Verilife Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Verilife Marijuana Dispensary in North Aurora, IL

161 S Lincolnway - Ste 301
North Aurora, IL 60542

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sun: 9am – 7pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Verilife is a marijuana dispensary location open at 161 S Lincolnway in North Aurora, IL 60542 .

Verilife dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Melissa Lenza
Melissa L.
21:23 21 Jul 21
All of the employees are so professional but still super down to earth and great to deal with. The security staff is great too. I always feel more
02:45 06 Jul 21
Great staff, no limits for patients, super friendly and they treat veterans right! Will always come back to this Dispensary. Proud to call this my Dispensary!*Update 07/05/2021Masks are optional, get your shot. Don't be a baby. Peace! Love my shop and great staff still!read more
Tyler Richardson
Tyler R.
19:27 05 Jul 21
Nice people. Selections are expanding. They have sales and rewards programs. Quality can vary on popcorn and shakes since the strain is unknown until point if purchase. Not a relaxing shopping environment but not a bad one more
Leti Crvntz
Leti C.
19:10 01 Jul 21
This is my second time coming here after deciding not to go to my home store because of the lack of customer service. Everyone at this location is super welcoming and friendly. We've been lucky enough to get served by Brianne for a second time & I have to say, we are not disappointed! She is very courteous, knowledgeable about the products, and has been able to answer any questions my partner and I had without a problem. She's recommended a few products that we absolutely love, big kudos to her!! I am happy to have liked this place and will continue to shop hereread more
G Edison Jr
G Edison J.
14:32 09 Jun 21
Same brands but a larger selection than my home dispensary and better veterans discount. The recreational entrance is horrible but the Medical is right up front and easily accessible. One of the nicer ones I've been to in the stateread more
d “miniviking10” l
d “miniviking10” l
21:18 07 Jun 21
Extremely annoying how you have to park in the back of the building and then have to go through 3 different security points just to get up to the store. SLOW service, I can't believe how long I have to sometimes wait.Prices fluctuate DURING the day, instead of being set from the beginning of the day. There have been several times where I intended to purchase something and the price actually increased from when it was at the start of the day. I know they do just for people just getting off work, perfect time to make more bank. Never any good deals that entice you to return. The rewards system is a joke. On top of all of that, the products are hit and miss. Concentrates are often dried out, and I've never felt anything from their edibles. You'd be crazy to pay for their prices on flower. I only come here as a last resort. You should more
Jillian Snook
Jillian S.
22:45 30 May 21
All employees were knowledgeable and nice. Even customers were super friendly. Good security, clean, and good more
Deb B (Cinnamon)
Deb B (.
15:29 16 Apr 21
Have been to Verilife multiple times. The security staff has always been very kind, friendly, and helpful to me every time I come in. There is plenty of parking in front for medical card holders and even more parking in back for recreational customers.For people with medical conditions, it is important to be aware that this building also has some type of clinic for veterans in it. I have seen signs from that clinic about COVID testing being done in the building. If you're high risk and haven't been fully vaccinated, make sure you are using every precaution to be safe.For the most part, I have come to find the staff at the registers less than helpful and I no longer ask questions of them. If there is something I want to know, I do all my research before I go to this dispensary. For example, Verilife does have a program that you can sign up for online where you get points for every purchase but I have noticed that a cashier has never even mentioned my points. I have to bring it up when I go, which is something else that I find lacking in the customer service here.In addition, when I have questions about their products, including products they have in stock, I haven't had much luck with getting staff with much knowledge. Even if they can't tell me much about what is in their products, I feel like a cashier should be able to tell me what products are in stock. The last cashier couldn't do that.Finally, the layout of this dispensary is confusing and nonsensical. If you're healthy and don't have any health issues, I don't think it would be an issue as long as they always have staff to provide direction. When you happen to be in poor health and don't know the layout, it can be a lot, especially with all the stairs because I did not know there was a working elevator the first time I went here.Anytime I have placed an order online, it has always been ready on time as was scheduled. Although I think they usually have a decent selection of products, there have been a couple of times when they seemed to not have much of a selection at all (particularly around the holidays).read more
Dani Jo
Dani J.
23:38 02 Apr 21
Fantastic dispensary, everyone is SO nice, it’s clean and organized and quick. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!! Thank you guys so much, I appreciate each and every one of you!Came back to say, 4 months later, I was in tonight and you guys rock it every time. Thanks so much!!read more
Letty Torres
Letty T.
23:04 02 Apr 21
Nerve first...then I met a wonderful 2nd time visitor (old school). She eased my heart. Lots of giggles!! Everyone working there are SUPER friendly! It was fun, exciting and exhilarating! 😄😲🤗read more
Eric Roberts
Eric R.
16:38 29 Mar 21
Great service. My only complaint is that it isn't hadicap friendly. You have to go up a flight of stairs to get in. Other than that, the staff was great. Very friendly, helpful, and more
08:36 23 Mar 21
Previous Post: "Long waits that have gotten shorter because they never update their inventory. It's the same stuff every time and they often don't have it in stock. People are nice, but I'm not there for the people, I'm there for the product and they cant seem to supply it."People are still friendly and they've upped their inventory tremendously, however it's still all local Illinois grown - nothing out if state. Lines are nonexistent with their new setup. It's a smooth trip in and out except for the prices, but that'sout of their hands, that's more
Derick Romstedt
Derick R.
15:01 17 Mar 21
Medical patients prepare to waitUpdated 2.19.21The line is better, the options as far as I'm concerned is very limited.I can't wait for more competition to pop up, I usually don't bother making the trip over here any longer.We Need Competition in ILread more
Darrell Davis
Darrell D.
11:52 10 Mar 21
Not as professional as other dispensaries I've been to. If you don't know what you want, they don't give you much help so you would basically have to go online and do your own work. Security has no clue other than being nervous and no information about even what door to come in. Just not a comfortable experience which it should be. More like an old school drug house, they look thirsty. Won't be going here again that's for sure. Would of gave it 0 starsread more
Natalie Moore
Natalie M.
23:38 07 Mar 21
This is my closest dispensary. It's clean and easy to access, although it's in the second floor of a building and I'm not certain they have an elevator but I haven't looked for one. It's clean inside although they do seem to take a long time to cycle through customers and they do not do any curbside pick up. The staff are friendly and seem more
Isaac Veldman
Isaac V.
02:08 07 Mar 21
ONLINE ORDERS FIRST UP! Staff are somewhat friendly. A walk-in is definitely not recommended unless you have some time to kill. But overall, I'm not disappointed with the end result. Very good Sativa flower (30.8%) Be ready to spend some "Cash" though. $72.30 for 3.5. Its worth more
Moon Flower
Moon F.
04:43 13 Feb 21
This was my first time being in a dispensary. I placed an online order the day before. I was in and out in 5 minutes. Love the music that they play in there. Also everyone is so friendly. They only take cash. There is an ATM inside but it will cost an additional $5.50 to use. Park in back for recreational use. Park in front for medical. I got an amazing strand and I will be back more
Anthony Cioch
Anthony C.
21:01 08 Feb 21
I’ve been going to Zen Leaf and I decided to try Verilife in North Aurora last week Wednesday for the first time. I was purchasing recreational and I was told I had to go into the building from the back entrance. When I went in the security officer that helped me was absolutely phenomenal, her name is Kathy. She helped me out and walked me through the process of what I needed to do. I got a little frustrated with my phone and she was complaining courteous and understanding. If more places had people like that when you first walk into any establishment they will always be successful. Her customer service skills and willingness to help was very much appreciated and welcomed, Thank you Kathy and Thank you more
Joseph Kelly
Joseph K.
15:20 29 Dec 20
I'll admit the product is good. They usually have crumble which is awesome.BUT...The ATM charges $3.50, plus whatever your bank charges (mine charges another 3.50). Aren't you guys making enough money off of your patients and customers without resorting to cheap tricks like that? Anything above the cost of processing the transaction is immoral. You're not a bank. Why are you charging such high fees on a privately-owned ATM? Are you in finance or compassionate care provision?Not your ATM machine? Then GET your own! You can afford it with what we're paying you.It's not about the money. It's the more
Joseph Kelly
Joseph K.
19:27 19 Dec 20
I'll admit the product is good. They usually have crumble which is awesome.BUT...The ATM charges $3.50, plus whatever your bank charges (mine charges another 3.50). Aren't you guys making enough money off of your patients and customers without resorting to cheap tricks like that? Anything above the cost of processing the transaction is immoral. You're not a bank. Why are you charging such high fees on a privately-owned ATM? Are you in finance or compassionate care provision?Not your ATM machine? Then GET your own! You can afford it with what we're paying you.It's not about the money. It's the more
Arthur Lange
Arthur L.
23:07 17 Dec 20
You're better off going to zen leaf and Saint Charles their prices are better better customer service and they don't give you bullship because your license is expired thanks to the government being closed. I've been going to this place since they've opened never had a problem with my driver's license since the government is closed all their facilities. today I go in there they will not let me in because my driver's license will not scan and and it's expired believe me Zen leaf way better way better product way better pricesread more
Dee Kortum
Dee K.
01:35 14 Dec 20
My first visit here, everyone is very friendly and helpful. I was a little nervous as it was my 1st time. But everyone took an extra minute to explain things. A totally awesome more
Ashley Dawley
Ashley D.
01:20 06 Dec 20
Not gonna lie I love coming here. The employees are very nice but SOME are NO help when I ask questions. Like they have zero knowledge with marijuana. It’s a shame. Teach ya people some pot knowledge please!read more
Bill Anaya
Bill A.
05:14 05 Dec 20
I got some sour d and it definitely was not sour d. It literally had no smell and taste is week. I won't purchase products from nature's grace and wellness again. Still enjoy more
Ashley Dawley
Ashley D.
23:31 03 Dec 20
Not gonna lie I love coming here. The employees are very nice but SOME are NO help when I ask questions. Like they have zero knowledge with marijuana. It’s a shame. Teach ya people some pot knowledge please!read more
Will G
Will G
05:37 29 Nov 20
Came in from out of town and the Security staff was wonderful I had a great experience at this location one officer by name Valentine was very helpful and nice I will definitely recommend friends and family to this location. Not only was office valentine was helpful he walked me through online Orders as well I am really thankful I was there on 11/25/2020read more
Russell Kopplin
Russell K.
01:08 28 Nov 20
Park in the back for rec. ordered ahead of time, short wait and I was inside, the Bud Tender even found me a better deal at checkout, paid cash and I was on my way. Prices are on par with everywhere else. Good product and smooth, quick more
Dani Jo
Dani J.
18:27 17 Nov 20
Fantastic dispensary, everyone is SO nice, it’s clean and organized and quick. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!! Thank you guys so much, I appreciate each and every one of you!read more
Jane Long
Jane L.
06:28 14 Oct 20
Loved my experience at Lowell Cafe! The vegan nachos, Brussels and fries were great. Loved the bud tenders. The variety pack was great. Would love to return during the day to work, have a latte and relax. So excited this has finally opened!read more
Squanto III
Squanto I.
00:28 07 Oct 20
While the prices may be high, the establishment is clean, safe, and efficient with how they operate their business. The products they sell are all laboratory grown and tested. I would highly recommend this place, be sure to set up an appointment before you more
Inez Elliott
Inez E.
05:04 05 Oct 20
What a cool experience! I went here on a Sunday for brunch with one of my friends. We had gotten a reservation a week in advance to check this place out. We were immediately welcomed by the host and seated when my friend more
Brigida Catlin
Brigida C.
20:51 02 Oct 20
Parking in back, they have security. You can pre-order on line set a time to pick up. Sales clerk are very helpful and knowledgeable. Prices are high so be prepared to spend a good amount when you more
Dave H Hoffmann
Dave H H.
22:09 28 Sep 20
Very professional and knowledgeable. Besides that everyone is friendly and caring. Very worried about supplies, have not able to get the concentrates having only one each time I visit. My needs are for 24/7 pain.Fast ,in and out. Budtenders are all friendly. Worth trip just to say hi to the more
David McConnaughay
David M.
21:58 25 Sep 20
This was my 1st visit and everyone there was so helpful. Even walked me through the best products for my needs and answered all my questions. I highly recommend this more
Nicole Ward Lawrence
Nicole Ward L.
17:45 25 Sep 20
Great people, giving EXCELLENT customer service! They go above and beyond to make the experience great! I love my verilife people!!read more
Susan Powell
Susan P.
00:44 17 Sep 20
Helpful staff. Friendly and informative
J Choksi
J C.
13:38 15 Sep 20
Love this place. Great prices. Friendly service. And if your a recreational user, walking up the stairs is like waiting in a line at six flags. Lots of steps but as you get closer you can start smelling the more
John Mathefs
John M.
20:10 10 Sep 20
Great place
Sandra Castellanos
Sandra C.
15:40 10 Sep 20
Professional, kind people, never a bad experience
Romie Hartness
Romie H.
21:31 04 Sep 20
Jenn Benes
Jenn B.
23:16 02 Sep 20
Everyone is super friendly & everything is super quick. Wish prices were better, but ill still b back
Ramon Barajas
Ramon B.
15:03 27 Aug 20
I highly recommend this place they always have flour available be sure to place your order online 1st then at your timeframe park in the rear the process is very quick I was in-and-out in 10 minutesread more
Ryan Humenik
Ryan H.
20:12 26 Aug 20
Do yourself a favor and order online, better options and makes pick up much easier
Douglas Jelonek
Douglas J.
00:24 23 Aug 20
I order online and I find it better then filling out the form on arriving. People are friendly. I meet some neat people there. Its very efficient and clean. So glad its the closes to meread more
Patrick Hillman
Patrick H.
16:12 08 Aug 20
The product is pricy as all get out, but I’m happy that we can finally buy it legally. If your buying for recreational use, park and enter through the back of the building. Their COVID precautions are top notch; multiple check points with a LOT of space for social distancing, in addition to enforcing a mask requirement. The crew working there is extremely friendly and seem to be very happy at their more
Joseph D. Gutierrez
Joseph D. G.
20:46 07 Aug 20
Always a pleasant experience. Good energy there. Staff is knowledgeable and very very cool.
20:08 31 Jul 20
Great staff, no limits for patients, super friendly and they treat veterans right! Will always come back to this Dispensary. Proud to call this my Dispensary!*Update 7/31/2020Just went yesterday and again never have a problem here. I am a veteran and yes this is my VA facility. Maybe this is why I feel comfortable going here. The parking was always a problem here even before Verilife was here so no sense in complaining there. I don't understand where some people get their weed if not a Dispensary during this pandemic. Yes, wear a mask when you come, common sense. I come in once or twice a month and every time I leave smiling. These people work hard and honestly it shows. The variety is there but in time will get better. I do miss my 500mg brownies from Colorado but if you're a med patient grow your own. It's a great hobby. Like I said before though. Very proud to call this my Dispensary! Have fun be safe!read more
Jane Graves
Jane G.
00:12 30 Jul 20
Efficiently run, very organized and everyone is very helpful. I am glad to see so much security.
Cait McC
Cait M.
16:39 20 Jul 20
Employees are super cool and helpful. Great environment. Organized. We did an online order and had no issues.
john newquist
john N.
22:28 19 Jul 20
Appointments make weekday in and out 15 minutes
Carrie Baphomet
Carrie B.
22:53 09 Jul 20
I traveled a little over an hour to this location and my order was ready when I arrived, no wait really. Bring cash. May seem like common sense to most, but some need to be informed before traveling a long distance. Friendly staff. Easy in and out process. Over all pleased with the experience. Prices may be “higher than street value” but what does one expect for a regulated and medicinal grade product? Will more
James P.
James P.
15:15 09 Jul 20
After driving through parking lot looking to park, a security man bark at me, why am I there, then barked asking if I had a mask. After figuring out where to park I walk in side, and in there the security gaurd was in a bad mood, did not want to help due to me not having an appointment, Then waved his hand in the air at me refusing then to help in any way. Not nice people!!read more
01:22 07 Jul 20
The workers were friendly and the security was also outstanding.the only bad thing was it was very hot today.but they didn't let the heat make them unpleasant.there was a line but they worked at a steady pace to keep it more
Tammi Rust
Tammi R.
23:05 27 Jun 20
Love this place! They know their stuff. I was overwhelmed on my first visit, but everyone there put me at ease and helped me decide what type of stuff to try for my medical condition. Every time I go they are so polite, friendly, and helpful! Great staff! They are what make it a wonderful place to visit!read more
Tony Pronenko
Tony P.
19:55 24 Jun 20
It's ok and they do their job. But it's a major pain to shop for marijuana and even worse thru covid. But they do their more
Robert Gryder
Robert G.
17:31 17 Jun 20
It's certainly pricier than what you pay on the street, but the quality is superior. It's a good, clean facility and the staff are super friendly and kind. I will definitely be back!read more
Pamela Dale
Pamela D.
22:38 26 May 20
First off I have a wonderful drive there. Then there is parking and security is polite and professional. Then there's down the hall, winding and winding down a hall where you are given a list of products and someone there to answer questions. Then you hand in your pen; up the stairs; two flights, hand in your list, a short wait, into a room where they have your order waiting. They have a decent amount of flower and other product. I like how they do things and I like the variety in more
David T Jones
David T J.
21:51 18 May 20
The overall buying experience was good, everyone working there was friendly. I had a 4:15 appointment walked in at 4:16 and was out with product in hand at 4:17, they have the waiting and staging areas setup correctly for social distancing. The only reason not 5 stars is the price for what you get is a bit much but I also understand compared to CA or CO recreational prices will take time to more
Cynthia Jackson
Cynthia J.
18:08 12 May 20
Cartridges solid you cant see they are not filled, bought 3. All 3 carts were half full. Dont bother looking at menu, as your options are very limited, and also priced higher on their little scratch sheet. TAX IS NOT BROKEN DOWN, SO YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT TAX YOU PAYING FOR THE DIFFERENT PRODUCTS. Gave 2 stars, cause the guy who helped me was more
Chris Green
Chris G.
09:20 01 May 20
The employees are always nice and the products are always excellent, but the purchasing process is kind of difficult for recreational users. I've purchased here a dozen times, before forming my opinion and I just think that things could be better for recreational users as far as parking which is never available. Recreational users spend a lot of money at verilife and I do feel better about this new "by appointment" system. Medical users are catered to and it seems unfair to many people. I am a veteran who could easily get a medical card, but I refuse to give up my firearms, as it is my right(and yours) to bear arms. So, no medical card for me. We must come together as one people and strip these governments of their power to make these ridiculous regulations, which are only meant to oppress us. Power to the more
Katie Alvarez
Katie A.
16:01 30 Apr 20
This dispensary was such a pleasure to visit, even during these scary times! The staff was extremely polite as well as kind. They give you a menu to pick from, you fill out what you'd like, and then it's a quick pick up at the register! Will definitely be back. 🌻read more
Erin Beaber
Erin B.
14:36 25 Apr 20
We LOVED the new appointment only experience for recreational sales. Loved. It. Made an appointment online, looked at the menu online on the way (which was actually mostly accurate to what they had!), showed up exactly at our appointment time, were thrilled to see there were NO FLOWER RESTRICTIONS (beyond on the state law, of course), and were in our car headed back within 15min. Can we please keep it this way forever?????read more
Jeason Bell
Jeason B.
04:18 21 Apr 20
This is the worst dispensary I have ever been too. Customer service was horrible. Besides the only 2 choices of weed to choose from at $81 an eighth after tax. (I can get a whole ounce in Colorado multiple dispensaries)( I got 1 gram of 99.9%THC Crystal for $89)you do not get to see or smell the bud before you buy. you don't get to see anything before you buy. Not even a picture. Feels like it's run by children. Once more shops open up I can see this one going bankrupt. The package it came in was not even child resistant. The edibles we bought had inconsistent doses. My package contained 1 as package said. My girlfriend package contained 2 as package indicated 1 per container. Sure this is a huge violation of laws. Had to wait in line for 1.5 hours. I saw employees being unprofessional. Joking around when they could have been focusing on the line moving. I have been to over 30 dispensaries in 4 different states. And this was hands down the worst. Needs improvement. One employee even told my girlfriend "you don't have to come back" I think the only reason people like it is because it's all they haveseen and they think it's the more
Kerriann Johnson
Kerriann J.
14:55 29 Mar 20
This was my first visit to a dispensary in Illinois. The wait wasn’t bad. It was clean. Good lighting. Staff was informative and helpful. I would give 5 stars but there wasn’t much variety available. They had 2 kinds of edibles one was an oatmeal that they scratched off the menu with pen so they were out of that...and the other was a French onion dip mix? So I opted for some flower. There was only 2 flowers to choose from; one with higher THC content which I ordered. When I got to the room they give u your order in the guy said they were out of the flower I ordered so they gave me some strawberry popcorn kush which was the “next best thing” but cheaper.... they didn’t have any other option at this point I bought it. Not happy with the quality it was pretty but didn’t smoke well smell good or get me where I wanted to be. If they can get that figured out, they would be in 5 star land with more
andrea garcia
andrea G.
20:27 04 Mar 20
I would give them more stars if it wasn’t for the obnoxious issue with parking. They no longer let you park in the back, make you park across the street at the police station, which has a full lot with no where to park and this was a wed at two pm. I was not able to “wait for a spot” any longer like security suggested. Make sure you have plenty of time to wait, and wear your walking shoes. Staff in the office is friendly, products so far have been good, except the disposable pens, I had two that stopped working around halfway full and because I didn’t keep the receipt I was more
Nina Gonzales
Nina G.
22:43 20 Feb 20
Grrrrrrrrreat Experience &nnd In & Out Service Nice 💚👽💚 Loooooove It 🤩
Nina Gonzales
Nina G.
22:43 20 Feb 20
Grrrrrrrrreat Experience &nnd In & Out Service Nice 💚👽💚 Loooooove It 🤩
Brian Mars
Brian M.
03:27 17 Feb 20
Long line usually. Prepare for some standing. And know your stuff. They give you a little slip of paper; that's the menu. You need to mark on there what you want, because you can't change your order when you get to the register. Cash only. High priced. It's really good stuff but, no peeking. All very more
Taylor A
Taylor A
01:16 12 Feb 20
Great place to be! It's in and out oriented, which is nice because if it's helps move the line. The staff is very nice and informative. Welcoming atmosphere. Ample space if a line forms, instead of having to wait outside. Product is nice as well. Overall I would definitely more
Greg Martin
Greg M.
21:30 08 Feb 20
Excelent service. They have a great controlled method of moving people through. You are given a ticket # and the days Menu handed to you in line. Research the available items on line, select items ans quantity you wish to purchase. They get your completed menu of items you've selected. After a brief wait, you'll be called to counter. Hand them your ticket and they will have your product.Be sure to have your ID READY,and CASH for your purchase!!read more
Troy Rieser
Troy R.
15:45 06 Feb 20
Great staff! Very Nice! Very clean Dispensary! One issue that I truly don't like is the fact that for every 1 of us medical patients being served there is 12 recreational served first. Hopefully that will change. We're actual medical patients that pay dues and have diagnosed issues!! Not just wanting to get high for fun. Thanks guys!read more
Mike Turner
Mike T.
15:50 31 Jan 20
Not a bad experience at all. We got there about a half hour before opening and found a parking place easily. There were probably 100 people in front of us but once the doors opened things went smoothly and quickly. The staff was there to answer questions. All in all a pleasant more
Cc Cc
Cc C.
17:12 28 Jan 20
Really wish other dispensaries would take notes from here. I got there at open time on Sun and was in and out in 1hr. Truly well ran with awesome employees. Very happy with product. One side note kinda liked having aurora pd across the street. Made me very comfortable and safe. Can't wait for next visit. THANK YOU more
Elliott Halsey
Elliott H.
01:27 19 Jan 20
This place has improved 100% since opening day. Today I pulled in easily, parked in back, in and out fast. The team were very kind and yet busy and working hard, but they had it all moving nicely, very nicely. Definitely my dispensary of more
Brooks Gates
Brooks G.
17:27 15 Jan 20
The prices are high but that’s to be expected until the state if IL chills out on taxing around 25% - 40% depending on the which product you buy. Also lines can be long and you feel somewhat rushed by staff once you’re actually inside but again that’s to be expected everywhere until the demand slows down. They have to politely rush people in order to give everyone an opportunity to shop. The selection is thin due to such high demand in IL with not enough suppliers/growers in the state. BUT what they do have is top shelf quality product! The wait & prices are worth the level of quality and the peace of mind to know that you’re doing this more
Alexander Bettelheim
Alexander B.
17:25 09 Jan 20
Extreme wait times, small menu. They tax you a good amount for anything you select. All in all this place Could be a little more organized. The first night they opened I arrived at 2pm I waited 7 hours and at 8:35 the staff member said they were closing. I was next. I was standing right next to the stairs to head up after a seven hour wait. They could’ve figured something out for those people. You don’t wait for a table at papa deux that long and then go home without eating because they stop service. For a solid two hours the line didn’t move at all. The staff member said “You guys got to have an experience” but we didn’t get to shop so the experience of waiting for nothing. We should've got an express pass for next timeread more
Gorilla Warrior
Gorilla W.
08:51 09 Jan 20
Waited until a week into the new year and went first thing in morning, arriving about 15 minutes before it opened. The staff was cool, the wait time was not bad at all compared to what I had heard from other experiences around northern IL. They are discreet and professional. This will be my go-to dispensary now because of the employees, set-up, it's easily accessible from I-88, and opens during the week on Tuesday- Friday at 9am. That's probably the ideal time to go. While waiting in line they will answer any questions you may have ( I didn't at that time but others around me did - and they seemed satisfied with the help they received. ) All of the employees were friendly, even joked around quickly with a few, but most importantly they are knowledgeable, efficient, and respectful: From those in the parking lot / security, those that instruct & help while waiting in line, and especially the cashier. I had a few quick questions and she was awesome & sweet. I really appreciated the help. I'm very satisfied the Verilife North Aurora location. The only downside was lack of parking (unless you have medical card) but I saw this online beforehand. I pulled in and there was a person waiting to help me find a place to park. Considering the demand, long wait times in the beginning of this new year, and the number of people, I felt this place did a great job especially with the huge demand and number of customers they deal with on a daily more
Shawn Williams
Shawn W.
02:22 09 Jan 20
We went on Sunday January 5th at 12 noon. We parked about 100 ft. from the door. Total wait time was 2 hours from time to getting in line and having the product in our hands. Only a half hour of waiting outside and the rest inside. Very organized and professional. I even had a temporary “real ID” with my old expired one and they worked with me to allow me to use that as a form of ID. Please tell staff and very knowledgeable. Great first time experience and look forward to returning! Keep up the great work!read more
Tom Preuss
Tom P.
16:05 08 Jan 20
I waited about 2 hours total midday on a weekday. They seemed to be doing the best they can with the significant amount of demand. Was disappointed in the "one eighth" per person, but you can buy pre-rolled joints too. The prices are a bit high and the wait times are very long, but I expect both to change as more places get permits and competition increases. The staff were pretty friendly and helpful despite the amount of stress there must be dealing with that many folks who are likely frumpy about the lines. I had a good conversation with the folks near me and it wasn't too more
Traci Horecny
Traci H.
23:56 07 Jan 20
Were in line for about 1.5 hours, they told us it could be 3, so we were happy. They give you a menu to choose products from, you give it to them, scan your ID, they bag it in front of you at the register and you're on your way. It's cash only but they have atms in the building just in case. Public parking was about 4 blocks away. Saw a troublemaker getting kicked out, and they were super friendly and helpful. Will be back!read more
Dion Laurie
Dion L.
16:21 07 Jan 20
Well managed process. Hangin out with people in line was fun. Every employee was friendly and knowledgeable. The cashier who rang me up was probably the nicest person I've ever encountered in a customer service setting. I think her name was Jessica. Props to her. Great first more
Steve Kraft
Steve K.
23:06 05 Jan 20
2 hr wait starting at 10:15 am on the 5th day of recreational sales. So you stand in line outside for a while then you're inside for a while down a hall. Inside the main waiting room which is like being at Great America, they give you a menu you must pick your items from the menu and right before you go into the dispensary you give them the menu they then go inside fill your order. Once you get inside you get your ID scanned, after a short wait in the reception room you go to the purchase room and you pay for your order and they put it in the bag, staple the bag and send you on your way. Kinda feels like a soup kitchen right more
M Dayne
M D.
19:30 05 Jan 20
No parking. They have all the front door parking reserved for medical customers. They tell you to go park down the street somewhere. How they got a special use permit without adequate parking is odd. I left without going in. Reminds me of how Blockbuster treated customers when they were new and hot. And by my calculation they are charging around $400 an ounce based upon what they have on their more
14:23 04 Jan 20
This place and staff are doing a great job for the amount of recreational customers wanting product. Wait time was around 2.5 hours on a weekday but may be longer on the weekend. Be prepared to pick the product you want in line as it seems to change every hour due to availability. Looking on the website before going to the dispensary was of little help because the list of available products were different than what was listed on the more
Kane Costa
Kane C.
23:43 02 Jan 20
Great service! Even with all the people that showed up, only took 2.5 hrs and it was worth it! Would definitely go back soon!read more
bz prime time
bz prime T.
22:37 02 Jan 20
Great place waited 3hrs but staff super nice always update us on what's going on n time waiting gave out hand warmers made new friends in line all ages. Tax but worth it for a night out. Great experience great more
Marisa C
Marisa C
18:38 02 Jan 20
Friendly staff, line was pretty long for the first day of legalization. The only thing I would say is the prices are different from what it says on their website. And they get you on the taxes lolread more
Nick P
Nick P
17:49 01 Jan 20
Everything about my recreational pot buying experience was great. The staff handled all the people very well. My only gripe is the prices. $55 minimum for an 8th and that’s not including the more
Dave H Hoffmann
Dave H H.
23:29 23 Dec 19
Very professional and knowledgeable. Besides that everyone is friendly and caring. Very worried about supplies, have not able to get the concentrates having only one each time I visit. My needs are for 24/7 more
Brandon Blindt
Brandon B.
00:52 07 Dec 19
The staff was super friendly, they didn't have much of a variety though
Eli Bello
Eli B.
03:39 27 Nov 19
These guys are always on top of it with great customer service! I love the environment, the products and the awesome discounts for being a customer. I appreciate how much you guys do for the community in need, you guys are the best! Hope you and your team have a great holidays finishing the year strong! THANKS VERILIFE!!! =Dread more
Bridget DiBella
Bridget D.
16:12 19 Nov 19
The people here know their product & treat you with the utmost respect!Can't wait for January 1, 2020!
Christian Guzman
Christian G.
22:37 11 Nov 19
The staff is friendly, laid back, and helpful with everything, if you have any questions they will help you with those!!
kim murphy
kim M.
18:45 01 Oct 19
Kind, informative and patient people work here, especially Jess and Robert. It can be busy at times but I never feel rushed. Enjoyable experience to come here. Great products more
Krissy Smedley
Krissy S.
00:17 07 Aug 19
Easily the best medical cannabis dispensary in Illinois! Staff are all super knowledgeable and always friendly and kind. Great variety of products and the quality is top notch. Always enjoy my visits here!read more
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