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Nov. 23—In this episode of the UnCapped podcast, host Chris Sands talks with Erin Lillis, a district manager of Curaleaf Dispensary, about medical marijuana and Maryland’s recent legalization of recreational use. Here is an excerpt of their conversation.

UnCapped: How many states is Curaleaf in?

Erin Lillis: We’re currently in 21 states.

UnCapped: I don’t know how many of them have exciting news, but at least in Maryland, the full legalization of [marijuana] will go into effect next year.

Lillis: Yes, we’re super excited. I think unfortunately not all five states that had the initiative on their ballot passed, but excited to see that Maryland did, with a very significant margin. Last I checked, over 65% in favor.

UnCapped: Yeah, I think leading into it, there was no second-guessing as to whether or not it was gonna pass.

Lillis: Yeah, we saw some polls flashing as high as 70%, so there’s been a ton of optimism. Missouri also passed, with a little bit narrower margin, so it was exciting to see that for them as well.

UnCapped: Can you explain to me what Curaleaf is?

Lillis: We are a leading international provider of consumer products and cannabis. Our main mission is to improve lives by providing clarity around

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