Sturgis passes second reading of medical marijuana ordinance – Black Hills Pioneer

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STURGIS — Sturgis will require applicants for a medical marijuana dispensary license to pay a $7,500 application fee, but that money would be returned if they were not chosen as the licensee.

Mayor Mark Carstensen said at Monday’s Sturgis City Council meeting that some people had questioned him about how the application process worked, and if they would be out the $7,500 if they were not chosen in a lottery to be the dispensary license holder.

“The actual application cost or the actual cost of the licenses are only there once somebody applies, receives and is granted it, not just to be part of the lottery?” Carstensen asked.

Sturgis City Manager Daniel Ainslie clarified that an applicant would need to pay the $7,500 fee to begin the process. He provided the example that if there were five applicants and only two licenses, the three who were not selected for a license would have their fee refunded back to them.

The council had passed a first reading of the medical cannabis ordinance at their Aug. 23 meeting. But because

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