but I didn't like what the shopping experience. It felt cold. I have been to many dispensaries in different states. I want to have fun when I can finally shop legalized marijuana! And so I drive to another dispensaryread more
Oleksandr Kolomiets
Oleksandr K.
02:03 20 Sep 20
Knowledgeable staff. CBD selection that works miracles, thankful for the ointments available.
Michael Russo
Michael R.
18:27 19 Sep 20
Great staff and service. Ability to preorder and use debit card makes shopping a breeze.
Kelly Chris
Kelly C.
19:52 13 Sep 20
This location is awesome. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes, the staff are super friendly, and the location is huge! I'll be shopping here from now on. 🙂read more
Lawrence Liebman
Lawrence L.
03:09 12 Sep 20
This is a class operation from being greeted at the door, to the speed at which pre-orders are ready. Also, FYI, I did a quick examination of other Illinois rec-only dispensaries and this one has the highest average THC count of any of them. It also helps that it is .8 miles from my house. And, they frequently have Brownie Scout. I'll wait while you look up that strain. And, they have a very welcome 55+ 10% discount.read more
Scott Julio
Scott J.
05:55 10 Sep 20
Great people
19:11 05 Sep 20
RISE is clean and very nicely laid out, and the employees are super helpful and friendly. There are dispensaries closer to my house, but this place is worth the drive!read more
anthony key
anthony K.
15:04 04 Sep 20
Awesome herbs, great staff. They are really friendly and always willing to help and guide.
Marcy Driskell
Marcy D.
12:59 02 Sep 20
Wonderful first time experience on Monday. Denzel was very helpful! I was looking for several products and he was very knowledgeable. Lines flowed quickly.. plenty of help.. plenty of product. Next visit will not take as long now that I see how the process works!read more
Scott Goldstein
Scott G.
21:58 27 Aug 20
Jonathan A.
Jonathan A.
20:57 25 Aug 20
It's clean, it's efficient, and you're in and out in no time.My only issue is the lack of choices available, but that really isn't Rise's fault. I believe Illinois has strict regulations on what can be sold in store, including limiting retail to items cultivated in Illinois. Other states don't have that same issue, so you'll see giant selections at stores in Washington State and Colorado.All in all, Rise does a good job. Like I said, it's efficient, lines and short and you get your stuff quickly with minimal waiting at all times of the day. Their staff is also super friendly.read more
Josh Johnson
Josh J.
23:10 24 Aug 20
Friendly and helpful!
14:22 15 Aug 20
Best shopping experience ever it would be nice if all stores would treat their customers the way rise does
Maryellen R
Maryellen R
16:14 13 Aug 20
First timer!!! Big fan. Clean. FRIENDLY, I mean I've never met a mean stoner, but I'm just saying. Will be back. You guys are doing great, keep it up!read more
Shari Stewart
Shari S.
08:52 09 Aug 20
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place. Every staff member is knowledgeable and super friendly. Wonderful experience every time I stop by.read more
Madison R
Madison R
21:28 06 Aug 20
In terms of customer service, I always get friendly service from all the patient care specialists. The only reason why I give it 4 stars is it's lack of flower options, due to the fact that medical is priority. Only 2 days out of the week they re-up so people buy most of the inventory out in a matter of 2 hours.read more
johanna kriz
johanna K.
14:11 06 Aug 20
My dream come true! Knowledgeable and courteous staff. Truly laid back and chill. I want to work here!
Joey Maltese-Miller
Joey M.
23:03 04 Aug 20
From the minute I walked in, I was greeted by friendly and knowledgeable and helpful staff. After having just turned 21, my brother and I were welcomed into the store. Not only were the employees extremely helpful but they made the process a lot of fun! Specifically, my brother and I talked extensively with Ryan and Patrick who were both great. Denzel rang us out and provided the same next level service alongside the manager Mike. Recommending that everyone take a step into Rise and let these awesome people get you right.read more
Alicia B
Alicia B
18:08 02 Aug 20
I love Rise so much. I started at the Mundelein store because it's close to my house, but occasionally we've gone to Niles and I love thia store. It's insanely huge, clean, inclusive and all the staff that I've dealt with have been awesome. Highly recommend this store!read more
20:13 25 Jul 20
The service is great! I was not sure what I really should buy. A nice man named Denzel explained to me the different products and what he thought would be beneficial to my needs. No wait time. Such an awesome friendly staff.read more
03:58 22 Jul 20
Excellent service. Great products. Very well thought out management.Super bonus extra points for the lovely workers there who are very helpful and friendly!read more
Doug Klein
Doug K.
22:32 17 Jul 20
Amazing customer service. All the people there are extremely polite and considerate. I highly recommend going here. Weekends are very busy so expect a wait time.read more
piotr glinko
piotr G.
20:40 16 Jul 20
Best selection in all of the dispensaries in the area. Immaculate customer service, always a pleasant experience! Keep it up you guys!read more
Ez P
Ez P
19:48 16 Jul 20
Nice and welcoming staff. Big menu that also shows you reviews on their product. A little on the pricey side. Flower runs out quick.read more
Diana Buitrago
Diana B.
20:05 11 Jul 20
Super fast and friendly service. Tre (I think that was his name) was extremely helpful and helped us with questions we had. We’re from out of state so dispensaries are completely new to us. Definitely made our fist experience smooth as possible.read more
16:46 10 Jul 20
Ordered online, first time going to a dispensers. The process was quick and painless. The staff was very helpful. 100% recommend everybody checks them out.read more
Jin n Juice
Jin n J.
22:09 06 Jul 20
Excellent service. Great products. Very well thought out management.Super bonus extra points for the lovely workers there who are very helpful and friendly!read more
04:34 25 Jun 20
The service is great! I was not sure what I really should buy. A nice man explained to me the different products and what he thought would be beneficial to my needs. No wait time. That was great! I wish that they would get in pre rolled flower more often.read more
Bianca Pena-Torrez
Bianca P.
19:30 21 Jun 20
Amazing Experience, customer service exceptional! Super friendly environment and professional polite staff.I was helped by an awesome young man named Ryan(hope that's how you spell it) I've been to other dispensaries and this one by far takes the cake as far as customer service. He was very knowledgeable about the products sold at this location and was great enough to make some recommendations based on the products I was purchasing that day. He also helped explain in detail how Rise's reward system works and what to look forward to in the next coming weeks. Will most definitely be coming back to this specific location because of Ryan and the other staff as well! The wait times were not bad at all but wait is expected due to the high demand products they sell. Thanks RISE Niles! 💕read more
Aldona Birmantas
Aldona B.
18:19 19 Jun 20
I went here for this first time this past week. After hearing so many bad things about dispensaries since it became legal in IL, I was very impressed. I was able to place my order online. I went there to pick up and pay. It was very clean, reminded me a lot of the phone stores actually - so bright in there! Everyone was so friendly, they checked my id at two separate points (so people worrying about that - they are very careful), and then I paid and picked up my stuff. There was about a 5 minute wait to pay, but that was it. No hours-long wait only to find out nothing was left.I had been contemplating going to Mundelein when I found out about the one in Niles. Much closer! And a great first experience at a dispensary.Products are also of really good quality.read more
Madeline Cooney
Madeline C.
00:38 06 Jun 20
Awesome dispensary in Niles. They have a large selection and you can get in and out quickly. Sarah at the register was amazing and so patient. Ryan really helped me out start to finish. He was super knowledgeable, helped me make my selections, and just absolutely went above and beyond. Overall such an awesome staff and shop. I’ll absolutely recommend this dispensary to others.read more
Johnathan Schiller
Johnathan S.
00:57 31 May 20
First off, I'm so happy you opened! Only 10 min drive. 🤘 Second, what an absolute pleasure to visit for the first time today. Everyone was so nice and made me feel so welcome. Great selection, beautiful setup, amazing staff! Looking forward to having RISE Niles as my go-to!read more
Used Pizza
Used P.
12:18 27 May 20
This new location has an amazing setup/display arrangement, similar to the Essence stores in Nevada! New tech and tablets, a few self-purchasing kiosk stations with touch screens that are cleaned after every use, and a amazing assortment of meds and products (including the merch area) for the community. Put down the pills and find some natural relief with cannabis and the amazing support team at this new location! Bravo RiSE, Bravo!👋👋👍✌️🖖🤙read more
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