Statewide marijuana legalization leads to changes among retailers – Kent Wired

Retailers statewide now have the opportunity to sell recreational marijuana after Ohioans legalized it and will alter how businesses operate. 

The proposal will go into effect Dec. 7, but this does not mean retailers will be in possession of marijuana on that date. This has caused questions to surface from citizens. 

The Ohio Department of Commerce will now include a Division of Cannabis Control, because of Issue 2’s passing. They will be responsible for laying out the rules and regulations when it comes to selling marijuana in the state.

“… retail outlets will not be able to sell until all the rules [are] developed by the newly created Division of Cannabis Control,” said Dwayne Siekman, CFO and co-owner of Bliss Ohio, a medical marijuana dispensary in Kent. “So we could see the first sales in Ohio probably around September 2024.”

The reason for the delay when it comes to recreational sales comes down to dispensaries needing to apply for an adult-use license, Dwayne Siekman said. 

“There’s a six-month time frame for us to apply for an adult use license,” Dwayne Siekman said. “Then you have rules that dictate how all the businesses will operate, so that could take up to

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