Sunnyside Cresco Dispensaries

Sunnyside Marijuana Dispensary in South Beloit, IL

7000 First Ranger Drive
South Beloit, IL, 61080

Hours of Operation:

8am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Sunnyside is a marijuana dispensary location open at 7000 First Ranger Drive, South Beloit, IL, 61080.

Sunnyside menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Erica Gallagher
Erica G.
16:35 03 Jan 22
Dylan had SO MUCH knowledge about every product and was super kind and helpful. I had tons of questions and he readily replied with knowledgeable answers and recommendations while maintaining a relaxed and welcoming demeanor. The whole experience was great! There was ample parking, the security guards were kind and welcoming and kept walking traffic flowing smoothly. Overall I'm extremely pleased!read more
Julian Tagliapietra
Julian T.
17:51 26 Dec 21
Been here twice now. Clean and professional environment. Very friendly staff, always eager to help. Last time I went in I placed an online order.. when I got to the store I realized I wanted to change it. They said no problem and swapped it out in no time. I was very impressed with their fast paced yet professional service. I feel safe and confident getting my meds here. It’s pricey especially if you don’t have a med card… but I know that’s definitely not the stores fault. Great store and great staff. I also appreciate the amount of security in this place. Makes the environment feel much more
Robert Trader
Robert T.
04:59 07 Dec 21
First off I want to say that I'm a regular at this place and have enjoyed the products in the past, even if I do think they are a bit overpriced. The staff is also very friendly and helpful. But be sure you bring the CORRECT ID!Today I had my first negative experience there. Currently, I am using a paper temporary ID, as my wallet was recently stolen/lost. I was told this form of identification would not be good enough to purchase the products I had ordered online-- only a plastic ID would work.Silly me for thinking the temp ID would work. The online confirmation email says that a valid state issued ID is needed (which this was by definition) and says *nothing* about it having to be a plastic ID only and not a paper temp ID (with all the same info on it, no less). I found this lack of clarity in the online order to be an oversight and irritating (it is about an hour round trip for me to come here). So I turned around disappointed and went home with nothing but wasted gas and time.Sunnyside, please fix your confirmation email response so this doesn't happen to others and is explained better. A little better clarity about the ID policy goes a long way for the consumer who needs that clarity when they come in. Or better yet, just make the policy so *any* form of ID, temp or plastic, is valid-- like it implies in your confirmation email.I don't blame the very kind employees at all. They were just doing their job enforcing the (dumb) policy. Still, I likely won't be back for a while due to this more
L G (Lg713)
L G (.
20:45 27 Nov 21
John & the rest of the staff & security were awesome but a special thank you to John for being so patient on my first visit. He did an excellent job of not making me feel like I should know what I was doing already & giving me a moment to take care of an issue on my end...I couldn't be happier. No lines waiting to get in & lines inside moved quickly, every single employee I came in contact with was extremely helpful & polite & even with masks I could see smiles 😃read more
Kandis Johnson
Kandis J.
18:59 22 Oct 21
Loved my first experience here! Sara was so very helpful along with all the other employees I interacted with. The name fits the place perfectly. Walk in and the atmosphere is so positive and sunny! And of course smells great as soon as you walk in!read more
Thomas Holtz
Thomas H.
23:55 15 Oct 21
I was helped by Marissa today and I just want to say she is absolutely incredible. She was super friendly and helpful. She went out of her way to make sure I was happy with my order and she is also super informative about the whole process. As a retail manager there is nothing I wouldn't give to have a employee like Marissa. I hope Sunny Side gives her recognition for her superior customer service skills. I'll definitely be back and hopefully helped by Marissa or any of your great staff there!read more
Jack Davis
Jack D.
18:41 27 Sep 21
Absolutely love this place. Every time I come here…Stephanie is always amazing and fast. She always makes me excited about what I’m getting. Came in the other day, I was kinda bummed out, but I wasn’t anymore after She checked me out! My attitude, was totally changed! This is what it is about! Products are amazing! Green Line OG!!! My new more
Donna Jean
Donna J.
07:21 11 Sep 21
The line was long , but went fast and was well organized. It was my first time there but everyone was very nice and lead me through the process. Tommy F. At the checkout was very helpful and answered all my questions and it put me at ease. Can’t say enough about how professional and nice the staff more
John Shea
John S.
00:02 10 Sep 21
Good experience but security personnel were not wearing masks and not social distancing. The high prices and high tax are what they are. Good selection of various different quality products. Ordering, check in and buying process went smoothly. I got there just before opening and there was only a few people in line I was in and out in under 10 minutes. Glad they have cleaned things up from the earlier reports of horrible wait times at different locations. Inside is very clean and spacious and staff if very friendly other than the issue with security. Update 9/9/21 long lines and wait times have gotten pretty bad in the past few months. Averaging anywhere from 25-50+ minutes before getting to the register to check out. They have plenty of registers but depending on how many people are working they only have a few open sometimes. Maybe a staffing issue but frustrating knowing they could get people in and out quicker but choose to make customers wait more
Cindy Spencer
Cindy S.
23:34 01 Sep 21
I have always been very satisfied with my shopping experience with Sunnyside. However, today was most definitely by far the most rewarding. I was assisted by a young lady named Krista. She was the nicest, patient and most helpful person I've ever dealt with there. She was so understanding and didn't hesitate a bit when I asked if she could help me to understand the different options that I had. My only regret about shopping there next time is that I probably won't get her as my checkout lady again. What an awesome Employee. Don't get me wrong, I've never had a bad a bad check out person but she was an exceptional person. They need to make her employee of the month and give her a raise. 🙂read more
Pat S
Pat S
16:38 26 Aug 21
My wife and I recently visited Sunnyside in South Beloit. It was our first visit to an Illinois dispensary and I was pleasantly surprised. There is plenty of parking. There is plenty of room inside for lines, however, we didn't have to wait at all. Patrica B. was the employee who helped us and she could not have been better. Although I had looked at the menu online, we told Patrica basically what we were interested in and let her make recommendations, which we have been happy with. It's a nice building, good products, very friendly staff who answered all my questions and were willing to spend time with me. It's true that you don't see the product displayed and it's not cheap, but I'm happy and plan to come more
Loan Chung
Loan C.
07:31 17 Aug 21
The space is very clean and professional. The building are well ventilated and social distancing is encouraged. Their products are definitely priced to reflect the convenience that they provide. This place seems to range from crowded to extremely crowded with people constantly flowing in and out so expect more than a quick pick up and go. They do have an ATM and also take debit but both those options have more
Julie Fedele
Julie F.
00:43 17 Jul 21
On Mon. July 5, we visited Sunnyside and as I was checking in at the front desk, there was a wonderful lady taking care of my transaction and a nice gentlemen sitting next to her. I don't know exactly how this came about, but I asked if my husband could come in, he did then he realized that he couldn't stand very long because he had a terrible back, so the two upfront saw all this and I had to go back in again to get scanned, made a comment that I had double hip surgery and wasn't doing very good either. But I went inside, got in line, and there were lots of people there. All of a sudden I hear someone call my name and it was the nice man at the front desk, he asked me to come over to him, radioed someone and thentook me up front so I wouldn't have to stand in line that long. That was the kindest gesture anyone has done for me in a long time. I wanted everyone at Sunnyside and all their followers to know this, everyone there is amazing, but this man really helped me out. Wish I caught his name, but I didn't. Sure hope to see him again, he made my day along with the lady that took care of my order.Thanks again!!Julieread more
Joe Regester
Joe R.
21:28 29 Jun 21
Today I watched a security guard nearly carry a handicapped gentleman up to his bud tender so he could get his order. This is the finest example of compassionate care I’ve seen. He steadied that man so he could get something for relief.As I’m preparing for major neurological surgery it really gives me love that sunny side is ready to serve us all with compassion and love.I left in tears of joy and without anything. I was without the right card and no cash. It was the best medicine to see another human being treated with dignity. Bravo Sir! You’re a good man. Kudos for being a real hero to those of us with neurological problem. I’ll never forget your face. Love.Joe Rread more
Charlie Cynical
Charlie C.
20:53 27 Jun 21
This place is amazing, great quality product(s), great people working there, and incredibly easy. Parking is always close and available and the staff working here are incredibly knowledgeable and can answer any questions asked.The only reason I would ever give this place less than 5 stars (and may be the reason they are 5+ stars) was because of the wait times during covid, but they were quick to adapt and still made customers happy.If you are iffy about visiting a dispensary and are checking reviews to see what's up, just go—you'll be glad that you more
Michelle MyBelle
Michelle M.
18:29 23 May 21
Absolutely, 100%, worth it! The location is genius, the concierge was extremely helpful and sent us home with some amazing medicine! Staff is super cool, (which is what I expected. Customer service with a for real smile) and we will be back!!!• Just a heads up- 1)if you're a first time walk in they'll help you out, but after that it's a order online/pick up method. Keeps the line moving at a nice pace 2) Bring cash to avoid the ATM/debit fee and be prepared to spend more than you would the "usual way".read more
00:33 18 May 21
Placed an online order and waited in line for 20 to 30 minutes just for them to tell me they were sold out of what I had ordered. Why allow me to order it online, give me an order number and say come on down, it's ready? Prices are the highest I've ever seen a dispensary because they pretty much have a monopoly on the area. The workers and security are usually very nice though. Hence the second more
M Swords
M S.
21:23 06 May 21
Quick (usually on the weekdays), easy and painless. Especially when you order online. Which is what they highly recommend. Any accessories you want, you can put in your cart online, however when you get in line at Sunnyside, you need to look for that item you want and bring it up. They don't keep any of the accessories in back. There is a $3 fee for using credit/debit cards. Super friendly staff. 😉😊read more
Cynthia Hernandez
Cynthia H.
15:53 19 Mar 21
I had accompanied some friends here a few times, but due to Covid restrictions, they were unfortunately only letting the main purchaser in, so I was not able to enter with them. A few days ago, I finally decided to place an order and personally go in. I went during the week (Tuesday) at around 2pm and there was no wait at all. Upon entering, they checked my ID and printed my order which was very quick! They then directed me to the area where you pick up your items and this is when my expectations were completely blown out of the water. The cashier (Jordan?) Was SO excited, happy and helpful. She had such a bubbly personality and seemed genuinely happy to be at work! I make a living both providing excellent customer service, as well as reviewing places/products I've experienced so I have high expectations anywhere I go. This cashier provided probably THE MOST amazing service I've experienced to date! She knew what she was talking about, explained every product and process clearly and quickly. She made me leave Sunnyside VERY content and sure about what I'd purchased. She even complemented me and made casual small talk without making it awkward. Overall, this was an amazing experience and I hope she is commended for her excellent work! I'll definitely be coming back!read more
Pamela Elmer
Pamela E.
07:24 27 Dec 20
Big, bright, & beautiful with its own ample parking lot! A must see.Online ordering is fantastic, but know that items can sell out before you submit your order, so you should have a few options in mind in case that happens.My budtender Ashley was super friendly and very knowledgeable and helpful, offering suggestions when I couldn't make up my mind. I did change my order and Ashley was fine with that. I couldn't buy everything all at once, just have to get back there to try some of her suggestions I suppose ;)Yes, the taxes are high, but that's not the dispensary's doing.All in all, I highly recommend S. Beloit Sunnyside!read more
Fiphee Shaw
Fiphee S.
18:11 15 Sep 20
Items not on display. Cheaper on the street
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