Sunnnyside Marijuana Dispensary

Sunnyside Marijuana Dispensary in Buffalo Grove, IL

1623 Barclay Boulevard
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10 – 7
Sun 10 – 5

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Sunnyside is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1623 Barclay Boulevard in Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 .

Sunnyside menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Sunnyside Dispensary Products

Sunnyside medical and recreational menu products have not been uploaded. Please contact us to add your menu and update your page.

What People Are Saying

David Kenny
David K.
19:13 16 Feb 20
I can't really say it that I experienced this place. I went here because on a larcay it's legal in Illinois now why not stop in and see what all the fuss is about. But as it happens I found this place using Google maps which said that it sold both medical and recreational. But it didn't. There was a sign on the door that said "we service medical customers only". So something has to change in Google maps so that it takes recreational off the association with their record in Google Maps. Because it took some time to drive here from other errands. And it was a complete waste of more
Kaioken Ent.
Kaioken E.
01:35 01 Feb 20
Been here 3 times. One of the male employees there very knowledgeable and most staff there are very nice. However this is the second time my rewards were not applied even though I was reassured they would be. February 1st they cut the rewards (discount) from 5% to 2.5%... today is January 31st the last day to redeem my reward money without its value being cut in half. After being reassured twice that my rewards would be applied I noticed on my drive home no rewards were applied. I called and was told it was the employees fault and it is my loss. I asked if I gave my patient # would they at least honor the reward at 5% since it was the employees mistake and was told no. Very disappointing and unfortunately there stock runs out fast. Oddly twice now I have also been on there website and an item place and order with is removed from my cart after I click place order (like there is a problem with there inventory system and online ordering). I wanted to like and stay at this dispensary but with these bad experiences and feeling like reward money was stolen out of my pocket because of Sunnyside forgetting. I'm not sure when I'll be going back, kinda hate losing money because of others more
Oliver Fischlewitz
Oliver F.
14:29 14 Jan 20
Not worth going for recreational, what a joke. You local guy will have more options than this place and for less. Stand in line for nothing. Great job IL once again another blunder on there part. This is why IL will always be in debt! Crook County!read more
Christina Rodriguez
Christina R.
01:46 08 Jan 20
For all the people complaining about them not selling recreational you have to remember they have to keep products for medical patients and unless you're living undera rock recreational dispensaries are closing their doors bcuz they're empty. I live in Palatine and although we opted in and will be having recreational sales it takes time. Just bcuz a place has a license for medical doesn't mean they can sell recreational. I think buffalo grove will be in the future. Anyway love this place and they are very more
Stephenie Calhoun
Stephenie C.
18:54 03 Jan 20
I've been going here for almost a year since I got my medical card. They are always welcoming and friendly and treat me like family. Ankit is great at helping me find what I need. I would have no quality of life without there help. It's been a little bumpy the last few months as they make the switch to being Sunnyside but I know I can count on them and it's nice to have the piece of mind that I won't have to worry about not being able to get my medication because of the recreational which I'm seeing alot of patients at other dispensaries struggling with already. Thank you Sunnyside for everything you do!read more
TheRealx5150xi .
TheRealx5150xi .
22:02 01 Jan 20
lol Wasted so many people's time today because they can't seem to run a website correctly and put out false information leading everyone to believe their store in buffalo grove would have recreational. What a lie that was and again a complete waste of time for people driving from miles away. On top of that they have security outside turning people away because they know they messed up, fix your information on your website! And i would advise people to not waste any time with this place. A Lot better dispensaries elsewhere with knowledgeable more
Stephanie Gomez-Garcia
Stephanie G.
15:56 01 Jan 20
Was a great dispensary until they decided to hold on to product, because they care more about recreational than medical patients. I had transfer to Zen Leaf which makes Medical their priorities. I am also pregnant with Twins and had the worst morning sickness, and I could not even get a good indica, because they held onto product to go recreational. I could not get my medicine the way I needed it, and felt I was on the back burner. I went weeks without shopping, because you guys had nothing in stock. I believe Medical Patients should be a priority always. Pdi failed me on that more
willybrazily .
willybrazily .
14:22 27 Dec 19
I've have just gotten the medical marijuana card and chose this as my dispensary because on must be chosen. Clean place. The lady who first receives clients walking in was clearly bothered by either her job or the client ahead of me, but curt nevertheless. The "budtender" was knowledgeable but not very thorough given my lack of product knowledge and curiosity about different strands and such. The curious part is that even after spending $300 in my first visit, I was DENIED the use of the bathroom by one of the staff who briskly and dismissively stated that the BATHROOM was OUT OF ORDER. This is horrible customer service and for that reason alone, I shall take my business elsewhere.No dispensary should have a captive clientele and we, medical users, should not be treated like lepers by untrained more
Michael Horwitz
Michael H.
18:30 19 Dec 19
Never has anything in stock. Worst dispensary. Higher prices the the Clinic and GrassRoots. Whitewashed. Terrible staff. closes early. This dispensary should have never been able to open. And there public consumption more
Michael Horwitz
Michael H.
18:30 19 Dec 19
Never has anything in stock. Worst dispensary. Higher prices the the Clinic and GrassRoots. Whitewashed. Terrible staff. closes early. This dispensary should have never been able to open. And there public consumption more
DatsiKxModz .
DatsiKxModz .
01:17 17 Dec 19
Worst service ever they do not care about their "patients" at all I've spent thousands of dollars here and they locked me out of the dispensary early. Called ahead and told them I would be arriving two minutes early and they said that was okay and I got there 2 minutes early like I said at the door with a preorder and they just watched me stand outside and just told me to go away their attitudes and service are the worst I've experienced let alone their over priced mediocre product. They give so called "medical" dispensaries a bad name they are not a pharmacy that cares about patients just profits and their own convenience. The dispensary I was at before stayed open late for me one time with a preorder and these people locked me out. So much for customer more
Douglas Morris
Douglas M.
00:07 11 Dec 19
I became a patient about 1 and a half years ago. All of my purchases have been with PDI Medical in Buffalo Grove because the staff knows the product and can advise exactly what you need. I have never been advised poorly. I have stopped taking a prescription given to me for Back Spasms because my adviser suggested a certain strain that also gets rid of spasms. In a month I spend a lot less at PDI than I did at the pharmacy. Im glad PDI is so close to more
Dylan Jilpas`
Dylan J.
00:39 21 Nov 19
Awesome experience. Great staff. Happy.
Mobile Welding LLC
Mobile Welding L.
06:29 11 Nov 19
Just a quick shout out to this place.... You folks and your knowledge helped my father thru terminal cancer. When the pain meds stopped working and his mental and physical health were starting to go, you folks brought him back to life (mentally) it was so nice to be able to spend the last 3 months with my dad pain free and having mental clarity!read more
Joanne Haseman
Joanne H.
00:13 17 Aug 19
Extremely professional, very clean and staff are incredibly helpful. Answered all my questions. No pressure. Referred by numerous physicians and will keep going there. Positive more
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