Sunnyside Cresco Dispensaries

Sunnyside Marijuana Dispensary in Rockford, IL

2696 McFarland Road
Rockford, IL 61107

Hours of Operation:


Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Sunnyside is a marijuana dispensary location open at 2696 McFarland Road in Rockford, IL 61107 .

Sunnyside menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Pat Beagan
Pat B.
16:41 09 Oct 20
Passing through Rockford and stopped at Sunnyside for the novelty of buying legal weed. Friendly, helpful, wonderful staff. What I bought was OK but nothing special. What I have at home is better and 1/2 the cost. Illinois won't stop the street trade with prices like more
Roxanne Hopperstad
Roxanne H.
11:53 27 Sep 20
Nice set up. My first time here. Everyone is so happy! Lmao. Very knowledgeable staff. Prices are comparable. Sucks the state gets their hands on it for taxes. Very high. Good selectionread more
Brandon Reynolds
Brandon R.
21:47 19 Sep 20
awesome ppl quick service
Cathy Scaggs
Cathy S.
14:29 17 Sep 20
You can get all you need at sure to order ahead!!
george claus
george C.
18:24 16 Sep 20
They got the goods
Renee Allen
Renee A.
21:32 14 Sep 20
No onsite parking for recreational users.
06:08 14 Sep 20
Was very quick and easy. Order online, pick up a few minutes later. They did not have any accessories listed on the site for this location. However, they did have a few shelves, and were very friendly and fast to grab products to show or recommend to go along with your order. Will definitely more
Lucas James
Lucas J.
16:25 13 Sep 20
Would prefer if the prices were a little closer to what you see in California, Colorado, and Washington. Would be nice if they had sample buds to smell/see like out of state dispensaries do but I'm sure that's a something they don't have control over. Originally I would have given them 2 stars but they have really gotten much better with their wait times, and their customer service has always been more
Evan Culver
Evan C.
19:29 12 Sep 20
Highly Recommend! Great staff! The officers are always nice and often will chat if you're stand waiting. The company seems to have implemented an efficient yet covid compliant set up. Great job!read more
Erik Van Meter
Erik Van M.
18:15 12 Sep 20
Strange experience to go to what amounts to a bank for cannabis after all the years of illegality but the staff and the customer service at Sunnyside make the process easy and pleasant. Plenty of security on location, ordering ahead is definitely recommend given covid more
21:56 11 Sep 20
I wish they had more of a selection with flower Hopefully they will start a rewards program soon like my other dispensaryread more
David Navarro
David N.
19:19 06 Sep 20
Staff is really friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend placing an online order before going to the store.
Katy Even
Katy E.
22:04 04 Sep 20
Takes forever. Overpriced. Do they realize people dont want waste an hour for an online order??? Wont go back to this one. Enjoy about a block of walk more
Rocree Waters
Rocree W.
21:54 03 Sep 20
Disappointed in selection and THC% quality of flower. At good times I can get shake or popcorn flower between 25-30% THC. Prices are also really high for such low THC quantity, and premium flower after tax is around 600.00 an ounce. We want new strains of flower 30-60% THC% for more reasonable prices. Take a look at Colorado's dispensaries. One ounce kush 25% THC for less than 150.00$ before more
Greg Belter
Greg B.
16:35 01 Sep 20
A very memorable experience in such a long line. The staff members were very helpful in assisting me with my purchase. The Durban Poison is a pretty decent mind high in my opinion. Their Shake marijuana really surprised me with the physical mind high. It comes in varies as well such as Outer Space and Sweet more
A Google User
A Google U.
16:11 30 Aug 20
Nice establishment with quick service and a clean environment. They always have a wide selection available for your liking. Fair pricing on products. I'd recommend them! Convenient online ordering is great for picking out what you want and they'll have it ready for your more
Chris Stilson
Chris S.
01:30 29 Aug 20
That tax though.
01:41 26 Aug 20
Typical nice Sunnyside venue with good selection of product. Location hard to find from the street (entrance is at the back) and does not offer parking for adult use clients (they ask you to park by an Italian restaurant that's a 10-minute walk away). I placed my order online, but found at the store that they had messed up my order, which added an extra 15 minutes to my wait. However, these are minor inconveniences. This was my go-to dispensary before the Schaumburg branch more
23:10 21 Aug 20
Arrived when they opened and got inside within ten minutes. I ordered my product online and it was ready for me when I got inside. The staff was very friendly and got the job done without any problems. I will definitely be back and will spread the good word of Sunnyside. Thanks more
Ethan Rosa
Ethan R.
16:23 17 Aug 20
Really bad place. The prices are way higher than any other dispensary in the state. They also make adult use customers park in the Franchesco’s restaurant parking lot across the street. I imagine this would be especially bad for older people and people with joint problems since it’s a bit of a walk. It’s also across a busy street with no crosswalk (unless you wanna go even further out of your way. The security guard was also super rude and didn’t seem to believe that I parked in he correct lot. Honestly worth your time and money to go to Chicago for a different more
1sufesighing madwi
1sufesighing M.
01:12 10 Aug 20
very professional. the quality is outstanding. the people are friendlyand ever so helpful. shout out to Grant, dude thankyou so much!read more
Patti Tanke
Patti T.
22:15 08 Aug 20
Great service.. love the on line ordering..a little pricey. But a great option if your interested
Cathy Hale
Cathy H.
18:39 01 Aug 20
Order online, quick and easy in and out! The staff as well as the officers outside were all very nice!
Bill Lundeberg
Bill L.
22:23 22 Jul 20
Great experience each of the 3 times I've visited. Simply place an online order and show up within a generous 3 hour time period to pick up your order. You'll get checked in with your ID and admitted to the store. By the time you get to the person who fills your order, it'll be there waiting for you. All of this is done with proper adherence to social distancing. Perry, who checked me out, was very friendly, answered all my questions and offered advice about dosages, etc. Total time, in and out once I parked my car, was less than 15 more
Kathy Reynolds
Kathy R.
20:14 21 Jul 20
I go at least once a month, mainly for vape cartridges. They finally got a 1gr. cartridge!! This is great! I knew they had them in Chicago. The staff is always friendly. I order online, I am a medical marijuana permit holder. I get to skip the lines & enter usually immediately. It pays to have a permit for the tax savings alone. It will be great when more dispensary companies more
J-Boss B.
20:45 19 Jul 20
As a medical patient, I was worried about long lines and waits. This was definitely NOT the case. I was quickly and efficiently ushered into the dispensary as a top priority. Would definitely recommend to any Medical patients in the Rockford area who can't stand in line for long!read more
Lord Jupiter
Lord J.
09:56 14 Jul 20
Both locations are great. South Beloit is new. Clean and beautiful. Very professional and positive staff 👍👍👍read more
David Willis
David W.
17:14 02 Jul 20
First time was ok. I expected more
Scott Oldis
Scott O.
00:07 02 Jul 20
Demand is way to high out at this location. Not what I’m used to in the city. Thought I’d make a quick stop. Line was longer then anyone should have to wait for more
Colleen Quinn
Colleen Q.
20:49 30 Jun 20
Thoughtful precautions in place! Knowledgeable and professional staff! Great flower!
16:07 30 Jun 20
Website wasn't clear on a daily limit (250mg). Big bummer for a collective order and having driven almost two hours. Had we known, we would have done two individual/ly orders. Staff was friendly enough. Not visible from road and where you're asked to park. Obvious by everyone else walking across it with their little yellow orange bags to figure out where to go. Line went quick on a more
Grady Kay
Grady K.
20:02 24 Jun 20
From my own experience. This is what we call a goodwill. It's a second hand shop that pushes the overstock other places cant sell at mark ups because people will pay it. It's sad to see places like this around. Basically a cash grab front for people that dont know much about the culture. Probably wont last long once a competitor moves in with a better understanding of how to operate and source product from an actual local source. Sad thing is by then they'll have made their more
April Nicole
April N.
15:20 18 Jun 20
Almost let the bad reviews scare me off - glad I went in. Everyone was very friendly and I informative and the line went so fast I was probably in and out in 15 minutes. Love all the security! I felt safe. Definitely will return if I’m in the area again. 💕 Oh and Ordering online was super more
Matt Pietz
Matt P.
16:31 08 Jun 20
POST COVID-19: Customer service was great. All online ordering, so make sure you place your order at the top of the hour (ex: 10 am, 2 pm, etc). Pick-up was effortless. Got what we wanted. Items I wanted were in stock. Only flaw is price, but it is what it is. Debit card was accepted unlike other legal states. Overall good experience, don’t let the other reviews turn you more
Natasha X
Natasha X
17:32 05 Jun 20
Don't bother unless you literally have nowhere to be ALL DAY. You guys need to invest in a better ordering system; I tried for 4 hours to place an order online. Demand is so high that you have to order at the top of the hour and hope to have your order placed. BUT every time, the site kept dumping my order cart and I had to scramble to search for and reselect my items. Did this for 10 minutes, and by time it stopped dumping my cart items, the ordering window had closed and I'd have to wait another HOUR just for a CHANCE to order. Tried to call, but they aren't accepting calls either. Drove up to see if we can settle it in person and just told to keep refreshing the website until it lets me order. This is not a good way to run a business. If you're that busy, consider making it an appointment based system or where you can be placed on a waiting list instead of using an online order system that can't handle the amount of business you're getting. The entire venture was a waste of more
Empty Rose
Empty R.
18:44 22 May 20
Easy to order online. Got my confirmation pretty quickly and the line was moving fairly fast. Only 4 stars for the prices/taxes. $22 for tax on a cart is crazy but it is what it more
Nathan Nicholas
Nathan N.
17:33 22 May 20
Sunnyside does NOT know what they're doing. Definitely can't run a business,This place is trash! Doesn't know how to price, Poor service, Worst ordering system, hung up on me more
20:25 02 May 20
Great online customer service. I sent an email about the difficulty I was having with online ordering. Some one got back to me within a few minutes and offered to assist. It only took around an hour from the time I sent the email, to the time I received a confirmation my order was ready. Awesome!read more
dimples p
dimples p
03:22 13 Apr 20
I’ve been twice, both times has been pleasant, fast and very simple experience. During quarantine ordered online had confirmation text in 15mins that my order was ready for pick up. This dispensary is extremely accommodating considering the constant changes they’ve had to withstand since opening. Staff is friendly and professional. Keep up the great work!read more
Amelia Buske
Amelia B.
15:59 25 Mar 20
I'm a recreational user I have had no problems. Prices are high but the bud is good. Having trouble ordering online though. Let me add to cart the min it opened but wouldn't let me place order and that was seconds. So if anyone can let me no what's more
Crystal Woodward
Crystal W.
02:36 23 Feb 20
Today was the 3rd time I visited this facility. Each time gets better. From the end of the line to out the door with my medicine was just an hour. Great idea making a single file line to keep order easier!! Also this was the first time there were workers there to assist with product knowledge and inventory. Inventory keeps getting better also. Great job people of SunnySide!!read more
14:03 15 Feb 20
Went on an early Sunday morning (1/26) got there 45 minutes before they opened. They open at 10am and I got in at 10:45am. They had a security guard there keeping things organized and running smooth on the outside line, he was really friendly and helpful. Product availability was still kind of low but with how crazy things have been that hardly seems like the fault of the shop. All the staff that worked inside were also very helpful and friendly. Definitely would come back, helpful tip though, get there early and check their website to see what's available on the more
Teotlrs Art Experience
Teotlrs Art E.
00:09 08 Feb 20
For the sheer volume of people that have flocked towards this store in the last month, the management has been handling it quite well and ensuring the lines move smoothly and quickly. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Prices are a bit steep but hey what do you expect during the first wave of Rec sales? Give it a couple years and it will adjust to “normal” prices. High grade, medical quality products. I highly recommended you stop in if this kind of product interests more
Amy Ludin
Amy L.
14:35 05 Feb 20
Very nice staff, you can tell they've been extremely busy and understand they repeat stuff because people are doing things in front of them like ( going into the bathroom with their purchase that's a no no or opening the stuff in your car) remember state level legal but Federal illegal so with that. We understand so after common sense and respect 6stars if I crazy but hey at least you know where it came from. Thanks again for the great service and awesome people we met more
Matt E
Matt E
21:21 27 Jan 20
Went on an early Sunday morning (1/26) got there 45 minutes before they opened. They open at 10am and I got in at 10:45am. They had a security guard there keeping things organized and running smooth on the outside line, he was really friendly and helpful. Product availability was still kind of low but with how crazy things have been that hardly seems like the fault of the shop. All the staff that worked inside was also very helpful and friendly. Definitely would come back, helpful tip though, get there early and check their website to see what's available on the more
Michael Battaglia
Michael B.
04:15 22 Jan 20
The employees here are very knowledgeable, and do their best to put medical patients first. It would be 5 stars, but the selection has been less than optimum recently due to recreational demands. The products I have purchased have never been sub more
Happy Gilmore
Happy G.
12:26 11 Jan 20
Let's be glad we are here, legally. It is always difficult starting a new process. It will get better. I've seen it before in other states. Great job to the staff, they are doing everything they can and it is a learning process. Each state that has passed new legislation has a different, specific new set of laws to follow. Just takes a little more
Keith B
Keith B
00:31 08 Jan 20
We spent 9 hours at Sunnyside.We waited 3 hours to get to the white tent, then we spent 3 hours in the tent, then another 2 hours in line after the tent.Finally one hour in the building shopping and checking out.Wares are of undeniably high quality despite the exorbitant prices. The experience was underwhelming, buyers can't see or smell the flower before purchase (I concede that with how busy they were, logistically, that wouldn't work - but it would be nice once the crowds die down). The selection was surprisingly robust (dozens of strains, all sorts of edibles, tinctures, pills, disposable vapes, cartridges, live resins...), though I heard horrors of others not getting their orders filled.Finally, When I was checking out, the person told me she would have to short me 25 cents because they didn’t have the change, and ended up only shorting me 2 cents.. very bad taste in my mouth after that.Bottom line: Not worth the wait. I bet a healthy portion of customers wouldn't have paid these prices, sight unseen, if not for the fact we were forced to wait 9+ hours just to get in. $75 (after tax) on the cheap end for a half-gram cartridge is absolute more
michael ascheman
michael A.
19:55 05 Jan 20
The only bad part is the wait, which in my case was over 5 hours on day one, but the product was so high end and amazing that I can't give the place a 3 for the waiting line when the flower was the best I have ever seen. When wait times are under an hour this place will be easily 5 stars! The prices are worth it, and will go down over time with supply increases and more
13:44 05 Jan 20
Welcome to the party, Illinois. We went here on the the first Saturday after legalization, and while we expected a wait we did not expect to wait for 7 hours. They could have expedited the wait if they would have let one in for every one out, but whatever. The wait time will decrease as the novelty wears off. They were well stocked and prepared for the craziness of the initial run. They did not run out of bud, and limited the quantity you could buy so all could get some. Well done. What I don't like is that they do not allow you to physically see or smell the product. All orders are placed through their online menu. This makes the place feel like a pharmacy. I don't understand this at all. Of the 4 legal states I've been to, not a single one does this, and I'm not sure why Sunnyside chose this route. All- on-call, a good place with a good selection and friendly, knowledgeable staff. You can expect to pay about double the street value. We got 3/8 flower and 2 disposable pens for $160. As inventory increases, price will more
Andy Matthews
Andy M.
19:14 04 Jan 20
Great selection. Outstanding quality. Inflated prices. Unbelievable taxes!!! Can't see going here on a regularly because it's so expensive. But if ya got the cash to blow, it's a VERY nice treat for yourself. Enjoy safely!read more
Damian Galka
Damian G.
08:00 04 Jan 20
Overall my experience upon arriving to wait in line on January 3rd at 2pm. The line seemed long but manageable, porta potty were on site, staff was friendly and have out snacks, t-shirts, bags, water while waiting in line. The group in front of me in line was a mother daughter from out of state, as was the gentleman behind me. Very nice people... The first 2 hours in line were a breeze, but once we got into the tent it seemed like we entered a warp zone back in time....the next 5 hours. Yes 5 hours were the end I waited 7 hours in line with my new friends and only half of us got served. And there is NO elaborate display of Jane on shelves upon's more like going to the DMV....fill out your paperwork...get your your money and off you go.....if you don't know what to get, their website is very accurate and required in order to fill out the paperwork when in line disclosing the items you wish to purchase. There is no walk in. Browse, smell, touch, taste....Jane hides in the backroom....The product is yet to be determined in regards to quality...But in the end I did manage to scoop some flower, pre-rolls, and a couple carts for $$$7 hours. My toes are more
05:00 04 Jan 20
Went and stood in line today. Didn’t take long at all to get to the tent from the back of the lot. B it,once I got the to the tent. It took hours. Even took over an hour once inside. Nothing I ordered was in the bag. Told me the didn’t have the inventory. That I was upgraded. However while lady was browsing on her computer and in looking over. Everything I wanted besides 1 thing was on her page. Trying to screw you to make more money for something that would’ve been 84 bucks for flower,edible,and pack of rolls. Lady tried selling me two different things for double the price. Ended up with 4.5 grams for $96.23 diff is not worth more
Keith B
Keith B
02:21 04 Jan 20
Wares are of undeniably high quality despite the exorbitant prices. The experience was underwhelming, buyers can't see or smell the flower before purchase (I concede that with how busy they were, logistically, that wouldn't work, but it would be nice once the crowds die down). The selection was surprisingly robust (dozens of strains, all sorts of edibles, tinctures, pills, disposable vapes, cartridges, live resins...), though I heard horrors of others not getting their orders filled.Bottom line: I bet a healthy portion of customers wouldn't have paid these prices, sight unseen, if not for the fact we were forced to wait 9+ hours just to get in. $75 (after tax) on the cheap end for a half-gram cartridge is absolute more
Toni Vines
Toni V.
16:02 03 Jan 20
What an adventure💕all for the love of bud💕thanks for bringing us stoners together💕it can only get better💕mac1 delicious💖read more
Cody Vallo
Cody V.
04:13 03 Jan 20
Bad service. I realize it’s the 2nd day and lines are going to be long but come on. I been to Colorado, Vegas, and CA and not one shop makes u sit down and fill out paperwork. They register you with just your ID. You could have also had people fill out paperwork before getting inside and just verify it against ID. 7 hours of waiting and I got a slip to skip line tomorrow. That’s just ridiculous. We asked for that slip 4 hours ago cause we all estimated ourselves that we would not get in. Another wasted day smhread more
A7xFo .
A7xFo .
06:29 02 Jan 20
Severely overpriced, workers were completely baked which made the entire process 10x longer than it should've been. Maybe if they lower their prices and get their act together, but for now, completely avoid it and visit another location. You're better off continuing to get it on the more
Caitlin WhatTheFrick
Caitlin W.
22:50 01 Jan 20
Excellent quality you won’t find on the street. Extremely fresh bud (shows on the bottle when it was packaged), trichomes are plentiful and very sparkly ✨, incredible aroma. Yes it is a little more expensive, but the quality matches the price in my more
Logan Johnson
Logan J.
16:59 01 Jan 20
The inventory manager doesn't know his own inventory. I drove out there to grab a specific product i saw on their website..he assured me they did not have it and i must have been looking at the Chicago location. I went home to check the website and saw no mistake..when i called him back he finally did a search and realized the product was right in front of his face. He said i can have a 5% discount next time i come back(not making it clear that the 5% will only be on the 1 particular product rather my entire purchase) All of their products are marked up 10% compared to the other Rockford dispensary..FOR THE SAME EXACT BRAND/PRODUCTDo your research. The prices we pay in Illinois compared to other LEGAL states will make you sick to your stomach.SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND MONEYIts $100/yr for your medical cannabis card which allows you to grow up to 5 plants at home. Dont support this corruptionread more
Jesse Michael
Jesse M.
14:16 01 Jan 20
They have alot to learn from the first day or hours they opened. Very very slow it took about a hour inside to checkout and when I looked with my 2 earballs at the Rec menu I picked out a Apple Cinnamon crunch cereal and grape tonic i wrote it on my order and went to the register and they tell me I CANNOT purchase either the cereal or tonic something I picked out and was super excited for. So now I'm on the spot with about $70 at the register hearing the girl say all the other stuff I could get. Nah im out peace what a waste of time!read more
David Sandine
David S.
13:45 01 Jan 20
Professional manager, unfortunately it was managers first day on the job on by far busiest day they will ever see. Many of the staff was super baked. (They shared that info with us)Very, very, very slow. Seemed like giving everyone a consultation, 10 minutes plus per customer. Prices are more
holly hitchcock
holly H.
13:37 29 Dec 19
Would never pay those kind of prices for some green I'll go to same ol guy I've been getting it for years. Dont have 9 different strands that are always out but not breaking bank to smoke some herb eitherread more
Jeff Linenfelser
Jeff L.
21:51 28 Dec 19
Most of the staff is very knowledgeable but that won't matter because they're always out of flour at this location, for being one of two medical cannabis facilities in a town of 160000 people you would think they'd be able to grow more flower than the guy on the cornerread more
Nancy White
Nancy W.
20:53 11 Dec 19
I can order online which is convenient:-)
Ron Witherby
Ron W.
22:49 01 Dec 19
I really think posting stuff for sale without dates of the sale ending or posting while supplies last is illegal. Very poor business more
Guccigirl Snyder
Guccigirl S.
18:07 10 Nov 19
I love this place but y they only have 9 flowers and Lakeview they have 33 flowers. Y dont u have any flower anymore when I go on more
Dareigeo Bathory
Dareigeo B.
00:20 02 Oct 19
This place is the best I’ve ever dealt with! Tim is one of the best people I’ve ever done anything involving paperwork with. They made registering and doing all the paperwork easy as pie. Everytime I’ve came in, I never had to wait longer then 10 minutes tops. They people are VERY professional and take time to address any and each concerns you may have, they make ordering your medication easy as pie, and less stressful then most people I have to deal with, Medmar is my dispensary for life!!!!read more
Kris Kuykendall
Kris K.
15:49 19 Jun 19
Decent selection of medicinal marijuana. Stock rotates so be prepared to know what you like, or try something different! Includes edibles, creams, candies, different wax and flower strains. more
Tina Marie
Tina M.
16:22 16 May 19
Everyone is so friendly and helpful. To finally be diagnosed, learning ways to live differently and STOPPING all the prescription drugs (eventually). Very knowledgeable and friendly staff with a great sense of humor as well! You make visiting less stressful. Thank you!read more
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