Windy City Cannabis Marijuana Dispensary

Windy City Cannabis Marijuana Dispensary in Litchfield, IL

719 West Union Litchfield
IL 62056

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Sat-Sun: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Windy City Cannabis is a marijuana dispensary location open at 719 West Union in   Litchfield, IL 62056

Windy City Cannabis dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Kathryn Renee
Kathryn R.
23:10 01 Jan 22
It was my first visit, but won't be my last. Customer service was great. Everyone seemed happy to help and answer any questions I more
The Acid Reign
The Acid R.
15:55 23 Dec 21
Insanely friendly staff, the parking lot could be filled to the brim and these people will get you right in lightning fast time. Unfortunately as per the law in Illinois right now they are unable to display product on shelving in store but they do an amazing job of making sure you get exactly what you are looking for and their deals are quite nice. Can't recommend enough!read more
Jared Harris
Jared H.
15:23 22 Dec 21
Staff was extremely kind and knowledgeable. This location is close to home and i love the deals & specials they always have going on. Only reason for not giving 5 stars is the prices are still on the “high” side but i’m sure that’ll come down in due time like Colorado or more
Jeremy Boney
Jeremy B.
00:49 22 Dec 21
Was an out of state customer. Super nice staff and informative. Tax is not included in online final price, highly recommend picking what you want online so you don't feel rushedread more
teela spoor
teela S.
20:09 02 Dec 21
The employees are so so amazing and helpful! Everyone always has a smile and a kind greeting for you! Highly recommend visiting them!read more
Donald Sykes III
Donald Sykes I.
20:29 19 Nov 21
Super friendly people. Always willing to help out when they can. Love going with each pay check lol.
Kendra Cartwright
Kendra C.
20:28 08 Nov 21
If I could rate 0 stars I would. Bought a product and on the receipt it tells you to contact their support team if you have issues with the product well guess what....after spending 65.88 in loyalty points and another $15 in cash I am told that I cannot be reimbursed in any way because the team at the store says the product was fine when they didn't test it IN STORE to actually see if it in fact worked fine. Wouldn't recommend this store to anyone and I won't anymore!read more
Ashlynn Renfro
Ashlynn R.
23:16 13 Oct 21
Good customer service, knowledgeable staff. The flower has always been fresh and tastes good. Love the incentives. Haven't had any problems yet!read more
Zach Fleming
Zach F.
23:27 06 Oct 21
This is my favorite dispensary in Illinois. Great selection of high quality flowers and extracts, shake and edibles. The best part is the small town friendly vibes and quick service we all enjoy.I would highly recommend this location after visiting both Collinsville and Springfield. Hands more
Bur Flo
Bur F.
19:55 03 Oct 21
Nice people and great place. at most of the times they have okay flower. Anything good is gone within a couple days.most rythm jars almost always seem like they have been opened and sticker extract i got that was one sale was dried up and almost a year old. Always a good experience more
Gary Steelman
Gary S.
18:34 25 Sep 21
Absolutely disgusting company. No regard to medical discrimination laws. I strongly suggest going to Ascend or any other company. Ascend cares about their customers. I have chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Specifically exempt to mask mandates. A company refuses me service because my oxygen levels are low enough I cannot wear a face mask at risk if my health. I guess they only care about their health customer base. Screw the people that have health problems. They aren't valued more
Joe Thompson
Joe T.
00:44 25 Sep 21
I love this dispensary. The staff is great(super friendly and knowledgeable and great at advising/educating). Always in and out with small to no wait. And the best part is they have the best prices and incentives then any dispensary I have been too. You guys rock! Keep it up. 😁read more
Kamryn Baker
Kamryn B.
21:16 09 Sep 21
First time in was a bit of a mess. On my part not theirs 😂 not knowing my card needed a chip to be used and atm not wanting to cooperate with me. The Windy City team made up for my stress with a free t shirt. Small things can make a day switch from bad to good. So thank you. As for the quality and product it has not disappointed as long as you buy what you like and you know what you like. Or a buy and try works too but just be open minded not all brands are the same. I like the atmosphere the place gives off and the welcoming vibe the employees more
Kendra Cartwright
Kendra C.
21:43 07 Sep 21
Amazing customer service & even better products! The people that work here are truly awesome & very helpful. If you have any questions DO NOT hesistate to ask as they're all very well versed when it comes to pretty much more
Reese Marshall
Reese M.
00:07 13 Aug 21
I love this place! They get you in and out within 5 minutes and all the staff are really chill and friendly. I recommend it rather than driving further to get your goods!!read more
Love not having to drive to Springfield any more. The staff is always friendly and quick. They have an amazing loyalty program and it's very easy to schedule pickupread more
Crystal Dworsack
Crystal D.
17:09 03 Aug 21
Amazing place. They always get you in and out within minutes. Everyone is so nice. It's easy to order plus you earn rewards. 😀read more
Brittany Church
Brittany C.
00:41 30 Jul 21
Staff was very friendly. Made it very easy to get everything I was looking for. Great experience.. definitely have to go more
Christina Hammann
Christina H.
12:04 28 Jul 21
Very Easy To Maneuver.MUST HAVE an appointment.0nly 5 people allowed in the store at one time.Very helpful employees.Got a Question, Just Ask. REASONABLY PRICED AND THE QUALITY IS VERY GOOD.I have Dystonia and Depression, my product worked well for me.Park on the gravel in the back if you are not a Medical Patient.Do not park at other businesses or you will have to move your vehicle. 😎read more
Levi Schlegel
Levi S.
16:18 25 Jul 21
The entire process was super easy, everyone there was really friendly and nice. Would definitely recommend to anyone, plus lots of cool choices and more
Kayla Hefley
Kayla H.
19:28 21 Jul 21
Windy City Dispensary in Litchfield is by far worthy of more than a 5 star rating. The customer service is comparable to being treated as family or close friend. The only time I had an issue was with pricing- (the discount didn’t drop off as it should’ve) the manager was quick to resolve the issue and very apologetic for the issue. I was given reward points and some merch for the more
Beauty and the Sleep
Beauty and the S.
22:22 19 Jul 21
Great and friendly customer service. Great products. Just wish they would include the tax on the online orders.
John Cline
John C.
19:24 05 Jul 21
Excellent product and speedy service. Knowledgeable staff. Absolutely no complaints. Don't drive to Collinsville...
Jessalyn Wulf
Jessalyn W.
20:08 02 Jul 21
Can't wait to get my pick-up today! It's the only dispensary I'll go to now. Their customer service is not only the best I've had at a dispensary, but the best I've had with business located in litchfield in such a long time. From beginning to end, they'll give you genuine experience!read more
Devin Allen
Devin A.
15:02 30 Jun 21
I absolutely love this dispensary. The WCC Litchfield team is incredibly kinda and truly wants to help you have a good experience. Small but mighty should be this dispensary’s tag line!read more
Justin Stiller
Justin S.
01:23 27 Jun 21
Good quality merchandise.All very fresh flowerStaff was patient with me even though i wanted to take my time
CrossThe Boss
CrossThe B.
18:29 26 Jun 21
Very nice , local shop . Good prices , and friendly staff! I most definitely recommend this shop to anyone . If you are in the Litchfield area or around it Then check them outread more
Haley Collins
Haley C.
23:17 24 Jun 21
So nice to have this location the workers were friendly and the product was top self. I look forward to trying more!
Mercedes Watts
Mercedes W.
11:52 23 Jun 21
Very friendly staff an security. They make sure the lines move efficiently an keep me a very satisfied customer. Very highly recommend this windy city cannabis for all your needs!!!read more
King Charles
King C.
19:22 22 Jun 21
This place is the real hidden gem. They just recently opened up the business for rec instead of just medical as they were before June. This place imo is a better experience than I've had at a few other dispensaries. The other places were nice but the comfort this place gives me is unmatchable. The staff is super friendly the security is just as friendly. It is a smaller place but I'm always in and out. Not much of waiting. The price on some products are reasonably cheaper than other places and for that Im going to keep coming back. I'd definitely recommend this place if you're in the area and don't want to drive 45 mins or more to get ya needsread more
C Garber
C G.
17:51 21 Jun 21
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and great selection compared to some other Recreational shops. I especially like that they're so close abd I no longer have to drive to Springfield 😁.read more
Jeff Wagahoff
Jeff W.
02:57 19 Jun 21
Great atmosphere, product is alwaus what they say it is and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Done the correct way and good pricesread more
jeffrey dossett
jeffrey D.
23:09 17 Jun 21
This is the place to go! Verry friendly employees. And fast service.
Jake Evans
Jake E.
22:53 16 Jun 21
The location has been here for four years and still prides it's self in providing knowledge and care to customers.
John Stevens
John S.
16:04 15 Jun 21
Selling too many bad products came to them early on with one or I mean two of the wax and they didn't try to deal with the thca that they may claim that it turns to thc once heat is added but I declare different they are wackos peaceread more
Curtis Bloomquist
Curtis B.
18:43 05 Jun 21
Website is super easy to navigate, and the visit is in and out and beyond friendly. My favorite place on the planet.
Sid Kee
Sid K.
00:06 23 May 21
Great service great ppl
Debra Starwalt
Debra S.
14:03 09 May 21
Everyone is so attentive and helpful. Very friendly group of employees.
Jessie Welch
Jessie W.
16:40 02 May 21
Awesome place people are very friendly and helpful
josh m
josh m
03:39 26 Apr 21
Courteous and fast. Seemingly better product selection than when it was Greenhouse.
Becky Lemaster Weller
Becky Lemaster W.
06:01 13 Apr 21
Great place and wonderful service... workers are always helpful and nice..
Casey rose
Casey R.
23:15 07 Apr 21
Thanks Jake! Love the freebies lol
Connie Whitmore
Connie W.
00:10 02 Apr 21
My experience is always good. Some great people to work with. Only negative is we need more and better choices in more
Kristle Brewer
Kristle B.
19:18 29 Jan 21
Very easy to just go in and get what you ordered
lucas ferrell
lucas F.
18:49 24 Dec 20
Always top quality service and top quality products. Thanks again Greenhouse!
Sherilyn Jilg
Sherilyn J.
12:34 20 Sep 20
I really love the employees
L Venardos
L V.
15:23 17 Sep 20
Edit 09/17/2020Now that's how you go from 1 star to 5.Previously, I had to change my review from 5 to a one star because of defective product.😔Received a phone call this morning, from the Greenhouse Dispensary in Litchfield. Anxiety hit the top of my throat lol..... no really, the lady on the phone couldn't of been nicer. She explained I would of received phone call earlier but a family emergency came up And that's completely understandable. I'm just relentless.I was sold some seriously "saucy" dab that was supposed to be sugar.And I was shorted a gram on a 1/8th...So anyways, they called me, after suffering with IBS all weekend with out my dab, and gave me a gift.A free eighth of some indica, and free a gram of chernobyl dab.... Ohhh man. Thank you so much guys! I really count on this stuff and u have went above and beyond to make my situation better. I appreciate you guys so much. Keep it up!read more
Billy Bullets
Billy B.
18:10 31 Aug 20
If you are a medical consumer and you are tired of the terrible experience of Springfield's dispensaries, the Greenhouse is worth the short drive south. They keep great inventory even on flower, excellent online ordering system, curb side is done correctly and professionally, no vagrants hassling you on the way out. it's just a 5 star experience all around. They have a rewards program so you never really pay sticker price, and they run a lot of sales. Kudos Greenhosue teamread more
Gary Scott
Gary S.
01:29 29 Aug 20
Very nice and helpful people will return
John Lacey
John L.
21:00 26 Aug 20
Awesome medication
L Venardos
L V.
22:23 25 Aug 20
This is a a good dispensary they have decent prices and they have really good products. I will say I have heard sometimes that their products weigh a little light but that was a was a commercial buy... like Ozone or Rythmn... And it could be just talk ortor a scale is off. Also, covid-19 ,is so bad in Montgomery county that they're not letting anybody in the store. it doesn't matter if you pick up or try curbside or not so just come prepared to wait out in your car. but they're bringing it to you pretty freaking quick I was in and out in less than 20 min. My new favorite place it would be 5 stars but haven't gotten to see past the entrance except the atm. Go there if u get a chance!!!!! Point system. I dropped 480 maybe less than 2 weeks ago wasn't just my order my parents are medical and smoke but didn't want to go 🙄 so I got their orders too. That gave me 48 points which count dollar for dollar. You order it had today was pretty simple one flower a Mac 1 and gg #14 budder total 120.00 with points....72.00 bam!read more
Brandon Taylor
Brandon T.
15:30 15 Aug 20
The best despinsary in Illinois hands down. If you are a medical patient i would implore you to give these guys a shot. I did and wont look back more
20:57 07 Aug 20
Very unorganized for curbside pickup. Could have saved times if bud tender wouldn't hade made 5 trips out to the car. Higher prices then others. Saw the exact same 8th from same grower for 46 in Springfieldread more
Beverly Adams
Beverly A.
01:06 01 Aug 20
Almost everyone up there is really nice and very helpful.
Neil Garrison
Neil G.
19:10 19 Jul 20
No recreational use and shows up when searching for rec use facilities, however it is only medical here. It's bad enough prices in Illinois are highway robbery, its worse to finally find a decent spot just to discover they are medical only. The west coast does it best folks, maybe you all should take notes or something. Get your arses in order, and start opening the menu for rec use please. Do your state a more
Dan Burdick
Dan B.
19:01 17 Jun 20
Expensive! All Illinois desperately needs to get the growers and shops on the same page. Of all the recreational states that I have experienced, Illinois is the worst by far I thought Las Vegas was the most expensive city for recreational flower.... boy was I wrong .... this is actually a good review of all the stops we made this was the best by far. But if you have been to any other recreational states your going to be let down more
Chance Lemon
Chance L.
02:12 22 Feb 20
Top notch dispensary. The staff are terrific. They make an effort to remember your name and your preferences. They are so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Huge inventory compared to other local places. Best incentive program around too. Clean and modern. They don't mess around with bad behavior but it's not an aggressive vibe like other places either. I can't say enough good things about this place!read more
Patrick Hickey
Patrick H.
20:38 28 Jan 20
Got help with my medical cannabis card there , the girl that got it done was very knowledgeable and helpful and even more important kind. Great place going back more
Marty Dean
Marty D.
20:57 20 Jan 20
They need a visual display case to showcase their products and a wider variety of pre rolls and concentrate options.The staff is exceptionally nice and helpful and the place is very clean and smells more
Barbara Bell
Barbara B.
16:23 27 Dec 19
Super kind employees who very knowledgeable about their products
Arica G
Arica G
19:30 04 Nov 19
The staff are extremely helpful and knowledgable. The friendly and kind atmosphere always makes me feel a little better when i more
larry kitchen
larry K.
23:00 28 Oct 19
The quality was superb! People were very helpful ,courteous and very informative. Top shelf all the way!!!
Robert Watts
Robert W.
14:51 18 Oct 19
I'm a third year patient and this is my third dispensary. The Greenhouse is by far the best of the three. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. There is a large selection of everything in all price ranges.Kudos to The Greenhouse.BangerBobread more
Robert Sea
Robert S.
16:24 02 Oct 19
Recently transferred to greenhouse and it’s by far better then my last dispensary. The menu had twice as much product and they have weekly specials. Highly more
Chuck Seals
Chuck S.
16:42 24 Jul 19
The best staff. They're so friendly and they're very nice to Veterans. I'm happy with the service here.
Alan Hutchison
Alan H.
16:47 26 Mar 18
They're family
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