Verilife Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Verilife Marijuana Dispensary in Ottawa, IL

4104 Columbus St
Ottawa, IL 61350

Hours of Operation:

Tues – Sat: 8am – 9pm
Sun: 9am – 7pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Verilife is a marijuana dispensary location open at 4104 Columbus St in Ottawa, IL 61350 .

Verilife dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

01:43 23 Nov 21
I enjoy coming here. The staff is professional and kind. It’s cool to see all ages working here. Nice place wish it was free standing however with a drive up for medical patients. We love Verilife. We don’t love the awful more
Blake Newton
Blake N.
22:50 16 Oct 21
Don’t waste your time or your money. Everything is way over priced not just here but all Illinois. Asking $120 something for 1g cartridge when you could get same quality and 1g for $55 plus a battery that comes out to $65 all together at any other normal dispensary. I got two .5 carts and a $10 battery and went to pay for it and it came out to be $178 for a gram and a battery. Should consider lowering prices rather than taking peoples more
Karen Norris
Karen N.
05:44 16 Sep 21
Excellent experience every time I stop in. Always have what im looking for. Always super friendly and professional. great selection of various products. very clean store. preorder online is super helpful. cashiers offer suggestions and share updates about items and more
joe m
joe m
20:43 24 Aug 21
Odd purchase process, ordering done through computer kiosk. Limited products for flower. Prices high. Illinois has really just begun offering marijuana legally, it will get better I'm sure. Works well if in more
Samantha Edwards
Samantha E.
00:54 16 Jul 21
Quick friendly service. However it seemed kind of quick paced and very interrupting in the way you obtain your purchases. Otherwise not to more
Asa Mana
Asa M.
19:18 29 Jun 21
Was driving through town and decided to stop by for a quick pick up and left very happy! Kind and informed people working who helped me choose what I want quickly and efficiently. Thank you!read more
Tracy Lewis
Tracy L.
01:46 22 Jun 21
The man out front that checks ID before entering was a little rude. We had parked in the medical parking lot, apparently, and not the recreational parking lot. This is only the second time we've been there. Nothing was said to us the first visit. The rest of the staff were very more
Sean Zarbock
Sean Z.
17:33 04 Jun 21
This place is ok, very doctor's office feel, not very inviting or welcoming with the setup and decor. Price is high, highest in the area for sure, they price I believe based on the City prices since that's where the bulk of their stores are but Chicago prices don't make sense out here. Product is good but they don't have a huge selection compared to the others in the area and that price, it's just so much higher then anyone else with the same product from the same companies they are selling. Def not worth going to if you can make the trip to one of the others or don't care about throwing away cash. The staff are great, about the only thing here that makes it worth more then 1 star, they are the more
Samantha Wing
Samantha W.
15:45 01 May 21
Absolutely amazing experience. The person who helped me was so great when the website told me the wrong amount. He was very supportive and helped me right away and didn't make me feel bad at all. Thank u to that amazing person ♥️read more
20:39 20 Mar 21
There is always an undercover cop in a white Nissan Cube who sits in the parking lot here watching to take down plate numbers of people who don't put their product in the trunk for transportation. Just a heads up, it needs to be transported like alcohol does. I've seen many cars pulled over after pulling out of here.They've really tightened things up and have a much smoother operation as of early 2021. Prices are high, especially for edibles which are at 10-15X more expensive per mg of THC than bud/making your own. Also, 40% tax going into Pritzker's & friends pockets. They've started a meager points reward program that they're pushing pretty hard. I think it's $5 credit for every $200 spent. They've started running promos recently too, 20% off etc.. which never come out to a bargain if you factor in THC content (it's always on read more
Victoria Jurkas
Victoria J.
16:16 20 Mar 21
I could write a 5 page essay on how awesome this place is. Great prices. Great people. Products are perfection. Just go here. You'll be pleasantly surprisedread more
Bud Wiser
Bud W.
12:36 24 Feb 21
Very organized & well run. I like the scheduling of pick up & on line ordering. Very & out quickly...also the security guard on site is very helpful and professional & keeps processes moving very smoothly. Took away 1 🌟 as prices seem a little higher hereread more
Nick Reilly
Nick R.
19:55 21 Feb 21
Been coming to this dispensary since they first open. I originally started out as a recreational customer. Obviously state taxes were very high. Within the last year I've gotten my medical card. hoping that It would reduce some of the tax in the price gouging that happens on the recreational side. Unfortunately I've noticed in the last 6 months that this dispensary has completely priced gouged just about every product on the medical side. $70 carts the $68 eighths and we're talking medical. I can find dispensaries within 30 mi range that have the same products for $10 to $15 cheaper. Not only that they used to have a point system that actually really helped the consumer knock down the prices of some of their products I had quite a few points saved up and when they switched the point system over they just completely deleted all my points and told me boohoo it's not our problem. Their new point system is absolutely outrageous as well you have to spend $300 just to get $10 off of product yeah like that's a really good deal 👀. I'm basically done going to this dispensary just for the fact alone that they don't care about their medical patients or their recreational patients. All they cares about their bottom dollar and if you try talking to management about prices they just tell you that the cultivator is determined the prices which is actually a lie and not true. The only good thing I can say about this dispensary is the people that work there are very kind and make you feel welcome other than that it's give me your money and get the hell out .read more
22:32 06 Jan 21
Small, clean and nice bud tenders. I had Camden and he was very nice! If I go though ottawa again I will definitely have to stop more
Jo Jo
Jo J.
17:52 20 Nov 20
Great place. I loved it. I am from out of state but it was amazing customer service and great quality flower!
J G Mess
J G M.
16:03 13 Nov 20
Usually a line outside even for medical patients. This needs to improve. I've seen patients who desperately needed seating and shade. Also the printed menu does not provide enough information. Online is better but not great. The staff is consistently knowledgeable and more
Rick Folmer
Rick F.
21:58 12 Nov 20
I am from out of State. The staff were amazing. The order price was super easy and I was in an out quick.The staff was extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable.The product is Awesome!read more
Gloria Galindo-Olivo
Gloria G.
01:42 12 Nov 20
Security and guys at the entrance were very nice. Picked the order I wanted and waited. Went to get the product I choose just to be denied because someone already reserved online. I would recommend that they update their inventory faster. It took me awhile to make my decision to not be able to get it. overall not a horrible experience but a little disappointed. On a positive note- I can order more
Kel GG
Kel G.
22:25 24 Oct 20
The staff was really friendly, helpful, and patient. They had no issues guiding me on how to transfer dispensaries. And if you preorder online your trip there will go really quickly and more
Austin Hawthorne
Austin H.
19:33 11 Oct 20
Always friendly. Definitely expensive due to taxes but that's no fault of the dispensary. Knowledgeable and welcoming staff. Definitely smells good too 😉read more
10:02 07 Oct 20
This place is great if you want some flower or cartridges. When I want something that tastes good and does the job , I go to verilife .read more
Matthew McGillen
Matthew M.
05:17 17 Sep 20
Top shelf quality and top dollar prices... Discount for qualifying customers...
A Google User
A Google U.
22:32 15 Sep 20
just drove a hour and they closed when I got there for no reason.. time to drive to morris now since something happened but no one knows more
A Google User
A Google U.
17:51 15 Sep 20
PRICES ARE REALLY HIGH.. pun intended. Considerably more bang for your buck at RISE. Joliet ..or Windy city cannabis. The carts are 15$ more( before tax) here @ verilife on average. The edibles are $20 more on average here than anywhere else.. would avoid if u more
Eric Clements
Eric C.
19:43 08 Sep 20
Nice staff great products love the discounts glad they are in my home town
Shawn Wilson
Shawn W.
22:56 05 Sep 20
Great staff all the way down to the security. Very helpful and knowledgeable.
Louis Petrone
Louis P.
20:49 04 Sep 20
Very nice people work there. They are always willing to help with any questions you have and the wait time really depends on the time you go but lately very little waiting line moves more
Eric D
Eric D
21:20 03 Sep 20
They should take better care of there medical people.
Mo Falconetti
Mo F.
03:16 29 Aug 20
Great location as I live in Ottawa, but I didn't know that people who pre-order get to jump the line. I was in the walk in line and stood there as thru kept waving people in who had placed orders online. It was super hot out and no shade. To me, a walk in client spends money too. I spent $250 so I would have like to be treated with priority too. Or maybe they should set up a system that's more efficient, or at the Veri least (see what I did there?) they could provide some shade for people who are going to spend their hard earned more
Jesika Muzzarelli
Jesika M.
19:52 27 Aug 20
Seriously great quality of stuff here. My only complaint is...this stuff is EXPENSIVE. I go every pay day and and I usually buy 2 carts. For 2 it's usually around $170... The taxes are real, peopleread more
Jack McMullan
Jack M.
01:39 26 Aug 20
First timer... pretty easy process. People here are very helpful and will answer any questions you have. Entrance was hard to find. See photos for more
Bill Wheeler
Bill W.
12:05 17 Aug 20
I have been shopping here sense it open recreational. The people are great and are knowledgeable on products u just got to watch the growers. I bought some g wagon popcorn grew by ataxia, llc I was not pleased when I found 6 seeds in 3.5 grams. But that goes on the grower to me not the store first time ever had this happen won't be buying from that grower no more was very week and had nasty. But the store its self is greatread more
Charlie B's Channel
Charlie B's C.
16:45 05 Aug 20
Great Staff. To each one of you i wanna say thanks for the great service it is very appreciated
Wade Padden
Wade P.
02:54 25 Jul 20
Easy in and out. Very nice staff. Mask and social distancing is a must in the building. Can't blame them for that, just the dems/ more
Susan Bohannan
Susan B.
15:29 24 Jul 20
Very professional, very clean, stress free process and the staff are really professional and knowledgeable
D Schneider
D S.
01:03 24 Jul 20
This is the best dispensary in the state...I would say I've ever been to, but they're stuck with silly Illinois rules... Getting to see and smell products before you buy them would be way better. The employees here are great! Nice, friendly, and knowledgeable. Been coming here since the day it opened... And it's the only one I'll go to even though a couple others are more
Alex moser
Alex M.
18:24 13 Jul 20
I've been to quiet a few other dispensary in many states and for Illinois standards this is by far one the best i have been. They are very efficient knowledgeable and very aimed to keep every one comfortable and safe during these crazy times. Prices are better then most with high quality product i highly recommended veriliferead more
Bill C
Bill C
01:05 12 Jul 20
Appalling. What I witnessed at your establishment this evening was absolutely appalling. While waiting my turn, I observed your employees' interactions with two customers ahead of me. The first customer, who I'm confident was a veteran, seemed to grumble when asked to put his mask up but complied. Nevertheless, the girls behind the counter were so unnecessarily rude to him. A manager was even called over, who was also extremely rude. It was difficult to watch. The second man, conveniently of different pigmentation, also had his mask down. THEY DIDN'T SAY A WORD TO HIM. Didn't ask him to put his mask up, weren't a bit rude or disgruntled toward him, no manager involvement...interesting, to say the least. This establishment has a known history of treating customers poorly, and it's time something is done about more
David VanOrstrand
David V.
21:09 30 Jun 20
Well organized. Great service with very friendly and helpful staff. Good selection and fairly priced.
Jack McMullan
Jack M.
21:16 19 Jun 20
First timer... pretty easy process. People here are very helpful and will answer any questions you have. Entrance was hard to find. See photos for more
Rox Foote
Rox F.
22:07 09 Jun 20
Have had some good experiences over the last 5 months, but have also had 3 bad experiences as well. Not terribly good at customer service or satisfaction. I would say not well managed, but that could just be the corporate policy. When things go wrong, communication ceases. The product is mostly decent. But when you are at the head of the line and after 2 hours in the heat and rain and you still haven't gotten in, it is pretty rude to not keep your customers apprised of any developments instead of scurrying in the door and closing it. If you aren't going to answer questions about what's being done and how long it will be, you don't deserve people's business. If people have driven sometimes 2 or 3 hours to get there, they at least deserve an more
Squishy Gerbil
Squishy G.
10:57 07 Jun 20
Very nice and friendly! Had to make the 120 mile round trip here the other week as all the other close ones were shut down early for the day or closed. I wish this place was closer because I'd go all the time! This place has one of the best menus and alot of flower always in stock to pick from ! I got one of my all time fave strains (bear dance ) from this place the other week ! They're very friendly and there's plenty of parking! Will definitely be back even though it's 60 miles one way but I'll def be back to grab some stuff as their menu is literally one of the best ! Def reccomed doing the drive if you're a little ways away from this place because it's definitely a hidden gem !read more
Kevin Bogda
Kevin B.
08:03 03 Jun 20
A 30 min drive no problem well worth the drive. The staff and security are friendly and helpful also don't worry if you don't have a clue what to do when you get there . Just follow the next person's lead. To bad there wasn't a rewards after times visited with a small discount to make it a little easier on the more
Alycia Carballo
Alycia C.
23:40 24 May 20
Jessica L is a sweetheart! Super friendly and an amazing budtender. She definitely deserve the $10 tip I was going to give her until she told me they are not allowed to take tips. Ridiculous, being a Colorado industry worker myself tips are DESERVED and appreciated. 🤙🏻🤙🏻 keep rocking Jessica, and keeping rocking out awesome products and bud VeriLiferead more
Megan Drake
Megan D.
17:53 24 May 20
Thank you, to the staff for giving me the purchase room to myself. The staff cleared out the area, because I was trying so hard not to have an anxiety attack. They were so kind and patient. My feelings of fear and embarrassment melted away. Thank you for treating me with dignity and compassion. You all deserve a raise!read more
Ann K
Ann K
16:06 29 Apr 20
Each staff member I spoke with was very friendly. Appreciate their organization and helpfulness. Didn't really need to shop around so I was outta there quickly. Great first experience for me. Much closer places around me but was worth the nice more
Billy Jack Byotch
Billy Jack B.
22:15 27 Apr 20
By far the best place for rec I’ve been to in Illinois. Staff are friendly and work fast, they know how to handle a crowd. Great selection compared to other more
Chrissy B
Chrissy B
00:15 22 Apr 20
It's been pleasant for the most part. I wish the staff was a lot more enthusiastic about engaging with the clients. By this I mean, hey I am excited to come there, I am spending big money. I want to be helped by those who share my excitement about the products. I don't want to feel judged because I use it clearly for recreation. Sure, it helps certain medical conditions but I want you to be excited for me, be enthusiastic for the products. Most of all do not judge me for using it to get high. Do not judge me because I'm old. I love weed and I am excited I don't have to hide anymore. indulge me and at least pretend you love it too. after all your work thereread more
sarah Clanton
sarah C.
15:03 18 Apr 20
Best dispensary I’ve been to by far in Illinois!! They have the best menu and options and some of the nicest staff and security. Definitely worth the hour drive I make twice a weekYou guys ROCK!!! Thank youread more
Colin Martin
Colin M.
12:59 24 Mar 20
I highly recommend this place. It's more efficiently run than the dispensaries closer to me in central Illinois. They have an adequate # of cashiers, with different employees in the back filling orders so that the process goes smoothly. I was in and out in 5-10 more
Gripping Lips Fishing
Gripping Lips F.
14:43 03 Mar 20
Love the staff and security, everyone has been very friendly. My only wish is for them to start carrying more types and strain specific concentrates. I have visited 3 times, 1st time 3 great concentrate options, second time zero concentrate options, 3rd time, 1 option! I am sure the selection increase as supply does, regardless this is my go-to more
Ryan O'Connell
Ryan O.
14:54 01 Mar 20
It was a beautiful day and I wanted to get some treats from this place. I walked in checked out the menu and waited to enter the back room. Once I entered the room my jaw dropped to the beauty and kindness of one of the employees. She had the most gorgeous eyes and smile plus was super nice + knowledgeable + helpful with my specific needs. She helped me out and we agreed that life rips and high fived and I was on my way super satisfied. I think her name started with a J but anyways she was extremely helpful and a joy to talk to. If I was a wizard and anyone were to say otherwise about her I would turn them into one of those penguins with the big stupid more
Ammo Clip
Ammo C.
21:34 29 Feb 20
Pretty much got to know what you're going to buy, before you go there. When you get there you're shuffled into a room where they check your ID. Then moved to the next one with pen and paper and you check off what you more
Richard Shelton
Richard S.
20:51 19 Feb 20
Very friendly, it’s (the process) has gotten a lot better but it’s the people who make the difference. I’ve been to other dispensaries and they maybe a bit more technical, but the service is very much on par which I think is really good. Do not know why you don’t allow tip jars as I’ve seen and fed them at other dispensaries. I feel that your employees are just as helpful and more
Meg Jeffers
Meg J.
22:04 26 Jan 20
Great products all around. I was an avid blunt smoker for 15 years. Their disposable pens have changed the game for me. No button, no charger...they are magical. I highly recommend (pun intended)! 😉read more
Dee Yankura
Dee Y.
17:38 15 Jan 20
Don't expect what's listed on the site, it varies hour to hour, they have an ATM but bring cash. Staff is WONDERFUL, helpful, cheerfully answers questions.All around lovely experience for all walks of life. $220 of product with taxes was $279 and change.( I don't math😂)Marijuana and cannabis-infused products with less than 35% THC will be taxed at 10% of the purchase priceCannabis-infused products with more than 35% THC will be taxed at 20% of the purchase priceMarijuana with more than 35% THC will be taxed at 25% of the purchase priceMedical marijuana is exempted from these more
Dee Yankura
Dee Y.
17:38 15 Jan 20
Don't expect what's listed on the site, it varies hour to hour, they have an ATM but bring cash. Staff is WONDERFUL, helpful, cheerfully answers questions.All around lovely experience for all walks of life. $220 of product with taxes was $279 and change.( I don't math😂)Marijuana and cannabis-infused products with less than 35% THC will be taxed at 10% of the purchase priceCannabis-infused products with more than 35% THC will be taxed at 20% of the purchase priceMarijuana with more than 35% THC will be taxed at 25% of the purchase priceMedical marijuana is exempted from these more
Shabil Beats
Shabil B.
19:46 08 Jan 20
Professional, friendly staff, speedy service, diversified menu... This place is great. Prices are a little high, but this is all new for IL, so it's somewhat understandable. I answered a trivia question correctly the other day while waiting in line, and got some free papers. And today, they gave a free iron-on patch. Ultimately, I HIGHLY recommend this place! 🙂read more
Patrick Pautler
Patrick P.
05:22 08 Jan 20
It was nice. People are friendly. Confusing process even for people who have been to rec dispensaries in other states. Could benefit from an explanatory process for new customers along with assistance on product information. Fairly stringent on changing orders once in the actual dispensary. This is where the one on one attention with a customer service agent occurs and it would be nice to be able to ask product questions and get clarity on taxes and charges before being seemingly locked into the more
Joshua Thompson
Joshua T.
21:13 07 Jan 20
I had a great experience here today. From finding close parking and getting inside rather quickly. The menu was well stocked considering the the demand issues currently. The staff was friendly and helpful. I would recommend this place to someone looking for high quality more
Dee Yankura
Dee Y.
20:35 05 Jan 20
Don't expect what's listed on the site, it varies hour to hour, they have an ATM but bring cash. Staff is WONDERFUL, helpful, cheerfully answers questions.All around lovely experience for all walks of life. $220 of product with taxes was $279 and change.( I don't math😂)read more
Mike Borio
Mike B.
18:51 04 Jan 20
Super friendly staff. Selection a little thin right now. Def will come back once the newness wears off.
DJAY Scarberry
03:43 03 Jan 20
They sell weed.. 100% legal WEED.. obviously a 5 star worthy operation. Lol. Tax rate is not what the rumors would make you believe either. Pricey but that isn't their fault, it's Illinois after all. Nice people, quick service pending line length but again, legal weed more
Martin Malagon
Martin M.
10:35 02 Jan 20
Very nice and friendly staff... they help my wife and explained the different strains to find the best one for her.
Larry Ramer
Larry R.
04:26 02 Jan 20
Was a good experience with all that was involved with making this day happen. Hopefully we get to view the product before we make our selection. Other than that no issues. Thank You more
Rule Hard Media
Rule Hard M.
03:12 02 Jan 20
Quite busy as it was opening day. The staff handled everything well. Nice place with a helpful staff. Purchasing was very simple and straight forward. Would recommend to more
Ben Ramsey
Ben R.
19:14 01 Jan 20
Opening on legalization day January 1st 2020, they had a computer issue and worked to fix it as fast as possible, while in the meantime they kept everyone informed while they handed out hand warmers and menus. The staff was well organized in the face of adversity and a line of hundreds of people waiting on them, and operated with nothing but friendliness and efficiency. Everyone did a good job, despite delays that are honestly inevitable with this sort of more
Jack Speakman
Jack S.
19:09 01 Jan 20
Lady with the red hair is a complete tweak. Did not feel welcome for a single moment. There was a very helpful guy however 10/10 for him. Good luck with business now, dont tweak on your more
Kappa Btw
Kappa B.
01:52 01 Jan 20
First review of pre-recreational! 🙂 Exciting times.
Jeff Linenfelser
Jeff L.
21:47 28 Dec 19
I just switched over to this company from medmar and the selection was way better at verilife and the people are awesome, half the distance of a drive doesn't hurt either but I'm very happy with my change and a big thank you to Jessica for all the help today on my first visitread more
Shirley Caquelin
Shirley C.
00:14 14 Dec 19
It was fine as always. They are friendly and helpful. Never have issues there. Just wish they offered more like they did when I first started going thereread more
Karen Earls
Karen E.
21:41 07 Nov 19
They are very knowledgeable about the products that are suitable for your personal problems. The staff is very nice and helpful. Thank you !read more
Neta Buczkowski
Neta B.
19:23 05 Oct 19
Products are always fire, but they run low on shake (my preferred style of consumption. It's MUCH cheaper than their bud)read more
Tammy Lester
Tammy L.
13:49 12 Sep 19
Always kind! Every employee! Take very good care of me when I cant remember what works for my disabilities and what I've said dont. They keep good track, give great points to get discounts, LOVE THEM!read more
Jason Conley
Jason C.
18:11 16 Aug 19
It can be bit overwhelming when first going to a dispensary but the staff here are very helpful and knowledgeable. Prices are high but they are high everywhere. Good selection and it might take awhile or you can use the online order and speed up your visit. I like talking to other people there. You can get great info in things to try or more
Kelly Gropp
Kelly G.
20:38 13 Aug 19
Wonderful staff. Very friendly and helpful. I need cronuts for my Crohn's disease. Very hard to get. Everything else is more
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