Rise Dispensary in Quincy, IL

2703 Broadway St
Quincy, IL 62301

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 7pm
Sun: 9am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Rise is a marijuana dispensary location open at 2703 Broadway St in Quincy, IL 62301.

Rise menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

RiSE Quincy Products

What People Are Saying

Paula Campbell
Paula C.
16:15 16 Jul 21
Peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. The sales associates are so helpful.Prices are reasonable too.So thankful to have this convenient location to pickup my medicine.read more
Troy Smith
Troy S.
22:24 15 Jul 21
35 years and I'm finally able to pick up what keeps me same at a great store. Reception was informative and my buddtender was a bit green and happy I already knew what I wanted. Good job though Ray!!! Recommendedread more
George Kells
George K.
04:11 06 Jul 21
All around great service. From entry until. Exit. Great handicap accessible areas guard even held door for me in the rainread more
SisterSmiley Vibes
SisterSmiley V.
13:34 30 Jun 21
Very friendly budtender!!! Loved her! Great deal, considering legal prices. 😅 Super grateful this place exists and the weed is 🔥🔥🔥 I was pleased with my purchase, thank you!!!read more
Jamie Wooden
Jamie W.
11:29 16 Jun 21
I have been going here for over 8 months and recently they hired a bunch of new people who do not know what they are doing… Luckily Alex is usually there to take care of me, he is knowledgeable and friendly, not only that but he also try’s to find things on sale or discounted. Great bud tender! Wish they would put him on register more!read more
Gwen Patterson
Gwen P.
19:41 28 Apr 21
For whatever reason our order did not go through properly BUT what a great store! Well organized, very nice selection, excellent help. You won't be disappointed!read more
John Stiles
John S.
18:38 20 Apr 21
I've never been disappointed with them until today. My server forgot to offer me the free beverage and one year anniversary stickers. I've been a loyal customer since they opened.read more
Chad Stice
Chad S.
16:54 11 Apr 21
Place is usually great but last few times I’ve gone in the green was not that good I said something to them today how I was disappointed because I just spent 120 on bud and didn’t do anything for me and they was the ones who suggested it. So today I was being nice and asked if there was anything different lady got rude and I asked to speak with manager . Manger was rude to me when I tried to explain she got smart and rude I needed help I have epilepsy and never had such rude service from a place I have witness too that was right behind me they didn’t know that but yep we was together so if the owner would like to know truth get ahold of me wow is all I can say.read more
billy standage
billy S.
06:02 06 Apr 21
Rise has whatever you need from bud to grinders to creams. The staff are well trained in there job. The stores are clean and safe. I suggest if you are ever in the need for something different stop by there . I'm sure you wont be sorry.read more
Catina Delaney
Catina D.
18:40 27 Mar 21
Awesome staff !!!! Very nice people. Unfortunately due to Illinois taxes flower is absolutely unaffordable. I'll stick to the amazing top quality edibles.read more
Marc Conners
Marc C.
02:35 22 Mar 21
Friendly & fairly knowledgeable staff. Pretty large product selection. Recent price drop also.
Michael R
Michael R
00:15 22 Mar 21
Very knowledgeable and professional people. They really make it easy to get in and out. Thanks for relieving my pain at times. It really does help and I want to say thank you. Keep doing what you're doing. 4:20read more
Blessed Success
Blessed S.
18:20 04 Mar 21
You know it’s a smoke spot when everyone in there is such a chill vibe and easy to deal with fast always in and out great products and their employees are pretty knowledgeable on the food products only dispensary here I will go toread more
Thomas Schafer
Thomas S.
04:05 24 Feb 21
Rise Dispensary has become an outstanding business. They have an amazing selection of cannabis products, helpful and knowledgeable associates and convenient hours.read more
Obviously Annoyed
Obviously A.
00:19 12 Feb 21
Really friendly people. Pretty good selection. The stuff I bought was not dried out. Prices are industry standard. But they have a really great discount for med card patients which helps a great deal with Illinois ridiculous taxes. Plus a rewards program. The screens in the store show you the price with the tax (before any discounts) which is really helpful since there are different taxes for different items. Ordering online was quick and easy and my order was ready within a few minutes. It's quite a drive for me but I definitely will make it again.read more
dani meller
dani M.
01:08 06 Jan 21
This place is not very professional with online ordering. When they first opened every time I placed an order there was always a glitch in the system. One time my order was canceled an hour after I placed it because they ran out of product. Another time the order was never filled. I expected that when they first opened. Another time it was 5 HOURS before I got a text saying my order was ready. After that I got tired of dealing with the online system and I would wait in line to place an order. Today I again tried to place an online order. Placed it at 2:30. Was told order was processing by text and never heard anything else until after 6 telling me my order was canceled. When I called to asked what the issue was I was told I have to check on my order sometimes that I won’t always get a text back saying order is ready. At herbal remedies in Quincy when you place an order online you get a text confirming order immediately and within 5-10 minutes another text telling you it’s ready. You guys are going to have to step up and do better to serve your online customers...or you will lose a lot to the other dispensary who seems to have their system working great. I’m not the only person who has said this either...several people I know complain about the online ordering compared to the other dispensary. Sad because you guys have some good products and offers. But...I would prefer to place order online and then have my order ready vs waiting in line forever especially with Covid going on. Hope you guys fix this issue soon.read more
Amanda Wilcox
Amanda W.
14:36 05 Jan 21
Order ahead, the attendants are great and super helpful. I ordered something that they had in stock but weren't able to sell so they swapped it out for something else that was amazing. Get on their promotion text service. I ended up getting 10% off my entire order.read more
Kasey Hailey
Kasey H.
22:33 02 Jan 21
Always willing to answer all my questions. The staff never makes me feel rushed. I always find everything I need every time I make the trip. Highly recommend for all of your needs. Can't wait for Illinois to get out of their first year and lower the taxes it's a bit expensive but like I said before the staff makes it worth the drive.read more
Brandon Gholston
Brandon G.
21:52 23 Dec 20
I have been to this place quite a lot. Definitely a good place. The staff are amazing and very very helpful. The atmosphere is inviting and relaxed. Any questions you have there is always someone knowledgeable and experienced close by.read more
Courtney Boss
Courtney B.
23:10 12 Dec 20
Devyn is A+. She deserves a raise and then some. Aways have great customer service and a quick trip. Super helpful employees and good quality products. Would recommend to everyone.read more
Steve Clark
Steve C.
16:22 05 Dec 20
Great selection. Awesome service. Perfect pricing. The other guys can't compete. Make the switch and never look back.
Dave Niemeyer
Dave N.
02:37 18 Nov 20
Great staff. If you don't know exactly what you want, they will figure it out for ya. 5 stars? I'd give them 10 if I could.read more
Rosemarie Johnson
Rosemarie J.
22:30 26 Oct 20
Wonderful experience! Felt very welcomed upon arrival; staff gave great information on products, prices, and best deals; kudos to Derek - thanks a lot, man! Good karma both ways 😉 R & S ❤️read more
Aimee Marie
Aimee M.
14:12 26 Oct 20
It was nice to be within a few hours drive of a dispensary so we made the trip. It was fine but we visited dispensaries in Vegas last year and I have to say the Vegas ones have better selection, a staff that has personal knowledge and takes more time to help you find what you want and are also in more unique and fun locations. This is basically like a grocery store for marijuana, pretty generic. I got 3 kinds and one of them was worth the money, the other 2 weren't worth the price I paid.I was hoping for some super dank, that's what dispensaries are for.read more
Show Me Cannabis
Show Me C.
20:27 29 Sep 20
AWESOME place!! Very friendly staff, great & quick service!! Love the rewards program😊😊
Vance Arrowsmith
Vance A.
18:35 29 Sep 20
Chill atmosphere, staff there is always nice and informative. It kinda a bummer that they only offer 10% discount for medical patients. But besides that aspect very nice place.read more
Fuzzy zeller
Fuzzy Z.
12:47 20 Sep 20
Place is very nice and clean, big and open.They will talk you through selecting. But the menu scrolls by on a large tv, Linda hard to read and gauge prices. Prices are high as compared to what I get on the street. I got an 8th of some purple stuff very good looking. But $62 before tax after tax $78. So legal weed but $78 (8th) after tax for bud. Expensive.They do have different prices for every thing, which you might find appealing, I found it as distracting. It's hard to gauge what's a good deal because of different prices and weights. Even tho I could have sat there and looked at the ipad menu standing at the counter, I felt slightly rushed and not left with the best deal.So I'd reccomend reading the menu at home appears to he the same. He did show me my 8th in the jar before I bought it. But they dont have weed on display. Very professional. They have rewards program $3 cash back for every $100 spent. Because of this I'll be back. I live in missouri let you purchase a half ounce a day if out of state.read more
Don Ahlen
Don A.
00:21 19 Sep 20
Amazing staff very friendly and helpful
Reba Keffer
Reba K.
15:19 18 Sep 20
The closest one to KS, the staff is great the prices are as expected. There's always been a line when I've visited but it moves pretty quickly. They have the goods!read more
Philip Kirkpatrick
Philip K.
23:08 17 Sep 20
I love it.
Chevel Taabish
Chevel T.
11:08 15 Sep 20
Great place got my needs met quite well
Tex MN
Tex M.
21:10 09 Sep 20
Way over priced. I could not believe the prices and that don't except out of state mmj cards.
04:07 02 Sep 20
Great customer service, friendly staff who are knowledgeable and can help pick the right one (or more!) for you!
Fairfield Trading Company
Fairfield Trading C.
02:49 01 Sep 20
Friendly, knowledgeable staff and of course, helpful.
Derek Tobey
Derek T.
04:17 31 Aug 20
Excellent and fast service. Great menu to choose from.
23:27 14 Aug 20
I love this place and everyone that puts their health at risk to serve us. This dispensary, along with many others across the country, have and continue to set the standard when it comes to safeguarding against COVID-19. I think everyone in Washington D.C., from The POTUS, Congresspeople, and Senators need to realize how SERIOUSLY these businesses adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by state lawmakers and the resulting successes and financial surpluses.read more
Lance Fox
Lance F.
18:45 09 Aug 20
Great people and atmosphere! Knowledgeable staff. Keep it up👍🤯
Jeremy Burge
Jeremy B.
21:56 01 Aug 20
Love the staff that works here. They are always friendly and I'm always learning new things and tricks every time I visit. Good selection and not to pricy. Last time I visited during my birth month and they hooked me up with a 15% discount on my purchase. Right on Rise! Definitely recommend!read more
Craig Barker
Craig B.
12:42 20 Jul 20
Great store! Always out of flower everytime I go though. Need to be in stock if you want customers.
17:53 14 Jul 20
This place.. definitely does not measure up to Herbal Remedies, so don't even waste your time. What a shame, it would be nice to have 2 quality dispensaries in town.read more
Crystallarry Bryant
Crystallarry B.
19:55 27 Jun 20
Like them and they have always been nice to me and my husband and they always have what I am looking for and if I don't something they always talk to me about the itemsread more
Ashley Wilson
Ashley W.
22:38 19 Jun 20
Very nice place/spacious. Seems a little prefer than some but have more varieties of certain things
Jacky Mallory
Jacky M.
13:38 28 May 20
Great system handling covid and still providing the product we want. Fast check in and out. Online ordering available is my fave. One downside.... Runs out of flower too quick and takes too long to get more in. Hope they find a supplier that has more flower soon.read more
Bethany G
Bethany G
20:29 25 May 20
Great place! The staff is friendly & knowledgeable. The prices are fair & the store is nice. They have a good selection. The website is up to date & easy to use. We always enjoy stopping in!read more
Thomas Paine
Thomas P.
16:44 05 May 20
Been waiting to review since they’ve opened..The staff and products are great The management is terrible. What is the point of pickup if you have to wait in the same line for an hour? There should be two lines, one for pickup and one for regular customers. It’s that easy! Wow If I have to wait in a long line next time for pickup I’ll just simply leave and won’t return it’s just as simple as that. Not worth the hassleSo hopefully management sees this and makes changes accordingly. I would love to change my review to 5 stars. Ball is your court managementread more
Jennifer Sparks
Jennifer S.
22:57 10 Mar 20
Best of the two dispensaries in Quincy!! Very nice customer service!! The employers are very Knowledgeable!!! Always have products stocked!! And multiple shipments daily!!! They also take advice from their customers!! Highly recommend this store!!read more
Patrick Lambert
Patrick L.
18:41 04 Mar 20
Was amazing. They were so nice and handed me a menu while was in line then got to the register and this being my first time was short a dollar but there was a karma jar which was the smartest thing i could have imagined from the experience. I loved it and will be a loyal customer.read more
Gene Smith
Gene S.
19:10 29 Feb 20
The staff is so pushy to get a sale and get you out the door. Being new to this all, I had lots of questions and wanted to be properly informed. There was no one besides the cashier at checkout and you feel as though you hold up the rest of line behind you to ask questions. The digital menus were barely legible and toggled between items too quickly. The prices and service at the other dispensary in town are much better.read more
alternatecanidate .
alternatecanidate .
17:02 27 Feb 20
Extremely helpful and patient staff. They put up with my grumpy griping, which had nothing to do with their store just illinois availability of concentrate. They even had kind words that helped put me in a better mood until I could get access to what I was purchasing. Illinois doesn't have its stuff together by any stretch of the imagination but rise is doing a great job considering.read more
Garin Egbers
Garin E.
00:38 25 Feb 20
I had been here once and probably won't return. You go in and are greeted by two people behind a desk and then there is "security" sitting next to the desk in non-identifying clothing just sitting there slumped over looking very unprofessional! They then ask you "would you like to join our rewards program?" I said no and she kind of huffed at me. This is how they can keep your information, in the House bill 1438 Article 10 Section 20 it states that a dispensing organization shall not obtain and record personal information about a purchaser without the purchaser's consent. If you say yes that is consent and that's how they keep your information. But if you say no they give you a ticket and tell you to keep it out to give to the person at the register. Upon entering you see a beautiful place with horrible setup, it doesn't look very organized and the menus on the television screens are very unorganized. There was nothing on the menu screen for flower and when I had asked the guy at the register if they had had any flower he said yes but he wasn't sure what kind of flower they had, so I stood there for over a minute for him to look up what they had. Other menu screens were really confusing as well, they keep changing as if they had too many product to fit on one screen but in reality they were the same products just in different order. I am sure the quality of the product is good but I didn't get anything because of the service.read more
kathleen robinson
kathleen R.
20:09 23 Feb 20
People were super friendly and informative. It was my first time on a dispensary so I wasn't sure what to expect. Can't wait to try the product 😁read more
Teresamae Alvis
Teresamae A.
03:20 22 Feb 20
Was limited to 3.5 grams, but It was a highly potent 32 percent THC strain, still pretty pricey, overall satisfied!
michael smith
michael S.
00:07 20 Feb 20
This was my first dispensary in Illinois. Im used to Colorado DISPENSARIES so comparing to what I know they are WAY expensive, no kind of display of there product, and the guy that helped us wasn't too knowledgable in there product...I don't think he gets high.read more
chewy gonzales
chewy G.
23:07 16 Feb 20
Super cool and easy going no long wait quick and awesome 😎👌 products
Penny Marie
Penny M.
14:03 11 Feb 20
Excellent Dispensary! Open for Adult Use!!!! HOORAY ILLINOIS! Rise has great coupons and deals. I love the vape cartridges. Happy days.read more
Jeff Mooneyham
Jeff M.
20:55 10 Feb 20
Don’t waste your time or money here. You can’t visually see what you are about to buy. The guy that assisted us ignored the first two questions we had. Not much on customer service. Best to leave how we came in empty handed. Save your money and support the black market.read more
Kasey Mae
Kasey M.
21:56 06 Feb 20
Great fast service.. your greeted I’d scanned then u go into back and greeted by a employee with a Ipad you go over website and opinions pick your items (FYI only 1 1/8 of flower at a time till stock is better) then u get in the register line..read more
19:38 04 Jan 20
Like others said, hyped it up to be open Jan 1 and still aren't open. Impossible to have legitimate 5 star ratings when they aren't open yet. Poor business practice if those reviews are from staff.read more
Thomas Schafer
Thomas S.
01:56 02 Jan 20
How can it be the best since they are not even allowed to open yet?
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