Sunnyside Cresco Dispensaries

Sunnyside Marijuana Dispensary in Danville, IL

369 Lynch Drive
Danville, IL 61834

Hours of Operation:

8am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Sunnyside is a marijuana dispensary location open at 369 Lynch Drive in Danville, IL 61834.

Sunnyside menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age. This dispensary is Adult Use only.

For Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor, the closest Sunnyside serving medical patients is in Champaign.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Sunnyside Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Casey Carlson
Casey C.
01:39 19 Nov 21
I don’t have experience shopping with any other dispensary but I’ve been coming to Sunnyside for about a year now and have a pleasant experience each time. Online ordering is quick and painless so I’m able to jump in line as soon as I get there and my product is ready to go by the time I get to the checkout counter. My interactions with employees are always positive, the environment is clean and chill and they have neat products and accessories for sale stationed throughout the place to look at/read so if the line is long it keeps me entertained. AJ has checked me out a few times so I remember him most and he’s very knowledgeable about all of the product and always very willing and happy to answer questions or give a recommendation. He’s got a pretty rad pin collection too!read more
Jeri Brazeal
Jeri B.
18:08 09 Oct 21
You can't see any product before you buy. They also had a tense atmosphere. Almost like breathing down your neck the entire process. The selection was nice once I got to look on the tablet and so was the bud tender that helped me. Overall not the experience I wanted to show my friend her first time in a more
Doug McNeely
Doug M.
20:42 17 Jul 21
Very quick service! Accurate filling of order. Polite and friendly staff.There were 22 patrons in front of me in the pickup line. I was out the door in 12 minutes.Great experience! Sunnyside is now my “go to” more
Julie Jeffers
Julie J.
01:17 26 Jun 21
Had Crohn’s attack while standing in line. The security guard stepped up to help. The man behind the counter told me about their ADA line and told me he understands because he has a bad stomach too. The security guard then spoke to me so kindly, and asked if I needed an ambulance. I was able to leave on my own. Thank you to these great employees. Super helpful security guard. How nice can people more
Lynn Radke
Lynn R.
16:50 06 Jun 21
Unaware that orders needed to be placed before entry to store. Make sure you order ahead of time so you don't have to make quick decisions. Other than that fabulous was only the for 15 and that was to include setting up account online, placing order, and pick order up. Very official and prompt service. Will definitely be going backread more
Conner Denten
Conner D.
04:53 31 May 21
I have been a customer of the Sunnyside store in Danville Illinois for the past several months. I wanted to take a minute to give thanks and put the silver spotlight on some of the unsung everyday hero’s you have working at your store. Over the past several months I have watched the way the sales staff and security staff treat the customers that visit your store in Danville. I found the staff there to be extremely knowledgeable of the product that is being sold there. As an additional bonus to the sales staff I have witnessed the acts of kindness from the unrecognized everyday heroes in your security team. I watched a security guard first name Jason , I have never heard his last name, stop what he had been doing to tie an elderly woman’s shoe. He said he didn’t want her to fall. I have seen this same guard escort the elderly and the disabled customers into the facility and then escort them all the way to their vehicle, just to make sure they make it safely. I have been so impressed by their service I began to bring my sister who has Muscular dystrophy. The guard, Jason has been working at the door greeting customers each time we have been there. He has never been offended by the requests from my sister for his help getting back to her vehicle. She once stated that many people treat her as if she is contagious, but he has always extended his arm for her to hold onto to make her walking easier. Even when I am not there to help her I know that he will always be there to help her and all who need the help. It is not that this type of guards are saving lives or jumping into dangerous situations, but guards like him are as I have discovered are “everyday heroes” never looking for the recognition that they, that he, deserves. The way your staff, both sales and security, treat and know people is the reason I continue to visit Sunnyside and why I am so eager to refer you to all that I know.Thank you.Conner Dentenread more
17:23 26 May 21
This place is awesome! The line may look long, but they move people in and out in no time at all. The whole process only took about 30 minutes. That’s ordering on line. Waiting for them to text that my order was ready. Standing in line. The first doors you show your order # and then you get a receipt and then a guard lets you pass through the second doors and you wait in another line and then you walk up to whatever cashier goes with that line and give her your receipt and she gets it ready and then you pay and your more
Bryan Reid
Bryan R.
16:25 18 Apr 21
Always a positive experience here. Even with a full parking lot everything moves quickly. Order online before you come, remember your license, and bring cash or a debit card. Out of state limit is 250mg for edibles in a 24-hour period, and that's what I get. They're doing a sale for 420 so we picked up some more during the festivities. Until Indiana shapes up, this is our preferred place to more
Devon Walton
Devon W.
16:08 06 Apr 21
Check out their website before going. It explains everything to do before going and what to bring.Super clean, super efficient. Cannot browse products on a floor. Only online whether online in store or online at home. Products are not touchable. All behind closed doors. Staff super helpful and knowledgeableread more
Lucas Beard
Lucas B.
01:30 05 Apr 21
Great experience every time! Always a quick and simple process plus I can tell each time I go in they evolve and expand in one way or another. So far I haven't tried anything product wise that really blew my mind and for the price thats what you'd kinda want but definitely not of poor more
Robert Horton
Robert H.
14:57 04 Apr 21
Top of the shelf inventory. The prices are 2x higher than top shelf prices in Oregon dispensaries like I'm use to. Definitely more high class and professional than I'm use to. I'm use to little old ladies with jars of herb they weigh out for you while you grab a coke from the fridge and sit around and chat a bit. Definite corporate feel. They do have a really nice staff. Order ahead of time on their website to save their time and your time unless you really need their recommendations. Even if the line might be long it keeps moving they aren't slow but don't rush more
Robert Horton
Robert H.
03:09 22 Mar 21
Top of the shelf inventory. Super dry tho...doesn't hurt but don't use a grinder. The prices are 2x higher than top shelf prices in Oregon dispensaries like I'm use to. Definitely more ridged and professional than I'm use to. Higher class than I usually look for in a dispensary. I'm use to little old ladies with jars of herb they weigh out for you while you grab a coke from the fridge and sit around and chat a bit. Definite corporate feel. They do have a really nice staff. Order ahead of time on their website to save their time and your time unless you really need their recommendations. Even of the line might be long it keeps moving they aren't slow but don't rush more
16:38 17 Mar 21
They have done a great job with keeping up with supply and demand for an affordable price, even with paying 25% tax rate. The shake is good and cheap but I will say they’ve had trouble keeping higher potency affordable but I imagine that’s just apart of the growing pains you face in a new market. I’ve been very pleased so far. The staff and security are really nice as more
01:42 06 Feb 21
I stop in here quite a bit when I am in town. Nice and clean! Everyone is super cool! Little wait sometimes but goes pretty smoothly. Only downfalls.. No in store shopping. Gotta order online before entering And ignore the member reward info cause they don't do it "yet". Come on Sunny side.. We Want Our Rewards! 😉😁read more
Jovanni Garcia
Jovanni G.
03:49 21 Jan 21
Been here several times the last year and they're absolutely fantastic. The wait is annoying, but they move lines as fast as they can. You have to order your product before going in however, so make sure to visit their website and review what items you want, otherwise you will be standing outside until you end up ordering something.Prices are decent, really nice people, highly recommend if you are near this more
Jacob Budreau
Jacob B.
04:47 23 Dec 20
The staff is great, and super chill and friendly. They are more than willing to answer any questions for you. It's user very busy in the weekends, and is made worse by the social distancing and restrictions on how many customers are allowed in at once. The lobby and sales floor are spotless, and they do a great job of sanitizing between customers. They are constantly expanding their product line too which is a more
Andrew Duzan
Andrew D.
06:51 15 Dec 20
Even when this place is super busy with a line wrapped around the building they get u in and out. The budtenders are very friendly and helpful. It would be nice if we could see and smell the product before we buy it, but I've never been disappointed. Their strains are fresh and have been tested. I highly recommend this more
Catherine Garcia
Catherine G.
20:43 22 Nov 20
Went on a Saturday with a friend. We were both pleased with how easy it was to find and the proximity right off the interstate. I already knew that I had to pre-order, so I was ready to go.. There was a long line that wrapped around the building, but overall, it went by pretty quickly. I had time to joke around with my friend, and I didn't really feel the wait. I made sure I had my license and order info on hand before making it to the door. The place was clean and organized. Staff was really helpful. I will definitely be more
Joe Rubsam
Joe R.
07:21 14 Nov 20
Very very busy but we'll worth the wait. Staff here where very professional and they where also very efficient. I "highly" recommend this more
Tracey Armstrong
Tracey A.
02:10 11 Nov 20
Very impressed with the cleanliness of the facility. Treated very kindly and had excellent customer service from each staff member that I interacted with. Nice selection of products... Something for everyone! Very efficiently run. I WILL return to Sunnyside with my business, and I will recommend it to others!read more
Jamie Beck
Jamie B.
16:49 09 Nov 20
Always great, friendly service. They're doing a great job making sure we social distance and keeping everyone safe. And even when there is a line, you are waiting long. Plus you're in line with several others already happy to be there, so you get to socialize while staying 6 feet apart and wearing a more
Curtis Appleby
Curtis A.
00:09 29 Oct 20
Unbelievably clean. Sanitation unmatched. Staff was bubbling with enthusiasm. From the security guards to everyone working inside, all were very knowledgeable and friendly. I will definitely more
Clay Adams
Clay A.
01:10 27 Oct 20
10 STARS!! TWO thumbs up!! However know this!! You have to order first from their website .. before you can enter!! I ordered on my phone in the parking lot! You pay when you enter & you can always change your order! Medical or adult purposes! Anyone can order that is of age! They have everything you want! It’s a very informative staff, very happy 😁 & friendly!! HIGHLY recommend this place! Clean & professional and I was in and out with my order with no problems! Bring your I.D! Get your order & leave smiling for days!!!!:))))))😁read more
Tammy Coon
Tammy C.
19:42 19 Oct 20
Very professional business. High quality products in a safe, secure environment! Order from the safety of your own home computer or phone, you won't be more
Sarah doesn't matter
Sarah doesn't M.
18:20 09 Oct 20
The high supply shake is my go to. Most bang for my buck and I love it. The swift lifts are fun too! The workers are fun, the whole atmosphere more
scott brooks
scott B.
06:20 09 Oct 20
Great place, awesome staff
Kayla McBride
Kayla M.
19:18 07 Oct 20
I'm super high so yeah I love it.
Adam Sergent
Adam S.
22:28 17 Sep 20
Very professional knowledgeable staff, clean and friendly service. Very Recommendable!
brian usinger
brian U.
20:12 14 Sep 20
This place is professional and clean and how it's supposed to be done. Quality is incredible and while the taxes are high I'm happy knowing that it's helping local more
Bigg Dogg
Bigg D.
05:01 14 Sep 20
Came from Indiana, walked up and got right in, guess i got lucky. This was my first dispensary I've ever been to, and oh boy i was impressed. This is the closest dispensary to me at about 1 hr 26 min away. I will definitely be coming back. The McGlovin strain is some of the best weed ive ever more
Levitate Dreams
Levitate D.
17:11 11 Sep 20
Took 2 hits and I'm straight gassed recommend highly
A Google User
A Google U.
17:31 10 Sep 20
People are always nice and the line moves quickly. I appreciate the hard work the team at the danville location puts in and always looking forward to the hour drive. Always quality tanks and flower. A little pricey but worth more
Mark Roe
Mark R.
01:45 30 Aug 20
Be prepared to wait in line outside for quite awhile. Easy to find right off interstate.
Young Smok3
Young S.
19:13 29 Aug 20
Stand 3 hours in line with the line wrapped around the building??? No thanks.
Troyetta Davis
Troyetta D.
20:10 28 Aug 20
Absolutely love this place. Never thought I would be walking into a place like this. Highly recommend. People are very nice and informativeread more
Christina Ellis
Christina E.
02:05 26 Aug 20
Very helpful and they work as a team. Thank you
Donovan Rathgeber
Donovan R.
18:48 24 Aug 20
Always super fast, and the workers are always positive when waiting on you. Never a hassle to drive to, and features a wide parking lot. Best dispensary in Illinoisread more
11:11 17 Aug 20
This place is amazing!!! Please take my advice and read the FAQ page on their website! So informative! It was my first trip and reading ahead made it a 15 minute in and out process. The employees were absolutely all so friendly and professional. It's easy to get too the taxes kill ya BUT the ease and quality are 100% worth it!read more
19:13 16 Aug 20
Great selection and inventory. Love the online ordering for convenience and safety. Very very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Was a real treat to more
Darkside Plants
Darkside P.
02:16 10 Aug 20
I love this place. Very kind staff. Great products. Fast.
Codeman Caldwell
Codeman C.
17:16 05 Aug 20
The online ordering is amazing! Just click on what you want 1-2 hours before u get there and your in and out quick
Spencer Sitcler
Spencer S.
15:55 27 Jul 20
Good store, friendly people. Wish prices were lower but they cant necessarily help that. You feel like you're in a bank.
Conner Dembroski
Conner D.
19:51 19 Jul 20
Nice people. Be ready to pay triple for just ok product. The packaging is nice and fancy. Product is mediocre at best. It was a bit disappointing but it got the job done I more
Terry Rollins
Terry R.
17:37 17 Jul 20
Outstanding customer service!!! I had an issue with a product and I emailed customer service. They ended up giving me a FULL refund they also gave me an additional 35% off my next purchase. They didn't have to do that, especially when the issue was something that was out of their control. They don't allow enough characters in this review box for me to say all the great things about this place!!!read more
Matt Weaver
Matt W.
23:21 09 Jul 20
Very friendly and great products
Jason b
Jason b
01:10 09 Jul 20
These guys are awesome,easy to find,great selection, and fast service
Drew Landis
Drew L.
22:34 29 Jun 20
I'm a local and this place is always a pleasure. Always a great selection, and ordering online for pickup is super easy. Always in and out and the staff is top-notch. Very proud to have this as my local dispensary!read more
Doug DeBarba jr
Doug DeBarba J.
23:14 25 Jun 20
Best menu around!!!! Great staff great customer service great experience HIGHly recommended
Kim Coffey
Kim C.
19:07 23 Jun 20
Great place all they way around!! Good selection, great employees, awesome building and location. They also make sure you are safe and the environment is clean and sterile. Highly recommend it!!read more
03:33 18 Jun 20
Extremely organized for such a busy place. I had a 3 hr trip there from another state and was nervous but this place is awesome and so are the people. In and out in short order with great more
Jamie Holub
Jamie H.
17:33 12 Jun 20
The customer service is beyond compare. The associates go above and beyond to make a customer happy. They're also very informative and knowledgeable not to mention friendly. The products are amazing as well. I had an issue with a product and Tyler (the associate) made sure that it was corrected. This is the only dispensary I recommend hands more
Danielle Alguire
Danielle A.
17:10 10 Jun 20
This was my 1st experience going to a dispensary and the staff could not have made me feel more comfortable. We did have to place the order online but it was quick. We did it in the parking lot the whole process including getting our merchandise was less than 20 mins (of course it took me the longest to decide what to get). I would recommend this place to any one. And the prices were less than other places close more
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