Trinity Compassionate Care Centers Marijuana Dispensary

Trinity Compassionate Care Centers Marijuana Dispensary in Peoria, IL

3125 N University St
Peoria, IL 61604

Hours of Operation:

Tues. – Fri.: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday: 10:30am – 5:00pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Trinity Compassionate Care Centers is a marijuana dispensary location open at 3125 N University St in Peoria, IL 61604.

Trinity Compassionate Care Centers dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Jack Jackson
Jack J.
20:44 05 Jul 21
I've been to several dispensaries throughout the state. This dispensary has a wide variety of products and the prices are cheapest out all of the other dispensaries that I have been to. Another big plus is that the staff here are very friendly and very good at their jobs. I highly recommend this dispensary if you are in the Peoria this is the place to go to.👍read more
Jeremy Haynes
Jeremy H.
22:01 19 Jun 21
Great Staff! Prices were pretty good compared to other places. I recommend paying attention to their daily deals.
Derek Fogerty
Derek F.
17:07 27 May 21
Good selection, ok prices, but sorry guys lower stars for requiring I remove my mask indoors to show you my face. The liquor store doesn't make me do this. But IF you really need to see my face ask me to lower it while I'm outside, I'll happily show it to you through the more
Atoya Jones
Atoya J.
16:15 15 May 21
Great place Wonderful staff!! Medicine is always top notch and best prices. Love that medical patients earn reward points that can be used to toward your medicine. And always tip your budtenderread more
Derek Fogerty
Derek F.
21:16 06 May 21
Good selection, ok prices, but sorry guys low stars for requiring I remove my mask indoors to show you my face. The liquor store doesn't make me do this. But IF you really need to see my face ask me to lower it while I'm outside, I'll happily show it to you through the more
Cosmo Kramer
Cosmo K.
15:26 13 Apr 21
Always get great service here. Love the loyalty points program. Employees and security have always been super friendly. I always forget to ask them to apply my points but they always ask. Great selection of products more
Sydnie McGuire
Sydnie M.
16:40 25 Mar 21
Awesome staff. Decent priced flower. Got some shake and wasn't unhappy. Arrived early and they still let me pick up my order. Even threw in some screens. Pleasant more
Katrina Johnson
Katrina J.
15:28 12 Mar 21
After doing some research I found Trinity online and was blown away by the recreational menu. Although I knew what I wanted when I got there my budtender was great! Would definitely recommend shopping here. The daily specials are a great way to get more bang for your buck too!read more
Matt Crowley
Matt C.
01:30 27 Feb 21
Both university and glenn employees are top notch. Not only do they have excellent customer service but they have great knowledge of the product they sell.. A few of my favorite strains sold out and i simply asked the nice lady what would compare. She gave her recommendations and i went with it and she could not have been more spot on. They always get me what i need and i truly love these dispensariesread more
Josh Johnson
Josh J.
18:23 17 Feb 21
Unbelievably amazing, kind & helpful.Every time!I've only inquired information a few times over 6 months, so its not like I'm a regular customer, or a customer at all. And yet, each experience has been legitimately met with compassion and kindness.If only every business and corporation functioned with the same values!Thanks so much to Hannah, and Shannon and a male who I believe was an office manager about 6 months ago. Thanks so much team! 🙏read more
Sherry Freeman
Sherry F.
22:39 16 Jan 21
Not only do I work here, but I shop here from time to time! Being around my coworkers everyday, I know it's a wonderful place to be, a great atmosphere, and a safe place to ask questions! We love our jobs and the people we see everyday, we're all trying our best daily to help educate the world and give everyone the medication they need!read more
Meagan Sieg
Meagan S.
21:50 23 Dec 20
Hands down the best medical dispensary in the Peoria area. I've been coming to Trinity for at least 4 years and the staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and caring to their customers. The atmosphere is very inviting and the staff always encourages questions! This is definitely a place where you don't have to feel silly for asking about products or asking for recommendations based on symptoms or personal preference. You will NOT regret visiting Trinity!!!read more
Michelle Oakes
Michelle O.
16:50 31 Oct 20
I love the staff and how I knowledgeable they are. I'm very thankful they are offering curbside pickup and recommend this dispensary to everyone I know. I would rate it 5 stars but I think the set up and vibe is way better at Trinity on Glen which is for recreational more
ryan chismark
ryan C.
16:48 17 Oct 20
Having never been to a dispensery before i was a little nervous especially when a cop opened the door for me. He's security. Was very simple to place a pick up order online. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Jennifer g was very nice and answered all my questions. Was in and out quickly with an accurate order and didn't feel judged. And it goes without saying but it was very aromatic inside 😁. Definitely recommend 👍read more
Marcus Munoz
Marcus M.
05:59 04 Oct 20
Bought 2 prerolls, and literally all the flower flew out of the first one when i tried to get to get the paper to burn properly. However, I did smoke the other preroll and I enjoyed it, but for future reference you should pack your prerolls a bit tighter so they not only burn slower but dont fly more
Bonnie Zermeno
Bonnie Z.
11:13 28 Sep 20
Sorry I on my second cartridge..Airpro that doesn't work. First was at least 4 months ago..I was told they were busy that someone would contact me. NEVER HAPPENED. Now I have TWO new cartridges that don't work. Should have stayed in Cantonread more
Chris Henson
Chris H.
18:28 17 Sep 20
Great staff good experience would give a 5 star rating but the flower selection has gone down hill big time they haven't got any good to choose from in over a monthread more
Josh Jordan
Josh J.
22:47 13 Sep 20
Got to the door at 4:44 on a Sunday and they said they closed for rec sales. This is going to sound crazy, but maybe post accurate times on your google page so people don’t drive out of their way for nothing. The guy did give me directions to the other location and said it would open Tuesday. Today is Sunday. Super more
16:49 10 Sep 20
waste of time/money sold me a disposable that didn’t work
Bradley Brown
Bradley B.
12:16 30 Aug 20
Customer service is way down in last 4 months can’t get anyone to answer the phone, most of the staff very friendly, Also you need to list % on concentrate & flower , at these inflated prices it’s nice to know what you’re actually purchasing instead of rolling the dice & accepting something you really don’t want. Customer service matters !read more
Daniel Wilson
Daniel W.
23:19 29 Aug 20
David was extremely helpful the difference between being good and excellent is customer service he has it
04:23 14 Aug 20
This place is the best. They have so many choices for whatever you need. Show me another place in Central IL with more options. Workers are so nice every visit, without more
Carly Cloudysky
Carly C.
16:42 26 Jul 20
Trinity is the best dispensary in the Peoria area. Cheapest prices you’ll find (55-65) for an eighth as opposed to (70-80+) for eighths at other places. Staff has always been friendly and professional. They are requiring face masks to enter which is GOOD. One of the employees even gave me info on how to get a medical cannabis card. All products available on their website with details on THC content, CBD content, etc. My only wish is that they sold more products with higher THC content on the rec side as I only buy flower that’s around 20-30% THC. Do not go anywhere else for cannabis!read more
Melissa Caldwell
Melissa C.
19:39 28 May 20
The rest of my order was good but one item I received had half of the gummies missing and the seal was gone... We wanted to take it back in and have them replace it but we couldn't, we had to submit an email and have a credit to use at the store but that's horrible because we came from out of state, I just think if we're paying that much they shouldn't be taking from our freaking gummies... Someone should be fired if they're doing more
GA Aspbury
16:27 26 May 20
I am a medical customer and today I realized Trinity has zero interest in the safety of their medical clients. They allow persons to be in the waiting room and sales room without the use of face coverings. This puts others at risk especially patients that may be immunodeficient. I also saw no evidence of cleaning and sanitizing doors. The customer who was not wearing a mask was less than a few feet away from me and others. If you are a medical patient I would highly recommend avoiding Trinity. It is a dangerous place to more
17:32 14 May 20
The women at the glass desk are extremely rude and lack the professionalism for the job. I highly recommend Numed to all trinity patients. They have more options and helpful competent employees. Iread more
18:10 17 Apr 20
I'm a seasoned consumer and have traveled to a lot of other legal states. Illinois patients take note; THIS is what a professionally ran shop looks like. While we're not at the super retail stage like Colorado, Washington, etc. where you can inspect the product, this is best experience you will get under our rules. They are super helpful, hold their patients in high regard and maintain their inventory properly so you are handed a bag full of medicine when you visit the shop, not excuses about supply problems. Keep up the awesome work, we need more like you!read more
Megan Hale
Megan H.
18:17 15 Apr 20
Fantastic service, caring and knowledgeable staff, large affordable selection & a great points system. I’ve used several different dispensaries and Trinity is hands down the best dispensary I’ve ever been to. I highly recommend using Trinity for both medical and recreational more
Kc Da Human
Kc Da H.
09:40 18 Mar 20
The staff is all friendly and helpful. Getting Recreational usually takes time if they are busy. Tax on recreational is ridiculous but for now I'll deal with it. They are constantly running out of stock for most menu items but usually have it restocked within a few days. I recommend this dispensary for all your cannabis more
Erica Davis
Erica D.
11:42 13 Mar 20
Amazing thanks love it and you should hire me
Penny Marie
Penny M.
22:01 11 Feb 20
Cresco Sativa with bonus calming CBD. High energy without the anxiety. Embrace the CBD too, reefer friends! Highest THC doesn’t mean the best. Find what feels good to you!!read more
Penny Marie
Penny M.
22:01 11 Feb 20
Cresco Sativa with bonus calming CBD. High energy without the anxiety. Embrace the CBD too, reefer friends! Highest THC doesn’t mean the best. Find what feels good to you!!read more
Dawn Atkinson
Dawn A.
22:48 03 Feb 20
Service was excellent. Friendly, efficient and outstanding! Prices are steep but that's not their fault. I'm so glad to have the option of getting my medicine more easily now. Thank you ♥️read more
02:17 25 Jan 20
So I would like to share with you my experience buying recreational marijuana at Trinity in Peoria. First I am male 52 years old. I have a business degree and have owned and operated several businesses throughout my life. The first thing I noticed was an atmosphere of oppression. I could feel a slight sarcasm in in way the security guard often barked out orders to customers. I really felt uncomfortable at one point sitting in the lobby that I wanted to leave. It was a "you are lucky to be here" feeling. I really think there is a hostile atmosphere and I can't be the only person who feels this way. Trinity should be greeting customers and make them to feel wanted not like they are being booked and more
Stacey Rosenfeld
Stacey R.
19:25 17 Jan 20
Sara and Ben need a class in customer service in which they are seriously lacking. I am transferring my patronage to east Peoria where I am appreciated. They have a lot more selection and the service far surpasses that of Trinity. Just wait until more dispensaries are available. I am sure, like me, others will take their business elsewhere. 1 star is much too generous. 0 is more more
17:07 15 Jan 20
Security rude, extremely misleading business. Got to the back after a wait.. just to see they have 1 gram only available.. whatever so i buy the the 1 gram just to sample. With a little research of my own its terrible flower. Extremely low thc content. Feel ripped off. DO NOT SHOP HERE!read more
Travis Zimmerman
Travis Z.
22:17 05 Jan 20
The East coast sour diesel cart is where it's at! Very friendly staff and what looks to be a great selection of recreational products! Will be returning!read more
nate matos
nate M.
22:33 04 Jan 20
Prices are outrageous in my opinion compared to other dispos I’ve been to in Cali and Colorado. Laura hooked me up tho she’s awesomeread more
sara mcdaniel
sara M.
21:53 04 Jan 20
Never been to one before, so thought i'd check it out. They are extremely friendly, very helpful, listen to my every question i had. Highly recommend trinity compassionate more
Chris Luong
Chris L.
00:02 04 Jan 20
Incredibly quick and kind! I have nothing but good things to say about the people who work at Trinity and the Security staff outside. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and despite how busy it’s been, they remain courteous and more
HighPlainz Kustom
HighPlainz K.
22:16 02 Jan 20
I liked Trinity until I was informed that the founder and vice president of operations (Ron Digiacomo) was from another state (Colorado). Then we found out Ron Digiacomo was previously a State Cop in Colorado. We will never go into his store again!! BOYCOTT TRINITY !!! Go back to Colorado Piggy - Peoria Don't need ya more
John Waremburg
John W.
21:55 21 Dec 19
All of the budtenders are great, very friendly, very knowledgeable.. trinity has great selection and the loyalty points are awesome! I have recommended multiple people and will continue to do more
Kris Paranto
Kris P.
19:53 11 Dec 19
Love you guys, Have A Merry Christmas All.🦌
HighPlainz Kustom
HighPlainz K.
06:09 27 Nov 19
I liked Trinity until I was informed that the founder and vice president of operations (Ron Digiacomo) was from another state (Colorado). Then we found out Ron Digiacomo was previously a State Cop in Colorado. We will never go into his store again!! BOYCOTT TRINITY !!! Go back to Colorado Piggy !read more
Big Easy
Big E.
20:26 10 Nov 19
Trinity is hands down the best dispensary in the area. They have an awesome loyalty program and a monthly spin the wheel promotion for patients. Their prices can be checked against other dispensaries online in a few seconds and they are almost always a few dollars cheaper. All product and availability issues are the fault of the cultivator and not the dispensary. It’s a shame that not everyone knows and understands that. Trinity’s staff is polite and very knowledgeable and they offer the best service and discounts in more
Jason Otto
Jason O.
17:22 08 Sep 19
Love everyone there. They always give me one on one help. They get to know you and your needs. Always willing to spend as much time as needed, no more
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