Zen Leaf St Charles Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Zen Leaf Marijuana Dispensary in Evanston

1804 Maple Ave
Evanston, Il 60201

Hours of Operation:

M-F: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-8pm
Sun: 10am-6pm


Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Zen Leaf Evanston is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1804 Maple Ave, Evanston, Il 60201

Zen Leaf Evanston dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Pablo Rajczyk
Pablo R.
02:01 11 Jan 22
The best customer service of any retail establishment I've been to in a long time. There's almost never a wait as there are plenty of people to help, and everyone from the front door, to the front desk, to the counter is always friendly and helpful. Last time I was there Rene was very courteous and answered my questions thoroughly and with a smile.read more
Dave Levin
Dave L.
19:43 10 Jan 22
I just left the dispensary and I always love my experience! So much in fact, that even though I live in the city I still strictly shop at Zen Leaf Evanston. Today I came in not knowing what I wanted to buy. My dude Don B was extremely helpful and patient with my sizeable purchase. Do yourself a favor, check this place out. Great employees and always a quick in and out. Not to mention their prices. Compared to the city, you'll get more bang for your buck.11 out of 10, WOULD RECOMMEND!read more
Max S.
Max S.
19:14 31 Dec 21
It used to be much better with previous staff. They have been consistently treating customers poorly in my last few visits. They were rude to me after a rule change about bringing in dogs, then continued to poorly about customers like myself who try to bring in dogs, when they were expressly allowed previously. Then today, they were totally mismanaging lines and listing products no longer in stock.All the good employees quit and I will do my best to both shop elsewhere and encourage others to follow.read more
Nicole Donohue
Nicole D.
16:06 16 Dec 21
I love going to Zen Leaf. Everyone there is so kind and knowledgeable with everything they do. Henry helped me last time I was there and was awesome. The whole staff is great and I've never had anything but a wonderful experience any time I've been there (and I go there a lot!). Plus they all have epically stylish lanyard pins 😀read more
Thomas Dickinson
Thomas D.
19:08 31 Oct 21
Doc was incredibly helpful! He helped me build an order I had forgot to submit and was more than happy to go back and grab items I forgot to mention. He packaged my product mindfully which is always appreciated. Awesome attitude and I always love the enthusiastic service!read more
Jillian V
Jillian V
16:20 30 Oct 21
Shane is always sweet and accommodating when I visit Zen Leaf- Evanston. The whole staff including security are always friendly and super nice to add. No question goes unanswered and I never feel rushed when I'm at the counter. Thanks Zen leaf and staff for the great service and if course amazing selection of products!read more
clarissa janae
clarissa J.
19:43 29 Oct 21
Came in to purchase few items, I am a new smoking/edibles i wasn’t too sure what exactly I wanted. Bee was really helpful and had good customer service skills and suggested a few items that i could try. She seemed knowledgeable of the products. I did end up purchasing 2 Cartridges. I would definitely shop here again.read more
Karl R
Karl R
20:46 24 Oct 21
A clean store and knowledgeable people in so far as the product is concerned and the selection is vast when compared to some other dispensaries. However, nobody knows (or can tell you) what you need to qualify for the various discounts available. I was given incorrect info and an email that has gone unanswered is still out there somewhere in the ether. I figured out what papers I needed to show, but anyone dealing with patients should be well versed about store policies. Even with that my shopping experience was fast and accurate, the guys at the counter work together we'll.read more
Amie Connor
Amie C.
01:14 22 Oct 21
I love this place. They have the nicest people working there like Phil, who helped me find the right product today. I also really appreciate the accommodations they make for those of us with medical cards. Sometimes I need to get in and out quickly because of chronic pain, and with this Zenleaf I always do. Thanks guys!read more
Tyler Evans
Tyler E.
03:00 16 Oct 21
From an awesome rewards program, to a great selection, to the best staff around. This shop has it all.My partners and I have been frequenting this location since we first visited Evanston back in late 2019. We moved to the area in early 2021 and it has been our home shop since. Every staff member we've met has been spectacular, but Beth and one other person (I don't recall their name, but they have great style) have made every experience better than the last. Getting to watch this little location grow has been an awesome experience, and I look forward to continuing to give them my business.read more
David Anderson
David A.
00:28 16 Oct 21
I cannot tell you the relief it to be able to legally purchase here. Each and every experience has been quick and easy, and it is so nice to be able to talk with people about my purchase and get recommendations. Thank you Diego for all the help tonight, they are lucky to have you!read more
Yasir Malik
Yasir M.
18:17 14 Oct 21
Great Spot for great deals and customer service. The budtender ANNIE was very knowledgeable on different strains and cultivators. She told me about a specific strain that actually did help my pain and anxiety levels with such a small dosage. She knows her stuff!! They are great and have great recommendations at all times. The wait times are not bad and they ALL are great with online orders.read more
Rich McGowan
Rich M.
23:10 13 Oct 21
always a quick and friendly experience. easy. don b went above and beyond. plus he has cool pins. thanks zen leaf
Sarah Wilson
Sarah W.
21:55 08 Oct 21
I went in with my father-in-law to hopefully be recommended a good sleep aid. We met Beth and she went above and beyond helping us. Thank you soo much! I highly recommend and will be back.read more
Maura Rivard-Hoster
Maura R.
01:37 08 Oct 21
Had a lovely first experience at Zen Leaf with the help of David H. David was kind, knowledgeable and patient. They helped guide my decisions in a thoughtful and collaborative way. It was an awesome customer experience and I will certainly make another stop at Zen Leaf the next time I’m in Evanston.read more
Khalil Anderson
Khalil A.
07:22 05 Oct 21
Best prices around the city as the usually have different deals going on. Well organized and easy to access place along with very friendly employees. Has been my fastest and smoothest dispensary experience in the arearead more
Corey Nunley
Corey N.
18:59 02 Oct 21
Very clean friendly and kind. Wide selection and great sales.My only complaint is all dispensaries in the city including this one are overpriced and all owned by giant corporations. Same three big chains of strains/variety thought the whole city.... No small grow ops besides ariez they are hands down the best.Booo to big corporate weed. Also we're are the weed shops owned by poor people or minorities the city promised????read more
Vianka Calderon
Vianka C.
03:57 26 Sep 21
Ordered online and picked up from store. They usually have special offers on their site so prices are better than most dispensaries I've visited in the city. Bring cash and order ahead for the fastest and most convenient experience. 10/10 would recommend.read more
Lance Sundermeyer
Lance S.
01:53 09 Sep 21
Polite security check in, and knowledgeable, helpful staff.No curbside(lol), but they are promoting pre-orders and express checkout.The space is being remodeled, but is currently very sparse. A greeting desk, a few order kiosks, and velvet rope lines to the checkout. There were no displays or merchandise shown when I visited.read more
Raul Calderon
Raul C.
22:50 23 Jul 21
The deals, and variety here are way better than in my neck of the woods. Come here on my Fridays after to stock up for the weekend. Friendly staff. Always in and out quick. They Rockread more
PhiLu Kay
PhiLu K.
22:03 11 Jul 21
Went there yesterday for my first time. Nice open environment. The staff was super helpful and super friendly. Totally worth the 30-minute driveread more
Heather Sayles
Heather S.
16:13 26 Jun 21
Only gave 4 stars bc the place looks kinda dingy and blah while construction is happening or whatever and there's only one place to sit in the whole area which could be difficult for less mobile or disabled patrons. I go to this dispensary as a medical cannabis patient and my experience has always been awesome. Service is quick, staff is always helpful and friendly.read more
Kris Pyrz
Kris P.
17:48 18 Jun 21
Quick, easy transaction. Placed my order online, and picked it up in the store not more than an hour later. Helpful and friendly staff. Only bummer is that it's cash only.read more
Mariah Gonzalez
Mariah G.
18:41 16 Jun 21
I’ve been to so many different states and my fair share of dispensaries but this is hands down the best one I’ve been to. The staff is SO welcoming, the process is SO fast, i mean literally two minutes and your out, and they ALWAYS have amazing deals you can check daily!! And Paul Doyle, their general manager is exceptional in what he does and is an amazing leader and it shows. Thanks always ZenLeaf!read more
Anna F
Anna F
19:54 11 Jun 21
A great experience here at Zen leaf. Luke was very helpful to the needs of my autistic daughter. He listened and was very understanding. thanks again for a pleasant experienceread more
Nick Stone
Nick S.
16:44 28 May 21
Currently undergoing some renovations, but everybody there is always very nice and joyous. It's a nice dispensary and I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like at the end of the renovations! I'm also a big fan of their rewards program, there aren't many cannabis rewards programs at this point and this one isn't playing around. A quick note for people who might be confused like I was: this used to be MedMen.read more
Nat Bertram
Nat B.
01:12 26 May 21
love this place!!! great and speedy service, and the budtenders are super knowledgeable and friendly. never had a single issue here and have been going for almost a year. they're pretty in line with other prices I've seen from dispensaries in the city and sometimes they run good deals.read more
roger park
roger P.
20:47 22 May 21
Under construction & change in owners. You are in a construction zone. Extremely loud. Construction on the other side of plastic. Hard to hear, masks an added necessary challenge. Jury is out on new owners. Not doing a good job of transition at all. Low rating caused by corporate not people in the store.. Staff is outstanding. They bend over backwards to be helpful. They are working under horrible conditions.read more
Brad K
Brad K
18:54 20 May 21
Most helpful, friendly people and staff I've ever come across. Haven't tried any of the product yet but the experience so far was great. Thanks for all the help.read more
Rose Valdez
Rose V.
03:38 15 May 21
I struggle with my chronic mental health. I've only smoked pot once in college, it relieved the pain temporarily. The staff are super knowledgeable and super nice. I felt safe. Kudos to Shane for the recommendations 👏🙌👌 I bought my cartridge. Hopefully, I can get a good night's rest tonight 😴. Fingers crossed 🤞read more
L R P.
00:03 02 May 21
This is not MedMen anymore, which is a VERY good thing. Emma is amazing! She is patient, engaged, and thoughtful. As a relative novice to this industry, I felt very comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. Thank you Zen Leaf and Emma.read more
Nick H
Nick H
00:08 30 Apr 21
Thank you Eli, appreciate you. Since the name change, I feel the service here has improved tremendously. This is the first time that I’ve had a seamless solution to a defective product. Thanks again.read more
No Name
No N.
15:01 24 Apr 21
Prices could be improved but I like that they give a student discount and people in here are respectful and give good service. The charge to use card is also very annoying. The rating would go up if they got rid of the card service feeread more
melanie clark
melanie C.
00:39 19 Apr 21
They were very helpful and nice. They explained the products. Reasonably priced for the product. In a nice part of town. I will be visiting them again.read more
05:29 02 Apr 21
My first visit to MedMen was very positive. It was my first time purchasing edibles and the staff were very friendly and helpful. My second visit on Saturday, March 27th was the exact opposite and I will not be going there again. The person who was there to help with the machines ignored me and didn't offer any help. The clerk who rang up my sale decided to not honor the discount that I was just sent a few hours earlier. She also added extra fees that were quite confusing. When I got home, I checked my checking account and notice that I was charged extra fees that I didn't agree to. Bad service and ripoff fees - buyers show be wary of doing business here.read more
Jenn Terry
Jenn T.
17:25 31 Mar 21
At first I really liked this place. But a few of my friends in lakeview said they were getting 40% off from this guy Asher who works there. Normally I wouldn’t comment on this, but after seeing what the store charges for me and my mom, who both have medical cards, I find it disgusting. Won’t be coming back.read more
Rhonda Storm
Rhonda S.
23:33 16 Mar 21
I felt very conspicuous shopping here being older, and walking with great difficulty using a cane. The staff was so welcoming and made me feel at ease. The person I worked with (I wish I remembered his name- bearded, late 30s- I would like to give him credit and thanks) was really knowledgeable and upbeat. He suggested some products that he expected would help with pain and for my particular medical conditions. I was skeptical, but he was right. I am experiencing some relief. Thank you med men. I will return with a medical card!read more
Margaret Nelson
Margaret N.
06:59 13 Mar 21
I’ve been going to MedMen for 2 years on Medical. MedMen is very knowledgeable about what they sell you. So that you get the type marijuana for heath problems. Mine was chronic pain, lack of appetite and sleeplessness. Doc, Vance, are wonderful they welcome me every time I come.I highly recommend.Margaretread more
Keith Sibert
Keith S.
01:22 08 Mar 21
Ridiculous High prices (no pun) and they consistently delivers a weak product. In-store security keeps an eye on Black customers as if instructed. Either way, I never feel inviting. 2 Stars is being extremely generous...read more
osyrys official
osyrys O.
05:17 27 Feb 21
Everything I've had from here has been great. Never buy recreational just find somebody who has med if you don't. Prices/taxes are exorbitant for rec. The strain selection is good but the prices could be a little betterread more
Karen Kalmek
Karen K.
21:02 21 Feb 21
I found the woman who helped me when I came to be very helpful. However their processing machines were problematic; 4 times before we got it to work. Nowhere do they communicate that there is a $3 processing fee until you are at the very end of the transaction. The cashier was in lake land. I spoke to the manager and found his response unsatisfactory. Last time I will shop here even though very convenientread more
05:32 15 Feb 21
Update:: Shorter lines even walk up opportunities again and more varieties of flower offered now. Menu usually has 300+items. Some CBD infused products. Surf the menu.Online ordering via MM or Leafly is easy. However, there can be a line that moves well.Flower can be difficult to find so expect high demand for some strains. I find Smalls or Popcorn just as strong as Premium flower but 10-15% less costly. Shake as well is often offered at great prices.Of course Illinois limited daily quantities apply.read more
Jay Brahin
Jay B.
17:45 02 Jan 21
This store is fantastic! Great people like David and Paul are very knowledgeable and helpful. The inventory is great. The place is super clean with the cloying odor of ripe buds waiting to be adopted. Parking right in front is a great convenience. I couldn’t ask for more.read more
osyrys official
osyrys O.
14:39 17 Dec 20
Everything I've had from here has been great. Never buy recreational just find somebody who has med if you don't. Prices/taxes are exorbitant for rec. The medical selection is very good but we could definitely do with some more exotic strains such as some cookiesread more
21:31 27 Nov 20
They make online ordering simple, I chose my pickup time and received a confirming text almost immediately. When I went to collect my order at my chosen time, I was in and out in under 10 minutes.The staff was great, too!I highly recommend MedMen.read more
Brisa Becerril
Brisa B.
22:11 22 Nov 20
Decided to call ahead since it was my first time getting anything from a dispensary. Guy was super helpful and gave me some options for what I was looking for. Put in my order online and it was ready in 30 minutes.Only thing that caught me off guard was the price. Online order was $55, but once I was at the dispensary the final price was $76. I guess the website doesn't include taxes? Anyway, other than that, liked the place.read more
Tiffany Woodman
Tiffany W.
22:33 11 Nov 20
Literally the best staff from security to budtender to managers. GREAT sales and menu selection. Easy parking. Kind people who care!!! If you want an easy, fast, and great experience, this is it!!read more
Sammy Brown
Sammy B.
13:48 07 Nov 20
I live much closer to a different dispensary but decided to give MedMen a try after hearing great things. I was absolutely not disappointed! MedMen Evanston is an incredibly clean, safe space full of knowledgable staff that care about the product and helping patrons find what supports them best. The manager, David Lew, was incredibly helpful and clearly sets a strong and collaborative working atmosphere in the space for colleagues to thrive in. I was quickly helped on arrival, and the staff provided several great options to match what I was generally looking for.The product I ended up purchasing is my new favorite by far. I'll be going to MedMen from here on out. Well worth the drive despite have another option a short walk from my apartment. Thanks David and Team!read more
Great place. Amazing staff. Cashier 49873 is professional, courteous, respectful, knowledgeable with great communication.Spent over $1300 this week alone on the phenomenal $208 shake sale. Brilliant campaign. A coincident that Pace 208 is the main bus that goes to Evanston? Emmy for sale campaigns goes to MM!read more
Robert Opeka
Robert O.
02:31 18 Oct 20
I’ve been a med patient for a couple years now and I’ve visited dispensaries all over the state, the customer service that I have received at MedMen Evanston has been the best at any dispo. They have some of the most knowledgeable budtenders in the state. When you go, ask for Dave or Doc, two of the most seasoned cannabis specialists I’ve ever met. There is no question they cannot answer. The people here genuinely have a passion for cannabis, and will go above and beyond to help patients. Their new loyalty program is also the best in state, and actually rewards big spenders. If you like cannabis at fair prices then make sure to pay MedMen a visit.read more
Re A
Re A
19:21 16 Oct 20
Manager Paul is very professional, kind, knowledgeable, trustworthy, understanding. His communication is top notch he always emails me as promised, & even set a reminder to email me. I feel top class in this institution. I've spent well over $1000 this year at this location even though I live next door to Greenhouse. I've never been to Greenhouse because of amazing staff like Paul who take care of me 1000%. Because of Paul I'm considering investing in MedMen. AAA+++read more
Christian von Holdt
Christian von H.
19:58 11 Oct 20
Horrible horrible customer service. I called to confirm that they take credit card and the person over the phone, who also failed to give me his name, rudely told us no and hung up in my face.Will never go back to this dispensary ever again.read more
Alex Anon
Alex A.
00:53 10 Oct 20
Great place. Amazing staff. Cashier 49873 is professional, courteous, respectful, knowledgeable with great communication.read more
osyrys official
osyrys O.
14:04 08 Oct 20
Everything I've had from here has been great. Never buy recreational just find somebody who has med if you don't. Prices/taxes are exorbitant for recread more
Ken Morris
Ken M.
03:39 08 Oct 20
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and some of the most reasonable prices in the area. Good system for preorders. Also, they claim to be pet friendly and they really are.read more
Tim Maples
Tim M.
04:14 06 Oct 20
This dispensary is absolutely fantastic! Not only are they super safe in terms of COVID measures, but the staff goes above and beyond to answer any questions/concerns that you may have. I am a newer medical patient, and am still trying to find my footing regarding what my favorite strains are and what my favorite way to consume it is. I have been there several times over the last month and a half and have always walked out with more information that I did when I arrived!I have worked with the associates a few times, however I do want to mention what a wonderful experience I had with their manager on duty last week, who's name was David. When I walked into the store, he personally took time out of what I am sure is a very busy schedule and made sure that I had every last piece of information I needed before finalizing my purchase. When I asked for a specific strain to help with my knee pain, he was able to provide me with five different strains that helped with pain management and also encouraged me to reach out with any questions I had while trying them. I will absolutely continue going to MedMen in Evanston, because of the personal, compassionate care that I received!read more
Angel Herrera
Angel H.
20:19 23 Sep 20
Had a good selection of flower the one time I went, other then that day menu is pretty bad, it’s allMostly super dried out Verano 70% of the time. Picked up some face mints that day I was pretty excited until I got it, it was so dry the bud was pretty much ruined. I also got two Aeriz strains that day had to put humidifiers in them to bring them back to life more. All in all there is a much better selection of dispensaries out there with fresher bud, don’t think I’ll be back.read more
Sam Lundquist
Sam L.
18:31 12 Sep 20
Site doesn't include tax in the pricing, which should be the industry standard.
Eric Brennan
Eric B.
01:08 28 Aug 20
Awesome friendly staff..... tons of choices..... a discount for veterans with a gift! I dig that place! Repeat customer for sure!read more
Ali Burch
Ali B.
14:27 24 Aug 20
I've been going to this location since 2018. This is the third acquisition and by far the least successful. The quality of the product is still good, but management leaves something to be desired. Their safety precautions during a pandemic are a joke, including passing around paper menus to all the customers. There is no communication . I made an order online and when I never heard anything about it being ready, I called only to be told they don't use that app anymore. I've seen a lot of turnover in the last few months with staff as well. I am going to find a new dispensary.Edit: I should note when I tried to talk to them about making it a safe place for immune compromised medical patients early on in the pandemic, they literally laughed at me.read more
Gladys Gonzalez
Gladys G.
18:21 15 Aug 20
Most times I’ve had really great experiences here but today they were out of what I ordered and the guy tending asked if I wanted to replace it with another type and I said yes assuming what he suggested was similar all around. It was $20 more and it really left a bad taste in my mouth that he didn’t even mention that. Since I had a bigger order than usual, I didn’t notice until looking at the receipt. Same weight, $20 more. It’s incredibly shady that he just failed to mention that with his suggestion.read more
Greg Small
Greg S.
10:23 03 Aug 20
I don't mind paying a little more money (for my convenience) if the flowers edibles topics and concentrates are better than others and it is. This some of the best smoke I have bought in years wish I knew about them before I spent so much at other dispensaries for less grade. The greenhouse actually made me buy a scale they cheated me out of a gram twice. I let it go the first time but anymore. I'll stick with medmen for now they have good prices product and weed tenders. I feel so happy when I leave there everyone notices the difference In me I'm much happier these days.read more
Alkaline Water
Alkaline W.
10:12 03 Aug 20
I have been to a majority of the marijuana dispensaries in Illinois so far and this is by far THE BEST for recreational use in the state. Not only better prices they also have some of the greatest flowers and a much better variety than others. The staff is very helpful and polite I don't think I could ask for more. I heard medmen are selling their shares in the business (because of the stagnant growth due to the virus). It is a rather new weed bar in Evanston Illinois but operating at the standards of a company that has been in our town for years. I hope everything gets ironed out this has been a long time coming and we love the company I give it 10 stars NoCap!!!read more
Matt Raske
Matt R.
22:10 31 Jul 20
Paid $90 post-tax for a cartridge. Over half of the cart leaked out by the time I got home. I called customer service to see what could be done and after explaining what happened, all the representative said was "no" and ended the conversation. I will never be going back to MedMen again as there are so many other options in the area with friendlier staff, better prices, and better products.read more
Jeremy Moss
Jeremy M.
00:59 31 Jul 20
Can you give zero stars? They literally sold me the wrong product, wouldn't exchange it, and mocked me for not noticing it was the wrong package even though they shuttled me through like cattle and I wasn't even really able to see what I had pre-ordered.Not surprising. MedMen is all about fancy looks and slick marketing. They are hemorrhaging cash and will be out of business or bought out soon enough. And that's great. They're a terrible company, just Google them to see the depths of their ineptitude.Plus, the manager at the Evanston location is horrifically unprofessional. Not only did he "BRO" me incessantly when I was hoping to exchange the incorrect product for the product I actually purchased, but he was so condescending and patronizing. In fact, I have spoken with a number of my friends in the area and they've had similar experiences at this location.They treat you like it's a privilege for you to shop at their store, but they are so myopic, they can't see that no one will go there when the competition opens up and there are many choices for dispensaries in the Chicago area.Remember, we are the customers and you are lucky to have us, not the other way around.Personally, I will never shop MedMen again and I would highly recommend staying away yourself.And if you're thinking of investing in the cannabis industry, DO NOT touch these guys with a ten foot pole unless you just want to burn your cash.Not to mention, their selection is terrible and their pot is garbage. But that's beside the point.read more
Jay Skokie
Jay S.
20:56 20 Jul 20
I ordered online. Customer since before this place changed to MedMen. I was given a online receipt and prices per item and and purchased my cart. Get to the store and the bill is now $33 HIGHER than what was listed on my online cart. (Not just $20 more like my tender stated, which he said “I’ll remember you and make it up). I made sure they knew that the price they were trying to charge me it was not the price they had listed online for each of these items. Some four dollars more per item on each of those that items and five dollars on another.With all the news on this company it almost feels purposeful. Probably switching back to Columbia care or 33 even though they’re farther away... just a shame and bad practice. Going to figure out who else to go to with this, I have both receipts showing the discrepancyread more
Kelly Williams
Kelly W.
20:39 11 Jul 20
Second time here from Wisconsin, I got 3 Verano cartridges 500mg and paid $210 including all taxes. I really recommend shopping here, great variety, great customer service, they only accept orders on leafly.com (Mobile browser only) mobile app doesn’t work for placing orders. Thanks Medread more
Kate Keener
Kate K.
16:37 11 Jul 20
Was in and out and a great selection! Staff was also fantastic and very friendly. Highly recommend checking them out!
Jeff Polk
Jeff P.
18:51 26 Jun 20
Awesome experience! Friendly staff, large menu, good pricing. Worth a visit.
emma schwab
emma S.
18:15 24 Jun 20
Love love love them! Ever since Illinois legalized recreational use, MedMen in Evanston has gone above and beyond for their guests. Not a single employee I have met over the course of many many visits, had been nothing but exceptional. The security guard at the front door is one of the nicest most genuine people I’ve had the privilege to meet and all of the employees are not only educated, but more than willing to help. There is a super convenient parking garage right next to the facility that is free for the first hour (and I’ve never been there for over an hour, especially if you do online orders since Covid which you’re in and out) and the fact that it’s in Evanston makes it the perfect location for suburbs and city folks! Not to mention since recreational began, they’ve had the one of the widest menus out of all the dispensaries I’ve seen. Evanston MedMen care deeply about their guests and how they operate is very clean, safe, and efficient! Thank you ❤️read more
Chris Rimer
Chris R.
23:23 19 Jun 20
EZ peezy. Order online, they send you a text when it's ready and then you go and pick it up. Used my debit card which was nice. People there were very friendly and helpful. Only negative was the long line but that's not on them. Need a second shop around here maybe??.read more
micheal kuzinski
micheal K.
21:25 19 Jun 20
I came here from Mundelein because it’s closer to Wisconsin, the wait is normal due to COVID-19, security staff was very accommodating and nice, you walk in and there’s an amazing staff there, they were kind enough to accommodate me switching my order inside (they don’t do that) and I would like to say thank you. As far as prices, they are 30 percent cheaper than all the dispensaries around them. Guys you seriously need a Tip jar, they have one at Every other dispensary for every single worker, it’s not acceptable for the workers to help out and get no tips.read more
ray cannon
ray C.
21:32 12 Jun 20
Dave [long hair,can't remember his last name] always has great recommendations. Today I had a small issue and Dave literally took care of it on the spot. budtenders like himself make buying medication that much more pleasant. 5 stars for that serviceread more
Rabb Young
Rabb Y.
21:19 24 May 20
Good place, obviously bit of a wait right now but going to be like that everywhere.Was quick service in and out, online ordering was smooth no issues there. Clean facility and on point with everything.read more
Prosper Romney
Prosper R.
05:09 15 May 20
Literally, the worst web site I have ever used. I live a mere 3 miles away, but must use another dispensary that has a functioning website. Product list for medical users cannot be found, updating to your local store rather than the LA default location is very difficult. This failed website has likely cost you $100,000 of dollars since January, which is when I first attempted to use it. Thanks for the 10% discount on my first order, really useful.read more
Jae H.P.
Jae H.
18:18 21 Apr 20
WOW! 5 min process! I loved how quickly they work! Every body was friendly! I appreciate how they took my coupon even after all my items were already on sale! Thank you for being recreational ready for adult use! See you soon!read more
Vin Squeo
Vin S.
18:05 19 Apr 20
Top notch place. Products are high quality . Juan is the man he took care of me and made sure my discount was applied. I walked out a very happy customer. Thanks guysread more
Ari Topper
Ari T.
18:20 26 Mar 20
I have now been to the store 3 times and can confidently say that they are running a great business. Very organized, customer-friendly and generally a good atmosphere. I am thoroughly impressed with this store and the management in particular. Great job!read more
Ari Pogue
Ari P.
14:38 15 Mar 20
Great place to grab some bud. Line is typically short and they always have employees in the queue taking orders and making things move quickly. Reasonable prices and varied selection. However, they can run out of selections and they don't always re-up right away, so I've had to try a lot of different products, since the ones I had previously bought weren't around.read more
Blake Miner
Blake M.
14:55 19 Feb 20
Vape cartridge from Verano was broken and since they can't take returns, Matthew worked with me to get not only a replacement but to make sure I was happy and squared away. The customer service he delivered was fantastic and frankly, that made me feel like I made a difference to them, and that's a big matter. He took time to talk and make sure I walked out happy.Would absolutely use again with this sort of continued customer service.read more
Joey W
Joey W
17:58 18 Feb 20
Expensive but that's not their fault. They kept everything flowing pretty smooth. Yes there was a line but pretty ingenious how they take your order while in line so it's ready and yes they hand out that days menu and tell you if something is available or not. Again expensive but not really their fault, the experience makes up for the price and lack of flower. Great selection otherwise definitely my go to dispensary.read more
Me Ha
Me H.
22:16 11 Jan 20
I just have to say the complaints against them are unwarranted in my book. They told me they had over 4,000 coming in the first week because of recreational users as well as card carriers. They’re human and the place is only so big. I hold a medical card and had a very different experience. I saw the place change owners as well and I think they nailed it this time around. The staff is completely friendly, helpful and professional. They went out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable. The menu is incredible, huge variety of types, flavors, and pricing. They let you look at the menu while you wait and they add it to your order to make things go quicker. They are very knowledgeable. This was my first time with the new owners so I had quite a few questions about the menu; they weren’t bothered in the slightest. I will always go here - great variety, reasonable prices, 5 minute wait at 3 pm on a Saturday, and fantastic staff. I don’t need more than that.read more
Danica Luna-DiGiacomo
Danica L.
22:09 11 Jan 20
Went today for recreational. I was extremely impressed with how great it went. They stop taking rec around 2pm and I got there at like 1:56pm and they were happy to allow me to get in line. They were very organized and the staff was super friendly. By the time I got inside they were not serving flower anymore, but I wanted edibles anyway. They had a wide selection and hardly any wait. They also take debit/credit. Their prices were cheaper than other dispensaries too. It was overall a great experience. I was in my car driving home by 2:42pm. In and out in under an hour, you can't beat it!read more
Jen Gorman
Jen G.
20:31 10 Jan 20
Sure no one likes lines, but when something new and shiny happens, people show up in droves. Only thing I'll say about the line is that they did have enough people outside that I felt it was a fair line with no line-jumping. (Also, the employee who came out to touch base with the line and offer hand warmers was appreciated). My review is based on my experience inside. My contact was very friendly and helpful. Yes, they were out of some of the stuff I was hoping to try, but they had other items I didn't expect to see. I didn't have a lot of experience purchasing, and I can say now I'm happy with the suggestions they offered and the guidelines they suggested. Overall it was a pretty orderly and positive experience. I look forward to returning once it's a more reasonable line length and their hours are more accessible to recreational use.read more
Bonita Love
Bonita L.
22:46 06 Jan 20
Bye bye Medmen. You won't last long. People really want a discreet place to shop. This is not the place. They claim to be open until 8, lights are on, people inside, but doors locked. Then you see something saying adult sales until 2... don't criminalize people for doing something that is legal. Plus it just looks like you want to make sure that Evanston residents don't buy so that nothing goes to reparations for Evanston.read more
Hamoon Forouzi
Hamoon F.
20:40 06 Jan 20
Great experience. Friendly staff. Lines moved swiftly. Showed up at 920 today (Monday), was 30th in line, ordered by 1020, was out at 1040. Limit of an eighth of flower, but that’s fine for now. Great product! Talk to security when you get there to ensure you get a number.read more
Carlton Wilks
Carlton W.
20:02 06 Jan 20
Terrible customer service. Website list 10-2 for adult use sales. Called in advance to confirm. Stood in line for over 1 hour only to be told that if I didn't receive a ticket at 10 am I could not be served. Why did no one mention this on phone? Why not mention it to new customers who were not given a ticket or told about ticketing system when arriving? Why not put ticketing process on website?Horrendous. The black market will never die with such terrible service in the legal sector.read more
David Sevilla
David S.
21:54 05 Jan 20
I went in on the first day of adult use sales and while the line was killer i got exactly what i wanted. I think his name was Asher, he recommended an eighth of Bio Jesus and a banana split disposable pen. Loving the both products. Shoutout MedMen evanston!! 10/10 will shop again👍🏼read more
Mindy Gurwin
Mindy G.
04:22 05 Jan 20
We had a great experience on January 1, 2020! We had fun in line waiting to get inside. We kept getting updates. Everyone was informative and nice. We got what we came for and it was a great experience!!!read more
Terry Walters
Terry W.
19:21 03 Jan 20
I called the dispensary before leaving my house no answer i checked the hours of operation it said 10 to 7 i drove all the there i arrived at 1pm an the staff informed me they will be closing in 55 minutes an there is no ganratee that i will even make into the store in time wow terrible customer serviceread more
Kohl Forrest
Kohl F.
22:12 02 Jan 20
Recreational Sales hours are only 10am to 2pm Mon-Fri. Pretty short hours. Kind of a strange way of doing it, considering medical sales operate until 8pm every day.read more
Mike Kramer
Mike K.
16:22 02 Jan 20
Went in to see what they have on menu to see if I wanted to switch. They wouldn't let me in just to look!! And I have my medical cardread more
00:51 02 Jan 20
Too soon to tell anyone about this place.lol, waiting for the fanfair to die down. 3 hour wait time, and that's just to open the door!!! From people who have been there,$75/8th, and one per person 😡. Not this place, that I'm speaking of. Haven't been in yet, I'll give it a few weeks.👍🏾 don't go by the stars.read more
Courtney Flannery
Courtney F.
00:10 02 Jan 20
Cordial staff and great stock! Even if opening day was a 3 hour wait it was an excellent experience
David Dander
David D.
16:45 01 Jan 20
First time here an Paul Bennett represented your company well! Very talkative, knowledgeable, and professional
Dre Judah
Dre J.
17:16 28 Dec 19
Heard rumors of people around town saying the staff no longer cares for its customers. I always thought to myself..i have never had any issues here...so i decided to keep on coming until i had an issue...It’s true...they no longer care...i should say the staff does care but horrible management Use to be my favorite dispensary. Been coming here for years. Placed an online order and didn't receive what I ordered. Of course it was an Saturday and they was super busy after i got home and noticed it! For me to was more so about the principle and receiving items I don't even want honestly. Manager was defensive while I was very calm. Want to treat customers rudely and blame them for an human error as he said only offered $30.00 off and order that was $350.00. Now I'm stuck with four vapes that I don't even like. Wish things would've ended differently. Just beware to double check your orders for yourself or you will be blamed for it! Really wish there was a better system in place for mishaps like that!I switched over to another dispensary and i haven’t thought twice about returning back to here!read more
Brad Gluszewski
Brad G.
18:12 18 Dec 19
I've gone to this dispensary for over half a year and now they are in their 3rd acquisition and this one of horrible. Their online ordering for the first 2 weeks was online and the same as before but never actually went to them. Now their new system is intentionally vague and can cause you to get the wrong product as it has for me twice now. The old employees are great but suddenly it's incredibly corporate including some prices jumping up to 50%. I've switched dispensaries and I encourage everyone else to or to not pick this one initially, even if it means going a bit further you'll get better prices and customized service elsewhere.read more
22:07 08 Oct 19
I had an amazing first experience at Verilife Evanston! I was greeted kindly at the front and asked for my identification and medical “card” (I have the temporary paper). After that, I filled out some forms regarding my information, my previous knowledge on cannabis, and information surrounding my diagnosis/ symptoms I want to use my medical cannabis for. This went quickly. After about 10 minutes, I was led into the back dispensing room. Thomas did an absolutely amazing job of explaining the mmj program in Illinois, explaining how Verilife dispenses including a description of the menu, and professionally answered all of my questions surrounding strains, prices, and various products. The products Thomas recommended to me have proven to be perfect and immensely helpful for my conditions. He also offered me a first-time customer discount and free gift! Thomas and the professionalism of this dispensary has impressed me and I am excited to have Verilife Evanston as my regular dispensary.read more
Dre Judah
Dre J.
19:48 11 Sep 19
Heard rumors of people around town saying the staff no longer cares for its customers. I always thought to myself..i have never had any issues here...so i decided to keep on coming until i had an issue...It’s true...they no longer care...i should say the staff does care but horrible management Use to be my favorite dispensary. Been coming here for years. Placed an online order and didn't receive what I ordered. Of course it was an Saturday and they was super busy after i got home and noticed it! For me to was more so about the principle and receiving items I don't even want honestly. Manager was defensive while I was very calm. Want to treat customers rudely and blame them for an human error as he said only offered $30.00 off and order that was $350.00. Now I'm stuck with four vapes that I don't even like. Wish things would've ended differently. Just beware to double check your orders for yourself or you will be blamed for it! Really wish there was a better system in place for mishaps like that!read more
Adam Georges
Adam G.
00:09 24 Aug 19
I'm a caregiver. Don't trust these people. They don't honor their advertised prices (changed the contents of my online shopping cart while I was in the store). They no longer care about patients. In preparation for recreational sales, they're raising their prices while offering weaker product in smaller quantities.read more
Jillann Demes
Jillann D.
23:46 05 Jul 19
So knowledgeable and helpful. The staff are patients themselves therefore know what you are going through. I was so nervous and they calmed me down and answered all my questions because I came in with zero knowledge. Spent a good 2 hours talking through all my diagnoses and options.read more
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