Windy City Cannabis Marijuana Dispensary

Windy City Cannabis Marijuana Dispensary in Homewood, IL

1137 175th St
Homewood, IL 60430

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Sat: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Sun: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Windy City Cannabis is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1137 175th St in Homewood, IL 60430.

Windy City Cannabis dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Windy City Cannabis Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Beth C
Beth C
15:02 28 Oct 21
They are always out of the topical someone in my family needs and they refuse to put one aside. Apparently, the people inside are nice but while I was waiting in line for my family member who is unable to stand, the female cop/guard was super demeaning and rude. Definitely won't stand in a 30 minute line to be treated like that more
Karolis Grigas
Karolis G.
17:43 27 Oct 21
Basically only top shelf flower and concentrates. Quality and manners always great. Shop with confidence here.
Mariah Spinelli
Mariah S.
12:33 06 Oct 21
Super cheap prices with really good products. Love them so much. And they have birthday specials!
rebecca stormcrowe
rebecca S.
14:22 22 Sep 21
Place your order in advance and step up to a cash register. They do social distancing during the quarantine which is lovely. They will check your ID and your order before you enter. If you are coming without an order I've seen them walking the line with a register pad to get your order. It's a little out of the way but it's quiet and quickread more
Patrice M
Patrice M
19:58 29 Jul 21
We went on a weekend afternoon which was very busy. Because I have medical card I am able to cut the line upon arrival. Pre-order ion their website. Don't leave the website until you are finished with the order (cash at pick up is required). If you leave the assure while shopping your items in the cart disappear. Call before it's you have questions about a product. Their employees are very helpful!read more
Leroy Blanks (Buddy Dick)
Leroy Blanks (Buddy D.
12:54 11 Jul 21
Very expensive souvenirs. I see why they call it dope. Marijuana on the street is much cheaper I don't see any way I will return here to purchase any more marijuana drugs or paraphernalia. Thanks Illinois I think I'm going to quit once and for all. Plus, to add insult to injury I had to wait 35 minutes in the rain. Denver and Vegas does it more
Jackson Mayes
Jackson M.
21:00 18 Jun 21
I’m from Detroit and dispensaries here are a little different and I’m aware of that but this specific employee closer to the ATM Was just absolutely rude. So I just decided to leave due to how I feel like I was being treated. Everybody else was absolutely nice until I got to him. Great dispensary just a rude employee aka the guy with the long hair, so hopefully they talk to him and after reading other reviews definitely seem like I wasn’t the only one who said they had a rude encounter with someone thereread more
Alexandra Stelter
Alexandra S.
22:04 15 Jun 21
Not a big user, I have less than 5 mg edibles at night to help me sleep. I’ve never had a long wait here since I got my medical card. Worth it, big saving on tax also. Busy place but friendly, efficient more
Deacon Brodie
Deacon B.
22:40 01 Apr 21
Helpful staff. Expected price. Really loving the combo deal they currently have. A fine experience all around.
Kari McGrath
Kari M.
19:46 16 Mar 21
If you wear glasses make sure you can read with out them. I was asked to put my mask over my nose even tho I couldn't see. I Would choose a different dispensary if you like seeing.Response..(note to your self) I have no problem wearing a mask. But when my vision is being blocked from my glasses being fogged. Plus no one was around me. I was in my own area... I had tried to explain why I had my mask at my nose... That it was just for the info taking part... Ask for help. Didn't get it. The other places are much nicer and more more
23:20 07 Mar 21
Horrible customer service. The employees and manager were rude and not helpful. Over the phone they act all nice and then when you go in they treat you like you are bothering them. Quick advice to the owner replacing those rude employees will definitely grow your clientele no paying customer should have to endure the disrespect that I had go through more
Kathy Nishimura
Kathy N.
17:50 19 Feb 21
The people are cool and easy going. I have no problems with Windy City except the price. They raised prices and then offered the items at a still higher sale price. I paid $40 one week and less than a week later the product was $60 with a 10% discount making the the price $54. That’s a lot more than the $40 I had paid earlier in the week. Kinda a ripoff if you ask me. I really don’t think that the prices are in line with other states. Michigan is much cheaper for the product as well as the taxes. Wake up Illinois and lower your prices. I realize that you a make more of a profit charging the higher prices but more quantities means more profit. Just get in line with street prices, be more customer friendly for Pete’s more
22:36 02 Jan 21
Good place. They seriously need to figure something out with the lines, though. Online orders should make things a little faster. Maybe hire more? Not sure, but waiting an hour and a half for an online order is insane. Curbside for recreational would help, more
21:04 21 Dec 20
Staff is great. Selection is very similar to every other dispensary in the area :(.They really need to figure out a solution to the line.. maybe more specific appointment times.. waiting an hour is a bit ridiculousAgain staff is great and super friendly!read more
M. M.
M. M.
18:11 12 Dec 20
I ordered some supplies online for pick up. I loved it! The place was not crowded and i was in and out within a few minutes. It's a little hidden gem with very nice associates inside and out. I only had an issue with what I ordered. It was not what the website stated so check your items and their ingredients. But I'll keep going back. They were polite when i called and inquired about it more
D James
D J.
06:04 02 Dec 20
Good product available, gotta line up outside like animals and deal with cops outside which is off-putting and uncomfortable though. They have a ways to go in making it a comfortable experience to get in the store. I Recommend curb side pickup if you have a more
Abbie Keating
Abbie K.
19:06 30 Nov 20
Make sure you order ahead online. They assign certain pick up times. Also dress warm because you will have to wait outside. The workers are all so pleasant and helpful. And if you always go to the homewood location you can earn 5% credit back for your next purchase! Sign up online!read more
Jeff Rako
Jeff R.
23:29 21 Nov 20
Be prepared for a LONG wait. Last time I was there I waited in line for an hour! Plus the security is rude, so I'm going to spend my hard-earned money somewhere else!!UPDATE 11/21/20: I decided to give this place another shot, but to my dismay, it was 10 times worse than it was the last time I was there. The line was longer than what it was right after they legalized it. I turned right around and left, because I knew there was not near enough time for me to wait in that line to get the product I had wanted to purchase. It would have been at least a 2-hour wait in my estimation. I don't know they are doing here that is so different that causes this, but it is never a problem at their other locations. Unfortunately, I am not going to try this one again!! And it is very disappointing, because they usually have the better product!read more
Katie Miner
Katie M.
03:26 14 Nov 20
😘👌Love every Chicago-land location❣💯 They have an awesome rewards program (in real $ money) not in points. The staff is super awesome @ every location. They know their stuff❣💯read more
Taylor Rundlett
Taylor R.
16:01 31 Oct 20
Been calling for days with no answer. Waited in line for over an hour. Was told I needed to place an order online, so I did, then was turned away because it wasn’t the correct pick up time. Go somewhere else. Don’t waste your time. Unorganized, should have listened to the other reviews. Let the guy in who was in front of me who’s pick up time was the same time as ours. Called mission control cannabis and they answered right away, super nice. On my way there more
Ryne Myers
Ryne M.
23:50 28 Oct 20
In and out. Everybody was super friendly and very helpful. I messed up and placed an order at a different store but they handled it like nothing happened. Definitely be coming more
Jami Roberts
Jami R.
23:57 10 Oct 20
Love them! Always so nice from the security officers to the Reps in back! So down to earth and Informative. They offer all kinds of different things depending on what you are looking for and will help you find the best ailment for your pain or inflammation. Or if you are just a recreational user, they are open arms and love to help everyone and give a great experience!read more
David Walker
David W.
20:54 10 Oct 20
I would prefer to be able to look over the product and ask questions while ordering. Overall great experience, but I'd like a more open communication while looking over more
Lisa Marie
Lisa M.
16:52 05 Oct 20
Meh, too expensive, tax is outrageous. Its not fun going at all. In Colorado you get to see the bud. They weigh in front of you. Here, its no fun. Cant look at anything, cant smell it. The stars are for the tenders, they are usually nice and friendly. Just hit a block instead of more
Glen Miller
Glen M.
03:05 24 Sep 20
I like the new system of ordering online and getting a one-hour pickup window. The flow of traffic is much better controlled. So no long more
Maegan Polak
Maegan P.
19:43 19 Sep 20
Great people work there.
John Dough
John D.
00:51 14 Sep 20
One to watch company is run by pros best overall in quality customer service is best in class for any industry and they are fair.Best consistent flower menu anywhere Windy city is an upscale experience from start to finish.Good for Illinois making sense in public policy and social more
F**k a Username
F**k a U.
03:58 11 Sep 20
I've been a few times now and they've all been good so far. Easy to preorder online and pickup time was honored. Was very happy with what I got today. NYC Diesel & Watermelon Ice Prerolled and a Blue Gelato extract. 👍lmo every dispensary should be constantly working to keep expanding their inventory. If they keep good, friendly employees, I think and hope they'll do well. God blessread more
spike jones
spike J.
16:56 03 Sep 20
Like visiting someone in prison, without the vending machines.
Nathan Rogers
Nathan R.
17:52 01 Sep 20
As long as you come prepared it is very quick and easy. And the staff is very helpful
Paul Smith
Paul S.
16:28 31 Aug 20
Before the pandemic they had you stand in line and then sitting inside. It was a pain. In the pandemic they came up with preordering, and a pickup one hour window. Much, much better. Quick and more
Anthony Perez
Anthony P.
01:17 30 Aug 20
Good products. Super long lines even after you preorder. But that's to be accepted.
Rafael Roden
Rafael R.
14:52 28 Aug 20
The customer service l is getting a little better and they're working stuff out during these COVID times. Selection is growing finally. The even have PAX pods. So yeahread more
Brenna Wilkie
Brenna W.
15:57 26 Aug 20
Service was super fast and super friendly. We got all our products and they were pretty thorough about making sure we had everything we had more
Katt Laway
Katt L.
05:51 24 Aug 20
I placed an online order at 2:30pm for 7 grams of shake. So far it's tasty 😋 Which I was given as an out of state client, even though the website warned it would be a 3.5 limit. We arrived at 5:25pm for our 5-6 pick-up time. Must park on the store side, not across the grass divider! The guard will have you move your car 😉 Anyone not pre-ordered online gets passed up in line, not sure the exact pattern but didn't seem great. Everyone was very kind. I left the parking lot at more
Cold Weather
Cold W.
20:49 22 Aug 20
wonderful experience very easy lovely staff The security is the best of the best there is a very good vibe inside
MzJaye Roberts
MzJaye R.
17:00 22 Aug 20
I'm a medical patient and I always have a good experience at this location. The staff has always been very helpful and kind. I highly recommend this more
Kieran Milligan
Kieran M.
22:33 21 Aug 20
Great staff, pleasant experience in spite of covid restrictions. Be aware, THEY DO NOT TAKE CASH.
Alisha Sadler
Alisha S.
20:39 09 Aug 20
I'm from out of town for a funeral, needed something to mellow me a out. No flowers on site where I went. Didn't know you had to place an more
Dale Schutt
Dale S.
15:36 09 Aug 20
Of all the dispensaries I've visited in the country, this one is hands down the saddest looking little building around. It's in a run-down office park and is almost unpleasantly unwelcoming and non-descript. Blink and you will certainly miss it. On top of finding prettier more welcoming spaces to have your purchasing experience, this location rarely, if ever, has had flower available on their recreational Menu. I very often have to drive to other dispensaries. You're better off making the drive across the border to Michigan where the prices are cheaper and the selection is far more bountiful. Think 10 strain options instead of sometimes maybe 1 if you're lucky. The staff is friendly and the process is as it is at other dispensaries. You're just better off going literally to any other location. Remember, always tip your budtender. (Even when they don't have bud to sell you)read more
Mike Hooper
Mike H.
17:18 28 Jul 20
Very helpful staff. Not a very good selection however this was the first dispensary that I went to in Illinois. Colorado has the best ones if your up for the drive .read more
Samuel Laker
Samuel L.
19:35 24 Jul 20
I definitely like the places I've been to out west better, but the staff was friendly and the purchase experience was painless. I didn't really have an interaction with a budtender, which is something I was expecting. Other than that, no more
Noah Fowler
Noah F.
21:33 17 Jul 20
Drove 30 mins out, when I was told I would be fine to walk in then made me leave because they were only accepting online orders.... really terrible customer service. No one seems to care about the customer. Maybe there shouldn’t be a call center if the communication isn’t there.. worst trip to a dispensary ever. Make no accommodations wasted my time and money for nothing. Zero stars if I more
Peter Athanasopulos
Peter A.
22:53 16 Jul 20
This was our first visit and as a new consumer we were very impressed. The whole trip was easy. The Assistant Manager was helpful and quickly resolved a small mix up. I did think they had a lot of security so I was a little worried but everyone was helpful and everything went very smoothly.Thank you all for a pleasant experience!read more
Jimbo Loomis
Jimbo L.
22:05 05 Jul 20
Decent area, *open Sundays*, clean store, knowledgeable staff, out of flower, but Holiday weekend so I get it... Not bad for a first time more
Estel Bruwer
Estel B.
17:09 23 Jun 20
Easy in-and-out! Not a whole lot of product and what was there was a little pricey. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful more
Vertrise Ray
Vertrise R.
23:14 19 Jun 20
Always great service all the way around! Curbside is off the chain and very convenient!! Medical patients being treated liked royalty is a plus🥰read more
Rahz Jylz
Rahz J.
17:12 16 Jun 20
A little hot right now, I’ve been shopping here since before I got my medical card and haven’t had too many problems. Just waiting curbside for 24 min twice because I was over charged. Today I went to buy a disposable vape pen and after cracking the seal on it i saw they gave me a less than half full pen. HOW is this even possible????? No meds for me today and now I have to wait for a email. I really need to just transfer to another dispensary because this is unacceptable!!read more
osyrys official
osyrys O.
16:48 05 Jun 20
They never have flower and their prices suck. Better off getting it from somebody you know unless you have medical. Other than that, not at all worth it considering the prices and taxes. They have a monopoly for now but hopefully things will change soonread more
Jami Ann
Jami A.
12:15 29 May 20
Great staff! Always enjoy seeing the people who work here, they're all great! The location is very convenient for me - however, check their menu daily online, as it does change, and stock goes fast. As a medical patient, they are always quick with my preorders.. way quicker than any corporate pharmacy lol.. Thanks guys! I'll be seeing more
Deborah Goddard
Deborah G.
23:00 25 May 20
These folks are so darn nice! From the security to reception to the employees in the back - super friendly and chill and they make visiting their establishment a very positive experience. They were out of a product on my order but rectified the issue swiftly with great results. Nothing but love for these kind, professional folks!read more
mel b
mel b
00:06 22 May 20
Lines move really quick. Never waited outside more than 10 minutes. Staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable.
Jessie Sanchez
Jessie S.
04:28 08 May 20
Great place to get stuff if they have it on the menu . Med menu is great rec users get short end of stick. Would have better business if rec menu was expanded upon.The people have spoke .420 peaceread more
danylle brezich
danylle B.
06:16 02 May 20
Everyone here is awesome and treats you like family. My husband was a patient for almost 2 years before he lost his battle with cancer. Everyone in there was always so kind and took their time to help Jay. Thank you guys for always being so awesome! Stay safe. We love you guys. Much love from Jay & Danylle. ❤❤read more
Artist Underground
Artist U.
19:49 18 Apr 20
Parking lot is very un-organized. No clear direction for medical or adult use. A older black male security guard was very rude. A simple explanation of the rules followed by a request to follow, would have worked.. instead he screamed at us across the parking lot like a rent-a-cop. Barley any variety, and way over priced even without the tax. I recommend to avoid this more
James Greenebaum
James G.
19:26 16 Apr 20
The lines are long as is the wait. This is a perfect example of a monopoly. If they had any clue they would hire a few more people or find a manager that new what they were doing. The phones, I have never been able to speak with someone and their text service is even worse. There is absolutely no reason for this poor more
tony carmona
tony C.
22:29 07 Apr 20
Fast and quick. Nice. Can pay is up and running. Pre order. Its quicker and curb side pick up Too. Stop by and enjoy everything they offer 💯 Awesome stop it dont go wrong to stop here .read more
orion883 .
orion883 .
21:56 23 Feb 20
I went a few weeks ago and had a quick, pleasant experience. When I arrived today I was told that only medical customers would be served for the remainder of the day. I get that, but it would have been nice to be able to find that info somewhere like the website before driving up more
Ann Wright
Ann W.
22:39 18 Feb 20
Be prepared to wait in a line outside! Its 100% worth it. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is peaceful and more like a pharmacy than a store. I can't wait to come back!read more
Eric Martin
Eric M.
22:00 09 Feb 20
This place is a bad joke. It is seldom with products for the recreational user who enjoys smoking weed. When they do have products they move out quickly but is very very slowly replenished. The staff however is nice and once you get in you are out fairly quickly. Still, this place needs to up its gameread more
Laurie Penman
Laurie P.
14:17 21 Jan 20
First time visitor,just switched from up north after moving out this way. Very professional and pleasant atmosphere. Due to the shortage of supply they were having to turn people away......and they handled it quite well. Strong security presence and three locked doors to provide extra security. Nice neighborhood area with parkinglot. The staff is courteous,thoughtful and happy to answer your questions. Highly recommend! Customer loyalty program too!read more
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie B.
12:44 17 Jan 20
Large selection. I am a medical patient and I always receive quick friendly service from every member of the staff! They're also very knowledgeable and never rush you with your questions or your more
Kimberly Kavalauskas
Kimberly K.
01:22 16 Jan 20
Even though it was only the second day of legalization , I did wait two and a half hours. The excitement from the crowd and the anxiousness from myself seemed to move the crowd more towards the door. Once you got inside it went pretty quickly. I believe I was only in there for about 5 to 7 minutes. The staff was wonderful and they knew what they were doing. Best thing was they gave me a free Windy City cannabis winter hat. Thank you for taking care of me and hope to see you more
Edward Conway
Edward C.
19:48 12 Jan 20
Quality flower and enthusiastic employees. However, the lines are ridiculous and inefficient. They only allow 5 recreational customers inside of the store at a time and usually take between 15-30 minutes to let the next 5 in. I was 24th in line and had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes to be served/let inside the store. Customers should pick what goods they want while waiting in line instead of choosing once inside, this will make the process quicker and more efficient. I will return only once they figure out how to manage the excruciating wait more
Tim Peterson
Tim P.
03:19 11 Jan 20
Awesome 1st. experience. Staff were friendly and very helpful. Will absolutely make this my dispensary! Thank you Windy more
K. Lastname
K. L.
23:50 04 Jan 20
It’s very possible I could return to this store and buy more in the future! I don’t feel great about paying tax on this for the state of Illinois’ pockets. Also homewood’s tax of 3%. Knowledgeable, and informative staff was a plus! The rep who helped me make my purchase couldn’t of been more friendly! Be prepared to wait in line, and bring cash. I went before they opened to grab a more
Kimberly Kavalauskas
Kimberly K.
01:35 03 Jan 20
Even though it was only the second day of illegalization , I did wait two and a half hours. The excitement from the crowd and the anxiousness from myself seemed to move the crowd more towards the door. Once you got inside it went pretty quickly. I believe I was only in there for about 5 to 7 minutes. The staff was wonderful and they knew what they were doing. Best thing was they gave me a free Windy City cannabis winter hat. Thank you for taking care of me and hope to see you more
Ryan VanDyke
Ryan V.
23:32 02 Jan 20
While the three hour wait to get inside might tempt some to give a lower rating, it is a result of the new law allowing sales to everyone 21 and older. Once inside the process was quick and easy and took less than 10 minutes. If I do decide to take up use of these products this will be the place to visit more
Zig Man
Zig M.
14:49 02 Jan 20
I waited in line 4 hrs on January 1st just to be told that I could only purchase an eighth. Yes just one eighth. Then the strain called mob boss was definitely reggie. The strain smelled like hay and looked old. I was disappointed and will not return to a windy city cannibas dispensary more
George Edmondson
George E.
00:01 02 Jan 20
On the first day of legalization we had to wait in a long line but that was to be expected. However I never expected to be treated to pull pork sandwich’s and hot Chocolate. Windy City is great!read more
T Brown
T B.
20:30 01 Jan 20
Long line and limited product on Day One. They provided hot chocolate, coffee, and hot dogs for those in line. The staff worked hard to accommodate everyone. Good job under more
ModestRoyaltyTV .
ModestRoyaltyTV .
20:11 01 Jan 20
YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO LET MONEY TAKE AWAY YOU ALL GOOD ENERGY AND MORALS! I’m a medical patient that comes in 3x a week to use flower to help keep me alive, heal my medical issues and was just told to wait in a 4 hour line to get flower because the recreational users want some flower for fun. So disrespectful!read more
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie B.
12:15 31 Dec 19
I very much enjoyed the selection and the service. However I am a medical patient and I am concerned about our priority come January more
Jason Rao
Jason R.
16:12 06 Dec 19
The staff is very nice and very helpful.
Richard Thompson
Richard T.
16:00 14 Oct 19
Great staff, quality products. Only problem is the place smells funny. Smells like marijuana. They should really look into more
G Money
G M.
01:15 20 Sep 19
stopped in awhile ago to inquire regarding store's plans in re: legalization of recreational cannabis 1-1-20. only spoke to employee staffing check in window; seemed a bit evasive and dodgy but my guess is that was because plans are still quite unsettled due to state of illinois moving to quickly implement legalization the first of the year and everyone kind of making things up as they go along. they stated they intend to open a recreational facility on the first of the year but I understand from news accounts that there are constraints in the law regarding location of medical and recreational facilities. stay tuned, the situation is evolving on a daily more
Roxann Berry
Roxann B.
19:45 02 Aug 19
I love the staff!!! They always remember me and make it a more personal experience. They can always help me choose the right product, on days when I'm torn between different items. No doubt they always help me find the perfect product for more
Dewayne Reeves
Dewayne R.
21:44 12 Jul 19
Very informative and helpful personal. New journey for me because of physical nerve pain. However the transition to medical marijuana as an alternative relief has been enlightening as well as educational. Would "highly" more
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