Wyoming Man to Challenge Prohibition Before State Court

CANNABIS CULTURE – The continued prohibition of cannabis in Wyoming is unconstitutional – AND the majority of the state’s resident want the freedom to choose.

At least, that’s the argument from chemist and advocate for psychedelic substances, Casey William Hardison.

Hardison is representing himself before a Teton County Criminal Court. 

The forty-nine year old is a self-educated anthropologist who has devoted his time to studying consciousness and the relationship between humans and entheogenic and entactogenic drugs since 1993. 

Casey William Hardison

Hardison was arrested in Yorkville, California in August of 2020 and extradited to Teton County, Wyoming. He is charged with  three counts of Delivery of a Controlled Substance and two counts of Aggravated Assault and Battery.

In 2018, Hardison was involved in a failed sting operation by Wyoming authorities who tried to arrest Hardison while he was selling several pounds of cannabis to an undercover police officer. There was a high-speed chase and Hardison eluded capture.

Even so, cannabis advocates argue the current laws and Hardison’s subsequent arrest are a violation of the US Constitutional law.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that people are still getting criminalized for this,” said

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