The Herbal Care Center Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The Herbal Care Center Marijuana Dispensary in Chicago, IL

1301 S Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60608

Hours of Operation:

Sun-Mon: 10am-3pm
Tue-Sat: 10am-8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – The Herbal Care Center is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1301 S Western Ave in Chicago, IL 60608.

The Herbal Care Center dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

The Herbal Care Center Dispensary Products

The Herbal Care Center medical and recreational menu products have not been uploaded. Please contact us to add your menu and update your page.

What People Are Saying

04:36 08 Jun 21
It’s a very huge place and you have to go through two doors to get all the way in. In my opinion it’s not really worth it. However you can get a lot of marijuana things there. They have a Lotta different brands and they have different choices as to how you and Ingest it. Plus the people that are helping you are very knowledgeable I joked and called one of them a legal drug dealer because that is what they are. but all in all it’s overpriced and I feel like it is a little bit too commercialized. They also did not have what I needed at all so it was a waste of time. But they did have a big demand for things. so I will say that they are running steady and they have a lot of customers. so if you’re out there and you want to try A dispensary I would say go try this place. It might be helpful to you it just wasn’t helpful in my situation. I’m not downing at all the business but it’s just not for me. Oh and they did rush people a lot they were not very patient as far as people just looking at the menu that they had they wanted you almost to go in and out of the facility and not more
Kimmi Sanchez
Kimmi S.
14:50 05 Jun 21
Both the staff and the security personnel are extremely kind and patient. They also have the widest variety of products available on site that I have seen in the city. The only downside is that they only accept cash more
Cassie Craven
Cassie C.
14:38 04 Jun 21
The best experience. Some dispensaries make you purchase ahead off time, not reality allowing you to learn about what you're getting, but at THCC/Zenleaf they're super knowledgeable and helpful - answering any questions I may have. It helps them if you have a list of what you're interested in ahead of time so come prepared with questions and/or to purchase!read more
sierra phillips
sierra P.
19:52 21 Apr 21
Nice dispensary and friendly staff! I would only suggest maybe having an express line for recreational customers that know exactly what they want. I stood line in the lobby for 10 minutes (which is understandable) but then I waited another 25-30 inside for other customers to pick out 2 more
Jose Delgado
Jose D.
14:06 03 Apr 21
I don't know anymore, I think I'll expand my horizon from this place. They have allot of workers but not enough product. The guy who helped me was swearing during our interaction. I haven't been having the best costumer experience here lately. I'm going to hope I get a better experience next more
13:06 26 Mar 21
I just started during security there I can say so much fun staff makes you feel like family. Seeing customers come in having there questions answered and leave happy what more can you ask for. IF YOU IN THE AREA OR LOOKING TO PURCHASE COME TO THC more
Laura Hicks
Laura H.
22:46 07 Mar 21
amazing customer service every time, love this place! friendly staff and really clean store with a huge selection and great prices. always good weekend deals too, i go out of my way to drive to this location every more
Hanah Ramsey
Hanah R.
21:08 15 Feb 21
A nice facility. I was surprised how big it was! It has a small lot and street parking avaliable. We were in and out in under 10 minutes. They have a big menu and some Valentines day specials. Prices are about the same as other dispensaries in the area. Staff was really nice and professional. We will definitely come back to this more
Rob A
Rob A
17:06 09 Feb 21
Here's the Scoop IMO. The place is a bit over-priced BUT they make up for it in spades in customer service. The facility is immaculate, clean and almost clinical. The employee's are fantastic. Joshua helped me today, The VA botched a medical procedure and i was/am in insane pain. He hooked me up with 2 products that have helped me immensely. Justice was on point with saving info for me as a note for a future purchase and she swooped in and had me set in 30 seconds. Then there is another Woman there, cant remember her name that helped me, dark hair ,s avg height...she took care of me I.E. listened, responded could tell she actually cared. The place is also run by a vet(from what i understand) and they do give a Veteran discount. all in all not the cheapest place but considering the level of service worth every penny. I highly recommend you go here for Vet's and medical more
Tom Yu
Tom Y.
15:51 30 Jan 21
My favorite dispensary in the city. Beautiful lobby and efficient check in process. Helpful staff, good menu, weekly specials are put together nicely. Website is friendly to use. Overall an amazing experience you can't get from any other dispensaries in Chicago. (Imagine you don't have to wait in the cold outside)read more
Eloisa Rivero
Eloisa R.
20:08 24 Jan 21
I came in on a Sunday. They close at 3pSurprised it was very easy going and went in right away. No line. Once inside. There's a line but moved fast. My dispenser was very knowledgeable. All products are good. Expensive but what do you expect... it's CHIread more
Lindsey Tortorello
Lindsey T.
00:34 13 Jan 21
Have been here twice. First purchase was delightful! The second time I wasn't all that impressed with the quality of my purchase. Both my sister and I said, we need to find a new dispensary. Super fast service for medical patients but they make you wait if your not medical.? Tip buckets are full but I am not sure why?? Service I received is average... Heard back from Management, very interesting information they shared regarding their inability to verify quality of plants sent from growers. Thank you for the words of wisdomread more
Miss Udon
Miss U.
03:58 11 Jan 21
Had a lovely time here a month ago as a first time legal recreational smoker. Staff was extremely friendly, very knowledgeable and patient with me. Even the security guards were sweet. When I like something, I rarely stray from it. THIS is my ONLY dispensary of more
14:10 18 Nov 20
My first time visiting the herbal care! I'm from NYC and I was visiting a friend for a few days. We came here 10 minutes before closing and still got out with everything we wanted / needed. This place is really great, they're very clean, follow social distancing rules and the staff is very knowledgeable. (Definitely recommend the gummies.)read more
Kiersten G
Kiersten G
15:01 01 Oct 20
Yesterday was my first time going into one of these places and I do believe that I couldn’t have picked a better first place. Everybody was amazing. Everything looked amazing. It was just a wonderful first experience. Fancier than the fanciest doctors office. Cleaner too!read more
Brittney Mobley
Brittney M.
13:50 25 Sep 20
I'm from Indiana and this will be my second time coming to this dispensary (during Covid) and both experiences we're EXCELLENT! Front desk lady is nice.. the staff are friendly and experienced.. and you are in and out that quick! And of course I am extremely happy with my purchases!! This is my new favorite spot. Thanks guys for the great more
charles purham
charles P.
21:49 22 Sep 20
I don't usually give five stars, but I must say the Herbal Care Center is very worthy. The customer service is legendary and second to none. Conor is fantastic and was very helpful. I've visited all of the goto dispensaries in Chicago and the surrounding area in a quest for the best smoke. Selection is vast, and the salesmen are honest—great vibes every time. If you're looking for a dispensary, try the Herbal Care Center. Job well-done folks!read more
Kari McLaren
Kari M.
19:19 20 Sep 20
I went to this dispensary today and was taken care of by La’Marre, he was so friendly and knowledgeable! The variety of products in all forms from here is amazing wide range of products and mostly important for me concentrates due to chronic pain! I can’t wait to go backread more
Beth Proctor
Beth P.
16:01 19 Sep 20
Jack was very informative. I didn't feel rushed.The reception area was very friendly.
brandon perez
brandon P.
04:15 19 Sep 20
My very first experience in an dispensary I ran across while visiting the city. I’ll called to verify what I needed to since I’m new to the very professional I was told that it would be an hour wait. That wasn’t the case I was in and out in less than 10 min. I was greeted at the door,security was professional ,and my budtender was very helpful. I would recommend this place to anybody. You have my business when in the more
Glee Lehmbeck
Glee L.
03:12 17 Sep 20
So professional and so knowledgeable - as a first timer with medical issues they treated me with such care...did not rush me, answered all my questions. L will go more
Ryan Niven
Ryan N.
17:24 16 Sep 20
I recommend this place, I enjoy the positive vibes at the care center, good selection and decent prices. jackie was my bud tender, she was more
James Williams
James W.
03:37 15 Sep 20
Small location not a lot of strains to choose from.
Krisha Lewis
Krisha L.
01:07 12 Sep 20
Amazing place! So glad I was able to stop in an get some treats. Also the employees are very knowledgeable with all products and able to determine which will work for me. Thank you!read more
Ali Amer
Ali A.
04:56 07 Sep 20
So, I’m a regular customer at The Herbal Care Center, one of the reasons being their customer service. Today, i went in and met this (curly haired) guy Micheal H, who perhaps in my experience really absolutely knew every bit about the product portfolio. His superior knowledge and helpful demeanour really made my experience even better than always! Thanks Man you’re awesome!read more
Morning Light
Morning L.
15:04 04 Sep 20
Not one rude person in here, and not one person in here does not enjoy helping and being there for patients. This is the only place I go in Chicago. The selection is unmatched, and it always smells really great in there, and is always very clean. HUGE more
09:58 27 Aug 20
Always very helpful and nice my mother has medical marijuana and didn't know what to buy and they gave her advice and made her feel comfortable and she couldn't be happier with the service or the product a bit pricey but worth itread more
Alberto Martinez
Alberto M.
02:10 27 Aug 20
Staff were professional, the product was to notch, and the lay out was efficient my only issue is the astronomical tax rateread more
Alex Molina
Alex M.
17:33 23 Aug 20
Great and fast service. Some of your needs and they will get to the topic and provide different options of products. I went for recreational and the service was amazing. This people here have knowledge and actually they provide their own advice or recommendations. Prices are good and how we know the tax just kill it. But the service here make it worth it for a weekend in Chicago. Parking is good and get ready and have a mask this people are on point to bring a clean environment in the more
Natassia Schulz
Natassia S.
19:38 17 Aug 20
This dispensary has such a great and streamlined process for their customers. You make an appointment online and get a text with a time range for your appointment. When you go inside there will most likely be a short line where you will be waiting for 20 minutes or less to get inside the area with the cannabis. Once inside, I was able to talk to a specialist who provided me with several great options. I had checked the menu online prior to my appointment so I pretty much knew what I wanted. Also, this place looks like a giant warehouse from the outside and can be intimidating if it's your first time buying legal weed but I promise it will be a comfortable and great experience!read more
21:33 14 Aug 20
I was there today great products and was attended by Dave he was awesome and very friendly customer service I'm definitely coming backread more
Savannah Shultz
Savannah S.
22:05 13 Aug 20
The best dispensary in Chicago, hands down! The staff is incredibly kind, patient, and helpful.The selection is unmatched and the facility is clean and organized. Although this place is a bit further away than I would like, I would choose the half-hour drive over going any place else for my recreational cannabis needs!read more
Erin Ptacek
Erin P.
12:03 08 Aug 20
Not sure what happened, but I asked for three specific strains and got none of them, despite hearing my order repeated back to me. Still got good products, just mostly stuff I already have. If you use the ATM, don’t walk away immediately. I got to see the account balance of the person who used it before me. Altogether, kind of an awkward more
Walter Dominiquez
Walter D.
21:01 07 Aug 20
So far the staff and range of products are okay. Please keep in mind this is not the west coast, there is no sample room or jars of weed to pick out from. You choose a time online and simply show up. Also do understand that this is a state that is in the 1st year of the recreational program, so tax is a thing. Bring yourself about $85 from your bank so that you're not getting double charged from the on-site 🏧 My only complaint is the containment of their Live resin concentrates which is a premium concentrate form that is extracted while cold/frozen, they are to be refrigerated to maintain proper form & potency however for some reason they keep their inventory for that product at room temperature which is a big no no in the industry. Tried reaching out to them to see what they had to say about it & they didn't seem to more
Peter Goldman
Peter G.
14:59 06 Aug 20
Awesome place! Best dispensary in the city! Always have the most product and the best deals-especially for medical. Shout out to my man Zach! An exceptional budtender and an even better person. He hooked it up PHAT. Check out the strawberry cough 😉read more
Alejandra Montoya
Alejandra M.
20:54 05 Aug 20
This was my first time going to a dispensary and I only have great things to discuss. The person working with me was David Santoyo and he took his time to explain many products to me as well as giving recommendations which turned out to be amazing. I hope he is the next person to work with me in the future. The facility was clean and well mapped out for people to be spaced apart. gr8 timeread more
Mike Reinders
Mike R.
23:52 30 Jul 20
Nice big place! Reminiscent of the better stores out west. Tons of selection and very helpful people. Would only suggest more and better bike more
Christine Mei
Christine M.
20:44 27 Jul 20
3 words - zach is amazing! But to elaborate - he made it so easy and comfortable for someone like me who is not as knowledgeable here. I would recommend browsing their website first as there are 400+ products and go in with a bit of an idea!read more
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony H.
16:41 20 Jul 20
This was the first cannabis store that I visited in Illinois. (Have been in stores in WA, CA, CO). All of the staff and security were friendly and helpful. In and out in 5 minutes. Cash only but there is an ATM inside. There wasn't the biggest pre-roll selection but I understand that with the pandemic going on there will be a spike in numbers of people visiting therefore limited goods. Will be visiting again. Oh and online reservations are required for recreational which was very easy to more
jazmin alquisira
jazmin A.
15:27 19 Jul 20
Mark Anthony was the one helping me out , he was very helpful full of good vibes! He helped me on the things I was looking for. I'm enjoying the edibles. Thank you will be coming back more
zomgzomgzomg zomg
zomgzomgzomg Z.
01:41 19 Jul 20
My friend behind the counter was very knowledgeable about the products, and made the whole experience fun.... More fun than any other location I've been to in Illinois so far! Most places felt so cold and clinical, whereas THC was sort of fun! Not as relaxed as it is out in California, but definitely the closest I've seen so far, and I've been to 5 other locations across Illinois. The wait to get in was less than a few minutes, and all covid-related precautions were followed, so nothing to worry about there. I will DEFINITELY revisit this location again. My only complaint is that they were out of stock on a couple things I wanted, but I understand, can't be made that lots of other folks gotta get blazed, too!read more
Skylar Easson
Skylar E.
14:28 14 Jul 20
I had a great experience at this store. I waited a total of probably 5 minutes before placing my order, and the man who rang me up was very knowledgeable and kind. I got everything I wanted.Sometimes they don’t sell flower for recreational use, but that’s just how it is sometimes. Illinois is still figuring it out!!Would definitely go again!read more
Katrina Payton
Katrina P.
13:58 12 Jul 20
My first experience here was excellent! The bathroom s are right in the front as you walk in. The staff are very polite, helpful, and professional; and the process is very efficient. TIP TO ALL: Call and check what their recreational choices are before you arrive, sometimes they sell out of the stuff advertised more
luis zermeno
luis Z.
00:48 12 Jul 20
It's all about the people, that's what makes this place special. Very knowledgeable and friendly faces. whenever they have specials, they are sure to remind you about the savings available. product selection has not been the greatest, yet i am sure that will get better with time. love the loyalty point system! they have my business for more
Ruth Huerta
Ruth H.
14:55 07 Jul 20
Best affordable products and customer service. I only gave it 3 stars because they need a better system for recreational patients. The security guard made us wait outside for almost an hour and totally forgot about us. I had to ask him 2x about my appointment but he just brushed me off. Expect to be extra late to your appointment!read more
Kay Dee
Kay D.
15:38 06 Jul 20
Smooth process! From the online scheduling to checkout. Super helpful and friendly staff. Plenty of checkout lines. And rec menu online differs from what’s available in store, so don’t get discouraged.Lastly, parking is awkward. You can only enter off of Western, and it can be hard to cross inbound traffic. I think there’s a gravel lot on the other side that people were parking in, but I like paved lots!read more
Jori Wallace
Jori W.
17:58 05 Jul 20
Great place, the staff is pretty friendly! This is the second time I’ve gone with my friend. Prepare to pay an arm and leg for the taxes though. LOLI’d recommend this more
jon luke petillon
jon luke P.
21:33 02 Jul 20
There’s no point in scheduling appointments you have no plans to honor. And if you are not going to even attempt to honor them, you could maybe not act like you have a monopoly, or authority that makes it appropriate to blow people off. That was disheartening. I’m not here for fun and I just rearranged my day yet again for no more
Daniel Antunez
Daniel A.
20:02 15 May 20
It was my 1st time going to the Herbal Care Center and it was a quick whole new experience for me. I did my research before I went to make a quick purchase because of the limited time policy that they have due to the pandemic. But by that little time I was in the dispensary showed me how professional and courteous all the employees are. It was a great quick experience for me. Will definitely be making a return in the near future. Keep up the great more
Ednamarie Ramire
Ednamarie R.
23:34 01 May 20
As a medical patient it is very important that the dispensary meet my needs. My dispensary was really good but I must say this dispensary tops it! It's a whole different experience! From the moment you walk in. Allen was really helpful on changing dispensaries, registering process, and he even gave me royalty treatment because I was really concern about the change. But since I have spoken with Eddie before he was kind enough to get him. Eddie is really knowledgeable and patient! Really good deals and dispensary. So glad I made the more
Kay O.
Kay O.
22:09 28 Apr 20
I absolutely love this place! The customer service is great; everyone is so nice here! It has also been the most organized with the influx of people since weed's legalization. Before the stay-at-home order was enacted, the lines moved very fast and the energy there was always great. Now they have an appointment system for recreational users, and I love it more. You can be in and out in less than 10 min. Highly recommend this place!read more
Szekely Zsolt
Szekely Z.
18:24 28 Apr 20
Beautiful facility. Easy check-in. Friendly staff. I am disappointed by their recreational appointment process. I checked the recreational menu of what items are available and made a reservation for the next day at 1pm. I get there and once I am in, it turns out they are out of stock. It would be nice if you notified your customers or perhaps allowed to set aside items when making the reservation. I was told that around Friday they would restock and should make a reservation... no reservation for more
Threy Threy
Threy T.
21:50 25 Apr 20
What a great experience. Upon calling to ask about products, Allan was very patient and helpful with his product knowledge. I was happy to then be helped later by Michael H, who was just as helpful. Shout out to Anthony and Michael M for running a tight ship!read more
Ryan Davis
Ryan D.
22:12 20 Apr 20
This is a very well run establishment. Great customer service! Any questions you have they have the answer. Product quality is the best from all the dispensaries I have tried. Consistent with stock as well. Thank you soo much to everyone who works at The Herbal Care Center! Happy 4/20read more
Colleen Stein
Colleen S.
20:51 16 Apr 20
Herbal Care Center is the best in Illinois! My son is a medical cannabis patient who is complex to treat. He has a G-tube so the only means of treatment is via liquids or patches. The knowledge and expertise of the staff and familiarity of available and appropriate products is impressive to say the least. The personalized customer service we receive is simply outstanding. Additionally, since the industry has been opened up to recreational use, they have continued to prioritize their medically dependent clients-even going to the extent of creating a separate entrance for them. We do not live close, but believe the added travel is far outweighed by overall more
Daniel Antunez
Daniel A.
17:01 15 Apr 20
It was my 1st time going to the Herbal Care Center and it was a quick whole new experience for me. I did my research before I went to make a quick purchase because of the limited time policy that they have due to the pandemic. But by that little time I was in the dispensary showed me how professional and courteous all the employees are. It was a great quick experiences for me. Will definitely be making a return in the near future. Keep up the great more
Will Robinson
Will R.
03:23 02 Apr 20
Today was my first dispensary experience and I have to say, the people at THC center made it an absolute pleasure. My vision isn't great and at every stage the staff was informative, helpful, and understanding. I'm not super familiar with the product but they made it easy to grasp and walked me through their current stock with several recommendations.Truthfully, at every stage I was more
21:56 18 Mar 20
Herbal Care Center is awesome. The staff is friendly and helpful especially to someone like me who is a newbie to all the variety’s available. Today Michael H helped me and his knowledge on strains and products he recommended for me was beyond. Thanks Michael I will be back soon!!!read more
02:40 14 Mar 20
What a place, I just recently registered as a medical cannabis patient and they made the first time experience fast but awesome. There was about 60 people waiting for rec. But I was brought right up and sent to a line where it was for medical only. Medical has their own stock separate from recreational (which is awesome) anyway the person who helped me was so informative and knew her stuff, granted she did work fast, luckily I kinda knew what I wanted before I came in. And she gave me a 20$ off first timer coupon. Which was awesome because it was practically paying for the preroll I got. I also get loyalty points for every $50 dollars i spend i get 1 point so i left with about 2.5 loyalty points. Just love the place. Glad i picked them. They really are as good as they say. more
Kyle Dunn
Kyle D.
02:40 14 Mar 20
What a place, I just recently registered as a medical cannabis patient and they made the first time experience fast but awesome. There was about 60 people waiting for rec. But I was brought right up and sent to a line where it was for medical only. Medical has their own stock separate from recreational (which is awesome) anyway the person who helped me was so informative and knew her stuff, granted she did work fast, luckily I kinda knew what I wanted before I came in. And she gave me a 20$ off first timer coupon. Which was awesome because it was practically paying for the preroll I got. I also get loyalty points for every $50 dollars i spend i get 1 point so i left with about 2.5 loyalty points. Just love the place. Glad i picked them. They really are as good as they say. more
Claire Dee
Claire D.
03:26 04 Mar 20
Best rec dispensary in Chicago! I’ve been to several now and This place is definitely the best in Chicago! The brothers, at least I think they’re brothers(Berny and Chris) are the best! Made my rec visit funny and informative! Can’t wait to come back! Thank you THC!read more
Cylia Reyes
Cylia R.
16:23 02 Mar 20
First time going as a caregiver to a patient. The center was so helpful and well managed. Staff where awesome. There was an incident with another medical patient behind us was rude and wasn't patient we where asking questions. But our lovely specialist defended us and made us feel comfortable. Thank you Allison. She was very professional and more
Shannon Marie
Shannon M.
21:25 29 Feb 20
Line was to be expected, but moved along well. The staff was very helpful and informative. Cute and discrete bag to carry your goodies in. They did have senior more
Ismael Sanchez
Ismael S.
18:23 22 Feb 20
As a new medical patient it has been a pleasurable experience coming to the THC center. The level of attention and expertise that the bud tenders have is unmatched! Make thc center your first dispensary, you won’t regret more
Jasper Lavrinovich
Jasper L.
18:01 17 Feb 20
been a patient here for a year and they really don't care about helping the people who need it anymore... legalization has ruined their customer service. patients shouldn't feel like they can't ask questions about products they're spending hundreds of dollars on.also menu is NEVER accurate! online or in store you always have to ask them to get stuff from the back.positive reviews are from people who get 20 dollars off their purchase for leaving 5 starsread more
Alpha Bruton
Alpha B.
23:07 06 Jan 20
This is Jan 2020 and I'm a regular at THC Center. Since the legalization of recreation e, I'm enjoying this VIP status. Especially the unanticipated shortage and I can still pickup. No matter the lines the budtenders are always courteously and professionally. It has made my purchases and visits less intimidating , the consultants have been helpful when I bring or refer new clients. When products are faulty they reimburse and or replace products without question. I don't have disposable income so I don't need any problems with my pens, which is my more
Adrian Speyrer
Adrian S.
18:04 02 Jan 20
Large range of products. Wasn’t able to purchase flower as a rec user. Well maintained facilities. My particular budtender was not particularly knowledgeable or helpful, unfortunately. He didn’t prescribe accurate strain information or accurate suggestions. Perhaps he was newer, so, not a huge concern. Overall, a good more
Robert Avila
Robert A.
02:29 02 Jan 20
A beautiful, welcoming environment that recognizes patients and [as of 1/1/20] recreational users with equal respect and professionalism. Learning resources throughout the joint *pun intended*, and display cases as far as the eye can see. No-shame, zero-intimidation about the checkout+buying process, purely helpful & eager employee team. Waiting lines, along with the transaction flow, were all nicely streamlined; even on the BUSIEST day thus far (adult-use debut)! They really do have the best selection and a varied price point for any need-taste-or budget. You owe it to yourself to naturally treat what ails 'ya. In a nutshell: Cannabis shop centrally located for a wondrous/contemporary city's clienteleread more
Beatryx Alanu
Beatryx A.
23:06 01 Jan 20
I haven't even been inside yet and I am already in love with this place! Today is the first day of recreational and they went above and beyond to set up a free valet service! Not only that but the valet people were SUPER sweet and went above and beyond to talk to me super nice about what they did and didn't have. I called later to ask some questions about their inventory and restock, questions I'm sure they had answered a million times already today and during a rush where the line was litteraly over a block long, and still the lady I spoke with was SUPER sweet and calm and took time to answer my questions in way more details than I expected. I'm super excited to get a chance to buy from them soon!read more
noah stein
noah S.
19:11 14 Dec 19
Absolutely geared towards medicinal. Absolutely Key!!!!Incredible selection. Great website and online menu.Incredibly helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable more
Andrea Honigsblum
Andrea H.
00:51 08 Dec 19
Michael H is fantastic! He is so knowledgeable about the products and really listens to the customer’s needs. I had been in a few times and hadn’t really found what worked for me until he really spent a lot of time with me at my last visit. I felt he totally understood what I was looking for and made great recommendations that have made a significant improvement in my quality of life. He was able to explain the mechanism of action on multiple levels, scientifically and in layman’s terms. He is a huge asset to your dispensary and his coworkers all agree that he is one of a kind. Thank you for taking so much pride in your more
02:49 05 Dec 19
I recently met an employee a few weeks back who recommended this place to me, I was asking him about all the laws and regulations put into place after January first and I must say he put my mind more at ease after his amazing explanation. I can't wait to check this place out!read more
Patrice L Brooks
Patrice L B.
16:49 23 Nov 19
My first experience was wonderful. Eduardo was very helpful, patient and informative. He did not rush me and answered all of my questions and I had plenty. Thank you THC Center for making my first experience more
Taniesha Prentice
Taniesha P.
17:29 02 Aug 19
I love The Herbal Care Center!!!! I mean who wouldn’t. Always great customer service. The staff knows the product well and gives awesome suggestions.My only complaint is turning into the parking lot. But they can’t do anything about that. So no complaints! 😊Check them out, you’ll love them as much as I do!read more
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