Windy City Cannabis Marijuana Dispensary

Windy City Cannabis Marijuana Dispensary in Carpentersville, IL

125 S. Western Avenue
Carpentersville, IL 60110

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Sat: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Sun: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Windy City Cannabis is a marijuana dispensary location open at 125 S. Western Carpentersville, IL 60110.

Windy City Cannabis dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Windy City Cannabis Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Drew Kelly
Drew K.
23:07 18 Nov 21
SO HELPFUL!!! I’m not experienced, so the helpful folks were so important for me. I feel great about what we ended up with!!read more
Jason Kantor
Jason K.
17:23 11 Nov 21
This place has some of the best customer service and nicest people working there. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this place. If you are looking for a good dispensary that is judgement free this is the place to more
Jason spiewak
Jason S.
04:23 14 Oct 21
Very friendly and helpful. They will actually engage you with any help you need. Also have a rewards program for purchasing. Last time i was there they were strictly cash only with an ATM available but i have heard as of lately they take debit cards but have not confirmedread more
Leo Jerman
Leo J.
23:48 23 Sep 21
Edit Aug 2021 -They have recently come to their senses and have added the tax to your online total. So I upped it to 4 star. THANK YOU!!I like this store. The employees are nice and helpful. Selection could be a little better but it's decent. I like their rewards program a lot. Really pays you back for being loyal!read more
Savannah Rodriguez
Savannah R.
23:01 20 Sep 21
The staff works efficiently to get you in and out! I’ve been coming to this dispensary for some months now and every time has been a great experience. The staff are happy to help you with any questions and also put you on to their discounts!read more
Tiffany Plucinski
Tiffany P.
13:06 15 Sep 21
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Answered all my questions and made great recommendations. Smooth and efficient shopping/checkout experience. Whole store has a positive vibe overall. Highly recommend this more
Leo Jerman
Leo J.
00:37 26 Aug 21
Edit Aug 2021 -They have recently come to their senses and have added the tax to your online total. So I upped it to 4 star. THANK YOU!!I like this store. The employees are nice and helpful. Selection could be a little better but it's decent. I like their rewards program a lot. Really pays you back for being loyal! My main issue with this place is that for some reason, the website doesn't pre-calculate the tax so you know EXACTLY how much your order is before you go in. This wouldn't be an issue if I could pay credit, but since I have to pay cash this is a HUGE annoyance.This is 2021 there's no reason for the Website not to calculate the taxes and give you the TOTAL once you check more
Delaney Drew
Delaney D.
19:29 15 Jun 21
Went in with half an idea of what I was looking for and the nice lady upfront answered all of my questions and provided recommendations based on my needs. All of the staff were very friendly and helpful, the atmosphere was pleasant, and the service was quick. The recommendations were spot on and the product was top notch. Couldn't ask for a better experienceread more
Dave Bates
Dave B.
14:30 07 Jun 21
Out of all the dispensaries I've been to in Illinois, Windy City Cannabis is the best by far! They have a wide variety and selection of goods (especially for Rec!) Very friendly and helpful staff! Super quick service and checkout! They have the best prices around and they don't tack on any additional taxes on top of the already established taxes like other dispensaries do! Plus, you get rewards for how much you spend and they have great deals all the time! Definitely my favorite hometown dispensary!read more
Kiely C
Kiely C
02:51 28 May 21
Love this place! Friendly/helpful staff and amazing menu. These guys are the best! Danny the GM is a huge help and every single person here has been a gem! Wonderful atmosphere, highly recommend! Love you guys, thank you for everything 🙂 5 stars all day!read more
Heather Chudy
Heather C.
03:22 27 May 21
Only been here twice but it was so nice! They have a great selection and the place is very clean and everyone working there is very friendly! The pricing is also pretty good. I used to go to a dispensary in Schaumburg and the taxes were nuts!! (Obviously because of cook county). I’m so glad this place is local and it’s a great business for the communityread more
Jeremy Shumacher
Jeremy S.
00:38 21 May 21
Wow, Amber C. helped me so much yesterday while I was looking for a good edible for a newbie. She explained the different types of strains and effects and gave great dosage recommendations. She was friendly and patient with me. Thanks guys! Will definitely be back!read more
Seth Williamson
Seth W.
05:54 12 May 21
Nice little shop. I had previously only been to Rise in Lake in the Hills to compare, and was excited to see how they would present things. It's pretty much the same, wide open space with glass tabletops that hold packaging and gear for sale in the store. No real look at any of the products, but I'm starting to assume that's normal. It was, however, very nice and clean, open and bright. Parking lot could be bigger, but its attached to a mall and there's a back area with more space, so it's not like you won't find a spot. Maybe just have to walk a bit. The staff, for the most part were super positive, bright, happy and helpful. My checkout person seemed totally clueless though, thankfully I didn't need him for much. He did manage to place most of my extracts upside down, resulting in some of the good stuff going to waste. So I can't say I was a fan of him, I hate to waste cannabis or money. Other than him, the experience was very nice and easy. Order online, pick up and that's it. Pretty sure you can browse the menu in store as well and make your selections that way. Overall, pretty happy and impressed. Just make sure they don't flip your stuff upside more
galaxy gecko
galaxy G.
23:24 27 Apr 21
Great dispensary! Loving all the sales that have been offered, and their loyalty point program.Staff is knowledgeable and super energetic every time I come in.Great selection too!read more
Jenn Mott
Jenn M.
23:01 24 Apr 21
My favorite dispensary!!!! So happy they are finally open. There is never a line, and more than enough parking with the back lot and mall right across. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable too. Really worth the trip!read more
Danny Parrott
Danny P.
18:29 23 Apr 21
What great group of people! Knowledge and friendly. Bonus! They have an excellent selection! Watch the website regularly as the cherry items tend to go fast. So happy they are here!read more
Julio Reyes
Julio R.
18:01 23 Apr 21
Very quick, professional service. Having any issues with the website? They're currently working on it. Good products that are well worth your money!read more
Ryan Jay
Ryan J.
16:13 23 Apr 21
Friendly staff! Great selection! Very easy process. Nice clean building with a lot of space in side. Definitely worth checking out!read more
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