Thrive Marijuana Dispensary

Thrive Marijuana Dispensary in Mt. Vernon, IL

800 S 45th St
Mount Vernon, IL 62864

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Wed: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thurs – Sat: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday: 12 pm – 6:00 pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Thrive is a marijuana dispensary location open at 800 S 45th St, Mount Vernon, IL 62864

Thrive dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Thrive Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

16:23 10 Jan 22
Thrive seems to be a good dispensary, I would recommend giving new customers a more informed explanation of the in-store purchasing process. It would be easier to order online before going in the store. I went in and stood behind someone that looked like they were in line. They were waiting for their name to be called as they already placed their order on one of the iPad ordering screens. So after that, I asked one of the salespeople on the floor if I have to order through one of those even though I knew what I wanted. They said yes. So after trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing I went to order on iPad and my order was completed except now it gave me the message that the item I requested was now sold out. I spoke with a salesperson and they said they still had three which was what I wanted so he reserved them for me and I waited. Then when they called my name they said they only had two left. At the other dispensary I am unable to reserve anything that is not actually available. I can adjust to this process but I’d rather not deal with it and just go to my usual dispensary even though it’s 40 minutes farther than more
Cheyanna Minarik
Cheyanna M.
22:51 31 Dec 21
Super cool place! I Love how everything is set up. I just did a 2 item order but it was ready fairly quickly. Every staff member I came in contact with was friendly and more
Elisa Hall
Elisa H.
02:31 29 Oct 21
Great service! Friendly. Knowledgeable. Always a great experience when I visit.
Danny Browning
Danny B.
12:34 25 Oct 21
Great professional dispensary. Nice building. Safe parking lot. Illinois prices are a little bit high but I got a couple of good sales on the day I more
Dayton Shaw
Dayton S.
01:30 16 Oct 21
Amazing bud tenders, prices we're okay on some and way to high on others. The atmosphere was welcoming and had a nice list of products. Only complaint is that they tried selling me a disposable mask for $1 instead of just supplying me with one. 4/5 stars over all (will be back)read more
Melissa Wimberly
Melissa W.
15:15 14 Oct 21
Stopped by Thrive on my travels and was so glad it did. Store is very very clean and they have a wonderful system. I will say they are more expensive than most but they got everything down to a science and product is great. The staff is very very helpful as well. They will explain everything to you which is great when you are NEW to this.There is a different amount you are able to buy when out of state.Will definitely be more
Skippy Green
Skippy G.
14:49 24 Sep 21
I had to wear a mask, so I don't think the staff was aware of the smile on my face the whole time I was there. It was like x-mas in September or a good dream that I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. All the staff were very friendly and helpful also. I wish I could remember the name of the girl that took my order because she was an asset to this place. She didn't rush me & she was very knowledgeable to my many questions. She had dreadlocks in her hair & was very pretty is all I remember. Thank youread more
Krista Hensley
Krista H.
18:37 19 Sep 21
Coolest staff, fast service. What else can you want? Great selection too
Paula Green
Paula G.
19:53 12 Sep 21
Very clean store knowlegdable professional staff. Easy to find and lots of parking. Great service, definitely coming back!read more
21:31 01 Sep 21
Terrible parking, adjacent businesses waiting for thrive customers to park in their lots and call tow trucks, cannot be hauling trailer or anything oversized. Gave another try today and checked in, placed order, watched 6 people after me get helped before me only to be told they didn't even have me checked in to their system (which you have to do to enter the shopping area). Cash only but no functional ATM. Do better, thrive Mt Vernonread more
Very clean , very friendly and helpful staff. Helped me by going through the menu and telling me what is what. Very patient with a first timer getting the things I wantedread more
Joseph Eastwood Frisch
Joseph Eastwood F.
15:03 21 Aug 21
The staff are generally very helpful. It is very busy and parking was an issue but that has been expanded. Order online for the fastest experience. It always smells great. Join the rewards if you want to pay with a card. (Unless your out of state it's stupid not to join, it saves money) bit if stupid is your thing there is an ATM on the more
Michael Hill
Michael H.
18:41 06 Aug 21
5 star staff. Very clean 5 stars on that, great products flower and enables is what I have gotten, 5 stars on that. Only complaint from me is prices, witch is not really their fault.Definitely recommend!!read more
Anthony Boyce
Anthony B.
22:56 27 Jul 21
Good service but they need to adjust their hours through the week days for people that work later 6 is to early of a closing more
Trevor Gauthier
Trevor G.
00:16 26 Jul 21
Staff was very nice and friendly, and quick to get my order. But all the people saying the prices are the best around worry me. I'm not from Illinois, so I don't know what you guys are used to paying for weed, but those prices are outrageously expensive here. 80 bucks for the cheapest 1/4 on the menu is quite the rip offread more
Ricky Frizzell
Ricky F.
05:48 21 Jul 21
Fast service. Nice people. It's a nice new store. Possibly the largest parking lot for a dispensary.
Jacob Moore
Jacob M.
04:48 08 Jul 21
Stumbled upon the strain ‘wedding cake’ on the menu and it remained on the menu for several days.. following some quick research, I decided to try the highly reviewed bud.. ordered it online from thrive Mt Vernon, then immediately hit the road.. so I get there around 5pm and the budtender calls my order ‘wedding cake’ over her headset to receive the order through the window.. she then receives the order and says to me, “so you’ve got one eighth of ‘wedding cake’ That will be-“ as she’s ringing it up she then immediately turns to the budtender beside her and asks, “so we are not selling wedding cake yet are we?”So of course he responds with a, “no we’re not.” I then explain it’s been on the menu for several days.. she says, “yeah, but it’s not in the system yet..” the budtender beside her agrees and the bud is sent back to inventory.. All of this plays out in front of me after seeing the strain on the menu for days / ordering the strain online / receiving order confirmation - total price / driving hours to pick order up / then the strain was literally brought out to the counter in front of me, only to be blatantly lied to about the strain “not being in the system yet.” Have never written a google review, but to lie to my face is horrible customer service.. don’t plan on making trip back.. also expect to pay $80 for an eighth- $20 comes from more
Melissa Knappier
Melissa K.
01:03 08 Jul 21
JUS went & it's always a great experience. Even when u gotta wait. 2day was super quick. Maybe 5people total.
Daniel Padgett
Daniel P.
00:02 21 May 21
Thrive Mt. Vernon was the most organized and helpful of any dispensary I’ve ever been to. Extensive product list. Great experience all the more
chad lindner
chad L.
23:14 20 May 21
It's a clean very well taken care of store. The definitely make sure your of age
Oliver Schaudt
Oliver S.
17:59 18 May 21
Exciting for many reasons.Expedient and professional.However the parking lot was full and the nearby truck wash with it's empty lot approached me to ask I not use it nor their side roads for parking, and suggested I park in the middle of the city road with my hazards on. The city road has no parking more
Kasha Ross
Kasha R.
14:46 11 May 21
I love the set up of this store, very secure and thorough. Clean clean, nice people!
Darth Rater
Darth R.
18:25 11 Apr 21
Thrive's Staff is simply outstanding. Polite, Personable, Professional, and Knowledgeable, they are always eager to help. They offer a great variety of products in every category they sell. Their stock turns over quickly, so it is always fresh. And their website it's easy to navigate and place orders for pick-up. But be careful... Look at the pic of my friend after his first trip to Thrive!read more
Cats’N’ Tats
Cats’N’ T.
13:13 08 Apr 21
First of all, their prices on their menu do NOT include taxes. So my $60 eighth ended up costing me $80. Which isn’t a big deal but I feel there’s some sort of deception to bring people in since many other dispensaries in Illinois list the prices with tax included. Second of all, I was sold the wrong products. I purchased an 8th and was given concentrate and then I was told there was nothing that could be more
Jack Stanton
Jack S.
21:50 21 Mar 21
Fast friendly service. Good variety to choose from
Rockstar Mae Mae
Rockstar Mae M.
23:31 04 Mar 21
I just bought the "reserve" wedding cake and motorbreath and they were both AWEFUL! They tasted moldy and I'm not happy. I know it not Thrives fault. They're awesome but Ataraxia in Albion IL needs checked. They be sending out some jank not dank. Its gross. Can't hardly smoke more
Thomas Randolph
Thomas R.
21:30 04 Mar 21
I went in to check it out. I happen to work nearby. I noticed it was always busy since it opened. I was looking for information about CBD to treat combat PTSD. It was unbelievable how professional & nice it is. They check ID when you go in. Inside it looks like a high end jewelry store. Every one of the staff I spoke with was professional & EXTREMELY knowledgeable about products. If you tell them how you want to feel, they can recommend a product. It's expensive but everyone knew that would be a given when it was legalized. I absolutely recommend it to anyone interested or just looking for informationread more
Josh Marlow
Josh M.
02:29 04 Mar 21
Bought some infused flower today the only thing is it is not infused just flower. What kind of scam are yall pulling?
Josh Marlow
Josh M.
16:56 10 Feb 21
Bedford grow kills it once again with the highwayman never disappointed with bg!! However cresco was a disappointment once again for giant fan leaves left on bud topremature seedsread more
adam cox
adam C.
22:57 29 Jan 21
It's the better of all the thrives, but all of them are high prices. The vapes are the only thing I get now, due to my tolerance or the all the other product isn't strong enough for me. Good people, no parking, stay to packed due to 2 people checking you more
Jeff Moore
Jeff M.
00:45 24 Jan 21
Way over priced and I've got 3 different kinds of products and was very disappointed. The kosher kush was dry like powder and had 2 seeds and stems in the container. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. The Cbd wellness center at hucks is the best around and they have the best prices. Don't waste your time or money getting ripped off at more
Jade Rivers
Jade R.
17:07 21 Jan 21
Staff was friendly and very welcoming. Product was wonderful. Definitely one of the best.
Keith Weddle
Keith W.
02:09 08 Jan 21
Thank you for your friendly faces and helpful information, this place is clean, well organized and has a wide variety, will definitely go there again some time more
Stephen Robrahn
Stephen R.
17:29 03 Jan 21
I arrived on a busy Saturday afternoon, just after New Year, and cars were literally lined up just to get into the parking lot. But everyone was friendly, including the security guy overseeing order in the parking lot. The building and setup were really first class. Even with the crowd, social distancing was good.BUT, I will say that as long as Illinois continues to tax weed at such high rates, the black market has very little to worry about. We were OK with the prices Thrive was charging but came away absolutely shocked by how much tax we ended up paying -- to no fault of the establishment though they could provide better info about that up more
nathan irby
nathan I.
22:08 09 Nov 20
Awesome place, very helpful and very quick. My mother refuses to shop at the other dispensaries once the mount Vernon location opened up. I got the 2 gram jar of bio Jesus budder and a 7 gram jar of mag landrace shake. Both were amazing thank you more
Autumn Clark
Autumn C.
02:19 30 Oct 20
I have been to both harrisburg & Anna and the Thrive in Mt.V is the best there really friendly I was in and out. Plus you don't have to order online you can do both here.☆☆PLUS ITS ONLY RECREATIONAL☆☆At this more
Tim Starr
Tim S.
04:08 21 Oct 20
Wonderful folks that want to help u. If u can get there I think u will like the service. Tim starr
Ryan Smith
Ryan S.
02:05 19 Oct 20
Nice and friendly staff! I was in and out in 10 min which was amazing considering the amount of Thrivers there. Good job Mt. Vernon Thrive!read more
Elisabeth Morris
Elisabeth M.
22:26 11 Oct 20
Great customer service! Answered every question I had, and pointed me in the right direction. Everything they recommended was exactly what I was more
Trey Finney
Trey F.
19:30 07 Oct 20
I love going there but when I went today they gave me a different product than what I ordered and said there was nothing they could do about more
Anthony Lucius
Anthony L.
16:00 03 Oct 20
Nice to go to a dispensary in illinois that makes you feel welcomed. You can actually take time and learn more about product. The people are helpful and I was in and out pretty quickly. Will definitely be back to shop more
Joshua Stelle
Joshua S.
23:49 25 Sep 20
Very great experience!! prices weren't so good but I'm sure it'll get better after a few years
Kayleigh Matt
Kayleigh M.
23:40 25 Sep 20
Where to begin, brought my fiance to her first dispensary and she may very well be sold on the idea of staying just with this store just because she had that good of a time. The service was exceptional due to the focus the bud tenders had with the clients even with coronavirus and a line full of people we could get the information we needed and quickly at that. The system they used itself was just fascinating and the variety of selections was very cool. With staff like this in the location it's at people could litterally start saying mt vernon might actually finally be able to take the "high road." Sincerely hope that anybody who might even be interested in just finding out good information about the new legalization of recreational marijuana and the profits of it's uses. God bless these amazing people and what they are doing for those who deserve the right to relax in their home!read more
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