Rite Aid Pharmacists Can Now Advise On Holistic Remedies, Including CBD

Now that CBD is more popular than ever, and holistic medicines are gaining mainstream popularity, Rite Aid pharmacies are reportedly offering CBD and holistic options in its pharmacies. 

According to CEO Heyward Donigan, pharmacists at Rite Aid can now advise customers on homeopathic alternatives to more mainstream, over-the-counter and prescription medications. They are trained on holistic remedies and are encouraged to help customers find alternative treatments that pair well with the medicine they are taking over the counter or through prescriptions. 

“They really are now experts to be able to consult with you about the proven, the worth trying, and then, of course, the traditional medicine,” Donigan said.

Some of the popular treatments that are available so far are melatonin, lavender, aromatherapy treatments, elderberry, and zinc. And of course, there is CBD, which is a major step forward for the chain. While they are still not offering cannabis prescriptions or recreational sales, and could not do so legally, this is still one of the most cannabis-friendly moves from a large pharmacy chain.

The rise in cannabis popularity, along with even more states medically legalizing and talks of federal legalization, is not lost

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