Windy City Cannabis Marijuana Dispensary

Windy City Cannabis Marijuana Dispensary in Posen, IL

2535 Veterans Drive
Posen, IL 60469

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Sat: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Sun: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Windy City Cannabis is a marijuana dispensary location open at 2535 Veterans Drive in Posen, IL 60469 60482.

Windy City Cannabis dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Curtis Valasek
Curtis V.
19:40 25 Jul 21
Quick and easy to use. Online shopping went easier than expected. My husband and I were treated kindly (so, so important), and the staff look pretty hip and diverse... YAY!read more
Jordan W.M.
Jordan W.
16:49 22 Jul 21
Great staff and expedient service. No complaints. Definitely my go to store. Also many more options for parking. There's a lot and residential street parking along the two roads by it, which is nice considering how bad the parking is at some dispensaries in the more
Davonda Buck
Davonda B.
07:22 28 May 21
They have two locations, the Posen location has much better accommodation for older people. Look honestly think they should have a ten/twenty minutes of education before being asked to select anything. Most times You don't know what you're gettingread more
19:37 07 May 21
Love this place. Obviously cost alot (not there fault). But the quality of everything I've picked up so far is amazing. Service is great. They really have 1 on 1 conversations. Amazing staff. Amazing product. No complaintsread more
15:34 21 Feb 21
Wish growers would get some THCV strains in for us diabetics and those that seek relief with no munchies. Starting to get some more choice for recreational. Lines moving faster now which is nice in this cold more
Jeron Vernon
Jeron V.
00:52 07 Feb 21
If you’re a walk in customer with no online order, good luck. They pick and choose randomly when they want to stop walk-ins. One day its 6:50 then another day its 6:30 and then another day its 6 even though its listed that they close at 7 PM. They don’t post it anywhere on their website or on the door. God forbid you drove 30-45 minutes only to be told they’re no longer accepting walk-ins even though you’re the only person in line. Other facilities offer better customer service for walk-ins. Do not recommend. Sometimes you’re too busy to put in an online order and that shouldn’t be the only reason you don’t get any service. And you can’t place an order online after 6PM also. more
Michael Jennings
Michael J.
23:40 23 Jan 21
Great product to choose from! Just can't wait until the day comes that we can just shop inside without pre-ordering. Waiting outside in 0 digit wind chill really sucked!read more
Kip Carlson
Kip C.
20:08 20 Jan 21
Got screamed at by the manager Dellia for not accepting her offer of 20 loyalty points for an unusable $70 live Resign purchase. Told her I didn’t want the points and just my order for today, then she continued to yell at me in my window during a pandemic. Which she then said her time was valuable asI spent another 300$ with them. Customer service here is non existent. Such a shame. Called to talk to Candice at Worth told me it was a good offer. This place is a more
Nickopotamus 22
Nickopotamus 2.
17:49 16 Jan 21
Always great. Do a good job of moving people through quickly and safely. Their loyalty system is fantastic. Helps defer the crazy more
Wayne Hartmann
Wayne H.
01:38 29 Dec 20
Very good variety, and staff is usually fantastic. Beware of scheduling a pickup for 6-7pm. They canceled my order at 6:55 as I was walking up to the front door, and refused to fulfil.Was hoping being a regular, and spending quite a bit of cash at this location might get me a little courtesy, but I guess they just don't care. Nothing anyone can do about traffic so it is what it is. Still disappointing.Please change your time slots if you are not going to honor more
Edgar Munoz
Edgar M.
22:25 27 Dec 20
Staff is great! Spot is convenient. The point system is amazing and great variety in the menu. Dispensary for the people 💚💚read more
Sarah Dawes
Sarah D.
14:47 18 Oct 20
Amazing lobby. Wonderful music. Relaxing atmosphere. Friendly and helpful staff. Fast service. 10/10 would recommend
Anthony Jarrells
Anthony J.
18:04 06 Oct 20
Has gotten better since Jan.1. A lot better than the one in Homewood.
Region Rat
Region R.
23:56 27 Sep 20
40% Tax and a small selection for the recreational side, as for medical no clue on the selection but the tax is like $3 total or something crazy cheap so if you can get a card do so. Also limits on how much I could buy was strange, definitely not a fan of more
Matt Jones
Matt J.
23:15 17 Sep 20
Quick, efficient, so much so they run out of thc flower quick
Flyin' Brian
Flyin' B.
07:51 13 Sep 20
Not the best but not the worst. Illinois dispensaries have a looong way to go. Never have flower and if they do it's only one strain or sells out more
John Dough
John D.
22:48 12 Sep 20
Best in city no of everything including staff
Cold Weather
Cold W.
01:43 11 Sep 20
The best of the best the security the staff everyone is wonderful very easy in and out 👍💯
Donna Genovese
Donna G.
23:01 09 Sep 20
You can't lose.
l Lucifer81l
l L.
21:09 09 Sep 20
Awesome place! they were very helpful and kind
Jonathan Saenz
Jonathan S.
20:26 09 Sep 20
If you're going to pay the tax anyway, get the Live Resin, you won't be disappointed!
22:08 07 Sep 20
I like the pre-ordering and curbside pick up. But mostly I like the specials on points. It adds up to savings quickly!
D. Chace Strunk
D. Chace S.
18:34 31 Aug 20
Great place! Especially for first time buyers! I'm from out of town and they set me right up and was very informative. Don't let the negative reviews on here fool you. It's a dispensary not a bar. 5/5 all dayread more
Lori Gray
Lori G.
01:52 31 Aug 20
This was my 1st visit and it was a great experience people were very friendly no crowd no wait and good product. I'll go back againread more
Jayme Barrientes
Jayme B.
22:08 21 Aug 20
Quick service, excellent customer service 👌 great suggestions. Taxes killed me, but oh so worth it. Cash only. Or CanPayread more
Jessica Byrd
Jessica B.
01:59 16 Aug 20
I only recently started going to Windy City after my regular spot was shut down because of the rioting. Even though it is a little bit further of a drive I may just continue to go here. The prices are great, they always seem to have a sale going on with the items I'm looking for, and the staff is amazing! They are always very helpful and supremely friendly!! I rarely have to wait long which is awesome!read more
Paula Cameron
Paula C.
20:31 12 Aug 20
The staff is friendly and efficient while adhering to covid-19 safety protocol. I'll definitely be back.
Like That 76
Like That 7.
14:46 11 Aug 20
There getting better wait time isn't to bad as long as you make a reservation/order online
00:20 08 Aug 20
Disappointed about not having a selection of flower..but overall they move fast and are super friendly..
Bob Mcclellan
Bob M.
16:49 07 Aug 20
The kindest most patient group of people. They helped save me from my anxiety. A great group of people.
Ed Grant
Ed G.
16:57 01 Aug 20
Friendly professional knowledgeable
surroy capers
surroy C.
22:06 27 Jul 20
Very friendly atmosphere and people. I would recommend Windy City Cannabis to all my friends.
Annie Reed
Annie R.
22:13 09 Jul 20
They are so friendly here, i love it. Usually in and out pretty quick too.
Bob Groth
Bob G.
13:25 03 Jul 20
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Best and most up to date website! The CanPay credit card system works great and they are doing a good job enforcing masks and social more
Jaylen Young
Jaylen Y.
17:51 01 Jul 20
was given the wrong product. To make up for it. was not offered a refund Was given store credit that doesn't even cover the taxes on the product. its kinda a far drive wish they cared more..edit: changed to 4 stars was given enough to get the product originally order just was not explained that way on the phone appreciate them rectifing the more
Pedro Nunez
Pedro N.
20:26 27 Jun 20
Good service but you wait so long and if your a medical patient or shop on line and you don't everybody goes in front of you I don't think that's fairread more
Rebecca OConnell
Rebecca O.
22:47 26 Jun 20
Nicest people at any dispensary I've been at. Inventory could be better
Ahmed Abuzant
Ahmed A.
22:53 20 Jun 20
Hands down my favorite location out of all Illinois dispensaries. Nicest staff. While making conversation with the desk staff I told them I have a specific strain I like and was greeted to know they have it!!! So I grabbed it and tipped them good. Excellent service for sure you won't be disappointed!!!read more
Brandon Glab
Brandon G.
17:54 20 Jun 20
Great place great staff helpful and friendly 6th star needs to be added for this place
Joshua B
Joshua B
18:47 16 Jun 20
Staff was friendly and seemed knowledgeable. Covid had things limited tho.
Daniel Griffin
Daniel G.
06:50 23 May 20
If i could give no stars i would. Wouldn't honor my pick up time even though i had proof. Then security tried to fight me when we were leaving. Followed us down the street in his own car. It was crazy. Never have anything and they have the worst customer service. Every other windy city is great and i know everyone .they know i wouldnt say this if i didn't have the worst possible experience . Just go anywhere but posenread more
carrie Martinez
carrie M.
18:57 21 May 20
Everyone was so nice and helpful very nice and will advise others to visit..
18:22 08 May 20
They're ok. Definitely need more employees like the security outside right now. Helpful.
Szymon Atamanczuk
Szymon A.
18:50 16 Mar 20
Flowers never available, pointless to call or visit low quantity and quality of other products. Common answers from staff "no", " we don't know". What is the point of running store with empty shelves. Web site info about ability not more
Melissa Smart
Melissa S.
21:15 12 Mar 20
Hands Down Faboulous Service for Medical and Recreational!1 The staff has helped me get through the hardest times in my life. Their support for Medical Patients is second to none, and they ensure their needs are never looked over. They helped me figure out what would work best for controlling my seizures. Posen Windy City is a great dispensary!read more
Michael Connor
Michael C.
22:24 07 Mar 20
Very different from what I imagined, but totally felt safe, secure, & got professional customer service being guided thru the process. Selection wasn't very big, however. Also, be prepared for 10-30% taxes on your more
Robert Young
Robert Y.
23:24 06 Mar 20
Good place, but no flower is disappointing.
Robert Young
Robert Y.
23:23 06 Mar 20
Good place, but no flower is disappointing.
Jami Roberts
Jami R.
22:31 29 Feb 20
I would give 5 stars, but they were out of Flower. The employees there were exceptional very informative and very helpful and did not rush me. The security guards that were outside and in the front door were very cool very nice and also very informative. The inside of the building is beautiful and smells great!read more
Chris Butler
Chris B.
14:43 05 Feb 20
Friendly staff, selection is great when they have it available. Prices still way too high but you get what you pay for. I see great things happening by summer and I will be a life long Windy City Cannibas customerread more
Desiree Dorsch
Desiree D.
13:26 04 Feb 20
We were just visiting from NY (My boyfriend lived in Illinois until 4 years ago) and had the chance to visit both Worth and Posen dispensaries. Great experience at both however I would say Posen was the better of the two. They really seemed like they had things dialed in a lot more. It was an amazing first time experience for us. Hopefully NY gets it together and joins the club soon. Would definitely recommend and will be back next time we are in more
Graham Greene
Graham G.
17:27 29 Jan 20
NIce location and staff, but I've been trying to contact the dispensary all day. The automated phone lines are all messed up, and it wont send you through to any WC dispensary and just hangs up. Kind of inconvenient when medical patients are more
Dude Man
Dude M.
20:56 10 Jan 20
Blind purchases are tough, I get it. Illinois law doesn’t allow display- get used to it until the laws change.As far as a blind purchase from here however it’s Top Shelf!I’ve been to a few dispensaries in Chi and for sure I asked for top shelf and I was severely disappointed. This place met my expectations.Security was very friendly.Staff very knowledgeable and have been in the game for some time.Check it out. WCC is the Place to beread more
tammy marts
tammy M.
22:51 08 Jan 20
They were very helpful and took their time explaining my choices. My clerk was Lauren I will definitely be going back.
Lynn C
Lynn C
17:42 04 Jan 20
Two stars for cleanliness and polite staff offering hand warmers to those standing in line for a couple hours. How does a dispensary not allow you to view or see the product prior to purchasing it?? Once we got in we had a staff member come to us with a tablet showing what was available... you place your order in the waiting room off ..a...tablet... only two choices of flower available... what a joke, yes I get it just got legalized but paying all those taxes, waiting in line just to order off a tablet and only have two choices, no thanks. Back to how it was prior to Jan 1stread more
David Paul
David P.
01:50 04 Jan 20
Got turned away at the door because, “We aren’t doing any more recreational” while the store had more than an hour before closing for the evening. If there are different hours of operation for different customer types (i.e. med/rec), that information should be available to the more
Nic C
Nic C
00:27 03 Jan 20
Security was extremely rude and cussed at myself and another individual because we entered the queue. they weren't accepting any more clients, but we weren't greeted with that information. We were greeted with foul language by a female security guard who thought her phone and chatting with her coworkers was more important than her more
Horace Roundtree
Horace R.
19:28 02 Jan 20
Its history legal yes, ok the staff was super informative and just a cool experience.
Libby Scales
Libby S.
22:18 01 Jan 20
Amazing service, awesome selection, best dispensary in town!
Megan Tracy
Megan T.
01:45 28 Dec 19
Windy City Cannabis (currently) is a dispensary for medical cannabis patients. You MUST have a current state certified license. This dispensary had a VERY nice staff that is there to help guide you with your cannabis needs. They sell flower, oils, tincture, balms, juice, powder packets (like kool-aid) CBD and THC, etc. I'm not sure what will happen when cannabis becomes legal in Illinois but if you are in need, this is a great dispensary to more
Robert Thomas
Robert T.
22:00 22 Dec 19
Everything was clean and in order the girls at the front were nice and the guy in the back was patient and informative.
James  Sullivan
James S.
13:30 13 Oct 19
Very helpful when i first went in,they explain everything staff is great all the way around plus they have great inventoryread more
Clay O
Clay O
13:51 26 Sep 19
They have the largest inventory and the best prices. Easy to find the place and the staff was awesome. Rewards programs and stuff you can’t get elsewhere. They also have a lot of product displayed so you know what you are more
Bryant Hedrick
Bryant H.
00:18 11 Aug 19
This place is awesome great staff & they are knowledgable about there products.. The only thing is when you find that one strain that works for you .Then go back for more they never have it in stock or don't know when they will have it again Windy City we need Skywalker back!! Otherwise the staff makes it worth your experience great customer service!read more
20:35 27 Jan 19
They provide you with all the info you need to know, and to better take care of your self. They can help you and ask what you would like to see done with medical instead of pills. I'm in pain most of the time and this has done a world of good for more
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