Sunnyside Cresco Dispensaries

Sunnyside Marijuana Dispensary in Naperville, IL

2740 W 75th St
Naperville, IL 60564
Hours of Operation:
10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Sunnyside is a marijuana dispensary location open at 2740 W 75th St in Naperville, IL 60564.

Sunnyside menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age. This dispensary is Adult Use only.

For Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor, the closest Sunnyside serving medical patients is in Champaign.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Derek Hoover
Derek H.
21:51 30 Nov 21
Products not labeled right. Sold him a product that wasn't what it was labeled as and they did nothing for him. Couldn't care less that he is a legit medical patient. Never had a dispensary NOT do something for their customers when a product is not up to expectations or blatantly just not what it is described as. Hopefully they get better with it quick because all the other dispensaries in the area are very customer friendly...PS... Just had a different dispensary give me a discount because of this and they aren't even a related dispensary. That's customer more
John Riley
John R.
23:44 07 Nov 21
Great spot. Prices are reliable and the service is top notch. Look for Jack, he's a good dude and will help you find what you needread more
Berislav Pavić
Berislav P.
02:32 20 Oct 21
Indeed, very pleasant experience overall. Friendly stuff, quick service, everything clean and in the place. I can highly recommend this dispensary to anyone. This Ozone popcorn McLovin I bought, made me finally understand what was that stray dog near my hotel barking about for a week... Almost like a revelation. Great stuff for reasonable price. Dog just wanted the waste food from hotel to be delivered near his resting place. So more
Callahan Moltzan
Callahan M.
22:46 07 Oct 21
Beautiful facility and an awesome dispensary experience all around. Immediately upon arrival I was greeted by their friendly staff and was in and out the door in 10 minutes. Vin behind the counter was not only a great guy, but his knowledge about the products made it easy for me to choose what I needed. Go in and get yourself a fire High Supply cart!read more
00:46 07 Oct 21
Every time I’ve came here, the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. This time around, Kyle went way out of his way to provide awesome customer service. Since I can’t leave him a tip, I thought I’d leave him a review. Management is also very friendly and helpful at this location as well. The best Sunnyside I’ve been to. Blows a River North an Schaumburg out of the water. Great job at this location and I’ll be more
Gina Turner
Gina T.
06:55 03 Oct 21
My first time here, beautiful experience! Quick, efficient, friendly and funny staff, above and beyond service, I felt like I was their only customer! Products well priced for the quality! Highly recommend!read more
Yasmin Mawla
Yasmin M.
02:36 22 Sep 21
Always goes above and beyond to review the products purchased. Love the atmosphere and everything offered. The staff is amazing! Had Vin check me out today, kept my entertained after a long day so always appreciate that. Thank you for all that you guys do here- my #1 location 😀read more
Rebecca Judd
Rebecca J.
23:44 10 Sep 21
I’ve been to this location a few times and one employee I’ve seen frequently is Sara. Every time I see her it brightens up my day. She is very good and very quick at what she does, but she also manages to talk to you and make you feel important the entire time. I have nothing but positive things to say about her as well as everyone I have worked with.The entire team at this location is doing a fantastic more
Devin Anderson
Devin A.
15:37 03 Aug 21
Awesome staff, pretty good selection and prices are average for a dispensary in the area. Really gotta emphasize how great the staff is though; very knowledgeable, super friendly and helpful. Vin checked me out last time we were there and he was awesome too. Made sure I was getting the stuff I wanted and made sure I was satisfied with everything. Plus, he was just in a good mood, which can be hard to come by in retail. You can tell the people working here actually enjoy their jobs 🤘read more
Connor Rennels
Connor R.
03:12 02 Aug 21
I’ve been going to a competing dispensary since weed became legal until my buddy, Jimmy, showed me around this dispensary and I was blown away. The product was AMAZING and the service was beyond friendly and helpful. Not to mention, checking out was SUPER quick. Definitely a repeat customer!read more
Journy G
Journy G
21:20 30 Jul 21
We were a group of 4 and it was our first time here. Leo greeted us and could not have been better. We let him know what we liked and within minutes we were ready to check out. Checkout was a breeze and Jordan was very nice. Overall excellent experience and we will be more
Lucas Bray
Lucas B.
14:45 22 Jul 21
Love this store. Everyone is always super nice, they answer any questions you have, they are fast even when there are long lines you're never waiting too long. And they have the best prices of any other Sunnyside in the state. I literally drive four hours round trip every few weeks to go to this more
Alexander H. Porcaro
Alexander H. P.
16:58 19 Jul 21
This location, with every other Sunnyside location I've been to is top notch. The staff are super friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable about their inventory. The facility is clean, well put together. And still manages to give you the same sort of excitement you felt the first time you walked in to any of their locations. The order and checkout process is quick, painless, and clean. Though I never feel like I can't stop the staff to ask a question if I need to, which I have done. To which I have never walked out with any unanswered or unresolved query.If you're in doubt, trust any Sunnyside location to get the goods and knowledge you seek. I love these guys and gals. Keep it up!!read more
Tom Joseph
Tom J.
17:48 21 Jun 21
I’ve been going here for a while now. Super clean. Every time I go in and Sara’s there, she is the most helpful. She’s super fast and efficient. I really love when she rings out my order. She deserves a raise!read more
Paige Jensen
Paige J.
03:48 24 May 21
My boyfriend and I had a wonderful experience! The staff was so knowledgeable, friendly and professional. We spoke with Orlando who made us feel comfortable and taken care of. It's our go-to place from now more
Emily Fritz
Emily F.
00:27 15 May 21
Any time I go into ANY Sunnyside location, I am always treated with so much genuine respect and kindness. I have enjoyed Sunnyside so much, that I took my 80 yr old grandmother to one of their locations for her first dispensary experience. She was so nervous, but was warmly welcomed by the staff who spent 20 minutes helping her decide what product was best for her needs. ❤️ Shout out to my gurl Sarah at the Naperville location! She was a true delight. Keep up the great work, Naperville Sunnyside!read more
Alex Musarevski
Alex M.
22:10 09 May 21
Jack was super helpful and made sure to verify that everything I was getting was what I had ordered. He made the process easy and fast and that’s all you can ask for. 10/10 would recommend shopping here more
18:21 20 Apr 21
This is the ONLY dispensary in my eyes! Everyone else is just imitating. These guys are the most easy going, helpful, and knowledgeable staff you will ever meet. They're prices are amazing, always running great specials on bulk, and just all in all an amazing place with amazing atmosphere! Love this place to death!read more
reese caprice
reese C.
02:24 04 Apr 21
In and out quick! The service is outstanding the products or even better than the service which says a lot LOL I had the redhead on the end think her name was Aubrey or something? She was very informative about things outside do the store like different places to eat while we were waiting on my order. So very streamlined very organized process. I would definitely go back and I definitely recommendread more
Brian Sniegowski
Brian S.
00:01 03 Apr 21
Very clean , professional, secure , and friendly people. They were all well educated and exciting about the products being sold. Very COVID friendly with clear walking and social distance marks. Brad in particular checked me out at the counter and was incredibly kind and enthusiastic. If you go here I highly recommend you talk to him for anything!read more
Iran Orozco
Iran O.
00:51 17 Mar 21
First time here and the greeter, Santana was super sweet to me welcoming me in and handing some goodies they had at the front table. Talking about all the deals and high % product they just received. She stayed with me through the whole purchase recommending certain strains and walked me out. Super sweet I’m totally coming back just for her and the service she rocked read more
Sammy Mikel
Sammy M.
23:48 25 Feb 21
Sara is absolutely stunning!!!She made me feel like i just walked into a close friends house. So sweet and homey. 🥰As for the rest of the crew, fantastic service throughout from beginning to end.Literally left with a giant smile on my face.Third time coming here and it just gets better and better every time. Best dispensary that has opened up by far!Much love to the SunnySide crew !read more
Danielle Benson
Danielle B.
04:10 24 Feb 21
I will be going back. You know how you stop at a business and there's that one employee that really knows their stuff, is extra personable, and really nice? That's like every employee here. They blow other dispensaries in the area out of the water. It's way across town for me, but worth it for the warm experience.The woman at reception gave perfect instructions, the guy with the dreads who helped me pick out a cart was super knowledgeable and friendly, and the girl out the counter was great about getting me checked out. I give them all 5 starsread more
05:11 20 Feb 21
This place is great! The service was excellent . I was in and out so quick. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable on the products. I would recommend anyone whose been visiting the other places to come check this place out. The prices are better than most dispensaries. Plus this place looks like a freakin Apple store !read more
William Miller
William M.
19:40 31 Jan 21
This is a very nice and clean store with friendly and helpful staff. I'm an old coot new to this stuff and they very kindly helped me and even steered me to a money-saving promotion that was for exactly the products I wanted. Thanks to Jessica and Mike for their outstanding service. Minor glitch was a debit card terminal out of order but it could happen to anybody and I only had to move to another window. I would recommend this dispensary to more
Sharif Robinson
Sharif R.
19:16 28 Jan 21
Sunnyside has a great fun staff and the layout of the facility is nice and clean. There’s an aromatic smell of flowers as soon as you walk through the door. The different strains I’ve tried have been a hit so far! They have different stations and are very educational and informative when it comes to west you buy and what you want to know about cannabis. The staff is efficient with orders and tips and suggestions about different products. Definitely a regular more
Sara Maria
Sara M.
21:25 20 Jan 21
Team is super knowledgeable. The store itself is so bright and welcoming, and the staff is always cleaning it, which is awesome! I was helped by Santana who was super kind and helpful. I told her what I was looking for and she guided me in the perfect direction. At the counter I was checked out by Jenny who is super sweet and friendly. A gentleman Brad also gave me awesome tips on trying different concentrates! 10/10 my new disporead more
Danielle Benson
Danielle B.
14:14 10 Jan 21
I will be going back. You know how you stop at a business and there's that one employee that really knows their stuff, is extra personable, and really nice? That's like every employee here. They blow other dispensaries in the area out of the water. It's way across town for me, but worth it for the warm experience.The woman at reception gave perfect instructions, the guy with the dreads who helped me pick out a cart was super friendly and knew his stuff, and the girl out the counter (Jordan?) was great about getting me checked out. I give them all 5 starsread more
Sheri Reed
Sheri R.
02:26 05 Jan 21
Had an amazing experience in this store today. First time here but been to others that are very cold and impersonal.I was helped with my selection by Sarah,which Kudos on her recommendation. She took what I told her and guided me correctly. Then I had the pleasure of Vinny ringing up my order. Super friendly warm and welcoming. Absolutely overall a top notch place. Thanks guys I will be back for sure!!!read more
camden mathews
camden M.
05:50 01 Jan 21
When visiting the new Naperville Sunnyside dispensary I was greeted by an upbeat friendly staff. The online ordering made it super easy to see there selection of products and if I’m ever confused on a product they have an ask anything option at the bottom of the website to speak to a real person about any questions I may have. The store is super clean the product is amazing and the wait times are great as well definitely recommend to anyone thinking about trying out a new dispensary!read more
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