Zen Leaf St Charles Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Zen Leaf Marijuana Dispensary in Naperville

1516 N Naper Blvd
Naperville, IL 60563

Hours of Operation:

M-T: 9am-9pm
F-S: 9am-10pm
Sun: 10am-6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Zen Leaf Naperville is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1516 N Naper Blvd, Naperville, IL 60563

Zen Leaf Naperville dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Joe Reaf
Joe R.
03:07 18 Jan 22
Big shout out to the best place to pick up on some top shelf greens . Super helpful and informative staff. They definitely allowed me to take my time and answer all my questions. Another shout out goes to Stephanie for always giving me the best suggestions. Low key most everyone from my office hits this spot up on the regular.JoeReef33read more
Diego Espinoza
Diego E.
23:46 02 Jan 22
Everyone attitude and energy were so positive!Will definitely be back
Peter Huizar
Peter H.
14:26 27 Dec 21
Store was amazing. Staff was friendly and helpful. Selection was good. Sales and discounts were great.
Hollis Gatewood
Hollis G.
03:05 09 Dec 21
Staff are super knowledgeable and friendly. I will definitely continue to visit this location. They have weekly sales, too!read more
Jake Armstrong
Jake A.
17:27 24 Nov 21
Recently made a purchase from the Naperville Zen Leaf store. They were having issues with the card reader and over charged my card. The management team at the store contacted me and got this taken care of immediately. Great customer service and great productsread more
This is the Single best store in illinois when it comes to size , product selection , and Quality of products sold. I am always pleasantly surprised by their points program. 600 gets you $35 off ! At medical stores not even close. Great employees also very knowledgeable about the products they sell and I test them every time.read more
Brit W.
Brit W.
05:35 31 Oct 21
Extremely helpful staff. Very nice. Fair prices.
Johnny Ent.
Johnny E.
13:59 13 Oct 21
Zen leaf is now one of my top spots to get flower at. I never got the concentrate or the candy due to me being medical and they are only recreational. But I do love the flower they have. I have been to many dispensary from cali to Colorado to Arizona to here and I have had shake from different stores. But let me tell you if your trying to save money get more for your money I do recommend nuera shake I absolutely love it.read more
Mark Gonzalez
Mark G.
17:31 10 Oct 21
Try hiring people who have smoked longer than 6 months. I could barely hear the person because the music was so loud. I’m headed back to Hatch! Zero plexi glass and much better knowledge.read more
Anna De Leon
Anna De L.
19:30 05 Oct 21
Very clean, bright, well organized. Staff was so nice and sweet! Beth gave me great recommendations.
David T Jones
David T J.
04:05 27 Sep 21
Clean, well organized, everyone is really nice. I have been to the other local locations and this is the nicest one.
David T Jones
David T J.
00:28 26 Sep 21
Clean well organized, everyone is really nice. I have been to the other local locations and this is the nicest one.
Sean O'Malley
Sean O.
21:34 09 Sep 21
Zen leaf as a company is a joke and only worried about profits. Do not go here if you are medical. $40+ they tried to charge me in taxes 😂😂 what a jokeread more
23:57 06 Sep 21
Overall great dispensary. the rewards system lets you save up to $200 worth of point which i took advantage of and bought half an oz and some edibles for $12 OTD(Out The Door). Great location, friendly staff. Only thing i wish was better was their selection of indica wax.read more
Ben Oliver
Ben O.
13:59 29 Aug 21
Clean and organized retail space, with an easy to understand online ordering option. Love the reward-point system as well. Raises the bar for Midwest dispensaries, reminds me of the ones back west.read more
Zach Taylor
Zach T.
00:06 21 Jul 21
This is definitely my go-to dispensary. Folks are friendly, product is usually good, it isn't super far away. Good combo really!read more
Danny Dudek
Danny D.
21:03 21 Jun 21
The best Zen Leaf store in the Chicagoland area, hands down. The customer experience is outstanding! In specific, I want to thank Mike for all of his help during my visit/s. His knowledge and expertise combined with a super friendly personality is what makes the experience a great one. I rarely write these kind of things, but he truly made a positive impact on me. Oh, and I do want to mention that the menu selection is better than any dispensary in the area. I’ll be back soon! Thanks again Mike!read more
Nick Ciesla
Nick C.
13:20 19 Jun 21
Great store, great location, even better customer service. Mike explained the menu in detail and provided recommendations based upon what I was looking for. This is the best dispensary in Naperville! Thanks again Mike for your professionalism and knowledge. I’ll be back soon.read more
Audrey Whitfield
Audrey W.
12:59 10 Jun 21
Very clean and super friendly! I'm a beginner when it comes to weed. I use it for pain relief and Vanessa is amazing! Their employees seem to have great personalities, very knowledgeable of all their products and just excellent customer service. What more could u ask for?! I haven't ran into not even one nasty attitude! This location definitely get 5 stars and I highly recommend you come visit.read more
Kennedy Braasch
Kennedy B.
17:25 28 May 21
Not very found of letting people come in and sit on an iPad for 20 minutes deciding what they want. Must be miserable for the employees. This was my first time here, Kristen was awesome! Super polite and professional. She got my online order quickly, showed me exactly was I ordered, and made the whole experience quick and painless! Website is the best out there. The reviews really helped me pick what a I want and there is such a variety of brands/products. I will absolutely be coming back.read more
Amber Wenzel
Amber W.
20:10 22 May 21
Best menu and service around. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I've picked up a lot of really good strains based off their recommendations. Thanks everyone!read more
Sean Williams
Sean W.
16:59 16 May 21
This is my place of choice due to proximity and selection. They are only taking cash now. There is a promotion for people that place their 1st order by phone this month so use it. They run a smooth shift and most of the bud tenders are sincere and friendly like Kim. They also have a rewards program which equals about 10 dollars off every 200 that you spend, but I don't like that I can't check my rewards points accumulated remotely. I also don't like the fact that they make all Bud Tenders share tips because I feel the tenders should NOT have to share tips. A very convenient, efficiently run establishment.read more
JM Rainwater
21:27 13 May 21
Twice now, ordered online and got there and they didnt have what I ordered. Was offered nothing for compensation. I guess business is so good you dont have to worry about customer service. must be nice.....read more
Trisha Rojas
Trisha R.
02:39 09 Mar 21
Vanessa was extremely patient with us and took the time to help us find exactly what we were looking for. She was friendly, very knowledgeable on their products, made great suggestions, was not pushy at all, and gave us the best customer service.Establishment was clean, safe, and got us in and out.Great experience at this location - check them out!read more
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