Sunnyside Cresco Dispensaries

Sunnyside Marijuana Dispensary in Elmwood Park, IL

7955 W Grand Ave
Elmwood Park, IL 60707

Hours of Operation:

9am – 9pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Sunnyside is a marijuana dispensary location open at 7955 W Grand Ave in Elmwood Park, IL 60707 .

Sunnyside menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Thomas Frakes
Thomas F.
13:08 25 May 21
Exceptional service and setup. Always clean, courteous, professional, kind. Prices slightly better than city locations. Elmwood Park's more
Tyler Worrell
Tyler W.
19:42 30 Apr 21
Having now tried their product, I can reluctantly, yet honestly and proudly give these folks five stars. High Supply keep up the great more
Anna- Miriam Galazka
Anna- Miriam G.
23:11 22 Apr 21
Pleasent experience. I wish they keep their prices though. Got strawberry Kisha disposable viper for $29, only to then learn that they spiked prices up, just because. Great place otherwise 😉read more
Maggie Lopez (PHDMAGGIE)
Maggie Lopez (.
19:39 16 Apr 21
I have to say this is a very clean and well organized facility. The staff are very friendly and so helpful. The website is easy to use, just order online and no wait pickup in store. They make the process more
Keenan Smith
Keenan S.
13:37 09 Apr 21
Very new to the whole dispensary thing and the entire team was extremely patient and nice. William was very knowledgeable and super cool! When I visit again, I will be more
Mary Guana
Mary G.
19:12 09 Mar 21
Easily one of the best dispensaries I have been to in the entire Chicagoland area! The workers are incredibly polite and helpful with new customers and medical patients. Anita (I hope I spelled that correctly) was so delightful and helped me pick the best strain for sleeping! Anita and your other team members deserve huge raises. Thank you so much!read more
Kristen Lee
Kristen L.
20:56 06 Feb 21
I’ve had good experiences here until today. At 2pm I get the text my order is ready so I walk up the street in 12* weather to get my order. When I arrive the security tells me they’re closed & I have to come back in 30 minutes. Which I can’t do. There’s a handful of people inside the store still and NO WHERE does it say you’re closed from 2:30-3 for “cleaning”. He tells me there’s a sign posted but there is NO sign. I tell him I can’t come back at 3, it’s my only chance to get it and he says too bad. Then I call the store to see if I can speak to someone inside but no one answers. While I’m waiting for someone to answer the phone 5 people come out at different times with their order. Absolutely terrible customer service. Don’t text someone saying to come within 2 hours when you’re store is closing. Maybe you should update your website or figure out how to pause pick up texts when you’re not available. I won’t be more
Tom Hopper
Tom H.
23:54 02 Jan 21
Smooth. In and out, not busy at all. Clean, safe, secure and nice people. Large dispensary parking area, well lighted, and also seems safe. Points program at this more
Dee T
Dee T
17:42 27 Nov 20
Fast and friendly customer service. Very Veteran friendly. I love the idea that you must register as a customer first. Makes for a safer shopping experience. Will support for as long as I am in Chicago. Products are good for individuals who study holistic and natural remedies. Very good topical ingredients for muscle more
Samuel Santana
Samuel S.
22:38 23 Oct 20
I've been at this location (Elmwood Park)Several times. The staff is great. Every one of them. Respectful. Very helpful. Very informative. Thanks. About to sit back and take flight. ✈read more
jacky bianci
jacky B.
13:03 10 Oct 20
Love love love! Staff is always extremely helpful and friendly! Shout out to Liz, Shelly and Ryan for their collective guidance! 🙂read more
Derek Hilburger
Derek H.
13:14 09 Oct 20
Best prices I've found in most suburban.dispenceries. no long lines. Order online and they will let u know when ready to pick up, usually in an hour. If medical can walk in or order on line. No lines if medical cardread more
Kevin Schmidt
Kevin S.
01:25 09 Oct 20
I had bought a defective product at this location around Labor Day weekend. I went through the necessary communication lines in order to resolve my inquiry. I did not hear back from anyone so I returned to notify a staff member about my inquiry. The manager working that shift Kevin, walked from the opposite side of the store because he was actively listening to his customers and he employees, I told him about my issue, He was sincere and empathic of the situation, He told me to send a digital copy of my receipt and the defective product and he can expedite my inquiry. I appreciated the acknowledgement of my inquiry. When I returned weeks later, I was welcomed nicely with Gabriela who I wanted to commend for taking my inquiry with confidence and management of the situation . She communicated with Kevin who literally went above and beyond the call of duty for me. I would highly recommend to come to this location because the staff really do care about their customers and will definitely go above and beyond for more
Brenda Alejandre
Brenda A.
17:37 02 Oct 20
I really love this place they are very friendly and helpful. Every single worker I’ve come encounter with have gone above and beyond for me. The very last time I went was on Wednesday a nice young man Jose R and another young man very very helpful I don’t know the other young man’s name I really wish I did because he was just as great. Good job guys it’s awesome to go somewhere where everybody greets you with a smile and a more
01:32 25 Sep 20
Store is nice and customer service is good but the bottom line is: it’s not high-quality bud as advertised. Tried a few different strains and it was nothing special. I can get the same of the streets for less than half their price. Never heard of any of the strains they sell. Stay away from Cresco/High Supply. These are the Sunnyside brands and they are the worst by more
saul rocha
saul R.
01:07 25 Sep 20
Shout out to JOSE! - Sunnyside in Elmwood park has some of the best bud-tenders the industry has to offer. Every crew member was friendly and very polite turning my simple visit into a memorable more
Breanna Wilson
Breanna W.
03:37 20 Sep 20
Love my first time shopping here. I visited the first time to get a better understanding of the process worked with shelly. She was great, took alot of time with me. Shelly was gave me alot of attention in explaining things and was very understanding to my situation.My purchasing visit.This 2nd visted started at 6 34pm, I spent 1 hr 30 mins with Jose R. He was amazing. Not only did he help with shopping. He explained differences in types, recommending ones that were more suited to my needs, checking me on and help my bff along the way to. I want to thank shelly and jose for all there help. You made my shopping process easier.StoreCheck there online first for the menu. They dont take cc. Just debit and cash. Atm in side. Wish the selection was busier. I would have loved a brownie or cookie. Rather this is one of the locations they are not all together together. They are under the same name but different ownership. There is a rewards system. So big spender will make there money back more
Will Tanner
Will T.
02:44 17 Sep 20
I love the staff. The selection is nice. Wish it was more, but I'm not complaining. How could I be mad when I'm so high?
Nancy Moran
Nancy M.
16:05 16 Sep 20
Great cust service, good quality product, consistently have flower in stock. Safe and quick shopping, if there's a line it moves fast. I stick to the cresco and verano brands, always happy with my selection. Love that the staff are super knowledgeable and take time to talk about product make sure I'm getting what I like. Prices compare to 4 other dispensaries I've tried, selection and staff make it my first more
Prem Bheda
Prem B.
02:05 14 Sep 20
Friendly staff, minimum wait time, and rewards on recreational orders. This is my go to dispensary
Beth W
Beth W
19:38 10 Sep 20
Great dispensary. The staff is friendly, professional and helpful. The space is large, bright and immaculately clean. There's also parking. When I visited they were working on the parking lot but they secured the lot of a nearby business for their customers. Sunnyside seems to be more efficient than the other two dispensaries I more
J Marie
J M.
22:08 09 Sep 20
Best location of the brand by far!
Diana Pavon
Diana P.
02:49 09 Sep 20
Cool staff. And the new location is super clean. Worth the drive!
16:03 30 Aug 20
Been there on the 27th of August, my first time to a dispensary. Very welcoming and amazing people working there, bit of a wait but to be expected with covid. Just overall nice dispensary, thanks guys!read more
Dee T
Dee T
23:41 21 Aug 20
Fast and friendly customer service. Very Veteran friendly. I love the idea that you must register as a customer first. Makes for a safer shopping experience. Will support for as long as I am in more
02:02 20 Aug 20
The security likes to verbally abuse and humiliate the elderly.I witnessed first hand this security guard yell at a woman, call her stupid, call her a liar, then try to pick a fight with her son.I will never go here again!read more
Gabriel Vergara
Gabriel V.
17:37 06 Aug 20
This is my second time visiting Sunnyside (and second time ever purchasing cannabis) and I loved it! Right off the bat, the security crew were very friendly by word and opening the door. The reception desk quickly led me to one of the open lines, and from there the pick up was a breeze! Both times, the person behind the register were quick to get my order all set, and again were very friendly. I’m happy my first time was done as this location and will definitely keep coming back!read more
Kyle Dickert
Kyle D.
23:56 28 Jul 20
This was my first experience buying marijuana and I was a bit lost to be honest. They had a great selection and variety, but I didn’t really know what I was looking for. A gentleman named Rick was so amazing to me, and I will come back just for him! He walked me through every step of the way and found the flower that was a right fit for me. Whatever they are paying him it’s not enough, great customer service top to bottom. Thanks Rick!!!read more
Sal Lozano
Sal L.
19:53 18 Jul 20
Hands down one of my favorite spot, everyone who has helped me there has been super kind and helpful, but one lady in particular with short hair who has dispatched me twice in a roll is the best one so far. Very positive energy and just all out A pleasant human being. I love this place and definitely recommend stopping by and making a purchase. Just an fyi recreation customers have to place an order online , but I can tell you it’s a very efficient and fast process when it comes to picking up your orders, I’ve waited up to 3 hrs at some location places to more
luis bonilla
luis B.
17:52 15 Jul 20
Been coming here a long time never had a problem. The staff is always helpful and chill never had to wait more than 15 min here to pick up my stuff. Carts are great and so is the flower. Recreational is a little pricey pretty sure it is everywhere around here so I don't really care. The security is polite and just as chill as the staff as more
J. Alfeas
J. A.
05:52 15 Jul 20
Favorite dispensary by far. Flower selection isn't always great for rec but no complaints. Zach and everyone there are super nice and more
Angela Davis
Angela D.
17:35 14 Jul 20
Thought it was going to take forever but it didnt. Had to stand out front and order online which took about 5 minutes then go right inside and get it and pay. Very friendly and informative. Not alot sativa products to choose more
mzj k
mzj k
19:50 11 Jul 20
Over packaged and over priced. It's weed, we don't need glass jars and fancy bags. You could cut costs right there and save us some money. Can't even see or smell the flower before you buy. The product was good. Basic weed, nothing more
Scott Oldis
Scott O.
18:56 09 Jul 20
Out of all the locations and dispensaries I’ve been to in the area this one is the best. They have the most efficient process for sure. I’ve never had to wait in a line around the building. The folks are really nice and easy to get along with! Same can be said about the security too. It’s nice to see over the past couple of months they kept evolving their process with social distancing and such. Always will come more
Caroline Blehart
Caroline B.
20:39 07 Jul 20
I tried to call and talk to someone about this but was hung up on so now I’m here. I’m a medical patient. I placed an order online. When I picked up my order I scanned my debit card to pay. The I was told that my medical license doesn’t allow for as much flour as I was getting by 2g and I was like “well why did you let me buy it?” and they were like “oh well guess you gotta pay the recreational tax of 26% that your Medical card exempt you from!” I was not happy and I expressed as much. I was told that as an apology there would be extra branded swag in my bag. I get home expecting to open my bag and see some swag and there’s nothing in my bag beyond the flower I bought. Don’t lie to customers with swag. Don’t make sick medical patients pay recreational taxes cause you didn’t check your screen / system before charging me. This was my second time coming to this dispensary and I’m not coming back. Numed / Nuera might be slightly more expensive but they never made me feel swindled, cheated, and lied more
Jose Villegas
Jose V.
01:00 02 Jul 20
Hello Everyone great place to shop I come here often a gentleman by the name of Rick toke my order with out a doubt if u like quality he would help you great customer serviceread more
A Charb
A C.
20:37 29 Jun 20
Like it here, quick and easy. But I’m very annoyed with the fact that us customers come in with masks, the staff wears masks and has plexiglass, space people out, but 2 security guard guys at the front are in that confined space between the front doors and they did not have masks. Don’t understand what the point of all other precautions are if these guys are going to get close to us and don’t have to wear a mask. Would like to see this change. Especially knowing immunocompromised or elderly people come for medical this is very ignorant and more
Jazo Alicea
Jazo A.
18:09 09 Jun 20
Spanish speaking staff (super cool). Excellent service. Very helpful and informative. I will definitely go back.
Blake Lindholm
Blake L.
18:39 22 May 20
I like coming here when I can because the taxes are much lower in El P than other parts of the city. But they don’t have very good selection and their whole cue system doesn’t make sense. Every time I go here it seems like I always end up waiting longer than others who just walk in and choose the magic line that moves faster. I wish they would organize their line system more. Every other dispensary you are seen the order that you came in the more
Anthony Pelikan
Anthony P.
16:39 30 Apr 20
I made my first legal purchase of marijuana on January 2 at this location so I’ve been a customer from the start. Since then I’m a happy customer!! One reason why I return here the most and not other shops is that I still notice those familiar faces from day 2. It’s always great to see this.This means Sunnyside values the great employees just as much as they do customers. Very knowledgeable and polite and just very down to earth people. Not to mention the security is top notch. You definitely feel very safe walking out with what can be expensive products. Vapes are on point. The only down fall to this location (and I think it’s a system failure more than a company decision hopefully) but recreational customers need more options. Flower and Concentrations. What’s the point of spending all that money on product and taxes if you just have to settle and not get what you really want or need. I’m being optimistic and hopeful that this turns around and we get to really experience the benefits of different strains because not everyone is eligible for medical more
Scott Oldis
Scott O.
02:27 07 Apr 20
really happy over all with the transaction and products! During this weird time of social distancing and staying at home I was shocked to find a shop in the area offering online ordering (even the small window they have it open for)This made parking a breeze, was in & out on my way. This is what I would love to see happen all over! Most definitely better then my normal shop! Will be back!read more
Jenn S
Jenn S
13:44 16 Feb 20
I went to this dispensary for the first time yesterday. I must say the staff was kind and very informative. Yes prices and taxes are high but the quality is great. This is the best dispensary I’ve been too and I only waited about 5-10 minutes before being helped. The only downside is the lack of choices for recreational. I hope that will improve more
josh LEITHAL weapon
15:41 10 Feb 20
worth the wait for some shake 😎🤙🏼
josh LEITHAL weapon
15:41 10 Feb 20
worth the wait for some shake 😎🤙🏼
Michael John
Michael J.
21:58 25 Jan 20
Great product, but they really need more employees and more items in stock. I've waited in line anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours so far.Hopefully it will be like the other legal recreational states soon; where things are smoother. I think this is the way it works in the beginning when the laws change; however. *Sign up to the rewards program and utilize the various discounts that they offer and then it is not as expensive as it looks at first.*read more
Michael Thibodeau
Michael T.
03:06 09 Jan 20
Wait time was minimal, maybe 45 minutes from start to me walking out bag in hand. Everyone from the police working security, to the bud tenders that took our orders, were in great spirits. Will definitely be back here again. This is the place other Illinois dispensaries should be trying to emulate!read more
Richard Theilen
Richard T.
16:34 07 Jan 20
Customer service is very good, the team here is top notch. This will be my go to store. Just wish the lines would move faster, which will happen in a few weeks. Please keep up the fantastic job!!read more
Alistair B
Alistair B
02:04 06 Jan 20
Got there 9:45am on 1/4 Saturday. Got through at 2:15. They had a good variety of extract products, flower, ect considering the demand. Only 3 people at the counter inside, took their time with every customer. I understand that service quality is important, but they could have sped up the process a lot by reserving product shortly before you get in the buildingread more
Chiquita Davis
Chiquita D.
21:56 05 Jan 20
Perfect service & staff! Line moves fast. Only waited ~2 hrs. Selection is better than most considering the demand. While in line they offered free water, swag & a magician! And you're not waiting in line in the cold, the space is heated. This is the place to more
Soto Dolo
Soto D.
14:45 04 Jan 20
I waited 3 hours in line. I was kicked out of line for going on Instagram live. Would have been nice to see a sign posted. The small skinny blonde lady who runs the store is an elitist. She doesn’t ask for people’s consent to film when NBC news came in the first day to give “free advertising and marketing”. To be escorted out by police with no prior warning after waiting 3 hours... I literally hope this place burns to the more
Soto Dolo
Soto D.
14:44 04 Jan 20
I waited 3 hours in line. I was kicked out of line for going on Instagram live. Would have been nice to see a sign posted. The small skinny blonde lady who runs the store is an elitist. She doesn’t ask for people’s consent to film when NBC news came in the first day to give “free advertising and marketing”. To be escorted out by police with no prior warning after waiting 3 hours... I literally hope this place burns to the more
Chris G
Chris G
00:50 04 Jan 20
Regarding the the recreational portion of the business the wait to get to the counter is crazy long. Took me 3 hours at 9am this morning, but the quality of the product I spent 300$ on was definitely much higher quality than the black market. Pricey, but worth the safety on the carts and concentrates. I'll be back for sure when those lines die down!read more
Phat Boii
Phat B.
18:44 02 Jan 20
I absolutely loved this place! The lines were crazy for day 1 & 2 but that was to be expected!! I loved that they had employees readily available to answer your questions. The fact that they went above and beyond to send employees out to greet customers 600 people deep in line was absolutely wonderful. The police presence there wasn't intimidating at all. I actually enjoyed a couple of conversations with officers and it was such a great change of pace. The patient care specialist who helped me was amazing. I wish I could have got her name because she was so helpful and it was a very genuine kind of customer service. You could tell that she had this kind of service because she wants to help not because it is her job. This is the kind of customer service everyone desires. This was such a fabulous experience that this will become my dispensary of choice. Thank you guys for the hard work!!read more
Sarah Weikert
Sarah W.
00:05 02 Jan 20
Great layout of store. Friendly staff. Hopefully the store gets decorated more and actually have product on display. Enjoyed being one of many that experienced the first day of recreational sales. Prices are decent for it being newly more
Stephanie De Vito
Stephanie De V.
22:40 01 Jan 20
Knowledgeable staff, and they were trying really hard to get through the massive lines now that recreational is legal. Shout out to Jackson, the great tech who was trying to get their POS recreational system going, while helping literally hundreds of people. Also to Bob, the IT guy: excellent job getting the place up and running in 5 days. I look forward to making this my dispensary of choice 😁read more
Chitown Flips
Chitown F.
00:06 30 Dec 19
Sad to see how this place has gone downhill since Cresco purchased it. Increased prices, super low stock, no discounts for bulk purchases, specials that are virtually non existent, etc. The staff and service has remained excellent, which is really all this place still has going for more
Joe Cacioppo
Joe C.
17:04 20 Dec 19
Sunnyside (Floramedex) is the bomb. Good people. Good prices. I loved how when it was Floramedex it had that speakeasy/bootleg feel. I lived 2 miles from it. I now travel 12 miles just because i love the friendly/family feeling i get from the staff there. Nothing but good people and positive vibes. They are also very knowledgeable on their products. And are more than willing to take the time to explain in detail the difference in the products of what may work best for you. Oh What Fun. Keep it up guys. 10 out of more
A Google User
A Google U.
23:58 16 Dec 19
The staff here is great, super friendly and knowledgeable. Sergio and Gabe enlighten me on any product I may have a question on. The product selection is abundant, and usually really short wait times if any. I would definitely recommend any patients to go check out Floramedex, and in the near future once cannabis is recreational, I urge anybody to go to Sunnyside which is what Floramedex is changing its name to as of January more
Darren Moore
Darren M.
23:59 09 Dec 19
Every time I’m at a dispensary I ask the person helping me if there is anything they think I should try and the manager (I think manager) at FloraMedex is the only person to suggest additional products; I now have a new favorite I probably would have never tried. I wish this dispensary was closer so it could be my “home” dispensary, it’s beautiful inside and the people are more
Terrell Gage
Terrell G.
07:46 29 Nov 19
The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They have great flower selections and it’s close to home. I love going to this place!!!!read more
JJ Chamberlain
14:26 04 Nov 19
I love this dispensary! It's really nice in there and doesn't feel like a typical dispensary. It feels more like being at a friend's really nice house. The manager there is very knowledgeable and helped me out a ton. I've been to a couple dispensaries in Illinois and Floramedex is the best one by more
micha Sanchez
micha S.
14:59 03 Aug 19
I used to love this dispensary. They offer a 10% veteran discount, but if you use the discount you don't get to use the bulk discount or get products on sale for the sales prices. As a veteran with multiple health issues, I depend on cannabis. Now that their policy has changed, I can't afford as much of my medicine. Some of the people working there kinda know what they are talking about if they even have inventory to work with. The selection has gone down hill and so has the service. They used to be very friendly that's not the case anymore. Their website has wrong information on many of their strains. If someone didn't know any better, they could be caught up buying the wrong strain because it's labeled wrong. If you don't mind paying ridiculous prices for the same stuff, don't care about friendly service, and you don't mind the low inventory then this is the place for more
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