Texas Educator Promotes Herbal Cannabis Partnership

CANNABIS CULTURE – Everything’s higher in Texas. 

Step into the home office of Amanda Hughes of Higher Education Texas, and find verdant plants, decoctions, and books on herbalism. Amanda attributes her love of plants and herbs to her grandmother, who she believes was an herbalist in her own right, even though she may not have considered herself so. 

“I know that had a profound impact on me, the connection to the dirt,” Amanda intones as she remembers how her grandmother used herbs for healing. This led her to purchase a book penned by Penny C. Royal, called Herbally Yours, a small paperback that categorizes herbs by types and interactions. 

“Some of this information isn’t even correct anymore,” she says. Her old handwriting is there still, lists of herbs now cryptic to her in present day. “What was I trying to do here? See, I must have been doing something with adaptogens.”

Adaptogens to Amanda are the most beneficial herbs to pair with cannabis, a medicine that acts as a re-balancing agent in her clients lives. Adaptogenic herbs boost beneficial effects of other herbs by binding to them and normalizing their results. 

There are naturally occurring cannabinoids in every human body

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