Sunnyside Cresco Dispensaries

Sunnyside Marijuana Dispensary in Chicago, IL (River North)

436 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60654

Hours of Operation:

9am – 9pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Sunnyside is a marijuana dispensary location open at 436 N Clark St in Chicago, IL 60654.

Sunnyside menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age. This dispensary is Adult Use only.

For Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor, you will need to go to the Sunnyside – Lakeview location.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Sunnyside Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Marie Guillory
Marie G.
06:54 28 Feb 21
Super nice staff from outdoor security to the dispensers. Lovely people work here. Very happy vibe but also efficient. Perfect more
Maddi Elaine
Maddi E.
20:57 25 Feb 21
this dispensary is amazing. i've been to 3 dispensaries and this one had the friendliest workers and great service and quick service too. they're really great and cool. and i got a discount so that was dope. if you like weed you should definitely come hereread more
Frances Ellis
Frances E.
13:16 11 Feb 21
Everyone here is so helpful and has such a great attitude. This is definitely one of the best dispensary locations Thank you all for being awesome. Truly appreciate the work you do. love the cresco vape more
Sam Bender
Sam B.
01:32 08 Feb 21
Did not purchase anything but went with a friend and the environment was nice while I waited! I would guess their products were good based on how many people were in there. If I smoked I'd give this place a more
Avnish Sanwalka
Avnish S.
20:17 07 Feb 21
Honestly I have never been more dissatisfied with a dispensary before.The guys at Sunnyside River North, constantly accuse me of not being age and deny me service, when I am very well of the age to purchase product.It is faulty on their part, that they do not have employees who are literate enough to read a foreign passport neither do they have technology which can help verify age as well.I was severely bothered with the fact that the front desk was barely helpful in this process and were still on the assumption that I am not of age but I ended up receiving service as they acted like they are doing me a favor by letting me purchase something which I am very well allowed to do so freely.I was going to make this my spot to purchase all the time, but after seeing the rudeness and attitude that they gave me, I am very certain I am gonna take my business elsewhere and will I ensure that others will follow and quickly stop shopping at SunnySide River North and look elsewhere.Mark my more
PA Avery
01:32 31 Jan 21
Excited to try this establishment but on my entry they were incredibly rude I will never return. I wish I would’ve read some of the other patrons that experience the same. In a world where there’s choices I can’t imagine anyone treating their customers this way. I even spoke with the manager, who is clueless on how to actually manage his people. Go where they are sunny and appreciate your businessread more
Missy Simpson
Missy S.
00:22 31 Jan 21
EXCELLENT SERVICE! Wow, I must admit I was expecting a bit of a wait but that wasn't the case at all. From the greeter at the door to a quick step up to placing an order, I felt like I was in caring hands. The gentleman who assisted me was very knowledgeable and so kind.In spite of the fact that I hadn't placed an order before coming in, I feel very fortunate that they saw me and aided me so quickly I honestly didn't pay attention to that part of the website, I was too busy shopping with my eyes.That one kindness alone, has gained me as a repeat customer. THANK YOU SUNNYSIDE - RIVER NORTHread more
Lucas Chapman
Lucas C.
11:32 17 Jan 21
Great selection of product. Prompt, professional service and staff. Thank you
14:56 16 Jan 21
Feels more prison like compared to other locations. For example the Elmwood park location is very nice, everyone is pretty knowledgeable and great customer service skills.Well also there debit machine weren't working as they should, although an atm was readily available just a new line to stand in because there seemed to be a lack of communication because seems some new the debit machine was down and some employees had no clue. But overall I would visit again because everyone was very nice and this location has a much wider selection compared to the Elmwood Park location.I gave 4 stars because of the wide selection of products and very kind staff. Nice more
Miguel Chaves
Miguel C.
05:45 11 Jan 21
Great service, all staff very friendly, clean and modern place. Highly recommended!
Stepany Jental
Stepany J.
14:30 07 Jan 21
This place is AWESOME. not pushy at all. I will definitely return for more goodies. Cresco Is the best.
The sunnyside cannabis dispensary must have been designed by a person who invented the baggage claim area in the airport. I didn't order my weed online to walk to two different apparments. It still takes to long to buy weed here. As for the selection, lacking, they have like two pens that are sativa. Seattle is way better in every aspect in the term dispensary. You can't buy an ounce of flower without buying 8 1/8s. If you want an ounce now. It's delivered in 8 sealed tins which all have to be opened and creates quite the heap of trash. Seems wasteful from someone holding a disposable pen. Seattle does sell whole ounces of the best weeds and sells at a reduced more
Warren Barber
Warren B.
03:13 09 Dec 20
So I got here 20 minutes before they closed. I was $2 short in my account so I couldn’t use my card. I scramble to get some change together and I run back in. “Ohh uhmm we don’t accept coins, only cash.”.......uhh excuse me?? Coins are cash! Thanks for refusing LEGAL TENDER! I used to think this location was great but now, not so much...and I’m a military veteran and they didn’t even apply my discount which would have made the more
shela brooks
shela B.
02:36 18 Nov 20
This is about the third visit to this dispensary. The product is fabulous but the tax is EXTREMELY high. BUT it won't disappoint!read more
jon orr
jon O.
03:45 08 Nov 20
MAKE SURE YOU ORDER ONLINE FIRST!!!! The purchase process is easy to miss online. The business should do a better job of stating that you need a ticket from a 2 location to purchase. Despite this the products are great and the staff is more
Alyssa Bell
Alyssa B.
00:27 03 Nov 20
The customer service is 5 stars for sure. I'm rating them a 3 star because of how you have to walk a block over to get a ticket after your online request and the website doesn't say that. It's inconvenient and the dispensary is so small, the space to pick up tickets is bigger which doesn't make sense to me. They had more people than they should in the dispensary because it's a small walk way and it should be no more than 3 people and it was like 6-7. The ticket location isn't obvious either, you have to look inside for a sign that says sunnyside. It's not on the building. Other than that, glad I more
Marcus Ziegler
Marcus Z.
02:27 02 Nov 20
Make sure you follow the instructions closely when ordering online cause they have a "waiting" facility where you retrieve a paper receipt then you walk a couple blocks to a different facility to pickup your order using that receipt. I forgot about this when I arrived and the guard reminded me of the process but was very rude. Convenient when downtown and also open till 9 everyday, so good in a pinch when you need some product. Do yourself a favor and plan ahead and go to another facility with parking, more space and guards that won't be rude when they have to do their more
Ryan McCarthy
Ryan M.
18:39 11 Oct 20
This place is an absolute joke with prices. In the last 3 months the prices have increased non stop. Pre tax prices on carts are anywhere between $10-15 more than any other competitor in the city. $100 out the door for a single .5g cart is laughable.I rated it 2 stars because the ease of purchasing and the pickup experience is fine, but I’ll never shop at this place again. This dispo is just in it for the money and they could care less about the actual consumer, and their prices reflect more
Polite and efficient--they have a solid system allowing you to pay with your debit card, which is super convenient! Service is fast and very secure, and the employees inside and out are always happy to answer any questions. The pick-up establishment is in a busy foot-traffic area but has a clearly-defined area for people to distance safely(even though you really won't be waiting long!)I've never had to wait more than 3-5 minutes to be helped but am almost always able to get in and out to the pick-up establishment without delay. The lobby of their main establishment is sleekly decorated and a gorgeous modern homage to the 70's with polished dark wood and orange motifs, drum chandeliers, and rustic seating. Hoping in the future (perhaps years in the making, but I'll gladly wait!) that they will get to put those gorgeous booths and tables to more
16:23 02 Oct 20
Very nice people and professional but there was a short young lady that I believe was security for your location and she could definitely work on her people skills she was kinda rude and impolite but everyone else was awesome. She was a short young lady standing outside with a bigger gentleman and the guy security was nice but that short girl with the lager gentleman wow you guys need to have a sit down with her and show her how to be a nicer more
Alex Rothschild
Alex R.
23:38 22 Sep 20
Amazing products, even better staff. They genuinely care about the individuals shopping here unlike most recreational dispensary’s in the area. Best location in the city!! Thank you for everything!read more
B Suls
B S.
21:15 19 Sep 20
They make you use these obnoxiously lavish bags, even for 1 item, that get thrown away as soon as you walk out. It’s so wasteful! I am taking my business elsewhere for this reason alone.MOCA on Ohio is way better!!read more
Daniel Scott
Daniel S.
18:55 15 Sep 20
Very inefficient check-in process that makes you walk to another location first. They blamed it on the city.* Also prices are inflated—probably to offset the cost of their overdone check out more
Lill Donahue
Lill D.
18:50 15 Sep 20
Subpar time wasting experience. What I thought would be a quick and easy pre-order pickup... turned into a 30 min ordeal. They make you walk two blocks away just to check in—only to walk back and wait again. Failed to disclose this when ordering online. Check out the new MOCA dispensary on Ohio! Super fast and efficient check out—also their employees are way more more
noah durin
noah D.
17:11 08 Sep 20
Do not even try to call them to ask questions, they never answer.
B Suls
B S.
17:53 02 Sep 20
They make you use these obnoxiously lavish bags, even for 1 item, that get thrown away as soon as you walk out. It’s so wasteful! I am taking my business elsewhere for this reason more
Walter Dominiquez
Walter D.
22:19 30 Aug 20
They literally have the same products as everyone else and charge more, the live resin concentrate I got was all over the cap instead of the container itself, both times that I bought it. This is a very common mistake that beginner dispensaries make but it doesn't seem like they're concerned over proper logistics of their merchandise/storing the concentrate products upright. They also don't seem to have any of their live resin refrigerated to maintain quality which is a huge red flag, in every other legal state the concentrates are kept cold because the extraction is done while the cannabis is frozen.I guess this would only be ideal if you live within walking distance and don't have to drive + pay for parking or taking the L Train/ more
Team Ya Yah
Team Ya Y.
16:06 26 Aug 20
Thanks guys for considering my health during a pandemic with your social distancing practices. I may have to walk a block to pick up but at least I am always coming to a clean and responsibly-spaced out place. Anyone complaining about this should really consider the fact that it's OUR health they are more
Rachel Abbinante
Rachel A.
22:25 11 Aug 20
Honestly every time I go, the process is quick and I’m in and out within 10 minutes from the moment I step in to the check in location on Hubbard, and ending when I exit the dispensary location on Clark with my product.Clean, efficient, friendly and fast. I have nothing bad to say about Sunnyside River more
Craig Garcia
Craig G.
03:43 01 Aug 20
well at Sonnyside dispensaryNO Loyalty points at this location (uptown has them 👍)they NEED a better way to show New customers where to go to register. Google give me this location not the one a block and a half away. You go here then check in at another location (a block and a half a way, The workers outside look like they were getting tired of telling people that. FIX IT! Please) Then you go Another Block and a half to go pick it up. (they need shuttles for new customers). Kind of pricey, but your in the C-I-T-Y. Different products & different packaging which is great. The only reason I would go back to this location is for one product. CRESCO LABS | HIGH SUPPLYSativa Shake 7g.! if there's a better deal in the city I don't know about it. don't get me wrong, I'll go back to shop there & you should check it out. it might be the one for more
Mario Cantu
Mario C.
03:46 30 Jul 20
Got up at 6 am sunday and placed my order online. It said it was ready for pick up but the store wasn't open untill 9 am. It also said I had 2 hrs to pick it up. I figured 2 hrs from opening. I walked around Millenium Park all morning until around 10 am I decided to make the short drive to the dispensary. I showed my email confirming my order and I.D. I was given a recipt and told to walk down 2 blocks then take a right. I did. Upon arriving again I.D. and checked in. Quickly greeted and asked for name, then given I.d. with product and asked to pay. Quick and easy. The staff is friendly and the product is great. Im speaking for a Live Resin Cart of Durban Posion. For the price it should have been full but it wasn't. The product itself though is more
Nicole Baginski
Nicole B.
05:53 25 Jul 20
Absolutely DO NOT recommend. My boyfriend and I drove an hour downtown on a Friday night to pick up an order he’d placed online. They made him walk to some sort of other location to get a receipt, and then once he came back they told us they weren’t accepting new customers. Why not tell us that when we placed the order online so we didn’t waste over 2 hours? Disorganized and more
Lionel Kong
Lionel K.
18:50 23 Jul 20
Bought the best from Wedding cake 29% sunny side and it had seeds. Than they Told me to go back to the store which was 2hrs away said no refunds. I will not be going back to any sunny side places as They don’t want to help.170$ down the drain. Seeds pop don’t more
Tyler Murray
Tyler M.
14:21 23 Jul 20
Like any dispensary, you will be paying 80-200$ for a product that would cost you 30-100$ using less official channels. The parking situation is ridiculous. Staff has always been super friendly, informative, and QUICK. Lakeview location, take note! It shouldn't take 20-40 mins to pick something up when your only job is to run a register and staple a bag shut!read more
Rhiannon Kennedy
Rhiannon K.
16:16 20 Jul 20
Sunnyside is the perfect name for this place. Everybody who works there is very pleasant and seems completely sincere. Everything is quick efficient and conveniently located. I never have to wait in line more
Tyler Murray
Tyler M.
01:35 19 Jul 20
The best Sunnyside location I've been to. However, like any dispensary, you will be paying 80-200$ for a product that would cost you 30-100$ using less official channels. The parking situation is ridiculous. Staff has always been super friendly, informative, and QUICK. Lakeview location, take note! It shouldn't take 20-40 mins to pick something up when your only job is to run a register and staple a bag shut!read more
Jack Cecola
Jack C.
18:17 17 Jul 20
Favorite dispensary in Chicago. Friendly staff that remembers their customers and great selection of product. Highly recommend if you are a tourist or a more
Jeffry Gonzalez
Jeffry G.
00:57 24 Jun 20
Ripoff and super Expensive. Cartridges are not even half way full
Matt Andrews
Matt A.
23:30 23 Jun 20
Well....the process of purchasing is bit convoluted , but fun in a scavenger hunt kind of way. That aside, I can't say enough as to the great experience I had here. The gentleman at the door was very helpful with recommendations and the staff inside curtious. The selection I found to meet all my needs. 10 out of 10, would recommend. And will be more
Sarah Waller
Sarah W.
20:23 19 Jun 20
Good selection - I have started to consider this location like a cannabis bodega. They might not have the selection of some of the bigger locations, but they'll have what you need! Adult-use only, there's a fee for using debit ($3). As a side note, the staff here are very spectrum-friendly - it's probably unintentional, but really cool. Shopping and directions can be tough from a processing standpoint, and masks put that on hard mode. I had to ask some clarifying questions a couple of times and I never once felt like an inconvenience, their answers were clear and concise. Very friendly, more
Cris Rivera
Cris R.
12:00 15 Jun 20
Great addition to the River North neighborhood. Awesome location. Nice variety of products. Friendly staff.
Tony Corces
Tony C.
15:39 10 Jun 20
Was in and out in under 20 mins on opening day at the river north location. Had to pickup at a different location from the check in location down about a block or so. There were arrows drawn in chalk leading the way so it was super easy to follow. The people were friendly and accommodating, will definitely shop here more
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