Thrive Marijuana Dispensary

Thrive Marijuana Dispensary in Anna, IL

87 Richview Drive
Anna, IL 62906

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Thurs: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (Rec Starts @ 12:00 pm)
Fri – Sat: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm (Rec Starts @ 12:00 pm)
Sunday: 12 pm – 6:00 pm (both Medical and Rec)

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Thrive is a marijuana dispensary location open at 87 Richview Drive Anna, IL 62906.

Thrive dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Darrell Marcum
Darrell M.
03:16 20 Nov 21
Staff was friendly and helpful. Bought a 1/4 looked good but did have one fairly good size stem which I thought I shouldn't of had to pay for. All in a good experience!read more
Aaron Mitchell
Aaron M.
00:18 22 Sep 21
I’ve been to multiple dispensaries across the US, and I absolutely love how this place gives me the warm fuzzies. The check-in and ordering system are entirely more efficient than some of the more well known places I’ve been. I wasn’t expecting any sort of discount, but the instant discount for joining the rewards program was a pleasant surprise. The staff enjoy their work and it shows with the level of service.Top notch!read more
Nathan Grubb
Nathan G.
03:41 31 Aug 21
If I didn’t care for the two owners it would be one star. It would be nice to use some of these points we have been accumulating for 9 months but still no answer. I have spent thousands on medical cannabis since February and can’t use my point I accumulate? It’s like a savings account you can’t ever use!read more
David Ross
David R.
15:59 07 Aug 21
just nowNEWBuyer beware !!!! Stopped in this dispensary bought a couple different items one was a cartridge half gram opened it up and the cartridge was pretty much empty. I paid $70 plus they're outrageous taxis. Contacted the dispensary they would not exchange nor refund nor nor make it right highly disappointed would definitely recommend you check your product before walking out the door.And another example of the equality of the customer care service buyer beware!!read more
Elijah lee
Elijah L.
16:31 04 Aug 21
This is the most amazing place ever the edibles and medicinal products are miracle workers. Thanks for being there to help others you are awesome in my book. However, the prices could lower anytime now with so many ppl growing their more
Leslie Smith
Leslie S.
19:29 23 Jun 21
Great place, awesome employees, highly recommend them! Place an order online to pick up same day, show your driver's license and join their rewards program to save extra dollars, it's a win, win! If you go during the week, place an online order, pick it up, have license and correct cash on hand, it's usually not very crowded and you're in and out. However, on a Friday or Saturday, there may be a longer wait time and a bit of a line. Overall, it's definitely my favorite location in the area to go to. We have been to Metropolis and didn't like it near as much. The ordering process and method of picking up your order is not the same, therefore, it's a bit more frustrating and time consuming. I highly recommend checking out Thrive in Anna, IL. You won't be disappointed!read more
Cheyanne Stevens
Cheyanne S.
21:34 08 Jun 21
Great staff, great prices. Excellent experience every time - credit card machines go down sometimes though so best to prepare for paying with cash. They do have an ATM for more
T nT
T N.
06:10 06 Jun 21
Friendly staff and very helpful. Always a pleasure to go there. Everyone is very discreet. Once you've placed your order either online or in store you'll receive a text saying your order is ready. Proceed to the checkout area where your last name will be called. They accept cash only but they DO have an ATM in more
Lynette Felder
Lynette F.
19:05 20 Apr 21
First time customer and i enjoyed the whole experience. There were many choices to choose from and fast check out. Will visit again.#4/20read more
Bekki Clubb
Bekki C.
03:52 19 Apr 21
Everyone was very upbeat and friendly except one girl at the counter that I of course ended up in front of selling me my stuff. She wasn't pleasant. At all. Other than that it's great!read more
Brad Carter
Brad C.
20:44 09 Apr 21
This place is awesome! Price is a little high, but it's a great product.Staff is always friendly and helpful.
Leah Lindsey
Leah L.
13:42 09 Mar 21
The staff are wonderful! Very helpful and kind. Ordering online makes the shopping experience easy and comfortable. Love the products I have gotten here. Keep up the great work y'all!!read more
Lucy O
Lucy O
01:16 22 Feb 21
First time visited. Very clean and tidy place. The worker was somewhat helpful to find what we were looking. But since we didn't order online prior to visit the store, we needed to order via tablet in the store, which they only have one only. So while we were looking for what to order, the store lady told us to hurry up, and were not able to spend our time to find out exactly what we looking for. With there were few tablet. So, if you go, suggest to study before you arrive more
tall bike guy
tall bike G.
21:50 18 Feb 21
I just can't keep the five star rating up. I understand it is the cultivators causing these price problems but it is really ridiculous and they will not keep 1 gram carts in inventory. I think your a great guy but the cannabis world and progression is a big deal to me and I can't give a 5 star for this. It is wrong so Tell the cultivators people are giving you 1 more
Chad Alexander
Chad A.
02:12 07 Feb 21
Great selection and great people. Try to stay away from their pre-rolls, especially if you have bought them in other states. They grind it into a powder that is a waste and won’t smoke..would recommend getting your own flower and rolling yourself 🙂 smoke isn’t that potent but okay place though! Their customer service is where it’s at 🙂read more
Toni “toeknee” Hankins
Toni “toeknee” H.
01:18 04 Feb 21
Great online system. Fast in and out service, polite people. Good prices and selection!!
Nathan Hunt
Nathan H.
19:30 12 Dec 20
Great dispensary and a great products. Very friendly staff. Staff are very accommodating and helpful. Very knowledgeable and able to help with your needs right away. Very clean and well designed place. Let them know of your preferences and they will be able to recommend you the best products matching your needs. Prices are also very good and more
Nathan Scruggs
Nathan S.
14:30 01 Dec 20
I finaly was able to convince people it's worth the drive. Everyone is coming now. The black market is extremely unsafe in the south. Your health is worth the drive and money y'all I promise. Allot of use cannabis as a safe alternative. Street pot is not a safe alternative. However a dispensary is! Don't get sick drive to thrive!read more
Elba Perez
Elba P.
23:19 14 Nov 20
Sure the lines are long on a SATURDAY. Besides this, thrive has an absolutely amazing professional staff and products. People need to realize the HUGE growth this company has had and how they are still able to care for their medical patients while having dozens of people outside for rec.Cut them some slack when the line moves slow. They are doing their job, an amazing job at it.-Elba Baileyread more
Tom Cox
Tom C.
14:37 12 Nov 20
Hello, I’m tom cox from Indiana I tried consume dispensary last month and tried thrive this month. I Was really disappointed with having everyone standing outside. The sale taxes are hidden from the price . And they wasn’t very handicap friend with the man behind me in a wheelchair and could have used a friendlier hand. It Needs help !! Although there staging room was nice.Good luckread more
16:03 31 Oct 20
This place is great. Everyone here is very nice, they carry high quality products and they gave me fast service. I will definitely be returning!read more
Sharon Roberts
Sharon R.
18:22 24 Oct 20
They were extremely nice to me. They noticed that I was having some difficulty standing and offered me a chair to sit down. Its obvious I'm not comfortable, ya know with being here . New experience They helped me with everything ! They even wished me a good day ! I thank them all for making me comfortable, laugh a bit and leave with a good feeling !read more
Timhall52 “Water boy”
Timhall52 “Water B.
00:51 19 Oct 20
Great shop, friendly staff, prices are comparable. I’m from out of state, but still able to buy more than enough for weeks! I wished this would have happened years ago, but it’s happening now and at 68 I still have a few years left. (Good Lord willing)read more
Gilbert Perez
Gilbert P.
22:03 09 Oct 20
I entered as a first time customer. I placed an online order for 3 pm slot. I arrive at thrive and there is a long line. No issue I can wait. I ask what time they are serving. Still serving 2:30 pm . We actually enter at 4 :15 pm. The credit card was off line and cashier 48191 was rude. And grabbed cash from my hands. Very good products. Very bad customer more
01:51 30 Sep 20
Its a fantastic dispensary to go to the staff is super friendly. The only complaint I could have is that it seems the system they have in place for the line isn't too effective. There was a lot of confusion and people being sent to the end of the line. I personally feel as if they should use one side of the building for current appointment time slot and the other side of the building for upcoming appointments. But overall I would still say this an amazing business.(The Anna location)read more
13:50 28 Sep 20
Its a fantastic dispensary to go to the staff is super friendly. The only complaint I could have is that it seems the system they have in place for the line isn't too effective. There was a lot of confusion and people being sent to the end of the line. I personally feel as if they should use one side of the building for current appointment time slot and the other side of the building for upcoming appointments. But overall I would still say this an amazing more
Aries Taurus
Aries T.
23:07 18 Sep 20
Loved it cant wait to go back!
Scotty Weir
Scotty W.
18:22 17 Sep 20
Great products. Good price and location
Bookie Pillows
Bookie P.
22:18 15 Sep 20
Rocking Awesome crew well organized and managed. For out of state buyers they have to order online. The taxes are kind of high for out of more
Stacy Flowers
Stacy F.
11:31 15 Sep 20
Find all ur needs in 1 store. Very helpful staff and will and any questions needed
Tim M
Tim M
23:32 14 Sep 20
My first time going to a dispensary in my life, was here at Thrive and I was not disappointed, to say the very least. Very professional, very friendly, very more
joseph carter
joseph C.
22:20 14 Sep 20
Everyone is really helpful and they help you with your order making it very easy
Amy Clark
Amy C.
17:24 13 Sep 20
If individuals are an hour late for their pickup time, don't bump them up ahead of people who are in line to go inside. Just mix them with the time called. Otherwise, everyone working there was friendly and understanding. Thanksread more
Robert Braden
Robert B.
14:20 13 Sep 20
I will have to ask my wife she loves that place
LoriBelle bellelori
LoriBelle B.
20:03 10 Sep 20
Knowledgeable employees and staff. Prices are outrageous but thems the breaks. Menu for recreational very limited. Must order online and pick up order ay appointed time. You can then see of flower is available for recreational more
Carisa M
Carisa M
21:23 07 Sep 20
Awesome staff, they make you at ease and very informative every step of the way!!
Cherryl Shintani
Cherryl S.
19:43 07 Sep 20
Loved the place the people who work there is alot of help its a great place and will be back
Reality Theory
Reality T.
02:57 06 Sep 20
Security guard believes he's a superhero. Made a very unpleasant environment for me, the paying customer. I should have not even given them my business after he spent my whole time there policing me about a mask while the employees walked around without a mask. Common sense isnt very common anymore. Get your poison vaccinations an wear your masks more
Emily Veach
Emily V.
20:33 01 Sep 20
Very helpful, caring staff. Nice selection. Everyone wears a mask and only 3 customers inside at a time. Reserve your pickup time before you more
Devondrick Johnson
Devondrick J.
04:28 01 Sep 20
Prices are ridiculous. I spent 160 for a quarter. Waiting takes forever. The product was pretty good though. Lime Sorbet had me feeling dreamy for the entire day. It's a lot closer than Colorado so I suppose I'll be more
Gene Stewart
Gene S.
19:21 29 Aug 20
Very caring and professional staff, will be back again!
Tracy Werner
Tracy W.
09:13 26 Aug 20
Excellent Customer Service. Even The Security Guy Was Nice. Great Products For My Pain.
Warren Stearns
Warren S.
23:37 25 Aug 20
Thrive rocks awesome people fair prices and overall above and beyond experience
14:03 23 Aug 20
Friendly staff. A little pricey but that is t companies fault.. GREAT quality!!
14:25 12 Aug 20
Super friendly, fast service, knowledgeable staff, no long wait like some other places
clara loucks
clara L.
11:50 03 Aug 20
The staff tries so hard, just to be undercut by upper management. All the good staff has gone to be replaced by people with less knowledge and poor customer service skills. So sad when this is a booming Industry. How is this "The Happy Place" again?read more
Richie Hamilton
Richie H.
01:48 02 Aug 20
Make your pre-order online ahead of time. Be patient upon arrival (there may be a wait). Once inside, the service is fast, safe and more
Kevin White
Kevin W.
12:54 01 Aug 20
this place has a real scam going on and blaming it on the covid. They make you purchase a order on line for products other than flower. The only way to find out if the have flower at all is to place a order on line then they let you inside to see if they have any flower. Buy that time you have already spent close to a hundred dollars just to get inside to ask if they have flower. a real scam!!! such a shame!!read more
Zach LaFave
Zach L.
18:46 21 Jul 20
Asked one of the employees (an older lady) the difference between cbn and cbg. Could not explained and difference and acted as if i should have already known. I responded with “ill just look it up”. Most of the other employees were not very friendly. Not a great experience for people trying to learn about cannabis. The lady at the counter was very nice and helpful more
David Simon
David S.
11:32 14 Jul 20
Prices are High but so will you be later. Good customer service. Only issue I have is the ordering online. The website doesn’t show any flower at all. But they have it. Just shows the concentrates which you have to get in order to go inside. I only wanted flower so that bummed me more
Ethan Smith
Ethan S.
12:43 12 Jul 20
Overall great experience. Employees were friendly and helpful. The online ordering went smoothly. Around 30min wait on a Saturday at 6pm. Cash preferred, 2.5% fee for using card. 4/5 stars because of price. The dispensary prices aren’t crazy it’s the taxes that get you. I’m all for supporting the movement but %34 tax will keep the black market more
Elise Ganino
Elise G.
20:16 28 Jun 20
I can honestly say as a person from Colorado that the prices are outrageous!! I pay 40 dollars for an Oz. Of shake. Most I've paid for the flower is 170 an oz an that's for top shelf. I won't pay the prices here in Illinois for marijuana. Y'all need to rethink how this is priced and what the goals are. I would think it would be more about satisfied customers vs. money!read more
Shadee Williams
Shadee W.
22:14 27 Jun 20
To whom can address my concerns;I feel CHEATED, I spent $160 and the THC percentages are nothing like whats being represented on the website.MY RECEIPT CHARGES A TAX FOR,REC EXCISE(THCread more
Marine McGill
Marine M.
19:13 27 Jun 20
I specifically traveled to Thrive, not my first time, to discover my online order, which was confirmed by text, couldn't be filled because of product shortages. I spoke to management and was told it happens all the time. I witnessed 3 other customers who were offered replacements while there. I understand everyone is grateful to have 1 dispensary Anna, but the prices are outrageous, product is ok. I feel like an online order should be confirmed if the product is available. They act like a pharmacy, but don't produce like one. Need more options in Southern more
Lisa Cawley
Lisa Cawley
23:45 26 Jun 20
The ease of access is why I didn't rate it as a 5 star. Even after online ordering there is a line, then another line, before you can be waited on. There's no way to pay online, the website is not user friendly, and the store layout is confusing, with little reference to the product sold. Even considering social distancing and state regs, they missed the mark on consumer experience. Special days and reserving inventory for medical is totally understandable, but waiting in line until ALL medical is served is more
Nathan Hunt
Nathan H.
14:13 25 Jun 20
Great dispensary and a great products. Very friendly staff. Staff are very accommodating and helpful. Very knowledgeable and able to help with your needs right away. Very clean and will designed place. Let them know if your preferences and they will be able to recommend you the best products matching your needs. Prices are also very good and more
20:32 18 Jun 20
Eighths are 70 to 80 for medical, recreation will pay close to 180 with tax for just one eighth. Price gouging, and never a new item on the menu is just ridiculous anymore. Go to Consume in Marion, prices are great, tons of items, and so many choices to choose from. No price gouging based on popularity of strain, if you see a strain selling well then the price won’t go up. The shop is so close but I cannot shop there anymore. Driving 15+ miles out of the way is still more
Phyllis Lesar
Phyllis L.
19:06 18 Jun 20
Everyone was very pleasant and helpful.
Karina Main
Karina M.
17:35 27 May 20
Great customer service! They are professional, clean and well organized. We always leave with a HIGHLY recommended experienced 😅read more
Kim McMullin
Kim M.
18:56 22 May 20
A holiday weekend is not the time to visit. My husband and I have both had spinal surgery. Standing for extended periods of time is very painful. We stood in line for about 45 minutes. It would be nice if they had seating for people with our type of disabilities.With that said, the staff was very friendly and highly knowledgeable. Oh, you must wear a mask, even in line. If you don't have one, they will sell you a surgical mask for $ more
William Watson
William W.
02:30 21 May 20
Pleasant and stress free. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Great effort to maintain social distancing guidelines and ensure customer safety. Do stop by!read more
Rhea Rhea
Rhea R.
12:56 03 May 20
I wish I could post a positive review about this place, however, I am thoroughly disappointed with the “customer service” I received today. Picked up my online order and the person helping me advised me of the total amount of my purchase. I handed him $250 because I thought I heard him say that the total was $243. He went to get my order and when he came back I looked at the receipt, which showed the total was actually $233. One would expect $17 in change, right? I was given $7. When I questioned this, he evidently went to get a manager. Manager comes up to me and says, “Sorry, but you didn’t count the money when you handed it to him.” He is correct. I didn’t. But I also do not work there and get paid to ensure how much cash my customers hand me. I DO KNOW that I gave him every dollar of the $250 that I had just gotten from the ATM. I even tried to show him my recent withdrawal of this amount. Basically all I got was “sorry ‘bout your bad luck”. I suppose they will realize their error when they do their end of day drawer balancing. I know this company isn’t hurting for business, so my failure to return won’t impact them in the least. I also know that we’re only talking about $10. I’m not hurting for $10, but it’s the principal. I KNOW I am right in this particular instance, and how they chose to handle it was subpar. Toto, we’re not in Colorado more
Elijah lee
Elijah L.
01:25 25 Apr 20
This is the most amazing place ever the edibles and medicinal products are miracle workers. Thanks for being there to help others you are awesome in my bookread more
Jazmin Rodriguez
Jazmin R.
20:22 06 Mar 20
Worth the drive! If there is nothing closer or in the area. (Only on in its area) On the pricey side. Great quality. Recreational and Medical Available. You can only buy limited quantities. (8th of flower and 4 items) Knowledable staff and helpful. No display (Know what you want & ask questions). Safe Travels 🚗🌸read more
Wayne Scott II
Wayne Scott I.
22:19 04 Mar 20
I enjoy going to thrive over some of the other nearby dispensaries. It has a nice clean upscale appearance. I do wish they had more product but I know that’s not their fault so I gave them five starsread more
Dustin Bagget
Dustin B.
18:14 03 Mar 20
Nice clean shop, staff was very helpful. Hopefully they will get more in stock, unfortunately pricing is a bit high due to the demand but it will level off soon and it's not the shops fault. In about a year the market will change and I'll be able to mark it a 5 starread more
Tiffany pipes
Tiffany P.
02:57 28 Feb 20
Recreational was newly legal so with that in mind we weren't in line that long. The staff is super knowledgeable and friendly. You can tell they all like their jobs. The state I'm in recreational isn't legal yet, that being said, it's cheaper for me to buy cartridges illegally in my home more
karaoke queen
karaoke Q.
00:32 19 Feb 20
Even though there was a line across the parking lot they made sure to keep their customers informed and even offered free water bottles while waiting. I didn't stay that day but came back later and checked it out. They were out of pretty much everything because of the demand but were super laid back and had allot of information. I bought a sticker just to show my more
Shawna Schweain
Shawna S.
21:13 31 Jan 20
I wish they out more up to date info on their Facebook or website. Every time I go there something different happens. Today I drove there and realized they had gone cash only, which isn't really a problem except there are none of my local banks in the area so I had to take a $4 fee from an ATM. Product is limited which is to be expected. I can't wait until all the kinks are worked more
16:58 31 Jan 20
Great place, in an out 45 mins. It’s gonna take a few months for them to get stocked up an the price to come down, but there headed in the right direction. Great overall experience, Well worth the time an money ✌️read more
Lareece Hutchison
Lareece H.
20:36 26 Jan 20
Omg got in and out so fast and was very happy,cant beleave we finally just bought legal cannabis,this is so AWESOME
Don Taylor
Don T.
11:53 18 Jan 20
I thought I would be in for a long wait after reading posts, listening to the media,ect. Well my wait from start to finish was less than a half hour. All staff I dealt with were courteous and helpful. All in all a pleasant more
vikki collins
vikki C.
00:47 09 Jan 20
I went for the consult for medical. I got so much information in such an informative and personal way, it was outstanding. The shop and the displays are so nice. As soon as you walk in the door you're greeted and everyone is so helpful. I will be a repeat more
Mr. Dick
Mr. D.
22:11 04 Jan 20
3 days after recreational use goes into effect and they're out of ALL products for recreational users. What kind of business fails to prepare so miserably? Products should have been stockpiled for months in anticipation for this but they simply dropped the more
Tyler Brown
Tyler B.
19:47 04 Jan 20
I called three times before I arrived at the location, and each time did not get anyone to answer. I drove two hours to enjoy the recreational use just to walk in and be told they would not sell to recreational users this weekend. If they would of just answered the phone and told me this I wouldnt of wasted 4 hours of my day, as well as the gas to get there and back. Very unhappy customer, well I cant even say I was a more
Charles Partain
Charles P.
16:15 04 Jan 20
Employees didn't know the law stood in line for 2 hours was only able to buy one single product I was told if I got a 1 ml cartridge it was over my limit even though out of state limit is 2.5 grams of consentrate. Was only allowed to buy a .5 ml cartridge and the only reason I did was to not leave empty-handed after the lost time and effort. Regardless of their inability to supply the people that where waiting employees should know the laws and not lie to people 😂😠read more
Jason Brethold
Jason B.
16:50 02 Jan 20
Love the store even though they were out of everything except buds day 2.. but they have alot to learn when it comes to customer service there was a lady with long dark hair handling orders and she was very ruderead more
Ardarias Wedgeworth
Ardarias W.
04:51 02 Jan 20
Cool experience didn’t mind the wait wish they had more stock I will be back
james evans
james E.
02:25 02 Jan 20
My wife Went to the dispensary today stood in line for five hours in the longest line she has ever seen and when she made it inside all they would sell her is one gram of wax. The product is top shelf, but they should have been better prepared for opening day of recreational sales. They only had a sales staff of two and all their off duty employees skipped the line and walked in to shop!read more
Chasity Webb
Chasity W.
23:18 01 Jan 20
People were very helpful. Only problem was that ran out which was understandable considering the day. But great jobguys keep it more
17:38 01 Jan 20
I am so happy to be alive during this time of legal weed and Netflix.
Johnnie Dehart
Johnnie D.
17:02 31 Dec 19
Not very friendly on the phone. Good luck with those prices lol.
Tina Korando.SQAqmF v
Tina Korando.SQAqmF v
21:13 28 Dec 19
been out of a lot of things need to be more stocked
Sheila C.
Sheila C.
19:11 06 Nov 19
Thrive Anna was my first dispensary. I recently switched back after looking at their menu Monday evening. It showed RSO @ 55.25, wow. I thought they lowered their prices. Got back in menu Tues. after my switch, prices back up to 65. Great, must have been a mistake. Even with this weeks special of 15% off, that's not much cheaper than other dispensary. Went today, Wed. Told them what happened, hoping they would honor that. They asked if I'd gotten a screen shot, I said no(next time I will think that way) They would not honor it. I got the RSO's anyway.Only $4 savings and a longer drive. Won't be back!read more
Micki Snelling
Micki S.
15:55 09 Oct 19
If you have the need, this is the place to go.The employees here are great.
Trisha Roach
Trisha R.
20:48 07 Oct 19
4 of my Favs are do caring and have noticed ive been off.... Th guys and u mesn alot to me!!!
Anthony Bello
Anthony B.
14:28 18 Sep 19
Would’ve gotten 5 stars if it wasn’t an hour away... well worth the drive though, thanks for having me as a client. Ahhhh what the hell, the owner is absolutely gorgeous! She Gives me something else to look forward to, after an hour more
Angi Eckert
Angi E.
16:59 02 Aug 19
Absolutely amazing place! They know their products and how to use them for the actual medicinal purposes.🥰
Greg Lambert
Greg L.
22:45 03 Jun 17
Great location with a good selection of products.
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