Zen Leaf St Charles Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Zen Leaf Marijuana Dispensary in Aurora , IL

740 N Rte 59
Aurora, IL 60504

Hours of Operation:

M-T: 9am-9pm
F-S: 9am-10pm
Sun: 10am-6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Zen Leaf Aurora is a marijuana dispensary location open at 740 Illinois Rte 59 in Aurora, IL 60504 .

Zen Leaf Aurora dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Jason Westerman
Jason W.
13:39 07 Nov 21
Was visiting the area with my son and my mother. Missouri is still in the past when it comes to legalization as of yet. It was only the second time I've ever been in a dispensary and my mothers first time. It was also her first time partaking in any substances of any kind,she's a huge lame-o 😆 . So we decided to purchase some flower and some gummies. Needless to say we experienced absolutely zero effects from the gummies,huge waste of money. Actually the gummies were the worst i have ever had. The flower however was amazing. Here's the best part about the experience....Charlie was awesome, he made our day with his kind,helpful attitude.read more
16:37 06 Nov 21
Just placed my first order with this company and location in Aurora and Maria provided outstanding service over the phone with my preorder. Totally recommend this place. Great price and excellent service.read more
Timothy Stephen
Timothy S.
10:36 28 Oct 21
Always friendly answers. All questions great people good products easy to purchase!
Keith Thompson
Keith T.
12:37 18 Oct 21
Fastest shopping experience ever! Great customer service!
16:44 04 Oct 21
I really like this place, it’s much nicer than the other Aurora location. However I bought a Verano cartridge today and when I arrived home and opened it, 1/3 of the wax has leaked out because there is no stopper on it. How are we supposed to fix this issue if the phone number listed is the number of the regional offices? Do I have to come back to the store to resolve this or is it just a wasted trip?read more
Melissa F
Melissa F
20:06 18 Aug 21
My partner purchased 2 300mg disposable sour diesel rhythm cartridges from Zen Leaf Aurora, both of which were faulty less than 7 days after purchase. We followed the instructions from Zen Leaf Aurora regarding product replacement and in the first pen that was faulty, they gave us $35 in Rhythm only credit with the condition that the $25 tax would not be made up for in any way; which means we had to pay more tax on top of any new product we decided to use the $35 credit for. Our second pen’s battery then had issues where it was blinking less than 10 days after purchase with sufficient product left, and when we reached out Zen Leaf only offered a 10% discount on Rhythm only products. This is to advise people to AVOID purchasing any Rhythm product from Zen Leaf as they do not have consistency in how they handle their product replacement if they product is faulty. Disappointed with Rhythm’s product.read more
Amar Pandya
Amar P.
14:28 01 Aug 21
Great service and a great location. It’s very clean inside and the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable on their products. They had so many options, which you don’t see at all dispensaries. I was able to get exactly what I wanted and was in and out in about 5 minutes. A great dispensary!read more
Edith D
Edith D
12:33 07 Jun 21
I don't like the physical location. It's like driving to a secluded alley. I prefer the Lombard location.
Eddie Bean
Eddie B.
19:01 27 May 21
Best dispensary hands down…In and out in a flash!Smells great, awesome friendly staff, and great products as well! You guys rock! ✌️read more
Ken Black
Ken B.
19:01 05 May 21
I picked up an order here, but allow me to say the customer care team service at the general number (618-900-0ZEN) is superb. I'm a new, recreational user with zero experience, and care team member Tisha recommended a couple of 1:1 products. The person in the Aurora store answered a few questions, as well. If you're at all intimidated--and it's easy to be if you don't have an idea of where to start--their phone support at the general number is excellent, if Tisha is any example of that.read more
Autumn Eipers
Autumn E.
22:06 26 Apr 21
Just stopped by out of curiosity and tried some new snacks. All of the staff were great! No wait, and a welcoming atmosphere. Immediately recommended to all my friends and can’t wait to go back!read more
Shauna Schuman
Shauna S.
13:24 19 Apr 21
This is the best dispensary by far hands down. The people who work here are very pleasant. I have referred so many people to come here. I love Zen Leaf....read more
Rebecca L
Rebecca L
19:41 16 Apr 21
Great place, great staff! PLEASE NOTE: that this is recreational menu only (they obviously give a medical discount, but don’t have a menu for medical).Since it’s open for everyone all day, lines go by extremely fast (been here three times and I’ve never had to stand in a line or one longer than a few minutes). Staff is very friendly and make you feel really comfortable!Also, I 100% recommend their live resin cartridges, they don’t have those at the St. Charles branch.read more
Alishia Jordan
Alishia J.
22:45 08 Apr 21
First time going into Zen Leaf and I was helped by Vic! She was very patient with me and did a very good job explaining the strains and what might work best for me! Definitely will be stopping in again just because of her👍🏼read more
Troy Placek
Troy P.
21:05 07 Apr 21
Nice new and clean. Easy in and out and never feel rushed. All of my questions get answered and looks to be a larger selection compared to some other places I have been to. Been by here a few times now and it has been awesome each time. ALMOST feels like any other store. Nobody telling you to stand here. Move there. Don’t touch!Edit: still quick and easy. Rarely a line and have never had to wait outside in the cold or heat here either. All of the staff is great-Vic helped me today and she had me back outside in only a few minutes.read more
Kelly Blumenthal
Kelly B.
18:05 07 Apr 21
You walk into this place and not only does it smell awesome 😉, it's got a relaxed vibe going on. 🥰 The staff were super helpful and friendly. 🥳 I was like a kid in a candy store, I wanna try this, and this,oh, and that one!! 🤣 I would most definitely go here again!! 👍Prices are fairly competitive also!! 🤑read more
michelle giocomelli
michelle G.
00:40 03 Apr 21
Today was my first time having Victoria help me. Super nice girl! Very patient! Super cool.
Natalie Moore
Natalie M.
23:45 07 Mar 21
This dispensary gets a lot of foot traffic but the staff are so efficient it doesn't make for a long experience. They do have tablets at checkout with menus on them in case you need help deciding or adding to your online order which they take but arent necessary. This site does have a security guard as well, which is great.read more
janet rodriguez
janet R.
04:04 07 Mar 21
I just want to say that Angela over exceeded my needs with her wonderful customer service!!!!! Whenever i go to different dispensary’s people sometimes don’t want to really take the time to help me out but she outdid it and explain everything thoroughly, i gained a lot of knowledge speaking to her and asking her questions. Thank you so much!!! will definitely go back there again!!!!!!read more
Lia C
Lia C
23:37 15 Feb 21
Rude and creepy security guard flirted with me at first but then argued with me for 20 minutes and didn’t want to let me inside of the dispensary because I “looked young”. Even after providing my I.D. I reported it to the manager who did absolutely nothing. I will NEVER come here again. Do NOT come here. I went to another dispensary called Rise and received great service no complaints. And no creepy security guard harassing me.read more
Hannah Spears
Hannah S.
03:35 10 Jan 21
My favorite dispensary by far. Tons of variety in product, and an easy to navigate website, especially for ordering ahead. The rewards program points add up! All of the employees are friendly, helpful, and informative. I particularly appreciated Julia's help today as I was trying to shop within a specified budget. Thank you, Zen Leaf! 🙂read more
01:37 08 Jan 21
Love this place. Everyone is really cool and the reward system is great. You can walk in and order to you do not have to order online. Prices are fair.read more
Aditya Vij
Aditya V.
21:35 03 Jan 21
The nicest and friendliest people work here. Prices are really competitive (They always have some deal). The selection is great. HIGHLY recommend...See what I did there 😏read more
Courtney Oneal
Courtney O.
23:47 13 Nov 20
Best experience at a dispensary I've ever had! Everyone was so so nice and super knowledgeable. They even have a rewards program to get coupons based on how much you spend. So awesome!read more
Beverly Harris
Beverly H.
22:36 01 Nov 20
Unbelievable kindness in that place. Everyone was personable, yet handled all transactions in a business like manner. At the window our consultant was Joshua. We had no idea as to what we wanted. Joshua was excellent! He was knowledgeable and answered every question (and we had plenty) in a most patient, confident and pleasant way...he smiled a lot, which made me realize that he likes what he's doing, and is a "people person." Joshua's personality is a good reason that I plan to do business there, and, it's in a convenient location. As we left, we were acknowledged by both employees at the front with a smile and wishes for a good day. Best wishes.read more
Enjoli Villa
Enjoli V.
01:02 01 Nov 20
I had THE BEST experience with Jackie at the Aurora location! She was so helpful to find the right items for me. Her custom service was fantastic. Jackie made my exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond. I will definitely be visiting this locations again and highly recommend anyone who visits this location to ask for Jackie C!!! Thank you Jackie 🙌🏽read more
Timothy Walter
Timothy W.
01:13 29 Oct 20
First time I went to this dispensary and have to say I was really impressed. Once I walked in the doors I was greeted by Scott who was sanitizing the area which made me feel very safe. The store was very clean and Scott was very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend anyone who likes flower to visit this location. I Know I will be back there!read more
Cristina Morrison
Cristina M.
18:45 22 Oct 20
I am visiting from San Francisco, CA for a week and stopped by Zen Leaf today. Tracy was excellent! She had so much information to share and helped us with all of our purchases. Her openness, friendliness and knowledge were on point! Thank you Tracy!!read more
Maggie Marchan
Maggie M.
16:28 21 Oct 20
Julia was phenomenal! One of the most knowledgeable and helpful workers I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. Will definitely be back for the great service and amazing weed 👌🏼read more
Taylor A
Taylor A
17:35 18 Oct 20
Super nice location. Everything was clean and spacious. The staff was super friendly as well, and the selection is just a HUGE abundance of goodies 🤙read more
Amber Colon
Amber C.
19:13 16 Oct 20
Went in yesterday on their first day open and was so impressed! It’s absolutely beautiful inside and they had plenty of things to choose from! The whole staff was friendly and cheerful and I will definitely be back ❤️read more
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